“Dilbert’s” Scott Adams Goes on EPIC RANT about BIG PHARMA control of MEDIA!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip, Dilbert, has in recent years become one of the country’s leading experts on political persuasion.  On most mornings at 7 am Pacific time he does a daily Periscope, which he normally also posts on YouTube under the channel Real Coffee with Scott Adams.

I rarely miss his morning show, loving his laid-back, provocative observations (and it’s not just because he’s a fellow northern California resident, living less than 15 minutes away from me).  I love that he says he’s a bit left of Bernie Sanders on political goals, but believes in being realistic.

Scott has become well-known for his praise of President Trump’s persuasion skills, but also praises the skills of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Adams has a special affection for those who can change the course of a national conversation, regardless of their political leanings.  Scott himself is a master persuader and I am ALWAYS interested in his opinions, even if I may initially disagree with him.  He’s like that amazing college professor you may have had who possessed the ability to change how you viewed the world around you.

That’s why when he started talking about BIG PHARMA…

…and their control of the news networks on his Tuesday, June 25, 2019 show, I paid special attention. (Episode 577 Scott Adams: Thorium Reactors Saving the World, Border Funding.  1:28 – 3:45)

Scott found it amusing that NONE of the major news networks covered President Trump’s signing of an executive order on Monday, June 24, 2019, dealing with transparency in health care prices.  From the show:

SCOTT ADAMS:  You all know that Trump signed this major, I think it was an executive order to create health care transparency?  (Pause for effect)  You all heard about that, right?  (Another pause.)  You heard about one of the biggest stories in the country?  (A final pause.)  Oh, you didn’t hear about it?  Maybe there’s a reason you didn’t hear about President Trump lowering health care costs.

I’m just going to take a stab at why you didn’t hear about it.

Could it be because your major news sources are health-care companies?  That’s the problem, right?  Is Fox News a news organization or a health-care organization?  Who pays them?  Where does their money come from?  Fox News money comes from pharmaceutical commercials, mostly.  Right?

What about CNN?  Where do they get their money?  Pharmaceutical commercials.  Health-care commercials.  Can we expect that our news sources will tell us what we need to know about why the health-care industry is ripping us off?  (Laughs and shakes his head.)  There’s not a chance.

Now I think only a President Trump could simultaneously have Fox News as his best friend while at the same time chipping away at their main source of income, which is health-care profits.  I don’t know if that’s the only problem.  But it looks like one of the biggest stories in the country that almost disappeared upon arrival.

You’ve got to ask yourself, “Do we have a news business or do we have a health-care business that tell us a little bit about the news sometimes?”  That’s a big problem.  I think it’s at least as big a problem as the social media companies having an alleged bias.

As I’ve sung the praises of Scott Adams…

…you should feel secure in my great affection for him.  However, I can see the flaws of the man.  Maybe they’re not flaws.  Perhaps they’re simply character quirks.  They might also be part of a public persona.  I call it, “Scott Adams – Reluctant gunfighter.”

You know how in those old westerns there’s often that character who’s peaceful, but everybody talks about how deadly he used to be with a gun? Then the bad guys come into town, maybe they break a few things and everybody goes to the retired gunfighter and asks for him to do something? He shuffles around, says he doesn’t do that kind of thing no more, and besides, what the other guys did wasn’t all that bad.

Then comes the moment the reluctant gunfighter gets pushed too far, and we all know how it’s going to end.

Scott was that way with the social media bias and their banning of voices like Alex Jones.

He was taking the point of view that if they simply banned a few voices, well, others would take up the slack.  I’m not sure if Adams believed that, or if as he later said, he was “trying to stay on the platform as a reasonable voice” so that he might have greater influence.

Click on image to order book…

Well, it didn’t last and Scott found his YouTube videos de-monetized.  That’s when he came out swinging.  You do not want one of the world’s most persuasive people to be your enemy.  Scott knows how to take apart an enemy.

Which is why I take this next step very cautiously.  I am THRILLED that Scott Adams is attacking BIG PHARMA control of MEDIA.  However, I still don’t think he gets the vaccine issue.  Which is why I’m going to leave him with questions, so that he can do his own research.

In order that Scott Adams may take the next step in his education, I pose the following four questions.  Scott, please do your own research, but if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment.  I don’t want to bias you in any way.

      1. What is the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and how did it change the liability of pharmaceutical companies?
      2. What was the Simpsonwood Conference of June 2000 and what was discussed?
      3. Who is Dr. William Thompson and why has he not testified before Congress on his whistle-blower claims?
      4. Who is Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, and what was he prevented from saying at the Autism Omnibus Hearing in 2007, even though he was the government’s own medical expert?  (Hint – Check out the reporting of Sharyl Attkisson on this question.)

P. S. – Scott, I’m always free to meet for coffee to further discuss these issues and how we might change the world.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

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Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, published in 2016 and available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com


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8 thoughts on ““Dilbert’s” Scott Adams Goes on EPIC RANT about BIG PHARMA control of MEDIA!”

  1. thankyou Kent, Good article, good approach. We have to educate people in ways that we find. We were all brainwashed in the goodness of big pharma, the importance of vaccines , etc etc. so we should understand how difficult it is for people to see the reality, particularly when the media wont cover it.

  2. Ok how best to get our people to contact Scott Adams and say we want to have your back, meet with Kent Heckenlively Can we start a campaign to ask him to meet with you?

  3. Steve:

    You have my permission to conduct such a campaign. Anybody have a connection to Scott Adams?

    Kent Heckenlively

  4. One more question for Scott:

    What did RFK Jr’s FOIA request last year prove?

    Hint: that the FDA has failed to issue even one of the annual vaccine safety reports to Congress required by the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act

  5. Kent,

    I like your approach here.

    Good four questions any new family in town should ask when interviewing pediatricians!

    Hey if you manage to have coffee with Scott can you ask him if Dilbert receives annual flu shots in order to protect his office co-workers??… very curious about this one….

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