Idiocracy…  For God’s sake quit calling it Autism…

by   Ken Stoller MD


I entered my pediatric residency in the early 1980’s. I was there when the first children with AIDS rolled into the hospital; although, we didn’t know it was AIDs at first, I was there when it was decided to give newborns Hep B vaccine, and I was there when the very first children with “autism” I had very seen in all my years of training came into my humble pediatric office circa 1989. This was at the leading edge of the explosion of cases of this encephalopathy, a medical brain disease, that we all call autism.

After all, autism is just a made up name for a collection of symptoms, which no more addresses the causality or treatment than saying someone has chest pain.

There is a big difference between having chest pain due to a gunshot wound and having a heart attack, and none of us would be particularly pleased with being diagnosed with chest pain given that was our presenting symptom. We would want to know what was at its cause and what we could do about it.

It would be laughable if a fictional Centers of Disease Creation (CDC) were to simply point out that the incidence of reported chest pain (caused by gunshot wounds) was increasing, and that that increase was due to better awareness. It would also be laughable if their response to the ever increasing number of Americans with chest pain was to promote early detection of this pain, for example, know the warning signs of having pain in your chest and note any red discoloration of your clothes as soon as possible.

But that is exactly the state of affairs with the so-called autism epidemic. What if the CDC said, “We don’t know what is causing all this chest pain, but we know it is not bullets.” What if all the research they funded published articles in the most prestigious journals through epidemiology that there is no evidence that bullets cause chest pain.  If they said something like that you would suspect they were in cahoots with the armament industry. What if the division of the CDC in charge of chest pain were a revolving door with the armament industry? That not only was the CDC essentially a farm team for the armament industry, but sometimes key players were sent into the CDC to make sure they played ball correctly.

How about a CDC bleed-out by an outside influence to the point that the division of chest pain at the CDC saw its job to protect the armament industry and promote its products? Couldn’t happen you say, others would blow the whistle? Really?

And what if they had and no one did anything about it? You see it is not enough to just to blow the whistle, you have to be the right person, you have to be employed by the CDC’s chest pain division to blow the whistle, and you don’t get a job there because you are bright, unless you are already well under the control of the armament industry. And anyway, we all know what happens to people who blow whistles or could blow whistles (often they find themselves with an extreme amount of chest pain).

But what if you blew the whistle and no one cared… no Congressional hearing for you… Dr. WIlliam Thompson:

I am not writing this to bust anyone’s bubble of naiveté about how our government functions or the unholy alliance between corporation and state. Others have done this already, and a much more comprehensive job than I could ever do in a few words.

What if for years the families of gunshot caused chest pain asked over and over for a study that compared individuals who wore bullet proof vests with others that didn’t, but the CDC refused to fund such a study for one lame excuse or another.

What if families of chest pain victims formed advocacy groups? That would bring about change wouldn’t it? But what if those advocacy groups were lead by individuals that had their own agenda to do more advocating for themselves than to truly help chest pain victims, and what if they too were being bribed into avoiding certain obvious issues. The armament industry has a great deal of money and influence after all. They have even made sure that each and every academic center in the country has a chair they funded to make sure no one at that academic center doesn’t toe the party line, that whatever the cause of chest pain it isn’t being caused by bullets.

It gets better in this story… what if the armament industry got legal immunity that protects them from any lawsuits from anyone who is able to prove chest pain that injured their family member or themselves was caused by a bullet. What if the government created a no-fault compensation fund just for such cases, but made it almost impossible to win a claim and used the Department of Justice to defend HHS (Health and Human Slavery) against claimants.

I couldn’t make this up…this is not a story anyone would believe.

But whether you believe it or not, that is why there is an autism epidemic and that is why nothing is being done about it, and why no one can ever convince the government that bullets, so to say, are involved.

They already know. They just don’t want you to know. Think of the liability, think of the purges that would be required, it could bring down the government as we know it. There are so many things that could bring down the government as we know it… the list is actually long, so this is just one among many, so keeping us all rather stupid and distracted, which seems to have worked well enough, continues to be their operational paradigm.

The levels of corruption, the levels of manipulation and prevarication goes as deep as the deep government that most don’t even know exists, but it exists. I have already told you too much and have left you, my reader, in a difficult place… what if you agree with me… what do we do about it?

I will tell you “we” are stronger than “they” are. There are so many more of “we” compared to “they.”

But there needs to be uncorrupted and uncorruptible leadership, and that has been the missing piece in the autism movement. This leadership needs to stop calling autism “Autism” and start calling it what it truly is.

… to be continued

K Paul Stoller, MD