The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are – And Has Covered It Up… (Part Four)  

What the ” Vaccine Construction” is and does…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


Let me start with this, and put everything into perspective.

A retired attorney friend of mine, one who I discuss legal, and other, issues with, pointed out something terribly important one day.   We were talking about the vaccine issues.   He said “Children are a nation’s greatest asset.”

It was a simple statement, but it stopped me cold with the realization that, in those simple words, Bill had gotten to the meat of the discussion – the one thing that, for whatever reason during what is called “the vaccine discussion,” seems to be left out.  When, in fact, it is both the guiding, and the deciding, argument. 

So, let’s say it again:  “Children are a nation’s greatest asset.” 

In the vaccine debate no other argument prevails – not “the cost of vaccines, nor how much good they supposedly do, certainly not how many people are employed in the Vaccine Construction, for sure not how much money they make for the drug industry, not how much it might cost to remove mercury as a preservative, nor how the industry might be destroyed if they had to maintain their own legal liability.  None of that…”

There is only one argument that is important:  “Children are a nation’s greatest asset.”

For whatever reason (and WE DO KNOW that reason, don’t we?) one in six of our greatest asset, our children, are developing neurological disorders.  One in one hundred ten are developing Autism.

We are living in a world where our so-called medical system finds no problem with, nor will it even look at the possibilities of, the fact that this is happening.  It is of no concern to them, and it is not something they will even entertain in their consciousness.  The “Vaccine Construction” is so callous, so immediately self serving, that it can not, and will not look at the effects of their actions.  More, it, as we see with the expose Brian Hooker PhD brings to their door, they endeavor, not only to cover their tracks, but they act to damage those that expose their calumny.

We, in our society, without even conscious thought, understand that it is our job, as adults, to raise children to be well educated, well trained, responsible adults – for it is they, today’s six-year-olds, who in 30-40 years will takes the reins in our world, and be responsible for the massive undertaking that we, humanity, have created.  In order to even begin to do this we must keep those children safe, not just from predators, hunger, and mishap, but we must keep them healthy and sane.

The problems we are allowing the “Vaccine Construction” to create in our future societies are mind-numbing.  Not only will we not have full capacity of the one in six neurologically disadvantaged, but the “Vaccine Construction” will have loaded the future with the full care, until death, of the one in 110 Autistic victims.   And it will probably get worse.

I am going to say it again –  it does not matter whether or not we are talking about India, Tonga, the Philippines, Belgium, Venezuala, Mongolia, South Africa, Senegal, Canada, Ireland, or the United States – wherever – “Children are a nation’s greatest asset.”  We, the human race, instinctively know that.

Except, of course, if you are a card carrying member of the “Vaccine Construction.”  To them children are just somebody small to inject a foul toxic substance into – for money, position, or something so trivial as a trip to a conference.

That’s what the “Vaccine Construction” REALLY does…

Now, the vaccine people will not explain what they do in this way.  They will tell you, in grandiose pronouncement, that they are saving America, and the world, from infectious disease.  (Insert rude noise here).

They will tell you, as you will see below, that they, in their wonderfulness, have figured out how to prevent disease, and save us all from pestilence.  Below, I will give you their exact words – what they claim they are doing.  Are they really doing it?  No, they are not…

Who, exactly, is the “Vaccine  Construction?”

Very good question – and very difficult to answer.


Because the “Vaccine Construction” is NOT transparent – intentionally I think, to avoid responsibility.

But what we do know is that the construction is made up of a consortium of what are called “stakeholders:” vaccine manufacturers, Federal and State agencies, and so-called public interest groups.  Notably, there are no vaccine victim groups ever invited into the dialogue.

Vaccine manufacturers –  There are five that control US vaccine issues:

According to the authoritative source,

“Virtually all licensed vaccines in the United States are produced by just a handful of pharmaceutical companies: GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur, and Wyeth. These companies account for 80 percent of the worldwide vaccine market.1 With a limited number of manufacturers and many recommended vaccines produced by only a single company, vaccines are susceptible to large fluctuations in supply and availability.2

Thirty years ago, the vaccine market looked remarkably different. At the time, 35 companies produced vaccines for use in the United States, and similar departures from the international vaccine market have also occurred in the intervening years. Between 1988 and 2001, 10 of 14 global vaccine manufactures partially or completely stopped production of traditional childhood vaccines.3 Health policy experts and economists attribute this trend primarily to market and financial considerations–namely, sparse profits; costly research, development and production; and liability concerns.”,

Federal Agencies –  Virtually every aspect of vaccines is controlled by one master agency, the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).  The head of the DHHS is appointed by the President.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), who everyone ASSUMES is completely responsible for vaccines is just one sub-department of DHHS.  Click on the name above to see the DHHS and/or the CDC flow chart.

The fact is that the CDC has PRIMARY, but not complete control over the US vaccine situation.  The chart below, courtesy of the 2000 Institute of Medicine “Calling the Shots” report, explains the actual structure.

How it actually works – from Federal to State agencies.  Below is an excerpt from the same 2000 Institute of Medicine Calling the Shots” report:

“CDC provides annual immunization project grants to 64 separate grantees, including 50 states, the District of Columbia, New York City, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Republic of Belau, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Immunization grant funds are intended to supplement but not supplant ongoing state and local immunization efforts. Each grantee’s funding level is contingent on a number of factors, including historical funding levels, the population size, the size of the state and local public health infrastructure, the size of the grantee’s immunization program, the geographical area of the grantee, the proportion of the childhood population served by the public sector, the level of state and local support for the immunization program, the occurrence of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks, and the grantee’s ability to develop programs and expend funds…”

The State agencies – Once again I refer to the 2000 Institute of Medicine “Calling the Shots” report:

Immunization Infrastructure: The Michigan Example

Michigan received $6.4 million for “infrastructure” in 1999, about $20 per child under age 3. These funds support efforts associated with direct service delivery, infectious disease prevention, surveillance and assessment, efforts to improve coverage rates, and programs to strengthen system performance. Additional federal support pays for the state health department’s immunization program staff. That staff includes two public health advisers (employees of CDC)—one on the Michigan state central staff and one assigned to the city of Detroit.

More than half the infrastructure grant funds support service delivery. The state allocates funds to 43 local health departments based on the number of young children who live in the area. Local health departments are free to pursue the strategy they choose to ensure timely immunization. The most common use of the funds is to pay staff to administer vaccines.

The infrastructure grant supports a central immunization program staff and two four-person field staffs—one that works with local health departments and another that works with the VFC providers who work in the private sector. Both field staffs work with providers on the logistics of obtaining vaccines and proper vaccine storage and handling. The field staff working with local health departments assists when outbreaks occur. It also reviews assessments of coverage levels among children immunized by local health departments. This group is responsible as well for working with schools to ensure compliance with school entry immunization requirements. The field staff that deals with other VFC providers tries to retain and recruit new providers.

The core of the central staff comprises the program manager, a series of individuals with specialized functions, and support staff. A surveillance coordinator focuses on epidemiology and surveillance through activities such as visiting localities experiencing outbreaks and gathering reports of vaccine-preventable diseases. An outreach and education manager and staff work broadly through a newsletter with a circulation of 8,000 and annual immunization workshops conducted around the state that attract 800 people a year. This group targets efforts to improve service delivery, such as a peer-to-peer physician education network and distribution of an immunization provider toolkit. The assessment coordinator oversees two contracts designed to provide immunization assessments—one for clinics and physician offices in the Detroit area and the other in 22 community and migrant health centers. This individual also conducts assessments outside Detroit. Assessments use the CDC-developed Assessment, Feedback, Incentives, and eXchange of information (AFIX) methodology. This activity has produced an average of 10 percent higher coverage levels at the time of the second follow-up assessment. The state staff also includes an immunization registry coordinator, although the costs of operating the registry are paid with state funds. One person focuses on reducing perinatal hepatitis B transmission, following up on possible cases of transmission by mothers to their newborn children.

Federal funding for infrastructure supports other outreach efforts as well. These include contracts to answer calls to a toll free number for immunization information, and to conduct outreach to day care providers in an urban area with a history of outbreaks in day care centers.

Below, are the six things they claim they do:

(1) Assure the purchase of recommended vaccines for the total population of U.S. children and adults, with a particular emphasis on the protection of vulnerable groups.

(2) Assure access to such vaccines within the public sector when private health care services are not adequate to meet local needs.

(3) Control and prevent infectious disease.

(4) Conduct population wide surveillance of immunization coverage levels, including the identification of significant disparities, gaps, and vaccine safety concerns.

(5) Sustain and improve immunization coverage levels within child and adult populations, especially in vulnerable communities.

(6) Use primary care and public health resources efficiently in achieving national immunization goals.

Sound great?

Don’t be fooled.  All of this is something entirely different than it is made to appear.  Everything they do is based upon the false foundational premise:

(1)  What I call the “Vaccine Construction” is a combination of Federal/State Agencies and Vaccine Manufacturers banned together into a HOUSE OF CARDS made up of certain foundational beliefs: The construction’s whole current premise is made up of the idea that (1)  vaccines are safe, (2)  have always been safe, (3)  they can be relied on, (4)  the agencies can be trusted to look out for the public good, (5)  that vaccines have an overlying wonderfulness that acts as a “Prevention” of disease, since, as they falsely claim “Vaccines have eradicated most diseases.”

If it can be shown that even one of these foundations is false, or even in question, the house of cards could blow over.  This assault, questioning the validity of the original Thimerosal Studies, substantially attacks four of the five foundations (1, 2, 3, and 4).

This would, without doubt, lead to the very end of the US Vaccine Program – and, most likely, the world vaccine program.  Frankly, that’s a good thing.

How could any of us, ever again, trust ANY of the members of the “Vaccine Construction?”  For they have demonstrated very clearly, over the Thimerosal in vaccines issue alone, their reality, by callously disregarding the guiding and deciding argument “Children are a nation’s greatest asset.”

But, it is all a House of Cards…  It isn’t worth saving.  It is time to blow it over.  Why?

Because, with the new 2011 vaccine plan, replacing the 1994 plan, those numbers (one in six, and one in one hundred ten) are going to increase rapidly – without question.  Read this below – once again from the 2000 Institute of Medicine “Calling the Shots” report:

Immunization Schedule

Ever since the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offered the first immunization guidelines in the 1930s, scientific developments have led to regular changes in the recommended immunization schedule. The rate of change has increased dramatically in the last decade and is likely to continue accelerating in the next 20 years (see Figure 2-1). Between 1938 and 1985, five vaccines (three childhood and two adult) comprising nine different antigens were available. In the next 15 years, the number of recommended vaccines more than doubled.

To complete the current harmonized childhood immunization schedule, 1 children must receive 15 to 19 doses of vaccine before 18 months of age and a total of 19 to 22 doses to be fully immunized by the age of 6 (see Figure 1-1 and Table 1-3 in Chapter 1). During some office or clinic visits, the administration of 3 or 4 separate injections is indicated. Adolescents are to receive a tetanus shot between ages 11 and 15, as well as measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR), varicella, and hepatitis B vaccinations if these were not administered at a younger age.

Look at this chart:

If all of this is making you VERY AFRAID the next paragraph excerpt just below is going to have you shopping for a wind machine:

“In the next 20 years, the number of vaccines available could triple relative to those recommended today, almost a ninefold increase since the 1950s (when only polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccines were recommended) (IOM, 1999b) (see Table 2-1). While all of the vaccines that become available may not be recommended for universal use, the schedule’s complexity is certain to increase, although the creation of combination vaccines may minimize the required number of vaccine administrations and office visits.2 Moreover, in addition to the creation of new vaccine types, new forms of administration are being tested, such as the use of live, attenuated influenza virus administered by intranasal spray (Nichol et al., 1999; Poland and Couch, 1999).”


Where we really are…

At first, in this article, I was going to explain what the ” Vaccine Construction” actually is, how it works, who it benefits, where the shiploads of money are distributed, and where they intend to go – and why NONE of this benefits North Americans,  And, why NONE of this benefits ANYONE on Planet Earth.

Since slightly before I started the “Geier Case Article Series” the  Vaccine Construction has been conducting a massive public relations campaign trying, desperately, to convince the people, not only in the US, but everywhere, that Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines is absolutely safe.  It was an uphill battle, they mustered all of their troops, and they attacked with a vengeance.

And they failed….

So right now, especially after what happened a few days ago, the US “Vaccine Construction” is in a high-blood-pressured, wide-eyed, stumble-when-they-walk, panic over the “Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines issue.”  

Why do I say that?  Several reasons:

(1)  On the first day of the United Nations Environment Programme – Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to prepare a global legally binding instrument on Mercury (INC3) being held in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa,  the African Delegation, representing fifty four (54) of the one hundred fifty (150) total delegates rose and spoke to the Assembly stating EMPHATICALLY that they don’t care a wit about the WHO recommendations, nor the US CDC positions on Thimerosal in vaccines, they want a word wide ban on Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines right now.

(2)  The word is out, and the US CDC is NOT going to recover from the “cover up” it manufactured in the late 1990s regarding the dangers of  Thimerosal in vaccines.  We are being nearly buried in media requests – and are handling every one in order.  As an example, listen to the Robert Scott Bell interview of Brian Hooker PhD here.  It is EXPLOSIVE.

(4)  The CDC, itself, is in a panic over the Hooker v CDC Federal Court case, trying to delay giving up records.  Last Friday, October 28th, 2011, they were supposed to, either, give up the records, or file a Motion indicating their legal arguments on why the should not.  Instead, they showed up in Court on their knees, so to speak, asking the Judge for another seven days, until November 4th, 2011, to comply.  There IS NO LEGAL ARGUMENT left.  This is just a stall.

Why were they stalling?  Because they know that if we had those records we would be handing out copies, with summaries and explanations attached, to each and every of the one hundred fifty (150) delegations at the Nairobi, Kenya UNEP meeting this week.   And that, my friends, would be THE END of the  Vaccine Construction worldwide.

Will the stall work?  No, we know where to find the delegates after the meeting.

What is this really all about?

In short, the drug lords need an increased vaccine schedule to make up for their patent-run-out losses.  More, for reasons internal to their operation, vaccines are not that profitable, individually.   The drug industry, especially the vaccine component, takes in  a lot of money.  But, they have to put out a lot of money.  According to the authoritative source,

“The imminent arrival of the dreaded “patent cliff” has been haunting the pharmaceutical industry for years, and it’s finally here. With patents on many blockbuster drugs about to expire, an estimated $250 billion in sales are at risk between now and 2015, according to data from EvaluatePharma.

Once drugs lose patent protection, lower-price generics quickly siphon off as much as 90% of their sales. For consumers, the savings from generics can be substantial, as this price table of the top 25 brand-name drugs with available generic counterparts highlights. According to pharmaceutical analyst Sophia Snyder at research firm IBISWorld, generics now average about 30% of the price of the brand-name originals.

In 2010, the pharmaceutical industry had sales of $860 billion worldwide, up 3% from 2009. Just 133 blockbuster drugs accounted for $295 billion of those sales — about 34% of the market — according to IBISWorld. Of those blockbusters, 13 are set to lose patent protection through 2013.

The pharmaceutical industry is currently in big trouble financially, and frankly, is relying on those Federal/State agencies to bail them out with an INCREASED Vaccine Program.  That won’t happen if the American people no longer trust the CDC, nor the “Vaccine Construction” – and they should not.


Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen