CoronaVirus – Should We CANCEL The 2020 Presidential Election and Activate NDAA (1021)?

Yes, I think we must. We need to save the country…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the so-called “CoronaVirus” pandemic was specifically created to destroy the United States of America, and hence, Western Civilization.

The whole happening was just a little too convenient, following, almost immediately, after the failed “Trump Impeachment” attempt.

I also have no doubt that there really is a form of CoronaVirus out in our community, and that it is already in spray cans to be used on Trump Supporters should we try to hold an election.

Of course there is – liberals are of that mind.

It is time to realize, and deal with, what is REALLY going on here…

President Trump needs to announce “Foul Play” in the “CoronaVirus” attack on America – so as to activate NDAA (1021) rules…

I will explain – The US Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), under the ObamaNation, and there was a section in it (1021) that said, according to Wikipedia:

” includes the power to detain, via the Armed Forces, any person “who was part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners”, and anyone who commits a “belligerent act” against the U.S. or its coalition allies in aid of such enemy forces, under the law of war, “without trial, until the end of the hostilities authorized by the [AUMF]”.

It is time to make the appropriate declaration and use the US Armed Forces to start rounding up the perpetrators.

Who are those perpetrators in the US?  That’s easy.  Just ask the question “Who Gains?” and you have your answers.

Who gains?

Ask yourself a few very uncomfortable questions:

      1.  Agenda 21 (Obama’s “Sustained Development”) – We all know that the United Nations has had a plan in place since the early 1970s to reduce Planet Earth’s population from a projected nine (9) billion people to 500 million by the year 2021.  Is the intentional release of the “CoronaVirus” the tool to do that, reducing, first, the US population by 85%?

Hillary Clinton had said, during her 2016 presidential election bid, that the Agenda 21 timetable was moved to 2030.  She was assuming then that she had the election in the bag.  Remember too, that it was Hillary Clinton that got China into the vaccine business in a big way.  You can read that story here

Yes, it is a very good idea to look carefully at America’s “Agenda 21” promoters. 

2.  Climate Change Idiocy –  The whole concept of “Climate Change” defies simple logic.  To hear these nitwits whimperingly claim that the polar icecaps are going to melt within eight years, putting Florida, New York, California, and most of the world underwater if we don’t shut down the US economy, and our energy independence, sounds more-and-more, not like science, but as a sales pitch you’ll find on a used car lot in a seedy part of town.

I’ve actually been out there on the big ocean, and driven by the big-assed icebergs, and you need to know a simple fact – icebergs are ninety (90) percent underwater already – as the Titanic found out the hard way.  So, let’s try a simple eye-opening experiment.  Go to your cupboard and grab a nice, clean 16 ounce glass,  Go over to your freezer and fill the glass as high as you can with ice.  Then pour water over the ice until the water level comes within one eighth (1/8) of an inch from the top.  Carefully set the nearly full glass on your desk, in the sunlight.

Now, according to the “Climate Change” people, in about an hour, your desk will be inundated with water, your living-room carpet will be eight inches underwater, the local electric grid will fail, a sinkhole will appear in your driveway, the school will call telling you that two of your children have died of measles, and Hillary Clinton will have a new reason why she lost the election.

But let’s go ahead and watch what REALLY is going to happen – the ice will melt in the glass and there will NOT be an increase in the water level.   It is called REALITY…

But, the important thing to note here is the simple fact that the “Climate Change” scumbags ONLY want the United States to give up their economy, making themselves VERY CLEAR that neither China, nor India, has to do any of that.  Hmmmmmmm?…

3.  Pro-Vaxxer human scum –  As our friend Bobby Kennedy Jr says:  54%  of America’s children have a chronic illness.  What is the common denominator?  Vaccines.  It is time to criminally prosecute these people.

4.   The Globalists – There are those, all over the place, that want a one-world government – a massive totalitarian regime laid out similar to what Aldous Huxley wrote about in Brave New World.”  There is no shortage of  applicants, from the US bureaucracy, for “beta” positions in such an arrangement.

5.  Big Pharma – I have, in earlier articles, beaten this subject to death.  I keep saying “we need to make “Big Pharma” into “Little Pharma.”  They have way too much power in our society.  They need to be dealt with harshly. 

More, Big Pharma controls our liberal media COMPLETELY by the simple fact that they provide 80% of the liberal television media’s income.  EVERY WORD of criticism of Trump, and his supporters, is originated in secret spaces in Big Pharma’s members’ offices.

Big Pharma almost completely provides China with income.  Over 85% of prescription drugs made for sale in America are made in slave labor factories in China – and there are NO INSPECTIONS of what is actually delivered to unsuspecting Americans.

But, Big Pharma charges Americans ten to twenty times what it gets for the same drugs throughout the world.  How do they get away with that?  They have five lobbyists for every legislator in the country.

What we need to do is to completely destroy this system for all time.  In the desired end an American family of four can purchase all of the drugs it needs for the month using the change they find in the living room couch.

6.  The US Democratic Party – ceased to represent the actual people of America a long, long, time ago.  Now, these days, it is a freak show of thirty-seven (37) genders, hating everyone,  all wanting everything for free.  The ship of fools determined to convince anyone who will listen that “America was never great…” 

7.  China – This really does not need an explanation.  China is a Communist State propped up financially by its relationship with Big Pharma and other exploitive world-wide industries.  It does not, and cannot, because of its communism, innovate.  So it steals American technology to survive – making cheap copies of America’s technology.  They are a leech, a parasite, on America.  Tt is time to put a stop to this.

8. The liberal media has “cried wolf” once too often…   Recent events in Florida over the beaches being populated by “Spring Break” goers shows, very clearly, that America’s young people DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING the liberal media tells them.  That’s a good thing and a bad thing.  It is “good” because the liberal media constantly spouts anti-Americanism and young people simply are not buying into that.  It is a “bad” thing when there really might be a problem and nobody believes them.

It is time, as Americans, to face what is being done to us and react severely…

There is no question that the so-called “CoronaVirus” pandemic was engineered.  It has all happened before, and as I have said, “The pandemic script is so old, and has been used so often, that it has turned yellow with age.”

As I said in my earlier article “How Do You Deal With a Fake “CoronaVirus” Pandemic?…”

“Fake CoronaVirus Pandemic?  Of course it is. 

It has happened so many times before, in almost exactly the same way, that the paper the script is on is starting to turn yellow.  What’s different this time is our friend Donald Trump and the way he decided to react to it. 

Let’s outline what is happening…

This so-called pandemic has all of the same players in all of the same places, all telling the same story (yawn) we heard just a few years ago over the so-called “Measles Outbreak.” 

That outbreak(?)  was a huge Big Pharma/Liberal Democrat plot to force mandatory vaccinations on America’s children.  It ONLY won in three States – California, New York, and Maine.  Forty-seven (47) States said “Hell No…”  The”anti-vaxxer” movement stopped it dead.

There is absolutely no difference now.  The so-called “CoronaVirus” pandemic is just one more Big Pharma marketing campaign, just like the bullshit “Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Asian Flu, H1N1, Zika, measles, blah, blah, blah…”

The intent was to sell more drugs and more vaccines, in fact, making vaccines mandatory for every man, woman, and child in America.”

Mr President – You need another Task Force…

One to hunt down the perpetrators of this “CoronaVirus” hoax that has so damaged America and the world.

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen



9 thoughts on “CoronaVirus – Should We CANCEL The 2020 Presidential Election and Activate NDAA (1021)?”

  1. 1) The presidential election should be delayed by at least 1 year.
    2) Those involved in crime such as Obama, Clinton, Gates, Sarosh, child molesters, etc. should be investigated and if found guilty, some of the crimes could be treason, severely punished. If it is not done straightaway, they will dream up and waste time with other issues. It would clear the air.
    3) If there is a stockmarket crash, Chinese companies should be stopped from buying US companies, hopefully in others. Why hand over the expensive research to them?

  2. Why the photo of a chinese person? USA is the most corrupt, horrific, corporate controlled world ……………………. Are you serious? Like rather live in China, than in corrupt, abusive USA.
    An attention grabbing bullshit photo. I was in China, was lost, there the police are nice (no guns at your head)……………… move on, get a real photo of USA and your military police.

  3. Tim. the doctor who did the SUCCESSFUL FDA clinical trial that SAVED 100% of the ICU patients [namely the severe and critical cases] WAS CHINESE AMERICAN……

    What we need is
    1) get free of the CDC HOSPITAL-FOCUS by doing the needed care in doctor’s offices — see the NY doctor’s video that’s going viral with an appeal to Trump…..

    2) blast the message out that the HIPPOCRATIC IV-C protocol is also doable in doctors’ offices with chairs and IV bags and drip tech….. and we could match the drug doctor’s plea to TRUMP TO SHIFT TO OUTPATIENT and merely the moderate cases…… not send people to the hospital after letting them get to trache tube states.

    The real villains are the CDC … THE W.H.O. and that QUARANTINE-PUSHER,…. DR FAUCI, spouting fear that hospitals will be over run BUT PURSUING ONLY MEDICAL ADVICE THAT WILL END UP FLOODING HOSPITALS….

  4. MJ – If we had a Military Task Force in place, under NDAA rules, we could get to the heart of the matter QUICKLY.

    NDAA suspends individual rights – and THIS situation is a DIRECT attack on our very way of life.

    This is what “waterboarding” was designed for.

    A few quick raids down to Merck, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, DNC Headquarters, and CNN, with a little “rendition” and we’d have the whole story in our hands so as to be able to solve this attack on America.

  5. The British government has downgraded the coronavirus from being an acute infectious disease with a high case fatality rate. After reviewing the data, they have come to their senses. Moreover, a study released by Oxford finds that perhaps 50% of those in the UK have the virus and the overwhelming number experience it like the normal flu and have little symptoms. The study suggests that fewer than one in a thousand of those infected with COVID-19 become ill enough to need hospitalization. So why the hysteria? There is some other agenda here!

  6. It’s called regime change and it’s been done thousands of times in recent past history… can we stop it this time?

  7. The analogy you use in “Climate Change Idiocy” to demonstrate your understanding of climate change only shows how flawed your understanding is of climate change. Climate change isn’t just about icebergs melting. You sound like someone who also thinks the world is flat. It’s not the icebergs that are the problem, it’s the ice shelfs and the glaciers and ice sheets behind them. They are up to 2000 meters tall and cover an area greater than 50,000 km2. A better analogy would be to fill the glass and then take a baseball size chunk of ice and push it down into the glass. Do some research before spreading your
    mis-informed conspiracy theories.

  8. Anti-bullshit – “Climate Change,” as you describe, is COMPLETE BULLSHIT. There is absolutely nothing to it besides China-funded crackpot liberal hot air.

    ALL of the northern continent areas on Planet Earth, during certain parts of the year, have four feet of snow. According to the lame-brained liberal climate change hustlers that means that the Hawaaiian Islands should drown, all of the Carribean islands should disappear. Then, of course, during a different part of the year, the southen hemisphere of our Planet has the same situation, which according to the weirdo-crackpots, we should lose all of our Islands once again.

    Of course, according to the ObamaNation hustlers, ONLY the US, and other segments of Western Civilization, should shut down their energy systems, leaving, of course (sarcasm intended) China, etc., to chew up and burn Planet Earth’s coal, etc.

    But, you gave me a good laugh.

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