America – There Is A NEW Feeling In The Air…

America Is Turning Away From Main Stream Media (MSM) HATE Mongering…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The world-wide “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement started, and flourished, in the United States – and, right from the start, it wasn’t just about vaccines.  The group began to discuss other issues, and at this moment in time, is in the position of being able to effect massive social change.  It is no wonder the globalists are in a panic – virtually trying everything and anything to stop it or at least slow it down.  But none of it is working.  The bear is awake – and hungry…

Despite Main Stream Media (MSM) Constant Efforts to depict America as something horrible, killing itself, America is flourishing. Why?  Because despite MSM’s best efforts at constant negativity they are NOT able to control the social dialogue.

To me, the question is…

“How much longer are we, as Americans, going to let MSM bombard us with constant negativity before we shut them down?”

I’m tired of seeing car chases, babies shot, rapists roving streets on the Nightly News depicting our country as horrible and unsafe.

America is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people.  Despite nutbag Obama’s national focus on which bathroom to use, and how many million armed Jihadists should be allowed to cross our southern border into our secure areas,  Americans SURVIVED the Obama-Nation years and have moved on to the real things that are important in life.

And, we are not turning back…

“Anti-Vaxxers”– Let’s talk about killing two birds with one stone…

There really IS a SIMPLE solution to MSM, and Big Pharma –  Stop Big Pharma’s Direct to Consumer Advertising (DTCA).  There are only two countries on Planet Earth that allow this atrocity to occur – the United States and New Zealand.

Eliminating Big Pharma’s ability to control US media would would do two things:

(1)  Cut out 70% of the liberal media’s income (Big Pharma counts for 70% of the liberal media’s News Hour income) and

(2)  Stop Big Pharma from being able to kill truthful media stories about how BAD drugs and vaccines really are.

President Trump could kill DTCA with an Executive Order.

We need an atmosphere of working together in America – MSM is the element driving hatred.  Big Pharma is funding it.

What are we waiting for?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

14 thoughts on “America – There Is A NEW Feeling In The Air…”

  1. The new FDA Administrative Procedures Act (ACA) Petition at includes ending DTCA among the redress for grievances sought. The “World’s #1 Anti-Vaxxer, Counsel Kent, joined with other health freedom advocates to file the Petition earlier this month. Under the ACA FDA should reply within 90 days. Read the Petition and join in here:

  2. tamarque – You need to find some friends to talk to. Stop running CNN all day. Stay out of Starbucks. Go out into the country and smell the fresh air.

  3. tamarque – That’s FUNNY!!!

    Perhaps you failed to notice that the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement is SO BIG, and SO POWERFUL that Big Pharma is BEGGING for help everywhere?

    As far as getting help from the “occasional” liberal – why bother?

    Liberalism across the US is OFFICIALLY FOR mandatory vaccines the same as they are FOR ripping late-term babies apart, starving old people with Alzheimers, and killing off 95% of the Earth’s population.

    But, you DO provide comedy…

    Thank you…

  4. Tamarque – You have everything twisted around to suit some kind of personal belief system.

    Truly, you need to get out into the REAL world.

    You are beginning to sound like some Pharma shill…

    You are at “strike two.”

  5. Please, everyone,
    take careful note:-
    There is NOTHING that you could buy on Amazon that you can’t get somewhere else. Check prices there, if you like, but don’t BUY it there.

    Jeff Bezoz’s Amazon thinks it has the right to decide what we shall read. It, further, thinks that it has the power to enforce this.
    Refuse to have anything to do with Amazon and it will soon be gone. A total boycott will cost you nothing but show that WE are not to be pushed around by tin pot hustlers.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  6. tamarque,
    I know your problem and I understand it BUT it is just learned indoctrination through many generations – the belief in being powerless, the inenvitability of defeat so why bother trying, “they” have all the power, etc.
    NONE of this is true: All that they have is your BELIEF that it is true. Note, please, most carefully; YOUR belief! This means that you own it absolutely and that YOU can change it.

    We expect that evil people will be evil though and through yet even the most evil have done some good.
    Part of “their” indoctrination is that a hero must be perfect, otherwise he is worthless. Why must Trump, who has done so much good for so many be denigratedbecause he’s made a mistake or two? Why can’t he be human and fallible just like you and me?

    Even YOU are a hero, tamarque; just just have to remeber it. Here’s a reminder:-

    Blessed be


  7. tamarque – Yes, Big Pharma makes a LOT of money – BUT to keep it coming in TAKES a lot of money. There is a very narrow margin for them between success and failure.

    It is ALL a house of cards. And, it is in danger of coming down. That’s why the attacks, which are amounting to nothing by the way, against the “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement are so strident right now.

    There are only three pillars holding up Big Pharma in the US.. (1) DTCA, (2) no legal liability for vaccine damage, and (3) price protection.

    Removing just one of these pillars will make Big Pharma into Little Pharma. And we are working on removing ALL THREE pillars.

    This is why Big Pharma is ordering and funding the attack on Trump and the “Anti-Vaxxers.”

    Top Pharma people are wearing “Depends” to work..

  8. I’m not interested in picking a fight with anyone here, but I tend to agree with Tamarque. I want to save my words and energy to fight the powers that be that undermine all of the liberties and beliefs we cherish. I don’t expect perfect, but I need people governed by principles. Some core values that are fundamental to who we are. That comes from our experience which translates into wisdom. Pretty much everyone who isn’t a sheeple understand MSM, NPR, PBS no longer have any core values, principles, ethical beliefs, etc, etc, etc. But neither does a person who boasts they could stand in the middle of 5th ave and shoot someone and get away with it is so far from what is needed in this country to turn this ship around, well…….. Let’s try to do the best work we are capable of and keep moving forward. We all know how deep the rabbit hole goes. Onward.

  9. I have high regard for all persons who work with genuine intentions for the good of humans and particularly the suffering children . I am grateful for all those persons who shed new light on what the world is going through. And I am grateful for all those people who have seen through the evil curtain which conceals the truth about vaccines and medical practises which have abandoned logic and true science.

  10. tamarque – has been removed from commenting.

    Looks like a Pharma shill to me…

    Or maybe one of those skeptics…

    Some people just don’t get it.

  11. The Vaccine almost kill my wife and my son, Thank dear God i found out how to remove the poison and now she is alive, this is called ” when wiked pharma gets busted” we live!!!

  12. I thought it started in Leicester England ? Tim haha

    Looks like the Clintons have nailed their colours to the post.

    Chelsea Clinton on Twitter
    Found 13 hours ago

    “Thank you Dr. Dana Corriel, Chad Hermann, Elias Kass, Dr. Kristen Stuppy, Dr. Paul Offit & everyone working to fight vaccine #fakenews and protect our public health. #VaccinesWork:” [ 0

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