Will Suzanne Somers New Book on Alternative Cancer Therapies Start the Cancer Revolt?…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


Watch Larry King Friday night, October 23, 2009.  He’s interviewing Suzanne Somers about her new book “Knockout,” which talks about REAL treatments, ones that actually work, for cancer.  9:00PM EST

The longest running war conducted by the United States is not the war in Iraq, nor the war in .Afghanistan.  It is the “War on Cancer” started, with great fanfare, in 1972, thirty-seven years ago, by President Richard Nixon. It is a complete failure.  The enemy, cancer, continues to gain ground. 

In truth, the only people who benefit from this war are those in the huge, for profit, cancer industry – certainly not cancer victims or their families.  The accepted therapies, those claimed to be “proven,” are, in actuality, worthless.  The statistics generated, even though the industry massages them, clearly show that 97.9% people who go the chemotherapy therapy route are dead five years later.  That’s correct – chemotherapy only has a 2.1% success rate over five years.  Put in a 2.5% “margin of error” and you’ve got a big fat zero.

More, the government apparatus we’ve created to help with this war is no more than a huge “welfare for scientists” program with absolutely nothing to show for their thirty-seven years of existence except higher percentages of cancer deaths.

The mechanism created by the plan, amounts to the biggest rip-off ever conducted against the American people. The people running the “War on Cancer”, had this been a US military operation, would long ago been fired for incompetence.  US casualties of this war are shocking.  More Americans have died in this war, during this period (thirty-seven years), than during the total of ALL of the wars ever fought by the people of the US.  Cancer now tops the charts in the US as the largest annual health problem – ahead of heart disease.

President Obama, and his people, want to reform US health care.  This is the place to start – for it is here that every problem, every wrong thing in the US healthcare system is exemplified.

Suzanne Somers’s new book “Knockout,” an examination of cutting-edge Alternative Cancer treatments, will be on the stands October 20th, 2009.  Larry King interviewed her about the book yesterday October 13th, 2009 in his Los Angeles studio.  The show will Air at 9:00 PM EST on October 23rd, 2009 on CNN. The interview is about the book not the problem of the “War on Cancer.”

I haven’t seen Suzanne’s book yet, but I’ve heard from someone who has read it that it is terrific.  Featured in it is the work of some of the  finest cutting-edge scientist/cancer therapists in the US:  Nicholas Gonzalez MD, Stanislaw Burzynski MD PhD, James Forsythe MD, and more.

The US has lost the “War on Cancer” started by President Richard Nixon, in 1972.  Hundreds of billions of dollars has been spent, in essence,  developing a cancer industry that has never intended to do anything about cancer – in fact, they do the opposite.  It also created a huge, bloated bureaucracy of “cancer scientists” who, simply, get all dressed up, go to a meeting in a city far away, stay overnight in a five-star hotel, drive a Mercedes Benz – and accomplish absolutely nothing.  Never have, never will.

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate