Cure vs. Treatment…

Big pharma is in a death struggle in North America, trying to preserve its operation. It has taken years, and billions of dollars of investment, to set in place “Treatment,” not “Cure”, as the health modality of North America. There hasn’t been a “Cure” for ANYTHING in Western Medicine since polio in 1954. Big pharma doesn’t want one. “Curing” people doesn’t make any money. “Treatment” does.  “Treatment” meaning treatment with drugs.

“Treatment” deals with, and masks, symptoms of a problem.  “Cure” means finding the cause of the problem and removing it.

Simply spoken, with this “Treatment” idea forced on us, as the only option we have available, we, as Americans are being ripped off, and it’s time we did something about it.  Like get the US Justice Department involved, and more.

Americans are just now waking up to the fact that big pharma, owned by foreign corporations, isn’t acting in the interest of Americans.  We’ve found out that drugs in the United States cost 4-5 times what they sell for in foreign countries.

America also should be alerted to the fact that all those drugs, expensive as they are, are NOT the best course of action to deal with problems.  Is it time we passed some laws, nationwide, that force health practitioners dealing with diseases, to FIRST detoxify their patients before proceeding with any other modality?  Should we pass some laws that force Medical Schools to teach the idea of “Cure” before “Treatment?”


Understanding the Jargon of “Cure.”…

Almost synonymous with “Cure” is “Prevention.”  Both concepts focus on removing the cause of problems, “Cure” coming into play to turn around a condition already a problem, and “Prevention” removing the causes of potential, or developing, problems.  Both concepts share the idea that the body heals itself if in good operating condition – so get the body into good condition.

In dealing with disease, for instance, a practitioner using a “cure,” in most instances, would first detoxify the body, removing pollutants like heavy metals, PCBs, benzene, etc., to give the body’s immune system less to deal with.  A practitioner offering “treatment” would offer antibiotics, anti-depressants, etc., and send you to a specialist.

The “Alternative Medicine” movement in North America, and in fact, the world, relies on the concept of “cure” and “prevention” almost entirely.  That’s why they’re having such success.

Research Scientist Hulda Regehr Clark’s Version of “Cure”…

Hulda Clark PhD, Naturopath, comes at the “Cure” idea from the scientific, not the medical, standpoint.  Her training is in cellular biology, radio frequencies, and naturopathy. Naturopathy, we know, predates allopathic medicine by several hundred, if not several thousand years.  In fact, we could say that Naturopathy’s scientific field studies started with the cave men.

Clark is the most-attacked health advocate on the face of the earth, because of her common sense ideas.  Big pharma’s sleazy “quackbuster” operation targets her more than anyone else.  the story is at  (

Clark’s version of “removing the cause” is probably the most complex of all of the modalities around – but even so – it’s not all that difficult to understand, if you can absorb a little cell biology thinking.

Clark says that to correct the situation by normalizing the body: (1) remove all toxins, but especially five specific toxins, (2) get rid of certain parasites,  (3) kill off certain oncoviruses and their hosts, and (4) get rid of certain bacterias and yeasts. (5) and, normalize the body’s oxidation. It’s how she recommends you accomplish these five things that gets tricky.

Clark says that Linus Pauling was the one who began the “orthomolecular principle.”  Pauling guided people into normalizing the body with the right molecules.  This action begins normalization of the cells, and then you must remove the bad things that have occurred as a result of the pollutant”s presence in the body.

To (1) remove all toxins, but especially five specific toxins –  PCBs, Benzene, Asbestos, Azo Dyes, and Certain heavy metals, Clark recommends a separate program for each – but EVERY program requires zapping along with the remedy.  Clark says that the zapping seems to empower the white blood cells to do their work.

In Clark’s program PCBs – are removed primarily by “zapping,” and with the ingestion of ozonated olive oil.  Benzene – is removed with vitamin B2.  Asbestos – is removed by using something called levamisole, available over-the-counter in Mexico and in Veterinary stores in the US.  Azo Dyes – are removed by vitamin B2, and by using a new system Clark has invented called “homeography.”  It is similar to “homeopathy” except electronic copies are made.   Certain heavy metals – like mercury, thallium, tungsten, palladium, aluminum, etc., can be removed in quantity from the body by EDTA chelation, and in small amounts in specific locations by “homeography.”

After this process, Clark recommends adding back certain supplements.

To get rid of parasites – Clark says that when a person has a serious disease, like cancer, resistance to parasite growth lowers throughout the body.  These parasites eat nutrients the body needs to heal itself.  They’ve got to go.  The body needs all the help it can get.  Clark recommends using black walnut tincture with cloves and wormwood for flukes, CoQ-10 for Tapeworms, levamisole for round worms, coupled with a plan to remove the worm’s favorite food sources.  For example, Clark has found that removing onions, and garlic from the human diet during the de-worming process, makes the process work quicker.  Also, she recommends the use of digestive enzymes to remove stored un-digested food deposits.

To get rid of oncoviruses and their hosts – Clark recommends herbal enemas.  The ten viruses she’s concerned about congregate in the intestine.  She’s found that by killing these viruses in the intestine, total body viral load comes back into numbers that the body’s weakened immune system can handle.

To get rid of certain bacteria – Clark has found that the actions to get rid parasites and oncoviruses deal with this issue at the same time.  No further action is needed.

To normalize the body’s oxidation – Clark believes that the body’s oxidation is dependent on other factors occuring within the body, and has found that the action of getting rid of parasites, oncoviruses and their hosts, changes the body’s action back to normal.  She ads the use of vitamin C, and Iridium.  But even more important is the use of CLEAN water during the whole process.  Clark recommends the boiling of all drinking water to remove chlorine, etc., to “flush out” the body.

But the most important recommendation of Clark is – that you DO NOT re-introduce the original pollutants into the body during the healing process.  In other words, if you were getting PCBs, benzene, Azo Dyes, Asbestos, heavy metals from some specific source – eliminate that source from your life… Right now – and forever.  It is obvious that YOUR body can’t handle those substances, so don’t re-introduce them.  It doesn’t matter that others can drink from that well with no apparent ill effects – YOU can’t.

See what I mean about “Cure” and Prevention?”…

The two similar concepts point out the pollution in our air and water, and the devastating effect it is having on our world.  After all, PCBs, benzene, Azo Dyes, etc., aren’t in our environment naturally.  Big pharma can’t let people like Hulda Regehr Clark point at pollution issues, and offer means to remove theose problems.  Big pharma has to pretend the pollution does not exist, because their sister industries are the ones MAKING those pollution items and releasing them into earth’s environment.

So what we going to have to do?

We’re going to have to get tough…

(1)  We’re going to have to shut down big pharma in North America.  We’ll start by pulling the financial rug out from under them by passing the “Drug importation bill” through the Senate, and get George Bush to sign it into law.  That’ll eliminate thier huge cash flow, and put that cash back into our American economy.

(2)  We need to prosecute the “quackbuster ” operation.  Prison is too good for these people.

(3)  We need to pull the funding from any Medical School that teaches “treatment.” 

(4)  We need to take a hard look at our hospitals.  We need to remove the peer review system and put in severe penalties, including prison sentences, for all those errors they make, killing,and maiming Americans.  There is no excuse, what-so-ever for dirty hospitals where someone goes in for a simple operation and dies from an exotic infection picked up in the operating room.

(5)  We need to take back control of our FDA and FTC…

Health care in North America is a mess.  The “system” has failed to clean up its own act.  We need to do it for them, harshly.

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate