“Anti-Vaxxers” Have Stepped Up To The Main Battleground…

They Are So Big And So Mean They Fear No One…

Watch what they do…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Activism is an art.  It is not something that comes naturally to people.  It is a skill that’s taught, passed on from generation to generation so to speak.  The hardest thing to learn, and hence to teach, is the formation of a “Strategy.”  It takes a certain way of thinking, of planning and analysis of a problem.  It is very hard to get beginning activist groups organized into an effective fighting force.  But you can…

You just have to have a starting point…

When I was watching the 2015 SB 277 debacle in California, the counter moves against SB277, the Mandatory Vaccines for children legislation, I was absolutely appalled at the outright STUPIDITY of the anti-SB277 campaign.  These brainless twits had decided, somewhere along the line that “They won’t respect us if we say that vaccines are dangerous, blah, blah, blah.”  So, they came up with a different campaign basis.  One that will go down in history as the dumbest of the dumb campaigns of all time.  Their campaign premise:

“We know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff) we just want personal choice (whimper, whimper).

And they put on pretty dresses and went to meetings.  New shoes and a matching purse were far more important than Goals and Objectives. The California legislators patted them on their heads, and sent them home with a note for their parents that said:

“vaccinate your children honey, or we are not going to let your special little child go to our public schools…”

Politically these naive nitwits deserved what they got.  The disdain they were served was very warranted, for they were the dumbest of the dumb, the easiest manipulated of the easiest manipulated. .  All throughout the campaign questions were raised by parents involved, about the validity of that weak message.  What happened to those raising the alarm?  They were “banned.”

From my vantage point, and my experience as a campaigner, it became very clear that the “anti-vaxxer” movement of that day NEEDED to take this hard loss – for there was no way to save the situation.  The “Sacramento Girls” had bought more pretty new dresses to wear, and flower petals to strew,  to the next useless rally…

And then they DID lose…

SB 277 passed easily.  Shock of shocks.  And it was time for re-grouping.  Everyone in the world saw what happened next.  The anger generated from that loss was the biggest incentive to the enlargement of an activist movement I have ever seen.  Best though, was the sift from the sniffing and whining of we know that vaccines are safe and effective (sniff, sniff)” to the absolute OUTRAGE we see today.  Where the old “Anti-Vaxxer” movement maybe had 30,000 activists world-wide, practically overnight it grew to tens of millions of seriously pissed off people.

Pissed off?  Oh yeah.  And not just at the Richard Pans of the world.  Pissed off at the pretty-dress-wearing blithering idiots that blocked them from using the right message during the SB 277 counter campaign.  The message that basically says:

“There is ABSOLUTELY no question that vaccines damage children – THEY DO. Every time.  It is just an order of magnitude.  A parent can choose to damage their child a little or a lot – but with vaccines there is ALWAYS damage. The more vaccines the more damage.  Read the package inserts and choose how much damage you want to inflict on your child.” 

And the shift towards successful activism had begun.

Why would a simple message shift mean so much in the scheme of things?  Easy answer – because the opposition, Big Pharma’s vaccine promoters have to rely totally and completely, on mercenaries to maintain their campaign.  And mercenaries are mercenaries.  They are not MOTIVATED like activists – they are paid in some way.  None of them have a vaccine-damaged child in their immediate view to remind them why they are an “Anti-Vaxxer.”

Big Pharma’s mercenaries work nine-to-five.  “Anti-Vaxxers” live and breathe anger, tactics, and strategies twenty-four hours a day.  Multiply that by ten million and get out of their way.

The really cool thing about the current “Anti-Vaxxer” message is that it does not hesitate to come at the pro-vaxxer slime from 500 different directions all at once – for there are easily 500, and more, ways to address this damaging of children issue.

“Anti-Vaxxers” – Success is their game.  Success is their name…

Get this – in  the world where Big Pharma completely controls the TV media, where it completely controls the public agencies that regulate US health care, where it can control elections, where it owns State Senators like Dicky Pan out right, the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement got its message out so well that Big Pharma panicked.  It went to the World Health Organization (WHO) stammeringly begging for help.  It actually recruited California US Congressman Adam Schiff (the one Trump calls “little pencil neck..”) to help them stop the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement.  (Insert laughter here…)

Look at how well THAT is NOT working…

Big Pharma knew we were going to make vaccines a big issue in presidential election 2020…

How do we know that?  Their paid minions infiltrate our Groups – especially on FaceBook and Twitter – and we don’t care if they do.  We know they are there.  It’s probably like native San Franciscans – they know that human feces, and the druggies’ needles, are all over their streets, so they step carefully.  “Anti-Vaxxers” do the same.

So Big Pharma came up with a strategy to combat us.  What was it?  Another “fake epidemic.”  This time a “fake measles epidemic.”  And, before election 2020, expect at least two more, one of which will be an “Ebola” outbreak.  They will probably infect twenty or thirty people and then fly them into various US destinations.  Will they really do that?  Of course they will.  There is too much money in vaccines.  They can’t let trillions of dollars of business go without a fight.

But Big Pharma walked into a trap…

Facts are facts – Our anti-vaccine message has settled into the minds of Americans.  We do not need to FOCUS on beating that drum.

Every American knows at least one family with a vaccine-damaged child.

No one trusts Big Pharma anyway.  Let them do another “fake epidemic” or two.  Their annual “fake flu epidemic” is the best example of “lack of success” I can think of.  Each year the US government has to destroy tens of millions of flu vaccines for another “epidemic” that never happened, and US citizens ignored because they unconsciously recognize the lie.

Big Pharma and US Public health have “Cried Wolf…” once too often.

Unfortunately for America, but excellent for the “Anti-Vaxxer” argument, is the simple fact that 54% of America’s children are now chronically ill.  The government agency group that “we the people” gave the responsibility for the general public health is what we euphemistically call “US Public Health” an actual conglomeration of Federal, State, and County agencies with the word “Health” in their Mission Statement.

US Public Health has failed – period. 

What is so important about this?  I am going to use a specific example of  what has happened – ADHD. 

But first, let’s review where we all are in health care in the US.  The bottom line is that despite the US Public Health system’s massively expensive efforts to supposedly keep America healthy – the opposite has happened.

And, has happened in a very big way.  54% of America’s children are  now chronically ill.

Just below is a segment from my earlier article – ‘The ABSOLUTE FAILURE Of US Public Health… Our Public Health “Watchdogs”Have Betrayed America…”

According to childstats.gov there are 73.9 million (73,900,000) children under the age of 18 in the USA in 2019.

Do you get my point? There are 73,900,000 children in the US right now.

 According to our friend Bobby Kennedy Jr’s generation-sick-facts-behind-childrens-health-crisis-and-why-it-needs-to-end-ebook”

(a)  “American children have never been sicker.Over half (54%) are suffering from one or more chronic illnesses, with the late 1980s and early 1990s viewed as the gateway period that launched the decline. 

(b)  Many chronic illnesses have doubled since that time.  “4-A” disorders—autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), asthma and allergies—have experienced meteoric growth, affecting children’s quality of life and contributing to premature mortality. The spike in autism prevalence has been particularly dramatic, with prevalence as high as 3% (one in 34 children) in some regions. Pediatric autoimmune conditions also are on the rise.”

Pay attention here people…

On a national level that means that 54% of 73.9 million children – 39,906,000 American children, have a chronic disease that will last their lifetime.  And, it all began when the big increase in childhood vaccines started.

39,906,000 American children are, right now, PERMANENTLY DAMAGED…  Am I getting through to you?

So lets zero in on just one of those chronically ill issues – ADHD…

Why ADHD, and not one of the others?  Because the ADHD problem is THE LEAST of the issues affecting America’s children.  But, just below, is the REALITY of it.  From https://www.healthline.com/health/adhd/facts-statistics-infographic comes:

“Cases and diagnoses of ADHD have been increasing dramatically in the past several years. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) says that 5 percent of American children have ADHD. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) puts the number at more than double that. The CDC says that 11 percent of American children Trusted Source, ages 4 to 17, had the attention disorder as of 2011. That’s an increase of 42 percent Trusted Source between 2003 and 2011.” 

“Currently, 6.1 percent of American children Trusted Source are being treated for ADHD with medication. Some states have higher rates of treatment with medication than others. About 23 percent of American children Trusted Source who have been diagnosed with ADHD aren’t receiving medicine or mental health counseling for their disorder.” 

Cost is a major factor when it comes to how a condition affects someone. Treatment plans and medications can be expensive, and planning around payment can be stressful. A study from 2007 Trusted Source suggested that the “cost of illness” for a person with ADHD is $14,576 each year. That means ADHD costs Americans $42.5 billion dollars each year — and that’s on the conservative side of ADHD prevalence estimates.

Medicines and treatments aren’t the only costs to consider when dealing with an ADHD diagnosis. Other factors that can add cost include:

      • education expenses
      • loss of work
      • juvenile justice
      • healthcare costs

In other words ADHD is another “Cash Cow” for Big Pharma… 

US Public Health, for all practical purposes, IGNORES ADHD.  It focuses on minor issues like measles, mumps, etc..  Issues where there is a vaccine available.

Let me say that again, so it sinks in:

“It focuses on minor issues like measles, mumps, etc..  Issues where there is a vaccine available.”

US Public Health ONLY has one tool – VACCINES…

So let’s examine the problem from REALITY…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


10 thoughts on ““Anti-Vaxxers” Have Stepped Up To The Main Battleground…”

  1. Thanks Tim, I love reading your opinions. I don’t think that vaccines will be a big issue in 2020, Trump will keep his mouth shut and continue to promote vaccines just as he did with the measles scam scare. They probably told him that he can win without the antivaxxer vote.

  2. Hi Tim,
    there are not one but two issues here:
    1) To stop the poisoning of our children (and ourselves) and we are all (I hope) doing our bit for that. The othere is:
    2) Healing all those sick children and adults. Pharmaceutical medicine couldn’t even if it wanted to and available evidence shows that it does NOT want to as this would reduce turnover for useless quack nostra to suppress the symptoms of, using your example, ADHD.

    To heal our children, we must look to other modalities and other methods totally outside of the narrow confines of conventional medeicine such as http://www.clearingtransmissions.com or http://www.harmonyunited.com and many others.

    The battle here is getting through the mental wall which most people have saying, “If all the medicos can’t help, nothing can.”

    I’ve uploaded a partial solution to this second problem this morning your time.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  3. Most who are against vaccines have not stood up against opposition and are still learning it is why they were afraid. It took me a lot of trial and error to learn how to properly shoot down the fake science surrounding the big push for vaccinations. As they learn and get experience at handling the pharmaceutical trolls they will gain more and more courage. All soldiers in a battle have to be train and tried first in order to be effective at their job.
    They try and pick apart your words. They try to incite you to get angry by using childish high school tactics. If they get you to act irrational they can use that to discredit you. That has not worked on many of us because we are warning others because we do not want to see them harmed so childish tactics and trying to intimidate us using highschool like intimidation tactics do not work on us.
    They will try to lure you into focusing on the autism aspect of vaccine injury so they only have one battle front. The problem is most who oppose vaccines are either a victim of vaccine injury or have a loved one who is. Each of us have researched a specific aspect of vaccine injury. By us posting on our own unique knowledge of vaccine injury we give them many fronts to battle. By trying to get us to focus on the autism aspect of vaccine injury they only have to face one battle front. They tried to pit us against each other here in the U.S. and it only made us more united because we learned to work through each others differences but in Italy it worked those who oppose vaccines in Italy are very divided and fight against each other.

  4. The big problem is that most of those anti-vax activists still think that vaccines are effective at some level. They “create temporary immunity” or “poor quality immunity”. Reality is that vaccines are 0% effective. The efficacy of vaccines is entirely based on antibody count and it has been known for some 100 years that antibodies have nothing to do with immunity. If everyone could just accept that, then we would be a LOT stronger.

    It would be even better if everyone could learn and accept that germs don’t cause disease and that therefore immunity doesn’t even exist. Then everyone would also lose their germ fear (think of “shedding”) and we would win in three weeks. But I’m afraid this is too much to ask.

  5. Funny you should mention public campaigns to vaccinate against coming epidemic(s).

    DownUnder here in Western Australia, we had a front page newspaper headline “Child dies from flu” (May 11/2019), with a couple of paragraphs on p1 and a pointer to p9 for the main report which was sub- headed ‘This is a tragedy’
    Yes indeed, a terrible, serious tragedy; – the child died in our state-of-the-art, brand new Perth Children’s Hospital… In March.
    Since we’re now on the cusp of our normal ‘flu season’ – remember, in the Southern Hemisphere seasons are opposite to USA/UK/EU – the holding-over of that story for TWO MONTHS sounds more like a pre-emptive strike for ‘flu vaccinations. (Free for children under 5 and old age pensioners, c.$20 otherwise.)
    Only on reading the story will you discover this gem, from the West Australia’s Health Minister Roger Cook, that:-

    “Influenza is likely to have contributed to the death,”

    Let’s paraphrase the above, but still keeping strictly to the meaning.

    ‘The child, aged anywhere from infant to early teens and of unknown socio-economic background… had one or more health issues that were possibly fatal and after two months we don’t know which one was responsible, – but we think the flu was the final straw.”

    The article points out that “…fewer than one in five WA children were vaccinated against the flu last year – the lowest rate in the country”
    – We might add that only 50% of Health Workers surveyed reported themselves as having the flu vaccination !
    Mr Cook went on to say “During last year’s influenza season, 11% of cases reported in Western Australia were in children under five years of age and 27% of those children were admitted to hospital as a result of their illness”

    The article finishes off with:-
    “The latest young flu victim in the seventh child aged 10 and under who has died from influenza since 2014.
    About 200 people die directly or indirectly from influenza every year in WA.”

    I don’t know where he gets his figures (200) from, as the National average is about 380 per year, with around 60 being reported in our mild 2018 season. (Western Australia is by far the least populous State in Australia)

    No, I’m not having a ‘flu jab this year, or any other year.

    FYI, the population of Perth is just over 2M

  6. Exactly Rixta, three simple arguments that anti-vaxers should focus on:

    1) Doctor offices are filled with sick people germs – if sick people germs are dangerous then nobody would visit (let alone become) a doctor. On the other hand, if sick people germs are not dangerous then why bother getting any vaccines?

    2) Doctors typically refuse to diagnose the condition if the patient is vaccinated (a bias that is exacerbated by the current requirement to use lab tests to confirm diagnoses) so the apparent success of all vaccines is just a self-fulfilling prophecy – a renaming.

    3) Nobody has ever witnessed a virus jump from one person to another and immediately cause injury or death. Viral deaths are an observation free belief – an article of faith. So too is contagion and as 1) shows, contagion makes no sense in light of the fact that people willingly choose to visit doctors. On the other hand, vaccines are observed in real time and so too are the subsequent injuries – vaccine dangers are merely following the scientific method of observation.

    Other points about lack of proper placebos etc are all fine but they don’t deal with the main issue – the intense fear people have of contagious disease.

  7. So the best way to fight back is to be properly educated about vaccines and injuries from multiple points so you can create a sturdy foundation.
    I started questioning when I was 13, when I voiced my concern about the flu vaccine getting everybody I knew sick. It was until I was 18, that I was finally able to make my own decisions. My mom is a nurse, and so is my sister, they both are wrapped into big pharmas web and my mother doesn’t listen to a word I say. Even with hundreds of cases, hudreds of reports. It’s sad how brainwashed people become that even if the truth is staring them in the face, they turn away from it or ignore it.
    So not only do we have to be properly educated from multiple points, but we need to choose our battles wisely. Why waste our energy on people who don’t even listen or will never change their minds? We should focus on those who are unsure, uneducated, open minded and young. The more we speak out the more we are heard. Never stop fighting!

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