The AutismOne 2017 Conference is May 24-28!!!

Let’s get packing!

By Candyce Estave

It was just a few years ago that I started attending the AutismOne Conferences.

I was up to my ears in vaccine-induced autism. Our co-pays for my son’s therapies were high. I was dirt poor, often having to choose between bills and therapies the pediatricians or schools recommend for children like my son. I knew I needed more education on how my son’s diagnosis of autism affected him individually. I felt overwhelmed by the IEP process, fighting to get his needs met, and the emotional trauma of the grieving process I experienced after seeing my boy clearly regress into “autism.”

“Regressive autism.

Every parent who saw what I saw experienced the same turmoil: the future of their beloved child would not be one of celebrations.

We were told by “experts” that our boy might never talk, be toilet trained, or have a productive life.  Worse, we were virtually told that there was nothing we could do…that the prognosis was grim, lifelong, and forever. Our dreams were crushed. The kid we knew was gone. We were depressed to say the least. I was financially tapped and emotionally devastated.

Fortunately, and unlike the situation with so many other families, I have a supportive sibling. I called my brother because I knew he had sky miles. I asked if he could get me to the AutismOne Conference in Chicago so that I could learn how to better help my son. My brother so kindly arranged my flight, got me a hotel room, and helped with meals. He told me I needed to go and that I should arrange for childcare. I couldn’t afford registration, so I called AutismOne and was given a free pass.

I was gladly anticipating meeting Facebook friends there. Other educated parents are a fantastic resource for help. At the conference hotel, I settled into my room and headed across the courtyard to registration. I was like a fish out of water. I hadn’t been away from my children in years and felt socially inept. But it didn’t take long to realize that many parents were coming from the same place I was coming from.

Suddenly I was in a warm, friendly, place…

Esteemed physicians, researchers, and advocates were there at the AutismOne Conference, too, and I was delighted to be able to talk to them in person. The doctors and scientists were kind, took their time with me, and were genuinely interested in helping me to help my boy. It was literally the best time I had had since before my son’s regression. I even got to talk with the notorious Dr. Wakefield. His compassion and commitment to our kids – my son – made me cry. You could sense his intention and integrity.

My life had changed. I found my tribe. All of these parents had been through the same grieving process that I was going through.

It was better than I could have ever expected…

The AutismOne Conference gave me a clear plan for healing, not just for me, but for my whole family. In the midst of the abundance of sound scientific information and lectures on helping my child, I also experienced the feeling of connection and support that I longed for.

The AutismOne 2017 Conference offers talks from many treating physicians and scientists from esteemed institutions, who have published much peer-reviewed literature. Highlights of the event can be found at

Childcare Services?  Of course…

Childcare services are available, but you must preregister for this by May 15. The hotel has a kid zone, indoor/outdoor pool, and sports court, and there are many local attractions such as Garden of the Gods, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and Pikes Peak.

And more…

Don’t forget your fancy digs, your dinner jacket, and, just in case, pack that bathing suit!

I’ll see YOU at AutismOne in Colorado Springs!

Last, but not least…

And, by the way, my son CAN TALK NOW, and he’s an Honor Student! I’m excited to celebrate his hard work, progress, and success with you!

By Candyce Estave


One thought on “The AutismOne 2017 Conference is May 24-28!!!”

  1. “And, by the way, my son CAN TALK NOW, and he’s an Honor Student! I’m excited to celebrate his hard work, progress, and success with you!”

    Had to comment and say congrats! To your son, you, and your family. He obviously has a mom who cares deeply for him and will do whatever it takes to get him well.

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