World Mercury Project Leads the Way – ACTION ALERT

by Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

In earlier articles here on The Bolen Report, we have highlighted and praised the work of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in his courageous and relentless drilling down to the bottom of America’s corrupt vaccine policy and law swamp.

His appointment by President Trump to do this work was an inspired one, to say the least. Born into one of our country’s great liberal political dynasties, thanks to his work as an environmentalist, Kennedy was already named one of Time Magazine’s “Heroes of the Planet”.  In other words, he is a savvy and longtime political activist.  He wisely named his project for Trump “Let the Science Speak”.   Who could be against this project with a goal like that?

For the past year, after officially working on behalf of Trump’s belief that vaccines cause autism, Kennedy has now launched a fundraising campaign to expand his work.  In doing so, he has listed the following objectives.


In prior articles, I have urged every concerned reader of The Bolen Report to take action when possible.  Kennedy is now asking YOUR help to fund the next stage of this project.  He is asking people to donate money to his Indigogo fundraising event   He has provided a cornucopia of information regarding his progress on the Indigogo site which I suggest you circulate far and wide.  As with earlier action alerts,

I suggest you do the following:

(1)  Donate money to help.

(2)  Sign up at World Mercury Project to receive their weekly updates that are always loaded with new and revealing headlines you need to know.

(3)  Contact your public servants.

Yes, 399 of 435 US Representatives and 97 of 100 US Senators WALLOW in 2016 election cycle Big Pharma cash.    Yes, your state legislators are also probably on the take from Big Pharma as well thanks to ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council.)  

BUT they can’t go into the voting booth and pull the lever to actually elect people.  YOU CAN.  


Our country is going through a major shift in philosophy that has everyone emotionally strung out.

Often we react emotionally to each and every flashy headline that comes out, only to find out later, that the facts were different than first stated.  In the case of Trump and his belief that vaccines cause autism, he has been outspoken in this belief for many years before he decided to run for President.  It became one of his campaign platforms and his support for Kennedy’s work to “LET THE SCIENCE SPEAK” is proof his ongoing commitment to get to the truth.  If you’ve done your homework, you know the vaccine industry is a swamp and the current science is corrupted by special interests.

Also, keep in mind, Trump is no friend of Big Pharma. 

His declaration of war against opioids presents a major hit against the profits and prestige of this industry.  His repeated complaints about the high price of drugs and the payola to Congress speak volumesHuffington Post provides us all with the truth about why we need to support Trump’s efforts to lower drug prices as part of his efforts to lower the cost of healthcare in general.

Another truth…..wealthy people buy the kind of health care they want.  These days millions of them are going outside the mainstream to use the services of anti-aging doctors, functional medicine doctors, integrative medicine doctors and doctors who have other than MD degrees who never use drugs in the first place and do not recommend vaccines.  I went as far as Dubai, several years ago, to attend an international conference of the American Academy of Anti-Aging.   It was a learning experience.

Bottom line.….worldwide, the cutting edge of medicine already being used by the “rich and famous” is where medicine is going.  The big money is researching stuff nobody talks about in the press.  Big Pharma has major competition already emerging.

Then there is Trump, himself.  Ever wonder why he has so much energy and does not look like he’s 71 years old?  Hmmm….think about that a minute.

Trump’s support of Kennedy’s work is consistent with his desire to clean up medicine, in spite of the power of Big Pharma and the occasional fake truth headlines.  THE SCIENCE WILL SPEAK and our efforts to make sure our public servants know where we stand will make it easier to create a rational infectious disease policy we can all stand behind that also makes economic sense!


by Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst


One thought on “World Mercury Project Leads the Way – ACTION ALERT”

  1. These are incredible steps that our children have needed for many years. With parents losing more and more of their rights, with doctors threatening to withhold their services, and with insurance companies threatening to drop coverage if children aren’t 100% vaccinated, we desperately need help. A big step in the right direction would be for President Trump to repeal the 1986 law that prohibits parents from filing lawsuits against the pharmaceutical companies for vaccine injuries. That would be a huge step in the right direction. Let parents and their attorneys take care of the devastation pharmaceutical companies and politicians on their payroll are causing. We have the right to sue for everything but this. Please give us our rights back.

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