Anti-Vaxxers – Don’t Worry About Scott Gottlieb Running The FDA…

Trump is His Boss…

If Scott Gets Out Of Line His Next Assignment Could Be Working the FDA South Pole Fertilizer Study – Spending His Days Weighing Penguin Poop…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


Scott Gottlieb, I think, will do just fine for us.  He will have a specific job to do, and he is fully qualified to do it.  Keep reading.  I’ll explain his REAL mission below.

A little background music…

A friend of mine was telling me that he was watching a CNN “panel on vaccines” the other day headed by Gloria Vanderbilt’s little boy Anderson Cooper.  My response was “So, you were one of the eighteen people who watched CNN that day? Laughter ensued.

There is NO DOUBT that mainstream media is on-its-ass.  It’s attempt to vilify Donald Trump, and hence, his gargantuan following, has put their very existence at risk.  Good.

But, I have to tell you that I do monitor the liberal-whiner-press if only to enjoy their discomfort, taste their defeat, and determine the latest “spin” the globalist “running dogs” employ on American everyday problems.

I want to tell you about something important I found. 

A few days ago I was looking to see what that same “running dog” press was saying about Donald’s nominee Scott Gottlieb to head the FDA.  I found a pile of gold.  You are going to love this.

In essence, of course, I found that, as usual, the liberal media doesn’t seem to have anyone who can grasp WHOLE ISSUES and write about them.  They have NO IDEA what a President of the United States might be looking for in someone to head a Federal agency like the FDA.  For them, reporting is about “sound bites,” equivalent to those thirty-second commercials run on TV to elect Hillary Clinton.  My guess is that those thirty-second sound bites are about ALL their regular readership can handle – being liberal Democrats and all…

What “gold” did I find? 

I think that EVERYONE knows that there are NO JOURNALISTS left in mainstream media.  Journalism is dead there.  EVERY article is run through the same “leftist writing software program” so as to embed the right “snit,” engage the right insult, impose the right level of non-engagement of real issues that the on-the-street liberal Democrat needs to absorb on the Smart Phone while coffee-ing up at Starbucks in the morning.  They need something to think about before they find a warm spot to watch “The View” so Whoopie Goldberg can set their tone, and their dress code, for the day.

Prepare to laugh – In an article from Vox, called “Scott Gottlieb, Trump’s FDA pick, explained” comes this quote:

“At his confirmation hearing, Scott Gottlieb, President Trump’s pick for head of the Food and Drug Administration and the former deputy commissioner of the agency under George W. Bush, vigorously defended vaccines.

“This has been one of the most exhaustively studied questions in history,” Gottlieb said at the hearing. There “is no causal link between vaccination and autism.”

But with this unequivocal statement about vaccine safety, Gottlieb set himself apart from Trump, who has suggested vaccines may be harming people and causing autism, and from the seething populist movement that seems intent on undermining science and public health.”

The liberal media, in their grasping at straws, thinks this all means something.  That, somehow, the anti-vaccine movement will suddenly stop the assault and go home to, hopefully, watch CNN.

That’s not likely in anyone’s lifetime.  We are too far ahead of the game.

Let’s break this up into its components…

(1)  The head of the FDA DOES NOT MAKE POLICY for the Executive Branch of the US government.  The President of the United States does.  So, no one cares what Scott Gottlieb’s opinion about vaccines is.

When the President tells the head of the FDA to jump,  his response is to say “How high, SIR?”

(2)  Scott Gottlieb has certain skills, information, and abilities that Trump wants to use to accomplish his goals.  What are Trump’s goals for the FDA?  He wants to fix it.  It would take a WHOLE SERIES of articles to explain what’s wrong with it – and our writer Elissa Meininger is all over it – so stay tuned.  But, in short, the FDA is way worse than the CDC in terms of inefficiency, stupidity, and corruption.

(3)  Scott Gottlieb worked at the FDA under the Bush Administration.  He was obviously pushed out by the Obama thieves, crooks, scumbag, globalist America-killers.  He knows where the bodies are buried so-to-speak, and he knows who to put on Trump’s “you’re fired” list.

There are SO MANY things Scott needs to do.  Even the VOX writer picked up on some of the points – like here:

“One of Trump’s few talking points about medicine has to do with the cost of drugs. He has been aggressive about singling out pharmaceutical companies for “getting away with murder” with their “astronomical” prices. 

One way to do this would be to bring cheaper generic drugs to market — and Gottlieb has been championing that idea for years, according to Bloomberg.

And there is this:

“Trump has vowed to cut 75 to 80 percent of government regulations. “Instead of it being 9,000 pages, it’ll be 100 pages,” he told a group of pharmaceutical company executives in January, presumably in reference to the FDA’s guidance and rules.”

Scott is going to be a busy boy…

(4)  Did you see that nitwit Vox writer calling all of us  “THE SEETHING POPULIST MOVEMENT that seems intent on undermining science and public health?….”

“The seething populist movement?”  I LIKE IT!!!

The Elliot Ness approach to Agency Change…

Back in the 1920s famous Chicago Federal Prosecutor Elliot Ness set the tone for how to properly deal with the criminal element, going into legendary Al Capone’s breweries and smashing everything in sight.  That’s the sort of approach we need with the FDA, the CDC, and every State and County Health Agency nationwide.

The fun has just begun…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Seething Populist – Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


4 thoughts on “Anti-Vaxxers – Don’t Worry About Scott Gottlieb Running The FDA…”

  1. I hope that you are right and Dr. Gottlieb’s uninformed support for “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines will not become Trump Admin policy.

    I agree that we are not going away, no matter who runs the FDA. We must continually pressure the new Admin to remember that the vaccine issue will not go away…

    Email Trump and your reps here:

  2. Love your article. so I am gonna called myself a Seething Proud Deplorable Latina. Only thing I am afraid is that somehow ‘the’, the criminal communist-Agenda 21-30 will get to Gottlieb by crook or blackmail. I hope this guy is squeaky clean…Buy my consolation is that as fast OUR PRESIDENT named him for the post, just as fast he can fire him!

  3. Though telling pharma execs that he wants to cut regulations may just be a wink and nod to them re fast tracking drugs that are dangerous and with even less safety testing…

  4. Fortunately for us, being famous puts your photo on Google.

    As any competent healer will tell you, you can tell a very great deal about a person’s health and general approach to life from a good photo. Many healers also use the natural resonance (quantum entanglement) between the photo and the person to effect healing.

    From Mr. Gottlieb’s photo we see a man who, due to MERCURY POISONING, has great difficulty thinking creatively. Whatsoever he is indoctrinated with is, for him, the “truth”. (Could this have something to do with all the vaccines he so loves? – hint, hint)

    One of the possible effects of having him run the FDA is that its’ actions will become so outrageous that there will be a public outcry to demand its’ closure.

    Our Donald is a very wily fox.

    Karma Singh
    Seething populist Merlin

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