Candyce Estave

IMG_0021Candyce Estave is an advocate and activist for children. At age 4, her son was diagnosed with autism, and Candyce sought help from the Autism Society of Santa Barbara (ASASB).

From the day she attended her first support group meeting, she vowed to help other families who were facing the same difficulty she had with locating and obtaining autism services.

In short order, Candyce became ASASB’s North County Coordinator, regularly hosting support group meetings in her home, scheduling parent trainings, and building a network of supportive professionals. She organized ASASB’s North County Autism Awareness Fair from 2008-2012.

In 2009, Candyce was appointed to the Board of Autism Society of Santa Barbara. Candyce is a member of Altrusa International, Inc. of the Central Coast, serving on their board of directors and also served on the foundation board. She volunteers directing families in the way of advocacy for services in Santa Maria, CA, and throughout Northern Santa Barbara County.

From 2010-2013 Candyce served on the Board of Directors for an anti-bullying non-profit, also tutoring children in the classroom, where she quickly realized that 50% of children were sick, on pharmaceuticals, and something had to be done.