“Anti-Vaxxers” Are Shifting Gears – Big Pharma TERRIFIED…

Although They Are Labeled “Anti-Vaxxers” They Are Really “Anti-BigPharma,” and “Anti-Globalist…”

And THAT is why Globalist Big Pharma went to WHO and “Their-Paid-For-Friends” in the US Congress…

Opinion By “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Time for a laugh…

Big Pharma has asked the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Congress for help to rein in the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement.  And the
Anti-Vaxxer” Movement is laughing about that.


The world-wide “Anti-Vaxxer” movement has arrived. It is now so big, and so powerful, and SO ANGRY, that Big Pharma, and the other globalists, have brought out their big guns to try and stop it or at least slow it down.  Why?  Because EVERYTHING they have done to try and stop the movement so far has failed terribly, or worked the opposite way, making the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement even bigger, and far stronger yet.  It is everywhere, and its members are NOT SHY, and deliver their message openly, EVERYWHERE in public.

And what exactly is the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement’s message?  It is this:

“There is ABSOLUTELY no question that vaccines damage children – THEY DO. Every time.  It is just an order of magnitude.  A parent can choose to damage their child a little or a lot – but with vaccines there is ALWAYS damage. The more vaccines the more damage.  Read the package inserts and choose how much damage you want to inflict on your child.”

Why is the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement so powerful?  I am about to tell you why. And it will not surprise you.

Frankly, the pro-vax campaign is DOOMED.  Vaccines are on their way out.

And, better yet, it is not likely that Big Pharma will survive.

How did this happen”  How did we get to this wonderful place?

I am about to tell you…

It started in Sacramento, California, the State Capitol in mid 2015.  Oh, there was an “anti-vax” movement before that, and it was loud and effective – to a point.  But it was one thing that acted as the catalyst for the explosive growth of the movement.  Keep reading…

Empress Hillary and her California stooge Richard Pan

Big Pharma, wearing their “vaccines are wonderful” cloak, navigated their ships full of money into Sacramento, California in 2015 where their already elected California operative, Senator Richard Pan MD, was waiting to introduce Senate Bill 277 – legislation to force all of California’s children to be poisoned with up to seventy-four (74) “Made in China” death pus tubelets in order to go to school.

Big Pharma easily won that first round, passing SB 277 EFFORTLESSLY, for, as everyone knows, virtually every Democrat, in any, and all political offices in California, has Big Pharma managing their office, and directing their policies.  They don’t even hide it.

In California, not only does Big Pharma direct the California legislature, but when Pharma’s Public Relations (PR) group wrote up a letter, supposedly from California US Congressman Adam Schiff, to FaceBook’s Mark Zuckerberg, demanding that “Anti-Vaxxers” be banned from FaceBook, Schiff was immediately available, even taking time off from his “Hate-Trump” campaign, to talk to liberal media…

Why so much attention now?

Because never before has Big Pharma seen such easy defeat of their objectives.  Never before has Big Pharma been stopped dead in their tracks in every State other than California.  Never before has the internet, including Social Media, developed into such an informative source of Big Pharma’s murderous world.  Never before are there so many publications, like the BolenReport, telling the public what is REALLY going on.

Big Pharma’s win in California over SB 277 is easily explainable – it is the same reason that:

(1) the streets of San Francisco are covered in human feces, and hundreds of thousands of USED free needles given out to junkies,

(2) California farms, and farming communities, have no water (Democrats INTENTIONALLY drain ALL of the mountain runoff into the Pacific Ocean).  California used to produce 40% of the nation’s fruits and vegetables, but the Democrats put a stop to that…

The reality of California government…

(3)  California forests are raging in fire,

(4)  Illegal aliens have everything paid for (housing, health care, voter registration, schooling, etc), and,

(5)  H-1B foreign workers from India, Pakistan, Bengladesh, Iraq, Iran, etc. make up 75% of the social media/tech work force in Silicion Valley, and 62% throughout the rest of the State.  They work for 1/4 to 1/2 of what an American worker needs to survive.

(5)  There are more HOMELESS in California than anywhere else in the US, and the State ignores the problem entirely – because those homeless are white and black Americans.

(6)  California employees union control a large part of legislation.  State employee “Retirement Funds,” generous beyond belief, are UNFUNDED, loading up future generations of Californians with UNBELIEVABLE DEBT LOAD.

What is that “same” reason?

Because California is ground zero for the UN globalist’s “Agenda 21” enforcement which makes it very clear, in no uncertain terms, that the American Middle Class MUST BE DESTROYED to achieve globalism.  And vaccines are very much destroying our children – see below.

Everything listed above make up simple social problems that any competent government can address and solve. But, in California they make no attempt…


California is being run as a giant socialist/communist Cloward-Pivens scheme to make what used to be a prosperous State completely collapse – so to act as a model of how to make America collapse.  From an earlier BolenReport article:

Who, and what, are Cloward and Piven?

In 1966, two sociologists from Columbia University, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven published an article in The Nation, that rocked the socialist world. 

Cloward and Piven at Clinton Whitehouse…

In it, the pair laid out a strategy to literally break down the capitalistic system of government by overwhelming it with so many welfare cases that social services and the U.S. treasury couldn’t handle the load.

As it turned out, thanks to the 1964 War on Poverty programs, total recipients on welfare rocketed from 4.3 million to 10.8 million by 1975.  Just two years ago our welfare budget amounted to $1 billion annually given to 107 million Americans not counting those on Social Security, Medicare or unemployment.

From 2007, when Obama took office, there were 26 million people on food stamps and now there are 47 million.  From 2008 food-stamp spending went from $40 billion to $89 billion in 2015.

What does all of this have to do with the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement?


The whole basis for the “Anti-Vaxxer Movement” is anathema to the socialist/communist/globalists.

Forcing California’s Mandatory Vaccine SB277 was the biggest error the globalists could make.


Because that arrogant act woke up, and angered, a whole DOMINANT class of people – those protective of children and THAT class crosses over generation, national borders, political and religious lines.

There is ABSOLUTELY no question that vaccines damage children – THEY DO. 

Every time.  It is just an order of magnitude.  A parent can choose to damage their child a little or a lot – but with vaccines there is ALWAYS damage. The more vaccines the more damage.  Read the package inserts and choose how much damage you want to inflict on your child.

After SB277 passed in California the world-wide “Anti-Vaxxer Movement” grew from a few ten thousands to tens of millions overnight.  And it keeps growing, as more and more people figure out what the globalists are intending for them.

And, what exactly, are the globalists intending?

It isn’t hard to figure out – for they are already involved in the production.  Look, for instance, at several VERY NOTICEABLE factors in today’s society:

(1)  The overwhelming number of children in “special needs” school programs in the US.  This has NEVER been seen before in ANY society.

(2)  The sudden increase in gender identification issues nationwide.

(3)  The sudden need for “Safe Spaces” for young people so they do not have to hear uncomfortable facts.  This is unheard of – but it is VERY real.

(4)  The teaching of seven and eight year old California children how to masturbate with vegetables, teaching young boys how, and why, to use anal lubricant.

(5)  and much more…

This is outright, planned, destruction of the American Middle class.  We do not have to look very far to find the originating culprits.  Let’s look FIRST at the US Public Health system.  They used to be involved in protecting public health.  Not any more.  Now they are solely involved in vaccine promotion – virtually nothing else.

US Public Health went to work for globalist Big Pharma.

Why the attack on Middle Class Americans?

Because Middle Class Americans are the EPITOME of Western Civilization.  It is “Western Civilization” that the globalists HATE.  Why?  Because Planet Earth is a system of “haves” and “have nots,” with Western Civilization as the “haves” for one simple reason.  What is that reason?  Because Western Civilization is based on Capitalism, not socialism or communism.

And the important part of capitalism, as opposed to socialism and communism is that capitalism promotes technical innovation, by REWARDING innovation.  Most ocean-front homes in the US are owned by someone who invented something.  Socialism and communism do exactly the opposite.

In an innovative capitalist system people ALWAYS have a higher standard of living.  ALWAYS…

People in socialist and communist systems are taught to conform not invent.  They ALWAYS end up with a despotic ruler, and they are ALWAYS on the edge of starvation.

To create an Elitist run globalist system, like that described in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World you simply cannot have free-thinkers.  The American Middle Class were taught to be free-thinkers – to think for themselves, not take orders from an Empress Hillary.

Common Sense Media’s Jim Steyer and what’s-her-name…

“Anti-Vaxxers” are EXACTLY the wrong people to try to dominate with Big Government, for they are FAMILY oriented, and protective of their children.

Notice how when Hillary’s buddy Jim Steyer teamed up with California Senator Dicky Pan with SB 18, the bill to take control of ALL of California’s children and turn jurisdiction over to Steyer’s “Common Sense Media” what happened.  Steyer’s people running those “Town Hall” meetings had a very frightened look in their eyes when the audience began to question their motivations.

So what happened to the “Anti-Vaxxers” that made them such an immediate threat to globalists?  Their discussion groups expanded the subjects of their discussions.  It wasn’t long before even the newest of vaccine concerned parents found out that THE PROBLEM was not vaccines at all- for vaccines are just an inert gob of chemical/biological crap in a tube.

THE PROBLEM was Big Pharma – the scumbags that ran the whole program.  And “Anti-Vaxxers” are now pointing their attack machine at a new target – and well they should.  It turns out that the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement, in the US, is on the same page as the Trump administration, Bernie Sanders thinking, and more…

In Europe, the anti-globalist machine is well oiled.  In Germany the relatively new AfD party is growing so fast Anglela Merkel and her Big Pharma/Banker handlers can’t keep up with the daily changes.  As Germany goes so will the European Union (EU).

The world-wide “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement is the key to change.

And Big Pharma is buying adult diapers…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable”  Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

11 thoughts on ““Anti-Vaxxers” Are Shifting Gears – Big Pharma TERRIFIED…”

  1. When social media started censoring us it made us realize we needed to branch out and reach people other ways by talking to people while we were shopping. By commenting on fake news sites who were spreading false fears of disease when vaccines actually kill more people then the diseases they are supposed to prevent. We also started blogs since the social media sites started censoring us and we started following the money trails and noticed all politicians had ties to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We started exposing them. The opposition from the politicians and pharmaceutical industry is actually validating the things we have been telling people because the very politicians we have been telling them are in the pharmaceutical industries pockets are the ones pushing the pharmaceutical companies products. This is validating what we have been telling people.

  2. Lee, I agree with what you said entirely. Also, this is one of the biggest reasons I can think of to keep up the drumbeat of getting rid of lobbyists and their money. That’s no way to run a country. Doing “favors for friends” is like a schoolkid game, only this pays a helluva lot more money. And yes, every single politician on the Hill is involved with this in one way or another but they will vehemently deny it when asked, even when pressed. It’s a tight lipped group.

    We must keep up the good fight as long as it takes to make people, once and for all, see the truth. I do not see big phrMa as a life-saving group, I see them as profiteers only. Sure, they might do a good thing here and there, but the bad far outweighs the good, IMPHHO.

    If there’s one thing big PHrmA is afraid of it’s that their drugs might kill someone; the other thing they’re afraid of is that their drugs might cure someone. Neither of those things plays out well for them. They just have to keep people dependent, and/or sick enough to keep needing the meds/services. To me, that’s far from healthcare.

  3. The simplest tool to rein in Big Pharma is to get President Trump to issue an Executive Order STOPPING Big Pharma from advertising directly to the American Public. The US is one of only two countries on Planet Earth that allows pharmaceutical Direct To Consumer Advertising (DTCA). The other is New Zealand – and they do not allow very much.

    If Donald would issue such an order on a Friday the liberal news hours would lose 70% of their advertising dollars instantly…

    All the boys at CNN would be turning in their pink Bentley Convertibles to their leasing companies the following Monday…

    Think of THAT…

  4. How does one join the movement, I unfortunately live in Calif., a discracefull State. I and my family pay no attention to their vaccine laws. We hate the state but will fight big pharma. We will never vaccinate in our family. Calif has become an evil satanic loonie state.

  5. In general, medical consent helps keep down medical litigation. Vaccine issues are different because of the NCIA, a really dumb law. Let’s press for the repeal of the NCIA. Let’s silence psychopaths, end the vaccine holocaust, preserve our constitutional rights, and turn Big Pharma into Little Pharma.

  6. An acquaintance of mine is a retired drug company executive who confirmed that the newest iteration of many drugs have a higher damage risk profile than the older drugs, and of course cost more.

    I was a graduate student in the late 60’s studying organo mercurial compounds. They were extremely toxic and caused severe neuro developmental disorders in the population around Minamata Bay Japan from an accidental spill of methyl mercury. I studied much “larger” organo mercurial compounds than methyl mercury and they crossed complex membranes in a matter of seconds. The statement that ethyl mercury in vaccines doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier is not true. Having a grandson who lost eye tracking at 9 months of age and was diagnosed by his Pediatrician as having toxic heavy metal poisoning at 15 months, I was again riding the neuro developmental disorder train. I rounded up a transdermal chelator (DMPS), methyl B12 subcu injections, high dose MSM and vit C to increase normal metabolic energy production, and lots of vitamins and minerals to cover the rest of the body’s needs. His Pediatrician said NO vaccines again, ever. The grandson has recovered, with only a bit of shyness in his interpersonal relationships. If I wasn’t an MD and knew what to do, this could have ended like many of the Autistic children that I treated pro bono a number of years ago. The toxicity issue really needs to be examined honestly. By the way, the last vaccine that I took was in the 1980’s as I knew they didn’t work back then.

  7. I live near where I was born, San Franzuela Venefornia, formerly known as San Francisco, California. I was totally black pilled, but now, I can almost feel my self getting grey pilled as I type this. It is such a pleasant surprise to see people all over the world waking up to the evil wickedness being perpetrated by the demon infested winged monkey Globalist servants of Satan.
    Just a heads up, though, about my state: be prepared to put us out of your misery, as it were, so to speak, as we collectively probably cannot be redeemed. A remnant, maybe, but the majority are reprobates at this point.

  8. This Adam Shiff out did for himself. Amazingly how one man can achieve such a shakeup, with all falsehood and false reasoning that contradict any common sense, literature of scientific facts and more. No need to search or to look any farther than the supplied vaccine inserts and conclude a logical decision. And yet, all is overlooked. This all is like a daylight robbery, totally fearlessness to commit any crime without counting on any consequences as an outcome. Even Stalin should of been learning from such a fearless criminology. Hopefully there is still some decency remained in this world to look into this and correct it. If not, we are done away with.

  9. Great article and by the way, I dont know what they are showing on CNN in America but here in India we have to see lots of smiling school kids and teens jumping around and shouting about how great it is to be Free ! Its disgusting. Tim Bolen, please keep talking about “Medical freedom” . Most Americans are so brainwashed into thinking that they are free that they dont realize that they do not have medical freedom written into the constitution and whatever freedom they had by convention is disappearing fast.

  10. I noticed that someone ask how to join this movement. First start off by learning what is in vaccines. Also learn how to identify vaccine injury. Learn how to get vaccine exemptions. Learn how to prevent them from taking your child if you refuse vaccines because it has happened to many of my friends. If you sign a document read the fine print it is how they baited my friends in to falsely admitting they were medically neglecting their children. I have a blog with lots of vaccine research and vaccine information that can give you a start. Just do a search on vaccines.
    Join social media sites and post that information. Make sure it is accurate and from a reliable source. The pharmaceutical industry had trolls they pay to look for new ones who do not have experience with debating vaccines. Do not take the attacks personal just know you are right. When you start winning the debates they will start attacking you personally. They do not have valid science to back what they are saying so they will attack you as an individual. Each time they attack you it makes you stronger and wiser and better prepared. When you get very good and sound in your knowledge of vaccines start a blog. There are many websites like wordpress that will host your blog for free. Never lie and remember you do not have to respond to every comment and every question. Learn to recognize when they are trying to bait you with a question. Do not get angry or say anything out of anger. Do you best to be respectful to all. In doing so you expose who really is the corrupt one because they use high school like tactics to try and antagonize you to get you to make mistakes. Don’t fail for it. If you feel overwhelmed take a break and meditate on things for a while and keep in mind your post may seem negative but you will be saving many lives from harm and even death. Each time you post you are waking others up so even though your post may seem negative they are not because you are saving others from harm.
    This is my blog.

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