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I’ve been banned in Albuquerque…

For those who don’t know what TED talks are, TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, often in the form of short, talks (18 minutes or less).   TEDx talks are usually 9 minutes or less, but are independently run.

My Santa Fe PR person,  helping me launch my book Incurable Me, nominated me to give a talk in Albuquerque, New Mexico on the “Future of Medicine”  (February 16th, 2017) to help answer the question…

 “What if New Mexico was the best place to practice medicine?”

An interesting question because New Mexico is ranked the #1 worst place to practice medicine by a 2016 Medscape survey. Given that

the local sponsors were the University of New Mexico Health Science Center (UNM-HSC) and Presbyterian Healthcare Services I was pleasantly surprised that I had been selected to speak.

At one point in my career (as a New Mexico physician), I had been on the adjunct clinical faculty at UNM-HSC, but my appointment was not renewed soon after my attempts to get the NM  Board of Pharmacy to scrutinize the legality of injecting the mercury preservative Thimerosal in vaccines into citizens violating the State’s Drug Act. There were a few provisions in the Act about banning adulterants that have no safety testing, but the Board of Pharmacy didn’t have the backbone to enforce the law.

At Odds…

I was always at logger heads with the medical directors (gate-keepers) at Presbyterian, because they would frequently deny my patients coverage for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and we would always meet up at various appeal hearings. They must have spent 1000 times more in legal fees than what  my patients requested in reimbursement. But to them “off-label” Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) was on their list of things they could deny and so they did so regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the cost to the patient, and regardless that it helped our mutual patients.

I treated a man 9 months out from a carbon monoxide exposure and he made stellar improvements in his functionality.


I discussed his case in an article published in Neurological Research.  Even though I had documented his improvements on neuro-cognitive tests, Presbyterian refused to pay for his treatments, because they could refuse. Sometimes they lost in the review process especially if there was an external review.  The point is I didn’t make a lot of friends doing this, but I was obligated to advocate for my patients and I wanted to educate others about HBOT.

However, the gate-keepers at 3rd party payers do not advance in their careers authorizing treatments they could be denying. They certainly won’t get fat bonus checks authorizing treatments they could deny.

To the Meat of the Issue…

Which brings us to the case of a young vaccine injured child (actually had a VAERS report filed by her pediatrician) who I treated in 2009-10. She had multiple medical problems and infections, as well as critical genetic issues.  She did well with HBOT and her mother thought I had brought her daughter back from the abyss; although, she remained medically fragile and Mom would stay in touch to occasionally ask my advice.

By 2013, this little girl’s mother was being accused of making up her daughter’s illness during a hospitalization for severe asthma at UNM-HSC, and by the time I got a frantic call from Mom at this child’s hospital bedside CPS (CYFD in New Mexico) had already taken the child into custody.

At the child’s custody hearing I was a witness on the Mom’s behalf where I made it clear that this child was not the victim of a fictitious illness imposed on her by her mother as the child abuse expert claimed. The child had documented nerve damage, genetic/metabolic problems and had a host of immune-infectious challenges.

Yes, that was what the mother was being accused of… making up her daughter’s illness, symptoms, and preventing the girl from getting appropriate care.

I can only assume I made the UNM-HSC’s child abuse expert seem a fool, because the “expert” went on to file a retaliatory and vindictive complaint against me with the New Mexico medical board with enough lies and prevarications to sink the Titanic. After almost $100,000 in legal fees I had cleared my name, all charges dropped and no action taken against me. But my reputation in the state had been ruined and no thanks to a full color front-page Sunday Paper spread on me that suspiciously appeared in the Albuquerque Journal.

There was no such spread when my name was cleared by the medical board.

With two weeks to go before my TEDx talk in Albuquerque I received a call letting me know I had been axed from the TEDx talk because of the controversy surrounding the medical board.  While I pointed out there was no controversy given all charges were dropped and no action was taken against me, and that it was only a controversy in the minds of those who didn’t know what actually took place.

Well, I was told the matter, in the minds of those who were complaining about my presence… unnamed individuals at Presbyterian and UNM HSC, was not something TEDx ABQ was interested in dealing with and it was a distraction to them.

There was a stab taken about HBOT being alternative medicine, so whoever complained didn’t like HBOT either.  But what was revealed the next day in writing was that the decision makers at TEDxABQ didn’t like my position on vaccines  (even thought that was not part of my talk).

Just below is the headline from the Santa Fe New Mexican after I was cleared of medical child abuse. Yes, you read correctly, with no evidence other than the prevarications of a scorned child abuse “expert”, the medical board had charged me with medical child abuse, but at my hearing with all the evidence pointing to the fact this child abuse “expert” had made everything up, including the accusations against the Mom I had defended, the child abuse expert recanted her entire complaint.

The TEDxABQ people insisted that it had nothing to do with the fact that all these complaints against me were coming from their sponsors – they wanted to tell me that several times in case I had a hard time believing it.

And what is my position on vaccines?

“The number of dose related relationships [between mercury and autism] are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant.” – Dr. William Weil, American Academy of Pediatrics. June 7, 2000 at secret CDC Simpsonwood meeting, Norcross, Georgia.”
The above quote is from the CDC meeting where they first discussed how not to tell anyone they just found out Thimerosal was neurologically injuring children. It is one of many WTF moments that makes one completely lose faith in people. You know… it is ok to give individuals great responsibility, but if we do nothing to hold them accountable, to make sure they are actually responsible… that is our problem not theirs and we have collectively been asleep at the wheel on that one.
We have become sheeple not people. That is our fault, not some corrupt corporation, not the broken FDA or the criminal CDC… no… being a sheeple is our fault.

Now, I am 100% pro-vaccine safety.

But what does that mean when the safety of the childhood schedule has never been validated, and there is no baseline data, either via prospective or retrospective studies. I want to know that vaccines are as safe as science can make them, but no one can truthfully say they are safe because safety has not been functionally validated.

In truth, vaccination inherently involves risk and/or complications. 

Legally, vaccines have been categorized as “unavoidably unsafe” by the United States Supreme Court in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, 562 U.S., No. 09 -152 (Feb. 22, 2011). So, safe vaccines are not a tweak or two away.

The article at right was just published  in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, with results that “show the presence of micro- and nano-sized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccine samples.

The researchers disclosed that the strange adverse events associated with vaccination from headaches and seizures to fatigue, muscle pain, paralysis and even SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) could be explained just by the presence of all the strange nanoparticles and contaminants in the vaccines – ALL THE VACCINES – they all had them.

But being an advocate for vaccine safety means you need to be silenced.

Our government is a little Schizo when it comes to vaccine issues, for example, our EPA and FDA advises pregnant women to curb their consumption of fish to limit to the neurotoxic mercury, while the CDC recommends pregnant women get flu shots which contain more mercury than what is found in a can of tuna and is being directly injected into the body. Does that make any sense?

There is about 0.43 ppm of mercury in canned tuna. There is 25 ppm of mercury in the flu vaccine, but not to worry that’s the “safe” mercury (really that is what they tell people). But the public does not know what is in vaccines and apparently, physicians don’t either or choose not to know. And if you try to point any of this out you are labeled a subversive anti-vaccination zealot.

Those that blindly believe vaccines are the most wonderful creation on God’s green earth are practicing the religion of Jabism, which I describe in detail in my book Incurable Me. They completely ignore the science of vaccine safety, they run from it and don’t even want to entertain the possibility that real science speaks to vaccines being unsafe and less efficacious than advertised. In some cases vaccines are not the appropriate intervention, do no good and lots of harm (think the HPV vaccine).

But don’t the benefits out weigh the risks?

The public doesn’t even know what the risks are – all they hear is the disinformation and misinformation.

The “New Quality Control Investigations on Vaccines” not only shows that vaccines are full of crap that the best scientists can’t even define. It proves again there is no oversight on vaccine safety and that the FDA and CDC just lie about safety issues.

If vaccines like the so-called anti-cancer vaccines – HPV vaccine, for example, contain cancer-causing collections of toxic metals, their use as a potential tool (because there is no proof the vaccine actually works) needs to be weighed against the risk of death, ovarian failure and encephalitis that the vaccine is known to cause. Is that information supplied to consumers and patients today?

No it is not and so this is clearly a human rights violation. The vaccine isn’t even necessary – the drug Isoprinosine wipes out HPV infections in a couple of weeks. It is also unlikely that women, children don’t get cervical cancer, who have adequate Vitamin D levels would even get cervical cancer, but passing out Vitamin D does not make vested interests large amounts of money.

Little Girl Lost…

Oh, and what happened to the little girl and her mother who was falsely accused? The child was returned to the family after a few months, the mother was found to be free of any mental illness, and certainly did not have Munchhausen Syndrome by Proxy.

The mother was found to have stress due to the removal of her child – that was the extent of her pathology. Several families falsely accused of child abuse by the child abuse “expert” contacted me letting me know that they too had been so falsely accused of abuse and had their lives negatively impacted by this individual.

So, below is the TEDx talk that I was not allowed to give because I was Banned from speaking…

Medicine today overlooks some wonderful research discoveries and many astonishing interventions have been ignored because there isn’t something patentable to sell so they never become part of the everyday practice of medicine. One might even ask have cures been actively covered up?

 I will go so far as to say that some of the things that have been foisted on us by Big Pharma, as well as Big Chem, and Big Ag are literally crimes against humanity for no other reason than greed. (Can you say Agent Orange, Glyphosate, RoundUp, DDT, Vioxx [and a list of other drugs too long to list]?)

Now, I have a couple of examples of benign humanitarian therapies you probably have never heard of but most who need these therapies do not have access to them.

 I have spent most of my professional life advocating for the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT for short) to treat brain injured children and adults. HBOT is but one of many interventions orphaned by conventional medicine.

HBOT is the same therapy given to scuba divers who get the “bends” or decompression illness. It is oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure and under pressure the oxygen does things it normally can’t do at normal pressures.

This is what one type of hyperbaric chamber looks like and this chamber is located just a few miles from here at a clinic in Albuquerque.

There are humongous amounts of medical research supporting the use of hyperbaric oxygen for fighting infections and the rehabilitation of injured brain cells as well as promoting healing in many other organs and tissues. After all it activates thousands of genes.

It does the same for children with Cerebral Palsy (also called CP), many of whom suffered from a stroke during the birthing process.

 This is the interior of the multiplace hyperbaric chamber I used to have in Santa Fe and the little blood girl’s name is Augusta and she has CP. She had greater than a 40% improvement in Gross Motor Functions and cognitive abilities after just 40 treatments. I can assure you there are no spontaneous dramatic improvements for 9-year-old children with CP.

In 2004, I took Augusta and her family to testify in front of the Congressional Government Oversight & Reform Committee about the use of HBOT in treating children.

Augusta came to see me several years later symptomatic with Lyme Disease from a tick bite she received visiting Iowa. It just so happens the Borrelia organism that causes Lyme will die if oxygen levels get too high so hyperbaric oxygen has role to play treating that underappreciated pandemic.

Hyperbaric medicine is not taught in medical schools where the training is pharma based and pharma controlled, in fact all of healthcare is overshadowed by a medical cartel, so most physicians don’t even know what HBOT is let alone how it works. Notice I said training not educating, because when you are educated you can think for yourself and but when you are trained you just follow orders whether you realize it or not. Therefore, the prevailing medical paradigm will collapse under its own weight and previously orphaned therapies will take their rightful place in the practice of medicine because of their merit, in other words, because they work, and because they help people.

In the United Kingdom, HBOT is the primary intervention for treating Multiple Sclerosis by MS patients for MS patients – over 100 charity chambers service the UK. It changes the clinical course of MS because hyperbaric oxygen enhances the immune system and if you have an infection, which most MS patients do, then an improved immune system helps you fight that infection.

It has been 33 years since this randomized placebo controlled double blind study was published in the NEJM showing HBOT improved the symptoms of MS patients even though Dr. Fischer had to water his findings down three times to get the article accepted for publication (so as not to upset the medical apple-cart too much). After this article was published Dr. Fischer was stripped of his tenure and his chamber was sold for scrap. Why?

As with much of academic medicine, a pharmaceutical company was directly or indirectly funding Fischer so he bit the hand that was feeding him. Just like in the movie Network where the character Howard Beale, infamous for saying he was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore, was told he had meddled with the primal forces of nature when he went off script and threatened the income of corporations.

Another example of a condition that is considered even more incurable and untreatable than MS is that of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), which is the most common form of non-hereditary mental retardation. A decade ago I showed this disorder responded to HBOT. The first child I treated with FAS was adopted from Russia at age four and 11 years later he was so cognitively impaired he was not allowed to stand trial here in New Mexico for some offense. After receiving HBOT his neurocognitive function improved beyond high school and college mean scores. In 2005, I published a report about treating FAS in the journal PEDIATRICS.

Now, I fared much better than Dr. Fischer at NYU, I only lost an honorary clinical adjunct appointment. (I was using poetic license here, because although I was not told the real reason, it was much more likely I lost my clinical appointment because of my efforts to get Thimerosal out of vaccines.)

HBOT – this benign, non-invasive and humanitarian intervention – even though it is part of conventional medicine – is still perceived as a threat to the existing order of things.

Don’t get me wrong; there are some wonderful patented pharmaceutical drugs on the market, such as the drug Alinia, which I sing the praises of no less than 38 times in my book Incurable Me.

However, there are other drugs, such as the narcotic OxyContin, which epitomizes everything wrong with the forces that pervade all of healthcare, for getting the population addicted has been very, very profitable.

Purdue Pharma, the makers of OxyContin, trained its sales representatives to make deceptive statements by telling doctors that the drug was less likely to be abused and easy to withdraw from.

 They were only fined $600 million – less than half a percent of what they made selling the drug in just the first five years. Sounds like the cost of doing business to me, and a fairly minor cost. Hardly makes up for the 47,000 Americans now dying each year from legal opioids. Make no mistake, there are certain factions in the pharmaceutical industry that will not hesitate to sell us something we don’t need, doesn’t work as advertised and can even kill.  How extraordinary it was, at the end of last year, for the FBI to arrest executives of the Pharma company Insys for paying physicians to prescribe the opioid Fentanyl to patients who didn’t need it.

Oh, if only there was something that could address the disease of addiction that 50 million Americans suffer from.  

Enter the drug baclofen, an off-patent muscle relaxant that costs but a few pennies to buy and has been around for more than half a century. The discovery that baclofen helps alcoholism as well as other addictions, such as nicotine, opioids and cocaine, is not public knowledge and does not get translated into clinical practice because there is no money in the cure.

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of more than 400 active ingredients in the drug cannabis, also known as marijuana. It is non-psychoactive, and has been shown to help the brain deal with addictions in both animals and humans. The combination of baclofen and CBDs together are a powerful intervention for substance abuse not yet utilized, because the research on their benefits does not get translated into clinical practice.

(In typical Schizoid fashion the Department of HHS holds a patent on CBD because of its medical properties, but the DEA declared it Schedule I, which are drugs with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse. THC is also illegal and a Schedule I drug, but when a pharmaceutical company wanted to make a synthetic THC then it was approved and legal. Smell something fishy?)

Now, in today’s conventional medicine, we have something called Standard of Care. In medieval times bloodletting was the standard first line intervention for almost everything. Draining George Washington of 5 to 7 pints of blood did nothing for his Strep throat but it was Standard of Care. Third party payers serve to reinforce “Standard-of-Care” practices even if those practices are substandard and costlier than more efficacious alternatives.

I remember when little Augusta appealed the decision of her third-party payer to cover the cost of her HBOT. I remember the acclaimed CP expert that testified against her, lying his credentials off, insisting spontaneous recovery from CP was not unusual. Why did this CP expert lie as he neared his retirement? What did he have to gain? He lied because admitting that HBOT helped Augusta would have meant everything he believed, and everything he taught others to believe was not correct, so he would rather lie than face that cognitive dissonance.

So, the future of medicine is already here for those who can see it and while it may require a reset button to be pushed in some form, the future will simply not support the current medical paradigm driven by greed and politics.

The Reset Button

There you have it –  the above was my banned TEDx talk – technically the talk wasn’t banned, I was but not sure that makes a difference. The “Future of Medicine”….if we are to believe the pundits – societal upheaval is coming, be it from an major economic collapse, war or something else. And it is reported to be not far-off in some distant future, but when it does come many dysfunctional institutions will not survive.

It is my hope that the way medicine is today –  controlled by mega corporations and their running dogs…3rd party payers, medical societies (that are often bled out from the inside by Big Pharma), bought politicians and financially compromised academicians… will not survive when the reset button gets pushed.

It is my hope and belief that the financial system in this country will change so much that only real science and common sense will endure. Medical journals that censor articles and authors because they are financed by Big Pharma will go the way of the Dodo bird.

I hope the transition will be more compassionate than not but that will be up to each and every one of us.

KP Stoller, MD






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  1. Big pharma should be censored. It should be a criminal offence with loos of licence to practice medicine and if they don’t have on 6 months in jail if anyone dies because of it.

  2. Outstanding presentation! You have hit the nail on the head. I hope you are still able to practice HBOT/alternative care medicine somewhere without government and Big Pharma interference. That doesn’t sound like it would be in New Mexico which is clearly a regressive backwards state exceeded only by the nutjobs here in California. Nevada is probably the right place for you to have the freedom you need.

  3. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight under constant criticism and risk, for continuing to educate others on the risks of vaccines and benefits of non traditional medical interventions such as hot and so much more. .. and most of all for speaking up on behalf of so many innocent children who are harmed by vaccines. ..I don’t know from whence your resolve comes but I’m very grateful.

  4. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight under constant criticism and risk, for continuing to educate others on the risks of vaccines and benefits of non traditional medical interventions such as hbot and so much more. .. and most of all for speaking up on behalf of so many innocent children who are harmed by vaccines. ..I don’t know from whence your resolve comes but I’m very grateful.

  5. Many who want to practice responsible, world-vetted medicine move across the border to MX, where I now live, as a person too old to be cold. I hear them pretending we are all going to Canada. I suppose the CIA knows where we really are. Anyway, thanks for posting.

  6. I thought I was pretty well versed in Alternative Therapies but I was unaware of HBOT. So, if nothing else, I have learned something today. Thank you for the article and access to the talk that never was.

    Perhaps you could read it in a Youtube video, give life to what should have been?

  7. Excellent, affirming article from a man in the medical establishment who actually knows what he’s talking about. Thank you very much for this

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