Should We “Unmask” the High-Profile Parents of Vaccine-Injured Children Who Remain Silent?

(Hey, it’s just the Future of the Human Race at Stake!)

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

In any campaign for change you must occasionally ask yourself if what you’re doing is achieving the intended result.

If it is, great! All speed ahead! If not, isn’t it time to reconsider your strategy?

It’s with that idea in mind I review what has happened over the past thirty years regarding vaccines and the health of America’s children. In 1986 Congress passed and President Reagan signed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. This law RADICALLY changed the consumer protection rights of Americans regarding vaccines.

The pharmaceutical companies, which were having financial difficulties because of the flood of vaccine injury cases

found the situation completely changed. In return for harming lots of kids, they weren’t punished. They were given protection!

In 1997, when Dr. Andrew Wakefield raised the question of whether the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine was causing digestive problems and autism in some children, the pharmaceutical companies had a boatload of money to fight this claim. The parents were financially devastated by the needs of their children and couldn’t find a decent lawyer to even bring a case.

Quite simply, the pharmaceutical companies took away all the rights that consumers enjoy for all other products.

A powerful system will cause most people to fold. It’s the rare individual who will not bow before an all-powerful authority. Dr. Andrew Wakefield was one of those individuals. Jenny McCarthy was one, along with her boyfriend at the time, Jim Carrey. So was Dr. Judy Mikovits. There were also a few brave parents who founded organizations, but for the most part we were alone.

Some people attacked Jenny McCarthy for coming out so strongly against vaccines. They claim she should have waited for somebody with more gravitas to lead the charge. But where were the other movie stars? We know that Hollywood actors have children. And some of them develop autism. And some of those actors quietly whisper to each other, and to some of us, that they suspect vaccines were the cause.

But no Justice League of Jenny McCarthy and others formed to combat this evil which had harmed their very own children. When they all get to heaven, Jenny will be the only A-list actor in God’s eyes. The others will be on the D-list.

In addition to changing the legal system, the pharmaceutical companies took over the news networks by buying up 60-70% of the advertising dollars.

The old rules remain in effect. Those who have the gold, make the rules.

The pharmaceutical industry employs more than 1500 lobbyists in Washington, D.C., or about three lobbyists for every single member of Congress. The pharmaceutical industry spends twice as much money lobbying Congress as its nearest competitor, the oil and gas industry. But the pharmaceutical industry has no liability for the vaccines it gives to our children. In short, they control the courts, the media, and the politicians.

And because they do,

they’ve been able to make those who raise issues about vaccines look like crazy people. So in addition to having no legal rights, no access to the press, and no influence with politicians, your friends and family think you’re crazy.

Any strategy which is to have a hope of success must acknowledge the overwhelming odds against us. This will be by necessity, a guerrilla campaign.

But just because the odds are against us, doesn’t mean we don’t have a chance.

In his excellent book, David and Goliath, the author Malcom Gladwell looks at what is needed to win a fight against a giant.

In a war, one would think that the size of the opposing armies will determine who wins, right? If both sides decide to fight the same way, then yes, you can pretty easily predict who will win the war.

But if the smaller army decides to fight in an unconventional manner, the calculus changes. If the smaller army fights in a way the larger army can’t control, the smaller army actually has about a 60% chance of winning, even if the other army is ten times as large.

George Washington didn’t win the Revolutionary War.

He fought to keep from losing it all in one large battle, until French soldiers and the French fleet arrived in large enough numbers and the British were divided, that Washington could capture half of the English army. Game over.

If George Washington fought in the way the British wanted him to fight, in the way that “gentlemen” conducted the art of war, it would have been a very short rebellion. Washington had to fight an unconventional war to win our freedom.

For far too long we have let our enemies dictate the battlefields on which we will fight.

As a result we have lost many more battles than we have won. We need to wage an unconventional campaign to protect the future of the human race and possibly recover those who have already been harmed.

Because the pharmaceutical companies have control of the legal system through the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, I believe that any attempt to use the courts will inevitably fail.

Because the pharmaceutical companies control the mainstream media,

we should not spend a minute of time worrying about how they will cover us. There may be a case to be made for smaller, alternative media, but we should always be wary of how quickly pharmaceutical money can shut down our stories.

Because pharmaceutical companies give ungodly amounts of money to our politicians, we should never expect anything good to come out of Congress. There have been some excellent fighters on our side, like Congressman Dan Burton, Dave Weldon, Bill Posey, and also Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, but they will be lonely voices in the wilderness.

So what is our trump card, the battlefield upon which we should devote all of our resources?

I think we have the answer in our own hands, in the stories that many if not most of you know, but have not shared.

For those of us who have been sharing our stories for years, we have also inevitably heard stories of those well-known individuals who have their own stories of vaccine injury. In the past we have honored their right to privacy regarding what has happened to their children, even though such silence has put millions at risk.

I believe that time has come to an end.

Considering the massive assault on our children and future generations, there is no longer any right to be silent about vaccine injury.

As a teacher I participate every April in the “Day of Silence”, which brings attention to those throughout the years who have been forced to keep quiet about their sexuality. Each year I fill out a little sign about how I will ‘End the Silence’ which keeps gay and lesbian youth from revealing their true identity.

At one of the low points in the gay rights struggle, as the vocal activists struggled to get the well-known members of society who were remaining silent about their sexuality to speak up, they came up with the idea of “outing” those individuals who were still in the closet.

I understand that some, if not most will be uncomfortable with the idea of “unmasking” the well-known parent of a child with autism who suspects vaccine damage, but you must ask yourself a fundamental question. When there is such an immense threat to the safety of our children, should we allow that person to remain quiet?

Here’s how easy it was for me.

I got a piece of paper and wrote down the names of prominent people I had heard about over the years as being aware of vaccine injury because of something they had personally observed. In about a half hour I was up to fifteen names, many of whom I had talked to myself.

Think about how things might change if the prominent people in our society who have seen vaccine injury told their stories.

When it was revealed in 1985 that screen idol Rock Hudson was not only gay, but dying of AIDS, it started to change how the country viewed people who were gay. Many men looked up to Hudson for his movie roles. Now they saw an unexpected complexity to the man.

When Ellen DeGeneres came out as lesbian in 1997 it was a huge risk for her. Would America turn away from her? But they didn’t. They just kept loving her as much as before for her great talent and amazing humor.

In 2015, when Bruce Jenner revealed he was transgender and planning to become Caitlyn Jenner, it was an amazing act of bravery.

Each of these acts of courage changed our country and made things better.

I have been absolutely baffled by the reaction of some people to my plan. They tell me I am causing additional pain to families who have suffered. They say I am attacking these parents and their families. Let me tell you how I see it.

Imagine I’m walking through a forest and suddenly I get shot with a poison dart. If I leave the dart in, it will slowly kill me. But me, being me, immediately takes it out and says, “Hey, somebody shot me with a poison dart!”

I come upon a large group of people who all have poison darts in them. “Hey, I think you should take that dart out!” I say.

They respond by saying, “That will hurt, and I don’t want the shame of people knowing I got shot.” And then they tell me to stop talking about the poison darts sticking out of them.

This is where it is totally nuts to me. My child was vaccine-injured.

It is the truth.

I value truth.

I have no shame about the fact my child is vaccine-injured. If somebody doesn’t believe me, well, go jump off a bridge. I don’t have time for you. I don’t live in a world of secrets and lies. Maybe I’m just really well-adjusted. Maybe I’m the crazy one because I’d much rather live in truth than have phony relationships. Just the way I’m wired.

Sone of those people in the forest who still have poison darts in them then say, “You just want us to pull those darts out, because you want us to get better so we can go stop the person who is shooting poison darts at people!” Guilty as charged. I want you to be healthy. I think that secrets and lies destroy a person’s life. I think telling the truth heals people.

And I want to lead an army to stop that guy who is shooting poison darts at other people and hurting them.

That guy isn’t just shooting poison darts at people. He is shooting them at innocent children. Say what you want, but I certainly don’t want that on my conscience when I shuffle off this mortal coil.

Like maybe you want to sign this petition to call for a FIVE YEAR MORATORIUM ON CHILDHOOD VACCINES, as well as some other changes which should PERMANENTLY TURN BIG PHARMA INTO little pharma.

This unmasking campaign will be the greatest healing project in human history. Could you imagine what would happen if we had a group of well-known individuals voluntarily come out and speak in a single, unified voice about the dangers of vaccines? It would change the world. Bad guys lose. Good guys win. What’s wrong with that?

I am calling for a period of VOLUNTARY UNMASKING of those in the public eye with their own stories of vaccine injury.  Let’s say, oh, I don’t know, by January 1, 2018.

You can release a press statement, post it on Facebook, even on Twitter if you want. But let me be clear. There are prominent figures in academia, film and television, the media, and government, who know that vaccine injury is real. We need to hear from you. I suggest you make your revelations by September 1, 2017.

After that time, I suggest that our community tell your stories to the world.

I understand that some may consider this an invasion of privacy. Normally, I would not consider this course of action. But these are not normal times. We must fight under a different set of rules of we are to win this battle for the future of our children.

I recently read a book of interviews with Martin Luther King, Jr. He made one observation about the dance which went on between the Johnson administration and the southern politicians and judges. King said there were a number of judges and politicians who secretly wanted to promote desegregation, but didn’t want to be seen doing it voluntarily.

They wanted to say they were simply following a federal order. King was highlighting a curious quirk in the human character. They wanted to do the right thing, but wanted somebody else to make them act.  I am happy to be the hammer, or the bad cop.

I think a similar war must rage within many prominent individuals who have seen vaccine injury with their own eyes, but remain quiet. I took a great deal of satisfaction from a recent statement by Ellen DeGeneres that she’s never gotten a flu shot.

Hey, if it’s okay to be gay, maybe it’s also okay to question vaccines.

I think there are many otherwise good people, who haven’t quite figured out how to raise the issue of vaccine injury in public. Sometimes they need a nudge.

I’d like to think of what I’m proposing as a nudge in the direction of doing the right thing. I was surprised to find that the actress Rosie O’Donnell planned on coming out as gay in 1992, but didn’t do so until ten years later, in 2002. Does Rosie regret waiting ten years to come out as gay? Does she think about those who might have been helped by her revelation in 1992?

But I want to look to the future. I want high-profile people to VOLUNTARILY UNMASK themselves. I know who many of you are. And I know that as I talk about this campaign, many more people will come forward to tell me your stories.

Please pluck out the poison dart of secrets and lies which is slowly killing you, and condemning future generations to similar harm. If you don’t, I may do it for you. And even though there may be a moment of stress and pain, you will know I am the best friend you ever had.

The clock is ticking.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD
Kent Heckenlively is the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&


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22 thoughts on “Should We “Unmask” the High-Profile Parents of Vaccine-Injured Children Who Remain Silent?”

  1. Tout idea is absolutely over-the-top! I think we need to do it. 1) A 2-3 month instruction campaign using social and alternative media. . 2) make the points from a emotional view: like rape victims going public snd by doing so saving others from dane faith – this just an example. Why make it and emotional appeal? The Democratic communists have been able to rally people to do their bidding exactly because they appeal to their emotions – however negatively- 3) Unmask, but be preoared for legal embrolios re: invasion of privacy, and they will happen. DO IT!!!!

  2. How about asking those celebrities to make public statements supporting/demanding the repeal of the law that prevents vaccine makers from being sued for the damage they caused? This would be a more subtle way for the celebrities to come out about their child’s vaccine-injury and I think would be easier to get them on board by taking this simple first step. Once the media asks them about why they made that statement, for sure they will explain their personal story. But, that will be in their own time, and in their own way.

  3. We can encourage celebrities to speak out, but who in mainstream media will cover that? So far it’s only been independent media, and individual families on social media, who have dared or been able to speak out.

  4. I love this idea Kent and I would add to it. Not only should those celebrities who have vaccine injured children have the courage to do the right thing and speak publicly about it, but those who have chosen NOT to vaccinate after doing their own research and realising that the risks of vaccination are far greater than they’ve been told and they don’t really work very well (or at all) should also speak out.

    In Australia, I personally know of many actors, actresses and politicians who don’t vaccinate and also, many journalists and news readers who made that personal choice yet continue to beat up on the unvaccinated in order to keep their jobs.

    Don’t even get me started on the doctors who don’t vaccinate or who have vaccine-injured children.

    Let them come forward and do the right thing or let them be outed for the good of those children who still have a chance to live a healthy unvaccinated life. Good on you!

  5. I gather the 5 year moratorium petition isn’t flying… now why is that? I’ve sure spread the link… where are the 100,000 parents…. how many summits have I seen that were avid about the vax hazard… several, so where are all those concerned summit viewers…. cowardly…

    OR maybe standing up damages their own children. to hide their weaknesses that they’ve managed to survive….

    OR do they imagine needing a lawyer to proceed, since the courts have colored the waters…..

    OR what about all those who hold those ‘summits’…… why aren’t they sending out follow-up emails with the petition announcement…. total silence…….

    Where are the readers of this blog… STILL quibbling over the wording games? when it’s clear that the ‘action’ that would be stirred by the SUCCESSFUL petition would open the whole range of negotiable versions…….

    Why isn’t the petition flying over the targetted 100,000 by Aug 2nd? Time is short.

  6. This unmasking about vaccine damage is a fabulous idea. Kent you are not crazy for living in the truth. You are red pilled as we all have been in these last few years. The politics and media has been unmasked and seen for what it is.

  7. Brilliant.

    And the idea that trying to fight them on their terms is a losing strategy is absolutely correct.

    It’s also why focusing on vaccine dangers as opposed to efficacy was always doomed to fail. Pharma companies don’t mind fighting on the battleground of fear. Fear of the vaccine vs fear of the disease. But if you show vaccines don’t work then this is taken away from the medical industry.

  8. Until it affects them, they won’t say a word. Most have the money to buy doctors to write waivers for their children.

    If someone who is rich and powerful advocates vaccines. I think they should have to give their blood and the blood of their children so we can see PROOF that they are vaccinated.

  9. Just my .02 worth, but after advocating for our son after his own vaccine injury as an infant, I’ve never, ever seen ANY petition accomplish one thing positive, at least not when it comes to the vaccine issue. I’ve signed my fair share of them, only to see my own and others’ efforts, fail.

    I’ll say this again – trying to force someone to speak out about this issue is, I believe, rather hypocritical, given that our side of the fence is against the mandating of vaccines. Why should it be acceptable for one side of the fence to force an issue w/someone, but not acceptable for the other? Believe me, I understand the frustration and anger you have, Kent. But going down this road re forcing others to speak about something of which is highly personal for any family, just doesn’t resonate w/me.

    As I’ve stated in a prior comment about this very issue, you’ve no idea what some of these families may be doing about this issue – privately. Careers may be lost for many of these folks, just as the careers of those of whom have already spoken out about this issue, have been lost. I really do wish more people would speak out about this issue, but I would never, ever willingly subject re a forced outing on this subject. That may just backfire on our side in the end.

    Personally, I have always felt that professionals in the medical field who do know and understand the issues w/vaccines would be more forthcoming. I’ve spoken to a number of them off the record in my day and each and every time, most of them have told me they are just not willing to speak out, for a plethora of reasons. It drives me insane whenever I hear this, but generally speaking, I always understand both sides to the issue (as to whether to speak out or not).

    I’ve sent you a private email, Kent, regarding a UK celeb who is speaking out about his twins’ recent autism diagnosis. He has WILLINGLY spoken out about this issue.

    You may want to start by contacting him…

  10. For years I spoke out publicly about my son’s vaccine damage and recovery. I spoke on radio shows, ran parent support groups and events, marched in DC, was interviewed in newspapers, worked in an autism center. . But around the time my son started high school he asked that I step back from all that because he wanted some privacy. I decided I had to respect his wishes and allow him to get on with the life he worked so hard to have. It’s a struggle for me because I find myself still wanting to scream from the rooftops. But instead I work quietly “undercover” advocating and supporting other parents….to protect his privacy…because it’s hard enough growing up in today’s world. So I guess a part of me wonders if this is why some high profile people don’t speak out?

  11. If a professional in the medical field knows that vaccines are causing injury and death and refuses to speak up about it they are not only breaking the Hippocratic Oath, they are committing a crime and should be brought up on charges.

    The time for pussyfooting around is over.

  12. “The time for pussyfooting around is over.”

    Agreed, but as it pertains to more activism to help spread the word. I think the one thing that needs repeated yet again is that we cannot state WE do not want forced vaccination for either ourselves and/or our children/loved ones, but then feel it’s perfectly acceptable to FORCE others to come out ‘of the closet’ to speak about their own, and/or their children’s vaccine injuries.

    I’m not sure how anyone would feel this would be a ‘gain’ for our side? Forcing anyone to do something he/she is uncomfortable doing, doesn’t seem to be a prudent thing to do. What will the effect ultimately be? Further, what mainstream outlet will even run the piece, should the ‘outed’ person speak out publicly?

    I’ve been at this thing for almost 25 years, doing what I can do to help in any way I can. I wouldn’t have appreciated someone publicly outing ME or my husband, regarding our son’s vaccine damage issues. That’s not someone else’s choice FOR ME and our personal lives. I chose to speak out because it was something I felt I wanted to do.

    This entire issue is essentially a FREEDOM of choice issue, correct? So you presume to take away someone else’s freedom to choose whether or not to speak out publicly?

    Believe me, I really do understand the frustration and anger here. But none of us has the right to force someone else to speak publicly about this issue. One cannot state that freedom only comes with whatever decisions we make for ourselves, but not for someone else.

    We may not like the choices other people make as to whether to speak out or not, but freedom has to be a two-way street.

  13. Bravo, Kent. I’ll add something to this action. Civil Disobedience. I was part of the 60’s movement against the Viet Nam War-an early protester. It took a decade, a lot of rioting, a few deaths, but it worked. Occupy the government offices-state health departments. IMHO I believe it’s the only way.

  14. I think it should be done. The problem lies with those who have children who are now over 18. We must let the adult “children” of actors/actresses “come out” themselves, as it would be wrong for their parents to reveal this without their permission. We would have to tread lightly on who to “out” and who to not “out” in those cases.

    By the way, the Petition isn’t doing anything because there have been too many already. Too many that went nowhere. And when it goes nowhere, people assume (and rightfully fear) that their name will just be added to a list to be “targeted”. I passed it by a couple of times believing it was just another such petition. In the past, we’ve just gotten form letters from the White House thanking us for our input – and a “no thanks” to the reason for the Petition.

  15. But why is it ok to “out” the under 18? You can’t undo what’s been done. It’s not like suddenly when you turn 18 everyone forgets what they heard about you when you were a few years younger. I believe all children have the right to medical privacy. I’m a parent of a now 19 year old on the spectrum and I saw how hard it was for him socially. Life is stressful enough for teens and Pre-teens in the private world with no labels.

  16. No offense, but how would you know this info beyond a shadow of a doubt?

    Also, depending on the person, this type of action could seriously hurt their career.

    Why does a movement who doesn’t want something forced upon their family justify forcing this unto other families?

    I think it’s a bit hypocritical.

    Let’s pretend DeNiro was forced into the position of being outed…then suffered the humility of the bullying and name calling, etc. before Vaxxed was released…does any one seriously believe he would have been sympathetic and supportive of the cause? Of course not…do not make enemies of silent supporters…not a good strategy.

    As long as the conversation continues, there is shift towards our side. Since the majority of people vaccinate, hardly anyone from an anti-vax stance will go over to a pro vax stance since most all started there. Logically speaking, the shift will continue in our direction because it’s a one way shift. Radicalizing it can turn off people on the fence. Those are the people you need most of all…

  17. Compulsory vaccination in Italy and France, mass murder with system? No argument can justify this. Putting something under compulsion into the body of another human being is not only a deliberate bodily injury, it is contrary to international law and clearly as a fascist act. Everyone has the innate right to decide about his life and body himself and freely. Anyone who violates this human right is unmistakably a criminal.
    Or is the human rights revolution merely an empty phrase? Naturally! Every year more than 22 million children (plus not reported), mostly infants, die of the consequences of vaccination. This predominates deaths due to possible epidemics around the tens of thousands. This is legalized mass murder. A large percentage of vaccinated children who do not die directly from the vaccine suffer irreparable nerve and brain damage. The natural immune system is already destroyed in the early development.
    Corresponding scientific examination reports can be requested from us at any time. We work with international scientists, including Nobel laureates. Our joint research has clearly shown that in the areas where the most frequent vaccinations were carried out, the largest number of diseases were recorded against which vaccination was actually carried out. This circumstance was particularly noticeable in measles and influenza vaccinations. The real, deadly epidemic has the name Pharmaindustry! Why does no one examine the actual ingredients of vaccination sera? We have done it internationally. Each vaccine is toxic and contains, among other things, aluminum, mercury, formaldehydes and many chemicals. What do these toxins have in a biological organism?
    For example, these alleged measles epidemics, they are fictitious, which is very easy to detect. But why are these fictitious numbers propagated? The answer is equally simple, profit. The World Health Organization (WHO) is not infrequently helping to spread these invented anxiety reports. By the way, the WHO is directly financed by the pharmaceutical industry, just as easy to prove by means of the annual accounts and the receipt of substantial money sums in the business books. Please think logically about it, if it were not so, would not this powerful industry have already sued us?
    We are an independent, scientific research center that also has a postbox, but so far no prosecution message from a court has found the way into this postbox. Why not? This criminal construct, with all its helpers, shuns the public so much. We always hope for a write from a court to publicly submit all our research results, evidence and insider information, but nothing happens, very unfortunate. We ask every vaccine advocate to provide us with an independent, proven study demonstrating that vaccination does not actually cause any damage to the human organism and that vaccinations have ever prevented a truly existing epidemic.
    In the latter case, of course, it becomes difficult, because a comprehensive epidemic actually existed when? We have been investigations over 5 years in 22 countries, in a total of 12 thousand people. We then expect an investigation of similar magnitude.
    We had sent this request, in the past, to more than 70 institutes, research facilities and the pharmaceutical industry itself. So far, we have not receive had a proven study that proves that vaccinations do something positive and that there are more advantages than disadvantages.
    Dr. Stefanie Hillinger
    Independent Research Center of the Dayeng Foundation.

  18. One more comment:

    I’ve just now read the comments posted underneath my own. I’m glad to see that others also have some of the same concerns as I have re this ‘unmasking’ of certain ‘celeb/prominent’ parents, etc.

    BELIEVE me, I understand why so many in our camp are frustrated, angry and pissed off. I get it.

    But before you go off the rails with this one and start ‘unmasking’ certain parents, THINK about what it is you are doing and are asking others to do at the same time.

    This is truly a freedom of choice issue. That’s what this entire scenario is all about – our personal freedom. Freedom to live the lives we choose to live, w/o being forced and/or compelled to do something to either ourselves and/or our loved ones we are not comfortable doing.

    What you are saying, Kent, is that the freedom(s) we espouse for ourselves does not apply to others because they’ve chosen to do something you don’t agree with – and that is NOT speaking out publicly about this issue regarding their child’s/children’s vaccine injuries (or their own for that matter). You are asking others if it would be acceptable to somehow ‘out’ these parents and FORCE them to speak publicly about this issue.

    How in the world can you justify this, Kent? You are essentially stooping to the other side’s level and in effect, forcing, either via bullying or whatever tactic, someone to speak out – on a public platform.

    I cannot tell you how appalling this is to me (and I know it is to others as well). I know, because I’ve asked them. One, you risk the very real issue of getting sued and taken to court over this. Two, how is it that you feel you have the inside info. on this issue w/some of these parents? How do you KNOW that some of these people have vaccine injured children? Of course, it could be that some of them have spoken to you off-the-record, or you know of their situation(s) through other means, but for you to decide, Kent, that you should be the lone purveyor of truth on this issue, is nothing different than Paul Offit’s stance that all parents should vaccinate their children, no exceptions.

    Paul has no more business uttering those words than anyone on our side stating that we have the right to force others to speak out publicly about their medical histories, namely our vaccine injured kids.

    Years ago, I had an activist contact me. She wanted me to force our then middle school aged son to hand out anti-vaccination banners to all his friends, other students, and teachers, at his school. I told her flat out that there was no way that our son would do this. He’s a very quiet, shy, introverted individual and the last thing he would want to do would be to draw attention to himself in this manner.

    She literally told me that I should force him to do this. I flat told her that this was not her place to decide and that I, as a parent, would decide what I did, or didn’t feel, was an acceptable form of action regarding my son and this issue.

    Conversely, if our son decided this was something he was willing to do, I would still have sat him down and explained to him what the consequences might have been for him, if this was the route he chose to go with this type of activism. We would have discussed all the pros and cons and then, at some point, I would have allowed him to make his final decision. But I would never, ever have dreamed of forcing our son into a situation I knew he would be uncomfortable with.

    You cannot have this both ways. You cannot cry ‘foul’ over the other side’s camp with its pro-vaccination mandates, at all cost and stripping parents of their right to informed consent and freedom of choice, but then at the same time state that it’s acceptable to force others to do something they may not feel comfortable doing. Freedom means freedom for ALL and not just for those of whom you may agree with on any given issue.

    I sense the anger and frustration with Kent and all others. It’s not been that long ago when my husband and I witnessed our baby son banging his head against my husband’s chest, screaming in absolute agony, with our phone held alongside our screaming baby as our then pediatrician anxiously listened to our infant’s wailing. I will never, ever forget that moment, nor the moments prior to that when we couldn’t awaken him at all. He went from complete somnalence to high pitched screaming in one fell swoop. We did not understand what was happening to him; it was only when we called our pediatric office did we find out that our son was having a severe vaccine reaction.

    I realize that there are many more parents out there who have suffered far worse than we did (or our son did); I have met parents who have watched their babies die shortly after vaccination. It’s an absolutely horrendous situation, all around. There is nothing, nothing, nothing else I am probably more passionate about, than this vaccine issue (that and another issue my family is now confronted with).

    So I do understand the anger, pain and frustration. I do. But I would never, ever deem it appropriate to, no matter what the circumstance, disavow someone else’s right to freedom, even if I disagree with his/her stance on the issue. To do this, in my opinion, would be…frankly, immoral. It’s not right.

    I feel very strongly about this. I hope the individuals who have voiced positive comments about doing this will take a step back and re-think your positions.

    I also realize I may further antagonize Kent and others who may not like what I’m saying, but I don’t care. I feel just as passionate about preserving FREEDOM FOR ALL as I do with protecting my own freedom to choose what I feel is best for myself, our son, and my family.

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