And the Liberal Democrat Women Marched…

The so-called “Women’s March” was NOT about Women’s Rights being trampled in the U.S.

Opinion By Karri Lewis AWAKE California

So many women, like me, are befuddled and embarrassed by the outrageous costumes and antics of women that participated in the “Women’s March.”  

The message and point of the women’s march seemed to get lost in translation, if there was even a clear message at all…

Media Editorials cited in Wikipedia State:

“On January 4, 2017, columnist Shikha Dalmia called the protest “a feel-good exercise in search of a cause“.[133]

The New York Post Editorial Board asked if the event might be “cursed”, writing, “The three white feminists who thought up the idea felt obliged to change that title after they faced charges of ‘cultural appropriation'”.[134]

Us Magazine noted social media posts and a petition criticizing the march for having left Hillary Clinton’s name off a list of 27 honorees who “paved the way” for equal rights.[135]

The organizers’ decision to make Angela Davis a featured speaker was criticized from the right by Humberto Fontova[136] and National Review.[137] Libertarian journalist Cathy Young wrote that Davis’s “long record of support for political violence in the United States and the worst of human rights abusers abroad” undermined the march.[138]

I’m still trying to make sense of it all.

And, If That’s Not Bad Enough…

The day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, so-called Muslim feminist  Linda Sarsour ascended the global stage at the “Women’s March on Washington.”

Muslim Feminist? Isn’t that is a contradiction in terms?

Although not as famous as other speakers — Madonna, Michael Moore, Gloria Steinem, Ashley Judd, Angela Davis, Van Jones — Sarsour is proving to be equally controversial.

Sarsour, a co-chair of the march, is a Muslim feminist and well-known Soros-funded activist in New York City, where she is Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York (AAANY) and a director of the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), a radical migrant-refugee “rights” organization.

She is also, say critics, connected to jihadi terrorists, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS, and she is a self-proclaimed advocate of Sharia law for America. – The New American

So, Just WHAT were these women marching for?


Was it For Health Freedom?

Which includes the right to NOT be:

(1)  Force vaccinated.

(2)  Force medicated.

(3)  Forced into unwanted medicalized and hospitalized childbirth (the only government sanctioned model that is approved by the AMA, despite evidence of better birthing practices and outcomes with trained, holistic midwives)

(4)  Forced Cancer treatments that end up killing the patient.

(5)  Forced Cancer screenings, which include mammograms that actually cause cancer and carry many false positive results.

No, Not really…

With the exception of marching in support of Abortion Rights sponsored by Planned Parenthood (which have already been established and legal since 1973 in the U.S. Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 case), there was no one marching for health freedom for women and children.

According to Wikipedia:

Planned Parenthood partnered with the march by providing staff and offering knowledge related to planning a large-scale event.[46]Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards asserted that the march would “send a strong message to the incoming administration that millions of people across this country are prepared to fight attacks on reproductive healthcare, abortion services and access to Planned Parenthood, [which] hopes that [in the future] many of the protesters will mobilize in its defense when Trump and congressional Republicans make their attempt to strip the organization of millions in federal funding”. The national organizing director stressed the importance of continuing action at a local level and remaining active after the event.[4]

Planned Parenthood is a quasi-government agency that is worried about losing it’s federal funding, so they helped sponsor the march.

…but don’t worry, ladies, these abortion rights are not going away, as they fit right in with the NWO Agenda 21’s depopulation agenda…

Was it against the government Taxing women and Breaking up Families?


Here is a quote from the Rockefeller Foundation on that subject:

Abigail Aldrich Rockefeller, David Rockefeller’s eldest child, was a member of Cell 16, part of the Female Liberation Group, which later splintered off in the Women’s Liberation Movement.

“The Rockefeller Foundation sees gender equality as more than just a human right, but as an economic and development imperative. Only by making explicit the strong connection between pervasive cultural gender norms and gender inequalities, will we be able to achieve fully workable, equitable solutions to many of the world’s most pressing problems. To that end, we apply a gender lens to all work, including climate resilience and agriculture, while supporting women as agents of change.”

Sounds like a noble cause, but watch this video and learn about the REAL purpose of the rise of Feminism and the Women’s Movement as explained by the late filmmaker Aaron Russo:

Was it for Minority Family and Children’s Rights?


According to a post on the Black Women Against Feminism facebook page;

“We ultimately decide who and if we’re going to carry on a man’s legacy. So before we go complaining about “ain’t sh*t dudes,” perhaps we should look at all the ain’t sh*t women entertaining them and Replicating their seed.

We’ll pay more attention to the looks of the man or “swag” instead of the actual quality and characteristics of that man.

We’re supposed to procreate with a strong family-oriented man that wants to be a husband first-that way the FOUNDATION is set to have children. If we don’t have, or only act out little standards, then we can blame ourselves. Yes, women can nurture good men into even greater men. But that doesn’t equate to choosing someone out in left field then saying we can change him.

We are choosing to give husband benefits to “boyfriends,” “bae,” or whatever we call it these days. Then when we end up with an illegitimate child, we want to blame it all on the men. If we want to be able to see our families flourish for generations to come then we need to follow tradition.

Of course things don’t always turn out as planned but we can save ourselves from a hill of problems by choosing a man by his ways and actions…or deal with the consequences.

Even though we don’t call out deadbeat mom’s on mother’s day and assume we’re all worthy of a medal, we can’t wait to talk about deadbeats on father’s day. I think Black men have heard enough of Black women’s bitter rants of: “I don’t need nobody” “We all we got” or the infamous “I’m the mother and the father” bull. It’s devastating that we have passed on this dysfunctional thinking to our children and even have them wishing a woman a happy father’s day. That’s just to boost our already inflated egos.

We find a way to bring the attention on us. We want to be adored but we don’t want to give men the level of respect that it takes to have adoration flooded our way, because we think we’re owed it just because we’re women. When will we learn to take responsibility for the part we play in this? -Virtuous woman”

Was it Against the feminization of men and masculinization of women?

…not so much.

Below is an excerpt from a Nation of Islam publication Final Call:

Feminizing Black Men: An Assault on Black Manhood

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan recently delivered an address to the Afrikan Black Coalition in Long Beach, Calif.

During a portion of the lecture, the Minister recounted his battle and victory against cancer. He told the audience he was prescribed a drug that alters body chemistry to the degree that when men take it, they get the same symptoms women experience when going through menopause. And when taken for an extended period of time, this drug can also cause men to develop breasts.

His point was that changes in sexuality could be manipulated by drugs designed to promote such change. “I’m dealing with the chemistry [experiment] of a scientist, now,” said Min. Farrakhan. “He can make you think you’re a homosexual [and] he’s feminizing the Black man.”

That statement caused some members of the LGBTQ community in attendance to get up and walk out. Min. Farrakhan appealed to those who were leaving to listen to his words and know that his heart was full of love for them.

“I don’t want anybody who is LGBTQ to think I’m talking down to you. We’re not going nowhere without you. You are some of the most brilliant of our people, but the enemy is a scientist of evil,” he said. “Have you seen this commercial: ‘Have you taken this pill and you find out you’re developing breasts, stop taking it immediately.’ Just a pill, dang that’s chemistry for you. These are masters of chemistry. Now, wait, then they say, ‘If you take this pill and you find yourself having suicidal thoughts, stop taking that pill immediately.’ You mean a pill can influence the way you think? Another pill with chemistry can create breasts among men,” said the Minister.

He in no way rejected, condemned, ostracized anyone, but was compelled to speak the truth, even if there was a painful element to it. His words went against those who argue gender is meaningless and that homosexuals are born gay. He would later say he was not offended at those who walked out during his message because his role is to redeem Black people, all Black people.

“Chemistry can change the way you think because you are a biological chemical creation. Too much of this will produce that. Too little of this will produce something else. You are the guinea lambs of White experimentation,” Min. Farrakhan added.

“Do you want to build a nation? I heard you talking about it. Do you really want to do that? Do you think they really want you to do that?… Just take this pill and this will stop you from being pregnant. And then with abortion laws, you get pregnant and you’re afraid so you kill the fruit of your womb not knowing that that fruit that you just killed is an answer to some of your own prayers.”

For more than 60 years, Minister Farrakhan has been a warner to Black people in America and globally, exposing just how sinister and deliberate the enemy has been in trying to destroy the Black man and woman.

In Virginia Hopkins’ article, Fifty Shades of Low Testosterone, she describes how the feminization of men is taking place, chemically:

“There are hundreds of prescription drugs that block testosterone production and/or increase estrogen. Some of the most common offenders are heartburn drugs (e.g. Tagamet, Zantac, Prilosec), benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax), some heart medications (Lanoxin, Norvasc), and some antibiotics (ketoconazole, metronidazole). One way to tell if a medication increases estrogen or decreases testosterone is to look for the side effect of gynecomastia or enlarged breasts in men.”

Was it Against Women and Child sex trafficking?


2016 data from the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline

Despite the fact that human trafficking is a HUGE problem in the United States, no woman marched to address this horrific issue.

Was it for Maltreatment of Women in countries like Saudi Arabia, Imported into the United States?

Women are not allowed to drive, go out in public without a male guardian, or marry without consent in Saudi Arabia.

This demagoguery has now been imported into the U.S., which includes honor killings.

Published on Jan 16, 2014, Honor Diaries is the first film to break the silence on ‘honor violence’ against women and girls. Honor Diaries is more than a movie, it is a movement to save women and girls from gender inequality, forced marriages and human rights abuses.”

Watch the extended clip:

…Not a peep.

So which issues did the liberal Democrat women REALLY march for?

Women’s March attendee wearing a large Vulva with pubic hair on her head.

So, if it wasn’t for Health Freedom, the taxing of women and breaking up of families, the problems of minority families, children’s rights, the feminization of men and the masculinization of women, women and children sex-trafficking, the maltreatment of women in countries like Saudi Arabia

What WAS this so-called “Women’s March” actually for?

The Irony of It all…

As Tim Bolen would say – “It is time for a laugh…”

What would we laugh about?  This whole “Women’s March” project cost a fortune to put on – just the City Permits alone, across America, with their requirements for Insurance, Porta-Potties, water sources, bussing of participants, had to have been in the tens of millions of dollars.

So, where did the money for the “Women’s March” come from?

Sources say it all came from billionaire George Soros, in his eighties, who according to an article in the Daily mail titled “Billionaire George Soros ‘slapped 28-year-old Brazilian ex-lover and tried to choke her after he refused to give her $1.9m Manhattan apartment'”

So, the so-called “feminists” went to a “Billionaire MAN” to fund their weekend play-toy Marches?  How funny.

Opinion By Karri Lewis AWAKE California


4 thoughts on “And the Liberal Democrat Women Marched…”

  1. It is a sad thing that the once proud, and powerful. Democratic Party has come to this.

    These young people pictured here have a ring in their nose, whether they know it or not, and are being led around by it, not knowing that their path leads to the slaughterhouse…

    I suspect vaccine damage…

  2. Absolutely brilliant article Karri, hitting every nail on the head. When I heard of this march and saw many participants, I asked my self these same questions. WTH are they marching for? When I saw American women wearing the flag on their heads it made me sick to my stomach.

  3. First and foremost, I was at the Orange County, CA march with a huge sign against forced vaccination. Just because you didn’t see my sign in a photo doesn’t mean it didn’t exist.

    The photo you posted at the top is not at all representative of what I saw. The women who, as you stated “wore outrageous costumes” were by far the minority. The majority, including me, were dressed in pants and a shirt. But I don’t see a photo posted here of the majority. Only a photo that supports the point(s) you’re trying to make, even if the photo is not truly representative.

    The march was not just a women’s rights. It was about equality, tolerance, diversity, racism, education, climate change, human rights, health care, health freedom (and not just about abortion), rape, sex slavery, and so much more. I know this, because I was there. I talked to many who were there for issues beyond those that affect women – issues that affect us all. I shared in the hope for a better future FOR ALL. I saw the signs. I saw joy and I saw tears.

    And yes, it was about Trump too. But I wasn’t there about Trump. I think, like many presidents, he will do some good and he will do some bad. But I can see that, because I’m not a liberal democrat. Nor am I a conservative Republican, which means I also see both the good and bad with democrat presidents. The liberals and conservatives I know only see the good in their president and only the bad in the “opposite side’s” president. And you know the kicker? If their “good president” does XYZ, then it’s okay. But if “bad president” does XYZ, then it’s not okay. It’s seriously screwed up the way those at the far left and those at the far right think.

    The problem with both liberals and conservatives is that they can only see their points of view and will argue to death only their point of view. And they will only talk about and present things that support their point of view and refuse to look at the entire picture. That kind of blindness is part of the sickness.

    All in all, this article makes some really good points, but it’s not representative of the entire picture.

    I don’t know anything about what you said about George Soros. That’s something I will have to look into. Notice what I did there?

    Play toy marches? No.

    Making fun of others will never convince them of your truth – nor will it ever bring them anywhere close to attempting to understand you. But that is a trait I see far too often with those at the far left and and far right.

  4. I could not think of it in time, but my take on it: just send all those idiot vagina-heads into the boot camp to care for a teenage or adult non-verbal child with autism, seizures, diarrhea, in diapers etc. – for 24 hours. And then see what they would really care about after the shift. Will they care about her fucking and abortion rights or about the rights of a mother to parent her child the way she wants?

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