Why the BolenReport Has a Cancer Report – You need to know this….

Note from Tim Bolen – I have been a huge critic of the mainstream Cancer treatment establishment for a very long time.  President Richard Nixon funded the “War on Cancer” in 1972, challenging mainstream to solve the cancer problem.  They promised to do that within eighteen months if given enough money.  In forty four years they have made ZERO progress.  American have found that there are alternatives to mainstream that work very well, are cheaper, and you, and/or your loved ones get to live.  And, you get to travel…

Cancer Report:  June 2016

by Frank Cousineau – President, Cancer Control Society

As a reader of the Bolen Report for many years, it is a great honor and pleasure to contribute a cancer report.  Our goal is to provide timely information about the most effective ways to treat cancer.

We will review treatment protocols, treatment centers and additional topics In support of cancer patients.  We will also provide details about conferences, expos and meetings where you (and your doctor) can learn the latest, most up-to-date information as to the best ways to treat cancer.  We intend to balance our reports between certain factual information and opinion based on observation and experience.

The primary focus will be Alternative and Integrative approaches because…

Our observations and experience for approximately 40 years has convinced us they are superior to Allopathic or Conventional therapies that have failed so many people for too many years.  We acknowledge that a number of people survive conventional cancer therapies.  Some actually rebound and thrive.  However, the manner in which Mainstream Medicine manipulates and distorts statistics blurs comparison of the two fundamental approaches to cancer treatment.

We will offer a broad definition of what Alternative Therapies are…

and then explore the practical areas of treating cancer.  In the early days of what we generally refer to as the Alternative Cancer Therapy Movement, to be Alternative, a therapy was something that was a part of the natural world, non-toxic and worked harmoniously with the healthy (or good) parts of the body.  It soon became known as Holistic.  It was believed an Alternative Therapy should have as its goal the restoration of health and return of the body to a state of homeostasis.  It should function to eliminate dis-ease without injuring the non-diseased portions of the patient.  That continues to be the goal today.  However, currently it has evolved into a broader definition, including many elements, not necessarily natural, and in some instances embracing aspects of Conventional or Allopathic medicine.

What is mainstream medicine? 

Mainstream medicine includes anything approved, sanctioned or otherwise promoted by FDA, FTC, state governments and the pharmaceutical industry:  namely, surgery, radiation, (toxic) chemotherapy.  For the most part, anything that is non-toxic is generally not recognized by Mainstream medicine.  In not a few cases, Mainstream medicine has and will persecute, prosecute and harass physicians who dare to operate independently with the best interest of their patient driving the therapeutic methods employed treating a cancer case.

This column will also be about choice.

We believe in freedom of choice.  We believe each individual is (and should be) free to choose whatever therapy he wishes to treat himself.  We believe parents are the rightful authority when a decision needs to be made for their children.  The intrusion of the totalitarian state is contrary to both Natural and Super-Natural Law.  As such, the state, otherwise known as government, should not be allowed to interfere in the relationship between patient and physician.

In conclusion to our initial foray, we invite each of you to the 44th Annual Cancer Control Society Convention, Labor Day weekend 2016, at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Universal City, California.    We hope to see you there, September 3 through 7, 2016.

Follow this link for additional details and to reserve your room at the Sheraton Universal Hotel.


We look forward to communicating regularly with you.


by Frank Cousineau – President, Cancer Control Society

3 thoughts on “Why the BolenReport Has a Cancer Report – You need to know this….”

  1. The first thing that everyone needs to know when dealing with cancer is that it is NOT a disease; it is NOT an illness!!!

    Cancer is a natural emergency solution for a state of chronic high toxicity. It is a natural ability to reduce the level of toxicity by generating special cells which are able to process these toxins and convert them into something harmless or even useful. Cancer is your friend that keeps you alive in conditions which would otherwise kill you.

    The problem is chronic high toxicity and it is, therefore, obvious that the most stupid thing that you could possibly do is to add more poisons to the system. This is why mainstream medicine kills almost all cancer patients – the survival rate is slightly over 0.3%! If you do what mainstream medicine does and attack the solution whilst completely ignoring the problem it should be obvious that your chances of success are pretty remote.

    If, however, you work to remove not only the source of the toxins but also detoxify both physically and emotionally whilst correcting the malnutrition always present then you achieve a success in the high nineties% because the cancer cells will be naturally dissolved as soon as they are no longer needed.

    Over 15 years professional practise I developed a programme to do exactly this. In 2009, I was brought into contact with Dr. Leonard Coldwell. 2011 and 2012 I became aware of the work of others around the world who also have cancer success rates at 95% plus. The really interesting fact about all this is that we had all of us, completely independently of each other, developed exactly the same basic programme.

    Dr. Coldwell’s books can be obtained from most book shops/stores. Mine is only available as an E-book from http://www.karmabooks.co.uk
    Personally, I think that Leonard’s book is better and mine needs to be re-written (if I ever find the time to do so).

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  2. I totally agree with Karma Singh, cancer is not a malfunction but a survival mechanism.

    In nature if you can stay alive a few more months, days, or even weeks then you are better off. Nature doesn’t care if you life long enough to write that book or climb Kilimanjaro, every day is a success.

    And so extreme toxicity becomes mitigated, neutralised or encapsulated to protect the body for as long as possible before positive toxic feedback eventually leads to runaway disorer of tissue growth. Cut out the tumour, you still have cancer (toxicity), and so more tumours grow, essentially because your body needs them.

    The other important paradigm here is last-ditch attempts to heal damaged tissue, desperate wound-healing, in other words. Tissue does not heal because it is malnourished or subject to unremitting insult.

    I agree it is madness to try to poison the body back to health. It is also madness to encourage physician assisted death so that patients can choose their end, when the law prohobits them from choosing how to extend their lives. This is the injustice enshrined in the UKs Cancer Act 1939, and copied throughout the world. Once we get that repealed, and choice becomes open once more, I think there is a chance of progress.

    And so the important distinction about ‘alternative’ healing is not the choicce of treatment method but the alternative understanding of what is going on. Even now we still have people going after ‘magic bullets’, but looking for them in a tree bark etc, rather than from a lab.

  3. I am in your camp on this , if we can keep our ph balance 7.40 . we’re dis ease free . what better way to stay in balance that fruits & juices . any thoughts .

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