ANTIFA – Vaccine Damaged Millennials “Weaponized…”

Anyone Who Watches The News Can See What Has Happened…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


We see them everywhere now.

Some live in a combination of beard, man-bun, and mascara.

Others look like a combination of human crossed with shiny-skinned, big-eyed, Area 51 aliens.

The so-called “millennial males” have 50% of the testosterone their fathers had – and it is VERY obvious.

Most importantly, they are VERY angry, and VERY screwed up…

The George Soros globalist “Agenda 21” people found them…

They groomed them, and turned them into a modern day version of the Ku Klux Klan.

No white-sheets-with-eye-holes this time, but Marxist-symboled $190 designer masks, pepper spray, knives, skin lotions, silk panties, and combat boots.

Their handlers fuel them with eight cups of $8 Starbucks coffee, push them off the bus, and point them at the location where they want them to attack Trump supporters.

Seeking any kind of approval, wanting desperately to belong somewhere, they run down the street screaming.

They are ANTIFA.

These are the people that actually watch CNN…

Why?  They are a whole generation that cannot look up to their fathers for man-guidance, for they simply DO NOT have the same chemical-biological makeup as “Dad.”  And they see the disappointment on dad’s face.

So they look elsewhere for a male role model.  And they find it on-screen at CNN.

And vaccines did this.

The millennials are the first group to be vaccinated under the newer CDC guidelines after Big Pharma was given a free-ride legally, when Congress gave them immunity to lawsuits.

It shows.

Most Anti-Vaxxers do not mention this problem publicly.

But it is discussed privately.  Most anti-vaxxers have seen, or have personal experience with, vaccine damage in the form of the ravages of autism in all of its various levels and expressions.  They want to protect their children from that.

But, it is definitely here.

Where’s the proof?

“Proof” is in the eyes of the beholder.  The very first thing to look at, carefully, are the news videos of the ANTIFA attacks.  Although the liberal media would VERY MUCH like to portray ANTIFA as a group of normal people legitimately angry at a President they disagree with – the actuality is VERY, VERY, different.

Why do the ANTIFA rioters almost ALWAYS wear masks, hats, and sunglasses?  Of course it is first to make it difficult to identify who it was in the crowd that just stabbed someone.  But the MAIN REASON is to mask the fact that MOST ANTIFA members have severe gender identity issues (vaccine damage) which will show up on camera instantly. Review any video and you will find it.

The “sort-of-male” screamers, ragers, and spitters, all spent hours in front of the mirrors getting their costumes ready for the streets, AFTER they lotioned their bodies, put on silk panties, and leather pants.

That fact is right there in front of us – and has been.

Have Vaccines been weaponized?


Let’s look at the “Agenda 21” nutcase brigade, and their machinations.  The Obama-Nation war cry was, right from the start “Sustainable Development.”  Right there in the UN plan was/is the simple statement that the US middle class had to be destroyed – for they/we would oppose world-wide communist/socialist government structure run by UN designated Elites.

By destroying America’s male youth by feminizing them America would NOT be able to field an army, nor conceive and raise children.

The HIDING of The Vaccine Data Link (VSD) Data…

There are, and always has been, two vaccine monitoring systems:  (1) The VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting) system, and (2) VSD (Vaccine Safety Datalink).

(1)  VAERS is an industry joke for it is “voluntary.”  Even so  it shows massive evidence of vaccine damage.

(2)  VSD is something quite different.  The CDC has gone out of its way to keep LEGITIMATE researchers away from the raw data.  Going so far, I am told, as to remove the database from US soil so that Vaccine attorneys cannot subpoena the information to us in court cases.

In an earlier article titled “Vaccines are Ten Thousand Times More Dangerous Than We Were Led To Believe…” I explained that:

(2)  The second system is called the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) and it is an entirely different thing – and the data collected is totally TOP SECRET.  Every possible trick is used to hide this data, including, I’m told, contracting out the storage of the twenty-seven years of data to companies in foreign countries so it cannot be subpoenaed by lawyers involved in vaccine litigation.

Got that?

If there is no problem with vaccines why can’t Independent Investigators look at that twenty-seven years of data recording the health records of MILLIONS of American children after they were vaccinated with each, and every, CHILDHOOD VACCINE from January of 1991 to the present?

Why is the VSD information a closely guarded secret?

The reason is obvious.  The evidence is all around us.  The VSD wasn’t really a vaccine safety monitoring system.  It was, and is now, a twenty-eight year record of how well vaccines work as an “Agenda 21” tool.

Bill Gates brags in this video about it:

We need to get access to the evidence and start the American version of “Nuremberg.”

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

12 thoughts on “ANTIFA – Vaccine Damaged Millennials “Weaponized…””

  1. Tim:

    I think the three words “vaccine-damaged millennials” may be one of the most powerful persuasion tools you have ever created. Let’s put that expression into the lexicon.

    Kent Heckenlively

  2. Elmiger wrote years ago that the character of French women had changed from chic and attractive to butch and
    frumpy – and even then he blamed the compulsory vaccine campaign for that.

    France is very proud of Pasteur – the name is wonderful for English propaganda, conjuring up bucolic images of pasture – but I don’t think they know he “had lied about his research on vaccines and germs”

  3. @Tim
    It’s as if the vaccines have a life of their own, producing robotised individuals, abject materialists who want more vaccines and don’t have the insight to see what is going on.

    Hopefully this societal vaccinosis will itself have a life-cycle with eventual decline and disappearance, an eventually vanish of it itself, just as the pandemic diseases do – without the need for vaccines, I should add (because of the the natural ecology of the way they interact with populations).

  4. Since they’re not stopping this catastrophe, one has to assume that it’s intentional and ask the question why is America being targeted and what nation is behind it?

  5. To be fair, even though vaccines are probably the primary culprit here, there are many other factors involved in this soy-boying of society. Heaven only knows what’s in some of the foods we eat, even the stuff we think is healthy, as well as some of the chemicals used to “protect us” (herbicides, insecticides, pesticides), the tainted with who-knows-what water supply, does anyone really know what’s in all those Rx drugs and even some vitamin supplements – it’s all just wrong for the human body.

    The list is almost endless.

    But there is truly nothing as disgusting as the millenials. I hear people saying “it’s not their fault” but yes, it is. They know what they’re doing when they dress as creepy as possible and commit acts of violence. They know. It’s as if these kids are celebrating Halloween every day – and getting paid for it, to boot. It’s the “payers” who need to be stopped.

  6. As disturbing as it can be I’m glad that you have broached this subject. I’d like to particularly ask if you will publish any material about Eliav Barr, a researcher involved with the clinical testing of the Gardasil vaccine. To put it charitably, when I noticed his marriage to another man about 1-2 years ago it raised a concern. Even if he had no evil intent, a person who is openly homosexual may have very different ideas about the priorities of most parents for their children’s health and guidance. I cannot understand how Gardasil was approved without understanding that it could maim, kill and sterilize our young people vastly more effectively than protect them from HPV related cancer.

  7. I agree with all of you that vaccines are disfiguring, disabling and even can be deadly. As a nutrition coach, very few people eat healthy period. Even those who take supplements go for the cheapest ones which have so much filler in them that they totally negate the nutrient. I’m not even including the fact that as far as HPV goes, there are so many different forms of HPV that the vaccine doesn’t work on. Mega dose vitamin C or IV Vitamin C will work on EVERY disease they have vaccines for and many that they don’t have them for as yet. G-d forbid you say that to a doctor unless it’s a functional medicine doc, ND or Orthomolecular Specialist.

  8. I don’t know anything about Anitfa or Agnda 21. But I do know about vaccine ingredients. What the heck do you think is going to happen when you inject female DNA into your baby boy or male DNA into your precious baby girl….How effed up is that?! All I can do, which is what everyone can do is tell people, tell people, tell people, whisper it, scream it, however people will hear. Vaccines are poison meant to destroy us

  9. I was a contributing author to Dr. Laura Thompson’s second edition of Smart Food, Smart Families. In researching the beginnings of baby formula, it was apparent that the first generation of bottle-fed Baby Boomers became the radicals of the 1960s as for about 50 percent of them, Carnation evaporated milk and Karo syrup replaced Mom — not only the milk of her own body, but a bottle could be propped by the babysitter as Mom entered the workforce.

    In 1969, MSG was ostensibly removed from baby food, but it is still there in the form of glutamic acid being sprayed on crops grown for baby food. MSG causes mood swings, rage, obesity, and neurological damage.

    Then, the 1970s saw the gender-bender chemical fluoride added to municipal water, along with more obesity, thyroid disease, and reduction of sperm count. By this time, about 75 percent of American babies were on commercial formula, made with fluoridated tap water, of course.

    Dr. Francis Pottenger taught us years ago (1932-1942) with his 900 cats study that each poorly-fed generation begets a less healthy generation, until reproduction is not possible. He saw female cats become aggressive and male cats docile, and all of them became sterile — there was no fourth generation.

    Add the unconscionable vaccine schedule, and you have a perfect storm for the destruction of a nation.

    When we see ANTIFA kids acting up, we might want to think about these things, and maybe look at what we are feeding today’s children. Who knows what kind of insanity they will be facing with their own “ANTIFA the Next Generation” — if they are even able to reproduce at all.

  10. Spot on. As an employee of a Seattle Hospital in 2005, listening to someone from the Department of Defense and on the board of Merck trying to guilt an auditorium of nurses and doctors into mandatory flu vaccines, I knew something was not ringing true. They were unyielding. No exemptions. The science was not persuasive to me. And I’m not even a doctor. So, this article makes sense. It was an agenda. But in 2005 how could I have known about Agenda 21? The internet of things? The loss of free speech? The plot to destabilize America? How could I have known? I do know now.

  11. It’s interesting that the psychological impact of the twisted nonsense being spoon fed to our children by the politically driven Social and Liberal media has not been mentioned here. Is there no place for this in the discussion about Antifa and the disinformation highway of words? Does aborting babies by the millions have any impact on the value of life and the heart of humanity; the mood of this emotional Nation and the rising? Instead of bringing down the rule of law how about we demand rule of law that starts with our government leaders and integrates to the streets of America, to all, by all, for all?

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