Corporatocracy…  For God’s sake, stop letting these fools get away with this…



by   Ken Stoller MD


This is part II of Idiocracy[1], wherein I discussed a problem wide spread in modern medicine, which is calling a disease by its symptom instead of what is causing it, and in so doing directly or indirectly obfuscating the understanding and treatment of the real condition.

The condition I was referring to in Idiocracy was “autism,” which is really an environmentally triggered gastro-immune encephalopathy. It is all a metaphor, so to say, for a fundamental problem in our society that we are being manipulated, controlled, exploited and in some cases exterminated.

Once again I will illustrate this by taking about an illness I am familiar with,  I will use the case of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) –  a disease caused by (in the vast majority of cases) a retro-virus with Epstein-Barr Virus , Varacella Virus or HHV-6[2] as co-infections, and they cause “multiple scars” in the brain if you are so unfortunate to have them get into your brain,  because that is what MS actually means…. multiple scars in the brain. Yet that tells us nothing about how the scars got there or how to treat them. MS is actually chronic viral encephalitis (when it isn’t Lyme Disease misdiagnosed as MS), and the medical literature is replete with evidence showing that to be the case, but your physician[3] doesn’t know that even though there is more than enough evidence to make the case for these viruses to be implicated as the cause of MS.

In all likelihood, your physician doesn’t read the medical literature unless it is placed in front of their face by a drug rep (the name given to the very attractive food bearing employees that pharma companies send out to seduce physicians).

Yes, that is how most physicians get educated once they leave the hollowed halls of their pharma controlled medical schools.

So, today… in what I see as a continuation of the dark age of medicine (the blood letters are still among us), MS is being treated with steroids (that actually make viral infections spread) and super expensive interferons. Now, beta-interferon has some antiviral properties, but do we need to be paying $4K a month for an interferon that has antiviral properties when we could be giving patients Ribavirin? Or just supporting their immune systems, but Big Pharma says, “Yes” – buy the most expensive drug.

No one in pharma wants it known that one could treat MS with generic antiviral agents, because they won’t make any money if that information gets out. They pretend they don’t know, but they know a lot more than you think they do.

The interesting thing is the information is out there, and still it doesn’t change the way MS is treated or understood.

It is all about money. MONEY!!!!!$$$$$

“Follow the money” is always true no matter how much that phrase is overused.

Now, those who have had large sums of money or are surrounded by ultra-wealth are rarely in touch with reality, and don’t feel the rules the rest of us have to work with apply to them. They feel like they can make their own rules up and that their rules are “THE” rules.  Part of their delusion is that they feel that they are entitled to impose their distorted perceptions of reality on the rest of us especially if they profit from doing so.

Make no mistake, they are often sociopathic and ruthless. They use all kinds of justifications for doing what they do including the justification of the eugenicists among us. They will and have assassinated prime ministers and presidents, they  have overthrown governments including our own, they will start wars to profit from them, they will set off lab created viruses, poison air and water if there is something in it for them and they will silence or terminate anyone that seriously gets in their way. So who are they?

They are members of the deep government, they are multinational corporations, and they are the globalist banksters and their various funds and economic hitmen. They control the food you have available to eat; they do their best to make sure the water you drink has fluoride in it and that you are on drugs that keep you dumb and controllable. They think nothing of sterilizing you thru the carcinogenic chemicals they apply liberally to the environment or put in your soda. Most of the names of these individuals you don’t know; although, you certainly know the names of the multinational corporations and groups they hide behind.

We the people, the 99%, have the power if we would only stop lying down and taking it. Stop for one moment and see through the tried and true distractions of gays, guns and abortions. We think we suffer our problems alone and in isolation, but how many families are affected by a child with “autism” for example. There are enough to cause a great deal of change if once united they all made it clear that no more will the usual obfuscational BS be tolerated about how vaccines have nothing to do with this epidemic.

Sure there are other environmental factors, but this is primarily about vaccines.

Vaccines may have had good intentions behind them originally, but now they are about making money and lots of money and furthermore, they are being used as a vehicle to take people out of the gene pool. Vaccines have given people cancer, they have given us AIDS,[5] and the body count means nothing to those that stand to reap billions from their continued use. Best case scenario they help destroy your immune system and make you more susceptible for whatever they want to expose you to next for fun and profit.

Most people think polio was cured with a vaccine, and that it is our duty to spread polio vaccine far and wide to rid humanity of the scourge. But Polio is an environmental illness as much as it is a viral illness, especially if you are in a country that still uses chlorinated organophosphate pesticides (DDT). It was inconvenient to discuss the environmental component of the polio epidemic, because corporations would be held liable as well as the government itself.

Kicking over the vaccine hornet’s nest of how ineffectual vaccines have been will bring down a great many illusions and destroy “their” ability to continue to use this outdated, outmoded and easily manipulated means of causing all kinds of negative problems for, once again, fun and profit.

Using a more recent example, the HPV vaccine – an interesting hoax and cruel experiment. We know that HPV is the probable trigger for cervical cancer if you are malnourished and lack folic acid and several other nutrients, so if “they” were really concerned about women and cervical cancer “they” would make sure you had all the nutrients you need. But that does not make them rich.

Coming out with a vaccine that implies a benefit that can not be proven, that creating antibodies for certain strains of HPV will prevent cervical cancer (maybe). The problem is this is not a benign vaccine. In a certain percentage of girls it will cause an immunogenic storm that will trigger an encephalitic syndrome that will destroy their lives or cause death.

And for what?

Do you know there is a generic drug available everywhere but in the USA that helps the body destroy the HPV virus?[6] Why was a drug developed in the USA not approved for use in the USA? Because it stepped on the toes of Big Pharma and would have compromised the sales of some very expensive AIDS drugs, but that is another story on top of the deeper story already eluded to that the HIV virus was planted in the Hep B vaccine trial promoted in the gay male population at the end of the 1970’s. [7]

Gee, why would they want to do that?

They want us dead but first they want our money, the house, the car and maybe your daughter. They want to be in total control, know what you are doing and saying at all times and to whom, and they want you being their slave until you drop dead.

Most of all they don’t want you waking up and saying “no” to them. So you know what that means to quote the immortal words of the late Nancy Reagan?

Just Say NO!

And trust me if enough of us woke up and stood up to “them” they would have to go away.


…to be continued
K Paul Stoller, MD, FACHM



[3] Some physicians will admit there is an association but 100% causality has never been proven, but I would say you don’t have to be 100% convinced to make best medical decisions. Nevertheless, the evidence is overwhelming at this point.


[5] What a disappointment the HIV virus turned out to be to those who manipulated that organism as a bio-weapon. It was supposed to have been able to kill with far greater speed than it originally was able to do.