The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are – And Has Covered It Up… (Part Five)

Using the Federal Court System to Uncover the Criminal Conspiracy …

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

December 18th, 2011


Yes, you read that subtitle above correctly.

We the people of the United States formed a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” a long time ago, and we fully intend that government to stay within our control.

There are those within our society who have every intent to abuse our systems for their own benefit.  Often, history shows, those abusers work within that system, as employees, advisors, consultants, whatever.

That is not news, nor is it a new situation that we the people have to suddenly deal with.  Our founding fathers (and mothers) understood the foibles of humanity and built into our political arena a system of checks and balances.  That system is reflected at every level in our government; federal, state and local.

In the federal system, for instance, the founders divided our government into three distinct entities each watching the other two, insuring that none become despotic.  Those divisions; the Executive, the Congress, and the Judicial, just by their design, perform that function.

More, there are redundant systems – meaning that there is usually more than one way to keep one of our created government units in line, performing the functions we intended for them in the way we intended.  The Maryland Board of Physicians, for instance, has found out the hard way, recently, that those systems exist and can be readily activated to put a ring in their nose, so to speak, and lead them back onto the path of righteousness.  Click here, and here, to read the two articles (so far) about this situation.

In the first four articles titled “The CDC has know all along how dangerous vaccines are – and has covered it up…” I laid out, for the readers, the story parts:

(1)  the Starting Point,

(2)  the Lawsuit Against the CDC,

(3)  What the Government Agencies Actually Knew, and

(4)  and What The “Vaccine Construction” Is and Does.

In this fifth article of this series I will explain where this is all going, what is really happening here – the use of the Judiciary branch of the US Government to rein in the activities of an out-of-control federal agency – the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – a Division of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

And something more.  Much more.  It is time for criminal indictment.

The search for documents, in this court case, is uncovering a pattern of criminal activity.  Whoever is running, making the decisions to withhold documents at CDC, knows where all this is going.  I am certain that within the walls of the CDC, right this minute, certain CDC employees – past and present, contractors, and consultants, etc. are quietly being told to personally “lawyer-up,” and familiarize themselves on how to make claim to the Fifth Amendment provisions of the US Constitution (taking the Fifth).

Is there really criminal activity here?

You bet there is.  Major criminal activity.  The people involved in this denial of the effects of Thimerosal in vaccines, and the cover up of the real situation, are some of, perhaps, the worst criminals in the history of mankind.  Just look at the numbers of children damaged, and the cost to society – worldwide.  This is far worse than anything the NAZIs, or Stalin, did.  This overshadows any genocide effort in the history of mankind.

This isn’t about simple fraud, the marketing of vaccines, or some comparison of preservatives in vaccines.  This is about major damage to children.  And it is all coming out.

And that’s the bottom line.

The latest Plaintiff filing – the answer to the CDC’s claim  “CDC Tells Federal Court –  “FOIA Means Nothing to Us.  We’ll Withhold Whatever We Want…”

Yes, this case is about forcing the CDC to release information under the Freedom of information ACT (FOIA) about how they allegedly manage vaccines.  But, it is about a lot more than that.  It’s about setting the CDC up, in a trap, showing through their actions that certain employees, including CDC management,  are KNOWINGLY conspiring to withhold public information for their own reasons.

What? Trapping the CDC?  Yes.  It was easy.  How? Because Brian Hooker PhD, like a good attorney in court, was asking questions he already knew the answers to, just to see how the CDC would respond.  And, they walked right into the trap.

What trap?  Well, Hooker already had, from another source, a good part of the info he was demanding from the CDC – and the CDC was denying access to it, claiming it didn’t say what it said – that it was deniable – when. of course, it was not.  So, the trap was sprung, and this court answer shows how deceitful the CDC really is.  A lie is a lie, is a lie…

Why is the CDC doing this?  Because,  I think, they are covering up criminal activity on behalf of employees and consultants.  Below is the introduction to the recent court filing:

INTRODUCTION – This case, of course, involves FOIA requests by Dr. Hooker for information from the CDC relating to the use of mercury in the form of Thimerosal in vaccines and resulting publications about its safety.

Fortunately, Dr. Hooker was able to obtain from former Congressman Dr. Weldon unredacted versions of these emails which he has been able to compare to the redacted emails he received from the CDC. Clearly, the CDC has improperly redacted information. One example of that is presented here in this introduction. An article published in Pediatrics in 2003 claimed that the Danish study proved that mercury in the form of Thimerosal was safe because the autism rate went up in Denmark after mercury was taken out of vaccines.

As this email proves, the opposite was true.

In comparing the redacted version [Exhibit 5B] and the unredacted version [Exhibit 5C]of emails between Danish (Madsen et al.) article coauthors and CDC employees, it may be seen that the CDC is withholding the fact that earlier versions of the Madsen et al. paper were rejected by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and Lancet, prior to publication in Pediatrics in 2003.

Click here to read the emails mentioned on pages 2, 3 and 4 of the court document.  In fact, you can read the entire court document if you want.

After mention of those emails the document summarizes what this case is really all about by saying:

“Thus, a deception was set in motion that has become the generally accepted consensus within federal bureaucracy including not only the CDC but the Institute of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, the news media and the public in general, that mercury is perfectly safe in vaccines despite Dr. Cordero description of mercury above as having “serious neurological effects”. This information is an example of the improper handling of these FOIA requests by the CDC. The information above will be discussed in more detail below along with other factual situations.”

The information that is being withheld points to, and details, the conspiracy…

One of the key parts, but certainly not the only part, of what is being revealed is the situation surrounding one Poul Thorsen – the CDC’s vaccine “Poster Boy.”

What’s come out of the Poul Thorsen situation is very clear – “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

This phrase, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Act I, Scene 4, was spoken by an Officer, Marcellus, after the ghost of Hamlet’s father, the late King of Denmark had appeared.  The phrase means “things are unsatisfactory; there is something wrong.”   And, this phrase couldn’t be more apt explaining the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s so-called study, done in modern day Denmark, they claim disproves any association between Thimerosal and Autism.

All about Poul Thorsen – CDC’s Vaccine Poster Boy…

The first words in the US Government’s April 13th, 2011 criminal indictment of Poul Thorsen, the author, arranger, and originator of what is informally called “The Denmark Study,” the very first of, and the basis for all other studies allegedly proving NO RELATIONSHIP between Thimerosal and Autism, are:

Beginning on a date unknown, but at least by in or about February 2004, and continuing until in or about February 2010, in the Northern District of Georgia and elsewhere the defendant, POUL THORSEN aided and abetted by others known and unknown to the Grand Jury, did knowingly devise and intend to devise a scheme and artifice to defraud, and to obtain money and property by means of materially false and fraudulent pretenses, representations, and promises, and by omission of material facts, well knowing and having reason to know that said pretenses, representations, and promises were and would be false and fraudulent when made and caused to be made and that said omissions were and would be material.

Beginning in or about 2000 the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disability awarded grant money to Denmark for research involving infant disabilities, autism, genetic disorders, and fetal alcohol syndrome. The CDC awarded the grant to fund studies of the relationship between autism and the exposure to vaccines, the relationship between cerebral palsy and infection during pregnancy, and the relationship between developmental outcomes and fetal alcohol exposure.

Defendant THORSEN worked as a visiting scientist at the CDC, Division of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, when the CDC was soliciting the grant applications. Defendant THORSEN promoted the idea of awarding the grant to Denmark for studies related to infant disabilities. Defendant THORSEN scheduled meetings with the Danish Medical Research Council, Aarhus University, and Odense University Hospital about the proposed Danish research. In addition to initiating the meetings, defendant THORSEN provided guidance and ideas for the grant that the CDC ultimately awarded to Denmark.

The CDC initially awarded the grant to the Danish Medical Research Council and then, beginning in or about 2007, to the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI), both of which were governmental agencies in Denmark. From 2000 through 2009, the CDC awarded over $7 million to the Danish Medical Research Council and over $4 million to DASTI, totaling over $11 million, for the Danish research studies.

Aarhus University and Odense University Hospital administered the CDC grant under the direction of a principal investigator, who was assigned scientific and administrative

In 2002, after CDC awarded the grant, defendant THORSEN went to Denmark and became the principal investigator, responsible for administering the research money awarded by the CDC to Denmark. Defendant THORSEN also held a faculty position at Aarhus University, where scientists performed research under the grant. In those positions, he submitted invoices for payment to Aarhus University and Odense University Hospital for work and expenses related to the CDC grant.

In or about May 2007 and March 2008, defendant THORSEN submitted fraudulent letters to DASTI, purportedly signed by grant management officers at the CDC, that falsely stated that the CDC had awarded grant money, and that certain funds were available, to DASTI under the grant. Defendant THORSEN forged the CDC employees’ signatures on the letters. Based on the misrepresentations in these letters, DASTI released funds for work and expenses that defendant THORSEN claimed were associated with the CDC grant.

From or about February 2004 through in or about June 2008, defendant THORSEN submitted over a dozen fraudulent invoices, purportedly signed by a laboratory section chief at the CDC’s National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities, for reimbursement of expenses that defendant THORSEN claimed were incurred in connection with the CDC grant. The invoices falsely claimed that a CDC laboratory had performed work under the grant for which Aarhus University owed money. Based on the misrepresentations in these invoices, Aarhus University wire transferred hundreds of thousands of dollars to accounts held at the CDC Federal Credit Union in Atlanta, Georgia. Aarhus University believed that the accounts, which were identified in the fraudulent invoices, belonged to the CDC.

In truth, the CDC Federal Credit Union accounts were personal accounts held by defendant THORSEN. He used the accounts to steal money under the CDC grant.

After the money was transferred to defendant THORSEN,s accounts, he moved the money among multiple CDC Federal Credit Union accounts and eventually withdrew it for his own personal use. Defendant THORSEN purchased a home in Atlanta, a Harley Davidson motorcycle, and Audi and Honda vehicles with the proceeds of his fraud. He also obtained numerous cashier, s checks made out to himself from the fraudulent proceeds deposited at the CDC Federal Credit Union.

Defendant THORSEN obtained over $1 million from his scheme to defraud.

Poul Thorsen is the CDC’s expert on the effects of Thimerosal in vaccines.  Got that picture?  He is also being indicted in Denmark.

The day after Poul Thorsen was indicted in the US David Gorski MD, the one I call “Orac the Nipple Ripper” in his blog, wrote about how Thorsen’s indictment had nothing to do with his research, blah, blah, blah.  To me, Orac’s writings are indicative of the fear level generated in the vaccine industry by Thorsen’s arrest.  Why do I say this?  Because Age of Autism (AOA) author/editor Jake Crosby recently identified, in his article “David Gorski’s Financial Pharma Ties: What He Didn’t Tell You,”  that “Orac” is employed by, acts as the agent of, and is the spokesperson for, Sanofi-Aventis – the world’s largest vaccine maker.  Certainly, Gorski, who writes in a neurotic panic-mode at most times, was even more strident and pedantic in his commentaries on this day.  Probably got a call from his paymasters?

Click here to read the Federal Grand Jury Indictment of Poul Thorsen.  You’ll get, from this,  a sense of the reality of the ENTIRE vaccine construction, for Poul Thorsen epitomizes the vaccinology world.

Robert Chen – (At the time) Chief of the Immunization Safety Branch (ISB) in the National Immunization Program at CDC

“Chen the Hider.”  Below, you will see why I call him that.

In the current court documents filed by the Plaintiff, over seven hundred pages including exhibits, is an interesting statement of facts.  It says:

“Dr. Robert Chen Did Not Retain His Email Replies in an Important Discussion with Dr’s Verstraeten and Miller, Regarding Whether to Grant WHO Money to Dr. Miller for the U.K. Thimerosal Study – CDC’s Claims of Search Are Insufficient. This begs the question, “Why did Dr. Chen not retain any of his email replies?”

Also, it is curious that these replies could not be obtained by some type of archival system as typically, emails are not stored directly on an individual’s hard drive, but are instead maintained on a central server. Given the definition of a record as laid out in 44 USC 33011, Chen’s correspondences with Tom Verstraeten and Liz Miller about her WHO grant to look at
Thimerosal and autism constitutes a record. Chen’s deliberation with Miller/Verstraeten would have been key to show how and why they moved forward with the U.K. work. Chen shows up in other emails (Exhibits 3A & 3B), therefore his replies may be on other hard drives.”

The importance of this – Robert Chen says of himself, on the Emory University website:

“I serve as the Chief of the Immunization Safety Branch (ISB) n the National Immunization Program at CDC. We are perhaps the largest group of scientists in the world focused on making sure that immunizations, a relatively universal exposure for children and many adults, are as safe as possible. Given the success of immunizations in eliminating their target diseases, maximizing the safety of immunizations is essential to maintaining public confidence in this critical public health intervention.

I’ve been working in the safety arena since 1988. Before that, I also worked primarily in immunizations on various aspects of the control of vaccine-preventable diseases. These include investigating outbreaks of diphtheria, measles, pertussis, and polio. I’ve also worked on environmental health assessment for the California Department of Health and the AIDS programs in San Francisco in the past.

Research interests: My interests focus on identifying (or refuting) possible risks from immunizations, and if real (e.g., intussuception after rotavirus vaccine), what the risk factors or pathophysiology that might allow us to minimize the risk or make the vaccine safer.

Besides conducting epidemiologic activities related to the surveillance and evaluation of the safety of routine vaccinations, ISB also develops new surveillance methodologies (e.g., data mining, syndromic surveillance), assists policy makers in rational vaccine use, and identifies optimal ways to communicate vaccine risks and benefits. More recently, ISB also began conducting surveillance for the safety of vaccinations used to protect against bioterrorism agents such as anthrax and smallpox.

ISB has developed the following important vaccine safety databases and assessment tools: 1) the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), one of NIP’s largest (>10,000 annual reports) and most complex passive surveillance systems; 2) the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), CDC’s largest collaborative project with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), conducting active surveillance via linked computerized vaccination and medical records in 8 MCOs that enroll >2.5% of the US population; and 3) the new Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment (CISA) network, where patients who may have had a serious or unusual vaccine reaction will be systematically evaluated at one of 7 referral centers to better understand the risk factors for and the pathophysiology of adverse vaccine events.

Robert Chen was, at the time, the lead person in the US in charge of vaccine safety.  He was part and parcel of the Thimerosal in vaccine dialogue.  Of course Brian Hooker wanted to see Chen’s emails on the subject.

But let’s put this into perspective.  Does anybody believe, even for a minute, that it is normal procedure for a high level CDC employee to ERASE his email communications?  Of course not.  More, Robert Chen would not, at his level, have any access to the CDC mainframe records.  Any erasure of his emails was not only intentional, but occurred with the approval and outright cooperation of CDC management.  The word here is CONSPIRACY, plain and simple.  The phrase “Obstruction of Justice” comes to mind.

More, this wasn’t Robert Chen’s first effort to hide records.  Chen brags, in his Emory University description of himself, that his department was in charge of two different vaccine safety databases:

(1)  The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and (2) the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), CDC’s largest collaborative project with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).  Chen, for years, withheld any, and all, except for himself, access to the VSD hard data.  It wasn’t until Chen was physically removed from that post that anyone, other than Chen, got access.

In short, “He who controls the vaccine safety data controls vaccines.”  Robert Chen, during this period, controlled vaccines.

Robert Chen had set up what is known as the Brighton Collaboration, funded by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, blah, blah, blah…  As their website says:

“Thus, the Brighton Collaboration was formed. Since then we have become a global resource for vaccine safety. Here is a chronological list of our milestones:”

This is a BIG THING in this case, for it is very clear that the CDC management, and not just a few employees and consultants, is complicit in this cover-up activity – for it is not possible for one employee to erase his email records in the entire database.

it is very clear that the CDC management, and not just a few employees and consultants, is complicit in this cover-up activity – for it is not possible for one employee to erase his email records in the entire database.

So what was it that Chen, and the CDC management, found so damaging?

Assume the worst.

One last thing…

About those emails Brian Hooker already had.  The ones used to spring the trap.  Here is part of what the current court document has to say about those:

Unredacted Versions of Emails Were Obtained From Dr. David Weldon’s Office (Former Member of Congress) [Exhibit 5]. These Emails When Compared to the Redacted Emails Furnished Hooker Cast Doubt on the Veracity of the Denmark (Madsen et al. 2003 Study) and Also Show a Pattern of Deception On the Part of the CDC.

In comparing the redacted version [Exhibit 5B] and the unredacted version [Exhibit 5C] of emails between Madsen et al. 2003 publication coauthors and CDC employees, it may be seen that the CDC is withholding the fact that earlier versions of the Madsen et al. 2003 publication were rejected by The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and Lancet, prior to publication in Pediatrics. In spite of the two rejections, which would connote significant weakness in the research presented in the publication, Dr. Jose Cordero, then Director of the National Center for Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities of the CDC, wrote a recommendation letter [Exhibit 5D] for “expedited review and consideration” of the manuscript. Dr. Cordero also wrote in his letter,

“The Danish study is a powerful epidmeiologic [sic] study of this issue…” and “Its findings provide one strong piece of evidence that Thimerosal is not causally linked to autism.”

Although the revelation that the Madsen et al. 2003 publication had been rejected by two front line medical journals may have caused significant embarrassment to Dr. Cordero and the CDC if this had been released via the FOIA, 74 FR 4683, the January 21, 2009 Presidential Memorandum regarding the FOIA [Exhibit 5E] states,

“The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears.”

In addition, both the redacted and unredacted versions of the Madsen/Lauritsen emails make it clear that the Denmark coauthors with the CDC’s full knowledge were considering removing 2001 autism incidence data that show a pronounced downward trend between the years 1999 and 2001 in all age groups (2-4 year olds, 5-6 year olds and 7-9 year olds) after the removal of Thimerosal. The unredacted information obtained by Dr. Weldon’s office includes peer review comments from the journal Pediatrics [Exhibit 5F] that state

“The drop of incidence shown for the most recent years is perhaps the most dramatic feature of the figure and is seen in the oldest age group as well as the youngest. The authors do not discuss whether incomplete ascertainment in the youngest children or delay in the recording of data in the most recent years might play a role in this decline, or the possibility that this decrease might have come through the elimination of Thimerosal.” (italics added).

In the final version of the publication [Exhibit 5G], the 2001 incidence data were removed from the figure, which obviated the downward trend highlighted by the peer reviewer.  This makes it appear that the Danish researchers, the CDC and the Journal of Pediatrics colluded to exclude the data showing a downward trend, substituting it with a claim of an upward trend in the Journal of Pediatrics 2003.

This article has been the foundation for the claim and the widespread belief that mercury in the form of Thimerosal is safe in vaccines and has nothing to do with autism. In contrast, if that article had accurately reported a downturn in autism in Denmark, that true statement could have only led to the conclusion that mercury in the form of Thimerosal is a factor in causing autism.

 In Summary…

The court document sums it up very well.  It says:

CONCLUSION – As has been explained heretofore, the CDC improperly redacted information, may have redacted additional information and may well have improperly withheld documents. This should be the subject of discovery and in-camera inspections. The disappearance of the Chen emails, likewise, should be subject to discovery which might well include examinations of his hard drives and other data storage.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen