Why “Anti-Vaxxers” Must Not Support ANY Democrats For Election In 2020…

It’s Simple:  ALL Democrats Are in Favor of “Mandatory Vaccines” For Not Just All of America’s Children – But For Everyone…

Look how easily the Democrats passed California’s SB #277…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Without doubt America is at at a crossroads with US presidential election 2020.  The Us Democratic Party, as we can all see, offers absolutely NOTHING to the American people for their future.  Their ENTIRE campaign is based on “Hate Trump,” which translates very easily into the REAL refrain “Hate Trump Supporters.”

In reality the Democrats are running against the hugely successful, and massive, “Anti-Vaxxer” movement…

Why? Because they need to.  Never before has a health advocate group grown so fast, or been so successful against the “Deep State” – the ACTUAL governing body of most of Western Civilization.

Everyone knows that the US Democratic Party is COMPLETELY controlled by Big Pharma…  Not one Democratic Party political candidate dares to step our of line.  If they do their campaign funds are cut off and the liberal media, which gets 70% of its total income from pharmaceutical advertising, comes at them in a scourge.

Health Care in the US, and all over Planet Earth, will never be the same if we get a Democratic Party president now…

Do you have any idea how many new vaccines are “in the pipeline” right now that are fully designed to change humanity’s DNA?  There is no question that Big Pharma is experimenting with, and designing vaccines, that will alter human beings.

just think – with DNA altering vaccines given at childbirth no longer will the elites have to convince black mothers to go to Planned Parenthood for one of the nine hundred (900) abortions provided for the Black Community every day.  With DNA vaccines they just inject the baby at birth and it will grow into a three foot tall 45 IQ drooling tomato picker.

Think that’s far-fetched?  Think again.  Look at the Millennials – the first whole generation injected with the massive vaccine program, all laced with mercury as a “preservative”, currently smashing historical monuments, and family businesses, across America.

Think horror show.

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

11 thoughts on “Why “Anti-Vaxxers” Must Not Support ANY Democrats For Election In 2020…”

  1. Sorry Tim but you are incorrect. A short time after you revamped your site, a person I know to be anti vaccination made a comment that you disagreed with and you basically tore her comment to bits, seemingly because she has different political views to you. I’m from the UK and so am not in this argument, but I know that whilst she is an antivaxxer, I know that she is also a democrat supporter too.

    At the time I warned that driving away those who despite being of a different political complexion, detest vaccination, is shortsighted. Nothing I have seen since then has led me to believe that the movement can survive if it remains as sectarian as you seem to wish it to become.

    In my view, that’s a shame..

  2. Kevin:

    In the US the only individual States that went for “Mandatory Vaccination” were those completely on the edge of full Democratic Party Totalitarian Communism (California, New York, and Maine).

    We were able to defeat their efforts in forty seven of our fifty States, even in some of those that are extremely left-leaning –


    There are very clear delineations in the US.

    Facts are facts.

  3. I don’t know if this will help but sometimes i swear that people would NEVER swallow that LIE that vaccines are safe, and it’s counterpart LIE that vaccines saved us from epidemics of death, IF PEOPLE JUST DID THE MATH….

    The KEY numeric data is there to use for PROVING THE CDC ARE PATHOLOGICAL LIARS.

    So to prove my point, that i could demonstrate this trick AND to counteract the BRAINDEAD MD that is our own otherwise-not-liberal Representative… [he was annoying me in response to my SEVERAL postings/tweets and letters about vaccine data]… so it did the math……

    Now i figure the political geniuses in office may be intuitively intimidated by such CLEAR EVIDENCE — MATH LOGIC PRECISE — so they’d be stunned and inquisitive about why they were lied to by CDC…..

    And they are inundated with numbers [economics etc] all the time SO THEY MIGHT BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO PUT THEIR FOOT IN TO READ THE ARGUMENTATIVE MATH.

    So here it is… http://www.cighe.net/HyperbaricWellness/AntiVaxVisions.html

    Enjoy… ttyl

  4. To Kevin Morris, I know that things seem that way (that you view them), but bear in mind that even under Obama, bills were being prepared that intended to take away from the States, the right to make their own laws regarding vaccines. The end result was obvious- Mandated vaccines for everyone. For this reason I was against Hillary being elected and had to see the looks on so many people’s faces , puzzled at how someone like myself could think that vaccines are so important, when there are so many other more important aspects to the presidency. So, I wish today, that I could remind some of those people about how they thought vaccines were not important and ask them to notice that the entire country has been ill treated and manipulated with the goal of furthering the vaccine agenda of the Democrats and the deep state. God help us all if people dont wake up in sufficient numbers.

  5. Tim,
    If all democrats are pro-vaccine that would mean they have their own children vaccinated as well. Doesn’t it? How can they stomach all those inoculations for their own precious little ones? Are democrats so unconscious, so unfeeling, so inhuman as to let their own flesh and blood be inoculated with aluminum, formalin, mercury and disgusting animal parts? What happens when one of their children gets autism or some other serious health disorder from vaccines? Or are they secretly avoiding vaccines for their children while promoting it for everyone else? Are these democrat politicians or health-care workers in the state health-departments and legislatures in all 50 states, many of whom are college educated, and some with law degrees, simply brainwashed or is there a secret double standard going on? In all my years of doing this work, this is still a mystery to me….so much repressed anger and silence on this issue….finally coming to light.

  6. Kevin Morris,
    I’m from the UK too and I’m puzzled by your comment. Most people vote for one party or the other (it’s the same in UK as in USA) according to which party will give them personally the greatest financial advantage. The voter might be mistaken in their view, but they give it their best guess. However, it appears that your friend wants to vote for the party which is saying, “We’ll give you all these financial rewards, and by the way, we’ll poison you all as well.” And your friend says, “Yes, I’ll vote for that.” Good luck with that strategy!

  7. The EdGriffin NeedToKnow.news this week had an article saying that there’s a naturopath [Dr Pam Popper] in Ohio who’s launching a ‘movement’ to stop mandatory vaxxing ideas… including help for parents taking their children out of school, as well as lawyer backup… the plan is to canvas every level of govt candidates and say we are a ONE-ISSUE GROUP of a size [members joined up] that would wake some up. Anyway, her website is supposedly wellnessforumhealth.com but that’s as far as i’ve gotten on checking things out……. any one got more news?

  8. If you live in the U.S.A. and want to retain your ability to decline vaccination for yourself or your kids… you must absolutely vote against the democrats (with very few exceptions.. Assemblyman Jamel Holley from New Jersey comes to mind ((GOOD MAN)).. do feel free to educate me on any other worthy democrats out there like Holley… but otherwise, try this– study all the bills that have been written over the past few years to take away vaccine exemptions,,, state by state.. you’ll see the obvious pattern: they are authored by democrats.. Vote them OUT. They are sock puppets for the global pharmaceutical agenda… they do not work for or represent the people, they’ve demonstrated this to the public, year after year after year (I’m talking vaccination issue here)… and when someone shows you who they really are… you believe them!! (or you’re a fool).. As for other issues, at this moment there is only one.. because if we lose the right to say “NO” to any medical procedure then we are finished and nothing else matters.

  9. kevin morrissays:
    July 6, 2020 at 9:19 am

    Tim Bolen is absolutely correct. The only hope we have is to keep the democraps out. I am not saying we are then safe thereafter but its the best we have.

    I am also UK based.

    Coronavirus: Oxford vaccine triggers immune response

    Kent, can you and Judy look at this. People getting excited about it today.

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