California SB 18 War – Hillary’s Attempt to Seize California’s Children…

La La Liberal Land California, with its legislative super-majority of Progressive Democrats, wants to pass a law (SB 18), taking complete control of ALL children away from parents.  Parents who choose to move out of the State, after the bill passes, may NOT be able to take their children with them.

SB 18 bill sponsor Common Sense Media’s Jim Steyer with what’s-her-name…

The new law, a draft copy of which appeared in the Senate on March 13, 2017, is being challenged across the State.  Unlike the earlier fight against SB 277 (Mandatory Vaccinations), this bill has ORGANIZED opposition, whose teams have gotten off to an early start.  This fight could easily upset the super-majority situation before it is over.  Already, twenty-one (21) of California’s fifty-eight (58) Counties WANT OUT of California.  They intend to form a fifty-first State called Jefferson ASAP.

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


SB 18’s Author Senator Richard Pan with what’s-her-name…

There is no question that California is not the promised land it once was.  It has become a bastion of liberal political nonsense, a craziness of conciousness.

And now this citadel of elitism has decided, in all of its self-described-wonderfulness, that it MUST, for the good of all, take over children from parents.

Their message, from their SB 18 legislation draft copy:

(a) The Legislature finds and declares that all children and youth have the inalienable right to live in a just, safe, and supportive society; and therefore all children and youth residing in California, regardless of gender, class, race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, or ability, who are under the age of 21 are entitled to the following:

But just below is the kicker:

“the right to remain with a parent, legal guardian, or caregiver, except when authorities determine separation is in the best interest of the child;”

And THAT is the rub…

SB 18 is intrusive in EVERY aspect of child raising.  What is makes VERY CLEAR is that CHILDREN have these rights and that if parents DO NOT provide what the State determines, as described in the law, then CPS takes the children.

Read some of the requirements here – SB18-Children’sBoR_V5-draft.

The BIG QUESTION about enforcement of SB 18 is “who decides” what a violation of each law segment consists of.

(b) It is the intent of the Legislature in enacting this act to expand the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth of California created by Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 80 (Res. Ch. 101, Stats. 2009), to establish a comprehensive framework relating to the health, safety, well-being, early childhood and educational opportunities, and familial supports necessary for all children to succeed.

But there may be a different outcome this time…

For several reasons:

(1)  Everyone remembers when California parents brought vaccine damaged children to Sacramento and the legislature shut down in their faces to celbrate “Gay Pride” instead of listening to their stories.

This time though, as I pointed out in “California Parents Move to Defend Their Children From Liberal Democrat Takeover…” a different pattern emerges – one of competence and planning.

There was plenty of activity.

(2)  Twenty-one counties breaking away to form their own State radically changes things for California.  The lib Dems Agenda 21 plans to empty the rural towns and areas, forcing all to live in inner city compounds, riding bicycles are shelved since Trump has no interest in an Agenda 21 wildlife initiaitive doing that.

(3)  California is in for a HARD RIDE from Trump teams within, and from outside of California.  All well-deserved.  California is REALLY dependent on federal money to keep its burueaucracies going.  The finger-pointing in Sacramento is increasing.

(4)  California has OTHER major problems – the fact that businesses are leaving at a phenomenal rate.  Which translates to no jobs outside of the public sector.

(5)  California farming, and tree growing and harvesting industries may soon sue California liberal Democrats for intentionally creating and maintaining a long term drought.  Good idea.

There is an old Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times…”  

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

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