Liberal Democrat California is Crashing…

Watch It Closely, For It Is What Would Have Happened If We Had Elected “Empress” Hillary As the US President…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

California is the State that made Childhood Vaccines Mandatory.  SB 277 passed with ease.  At first we thought Big Pharma was responsible – but then another story emerged.

Yes, Big Pharma put up shiploads of election money to Democrats to get the bill passed.  But that Pharma money wasn’t the deciding factor for the legislature – it was the fact that the State Health Department would get SO MUCH MORE MONEY from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  Hence there would be MORE money for State Employees.

Hard to believe, but – The decision to pass SB 277 was made in a California Employee Union office.  California has its own version of the “Deep State” Trump promised to shut down.

Liberal Democrats CANNOT govern. California is proof of that.

Here they have what’s called a super-majority in the legislature. They have even passed a law outlawing the Two-Party System.  It is a “Democrats only” State – and it shows.

In reality the California governor and the legislature are powerless. Every decision, on every policy, has to be approved by “The Blob” Public Employee Unions.  EVERY one.

A first-quarter national Cost of Living (COS) Survey shows that it costs a resident of California 50.8% MORE to live in California than Texas.  Except for Hawaii, which has to import almost everything, California has the highest Cost of Living in the nation – and it is going to get FAR WORSE starting in October of 2017 when the new twenty cents per gallon gas tax, and 50% increase in vehicle registration fees, begins.

California is DESPERATE for money.  

They have to keep feeding “The Blob” and they are running out of income sources.  Let’s look at the details, as shown to us by a January 2017 article by the California Policy Center called:

California’s Government Workers Make TWICE As Much as Private Sector Workers

Earlier today the California Policy Center released a study that provided facts about government compensation. It examined state and local payroll data provided online by the California State Controller and proved that the average pay and benefits for a full-time state/local government employee in 2015 was $121,843.

At the same time, the study found that the average pay and benefits for a full-time private sector worker in California in 2015 was half that much, $62,475.

Moreover, the study found that if the pensions these state/local workers have been promised were being properly funded, their actual pay and benefits in 2015 would have averaged $139,691. And that elevated figure still didn’t take into account the impact of properly pre-funding their supplemental retirement health care, nor did it normalize for their myriad paid days off – typically including 14 paid holidays, 12 “personal days” and 20 or more vacation days as they acquire seniority. And let’s not forget the “9/80” program, common in California government but virtually unheard of in the private sector, where public sector salaried professionals can skip a few lunches and show up a few minutes early or depart a few minutes late each workday, and take 26 additional days a year off with pay because, every two weeks, they worked “nine hour days for nine days, then took the tenth day off.”

If you’re not counting, that adds up to 72 days off per year with pay for a seasoned public sector professional. The study didn’t take that into account.

The “Average” California Government Employee Made $139,691 dollars per year in 2015?

And took 72 days off, not including weekends, with pay?


In another interesting article the California Policy Center says:

In Search of Heroes

“California is not just any “blue state.” By many measures, California is a blue nation. It boasts the world’s sixth largest economy, isolated from the rest of the nation by mountains and deserts that were virtually impassable before modern times. It is blessed with diverse industries, abundant natural resources, and the most attractive weather in North America. California is nearly a nation unto itself.

And it is an occupied nation. California is ruled by a coalition of monopolistic businesses, public sector unions, and the environmentalist lobby. These Occupiers control a Democratic super-majority in the state legislature, as well as nearly all of California’s major cities, counties and school boards. To enrich and empower themselves, the Occupiers have oppressed California’s dwindling middle class and small business sectors, and condemned millions more to poverty and dependence.

For the average working family, no state in America is harder to live in than California. It has the highest cost-of-living, the highest taxes, the most onerous regulations, one of the worst systems of public education, congested freeways and failing infrastructure.

Even REAL Liberals Are Concerned…, back in 2012, said in an article titled:

How Big Government Is Killing California…

Four million more people have left California for other states than have come here from other states in the past two decades, according to demographer Joel Kotkin. The population growth has been coming mainly from immigrants and births from people already living here, but now the USC study shows that immigrants are going elsewhere. A cynic might say that California’s liberal elites have ended the state’s contentious battles over illegal immigration by destroying opportunities here.

Kotkin, an old-time liberal, sees troubling trends. “Basically, if you don’t own a piece of Facebook or Google and you haven’t robbed a bank and don’t have rich parents, then your chances of being able to buy a house or raise a family in the Bay Area or in most of coastal California is pretty weak,” he said in a recent Wall Street Journal interview. “The new regime wants to destroy the essential reason why people move to California in order to protect their own lifestyles.” He says the state is run for the benefit of the very rich, the very poor, and public employees.

This is not a healthy society. And the demographic changes point to an aging population. Far from reducing the burdens on the state government, this will increase them. State officials are not building to meet future needs, but they have been squandering future dollars on excessive pay and pension packages for public employees. Look for a coming battle between services for lower-income Californians and retirement benefits for the most powerful special interest group in the state, public employees.

But Trump has initiated an Election Fraud Commission…

Formally called “The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity,” Trump’s election fraud investigatory group, formed just last week, is scaring the crap out of liberal Democrats nationwide.   They are suing in seven different areas, DESPERATELY,  trying to hide election records.  Why?  If they have nothing to hide what’s the problem?

In California there is almost an uprising against the Democrats.

You can’t turn on the radio without hearing ANGER about the new gas tax.  Already there is a Ballot Initiative coming.   Some areas have recall elections scheduled.

But the biggest single item you here about is about the 2.1 million Illegal Immigrants that voted in the last election – all for Hillary (imagine that?).  And nobody has yet mentioned the Democratic party STANDARD –  the voting of the dead people.

California is going to be a RED State by the end of 2018 – watch.  How?  We are only  going to allow the counting of election ballots of citizens who are registered and ALIVE, and ONLY ONCE.  That will make a HUGE difference.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


6 thoughts on “Liberal Democrat California is Crashing…”

  1. Thanks, Tim. This is both astonishing and ominous. It represents the true face of Technocracy, outlining the relationships of “the government” and its “private partners.” But people simply have no real idea about how the course of these powerful institutions threaten their quality of life and the well-being of society. If we knew, it would change.

  2. This is, perhaps, part of the reason why, according to Rothschild’s original schedule, 2018 is the year in which he takes complete control of everything.

    Many of us have managed to put a spanner or two in the works over the last 10 years and many of his plans have been put back again and again; some as far as 2040! And then America put the biggest spanner of all into the Rothschild works – Donald Trump. No wonder the Rothschild gooks are running around in circles screaming and shouting.

    What these “unions” don’t know and very probably wouldn’t listen to if you tried to tell them, is that their inflated pay and status is part of the Rothschild plan to destroy the economic base of every nation upon this world. This is why Obama bin Barak like a good little boy set about increasing US debt at every possible turn – all under orders from Rothschild passed onto him via Goldman Sachs and the Committee on Foreign Relations.

    Now we have man at America’s helm who steers his own course after first studying to where it will bring America.

    We desperately need a Trump here in Germany but I don’t see one on the horizon.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  3. I think that it has already crashed and is in flames. My, as well as your main concern is, do we have a Republican candidate that will be able to deal with the friggin’ mess left behind.
    Seems that most of the Republican candidates are just floating with the flow of Sacramento dictates instead of fighting for the rights of the legal citizens of California. Basically they need to grow a spine.
    California is split as Northern CA., which is rural, and Southern CA. that is mostly urban. Two separate sets of issues and ideologies.
    Now, all of the Rep. Candidates are from southern CA. and have adopted the democrat “Phyco Babble” of the pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Now the last time I checked, coming into the United States illegally is against the law.
    Now there’s 197 countries in the world, and we have illegals from every single one of them, so I’m not button holing one particular ethnic population.
    Now to the point I’m trying to make is, if I, as an American citizen break the law, minor or a major discrepancy, I would have to pay a fine or do jail / prison time. Trespass is a minor discrepancy which would be simple deportation.
    Now those that have been in our country for years or decades have had ample time to work on their situation, but haven’t done so. The seven year statute don’t work kiddos.
    This is just one of the many problems that need to be addressed here in California there’s the sanctuary cities, infrastructure and education just to name a few.
    As in education, reinstate Civic classes, college and university professors should not be allowed preach socialistic or anarchy points of views in classes to our youth. They are there for an education not to be bullied into submission to a particular political agenda.
    California is the swamp that needs to be drained and shoveled out to get rid of the stench of the democrat socialism the has proliferated for years.

  4. Meanwhile in UK we have Theresa May, with a history of folding to the US Pharma industry, a desire to control the internets, and other unfailingly poor instincts.

    Oh, well.

    Have you been following the Italian mandatory vaccine law? And the mass protests?
    And the situation in Australia?

    Pharma and their orcs have been really busy.

  5. The thing about working extra to get a day off is used here in the private sector too. It’s much cheaper for them to give you an extra day off when there’s less activity, or they can schedule in someone else, than to give you overtime pay. And since it’s not hard to do that if you give your boss heads’ up well in advance, then it’s win-win. Hey boss, next year, I want to go to Wacken, can I get some extra shifts to earn three extra days off? Sure, can you work some extra Saturdays? Sure, no prob.

    And then both parties win. In it’s original Scandinavian form it makes sense, and is based on both parties being reasonable adults. Leave it to California to fuck it up.

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