What do we actually know about “Viruses” like “Covid-19?”

“Amazingly little” is the answer and most of what we thought we knew has turned out to be erroneous.

From Europe by Karma Singh

“Science” can’t even prove that viruses, themselves, legally exist!

This is the core of the ruling in Germany’s highest court in December 2016:

“The available evidence (i.e. that from electron microscopes) does not even prove that viruses exist let alone that they are harmful. The panel of judges ruled that the supposition, guesswork and presumptions which were offered to them do not constitute evidence proving the existence of viruses and ruled against the appellant.”

So what, you might ask, are those things that they keep showing us photos of? 

The answer is, scientifically, “We simply don’t know!”

When we look at the world around us, we see that things appear to grow and then to die. Although the ancient Vedic, Chinese and Sumerian cultures understood how and why, this knowledge appears to have been lost to the Celts who, following the calamity of 3950 B.C., moved West to begin their occupation of what is now called Europe. It is certain that they did bring some of the ancient knowledge with them but this appears to have been lost in the wars of extermination carried out by the Romans.

This state of ignorance was exploited by the Catholic Church to build for themselves an empire which lasted more than 1000 years. The basis of their power was “fear of the unknown” which they took great care to preserve by denying access to learning for other than their “chosen elite”. They even made it a capital crime to translate the Bible into a language which the people spoke!

These two driving impulses: The Roman extermination of spiritual knowledge and the Catholic preservation of ignorance made the “Christian” world a very fearful place.

For centuries, the Western World cried out for an explanation of how and why people, animals and crops got sick and died. Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch made use of this thirst for knowledge to spread their doctrine of “infectious disease” even though both knew (as Pasteur freely admitted in his memoirs) that it was and is a bare-faced lie. The personal aggrandisement and large amounts of money which they gained were their driving force.

The “sleight of hand” which they, together, used was done with the recently improved microscope technology. They were able to inculcate a general belief in “disease germs” by showing that certain species of bacteria were present in animals with specific illnesses.

The other pertinent facts they just “forgot” to mention. These facts include:-

i) These bacteria were not always present in the sick animal.

ii) The bacteria were found in animals which were not and did not become ill.

iii) No causational, merely a coincidental connection between bacterium and illness could be shown.

iv) When the illness was over, the bacteria did not disappear but “merely” became dormant.

Their “teaching” that bacteria are parasitic and that health is to be regained by killing them found widespread acceptance in the public at large but not so much in the scientific community of the time because Koch and Pasteur’s publications and hypotheses were so vague and inconclusive.

Others pointed to polluted water, poor food and lack of sanitation as more likely causes of illness. These have been proved time and time again to be correct and improvements in these areas have not only eliminated many diseases but also, over the last 150 years, literally doubled life-expectancy. Nonetheless, because there was so much money to be made out of killing bacteria rather than everyone benefiting from improved drinking water, sanitation and food, the new owners of the pharmaceutical industry, Rockefeller, Carnegie and others, pushed the flawed Koch/Pasteur hypothesis with all their might.

Thus was born the guiding principle of modern Western medicine:  “Profit at the expense of health.”

When, in the closing years of the 19th century, certain Russian, Dutch and French botanists experienced diseased plants but could find no related bacteria, they postulated that there “must be” much, much smaller “parasites” – too small to be seen with their microscopes. These were, then, called “virus”; the Latin name for poison.

It was only in 1937 that the first electron microscope was built. Such a device, which can magnify more than 3,500 times, is capable of seeing something as small as a putative virus. The big drawbacks are that it can only view dead, immobile material and only give black and white pictures. This renders it totally useless as a tool for medical research.

You see, if you wish to claim that certain micro-organisms are CAUSING problems then you must be able to show evidence that that is what they do, otherwise it’s just pure guesswork. That certain micro-proteins are present is NOT evidence that they are causing problems; they could equally be a part of the solution. Until you can see where they come from, what they do, what they are for and where they go to there is no way that you can determine whether they are harmful, useful or irrelevant.

An electron microscope simply doesn’t let you do this!

This is the core of the ruling in Germany’s highest court in December 2016: The available evidence (i.e. that from electron microscopes) does not even prove that viruses exist let alone that they are harmful. The panel of judges ruled that the supposition, guesswork and presumptions which were offered to them do not constitute evidence proving the existence of viruses and ruled against the appellant.

A further breakthrough in microscopy was needed before clarity could be established. This occurred in the early 1980’s in Quebec, Canada when Gaston Naessens unveiled his “Somatoscope”. His invention which can view living, moving organisms at more than 20,000 times magnification finally made it possible to verify the virus hypothesis.

The Somatoscope shows clearly and incontrovertibly that viruses do NOT exist and the “disease caused by viruses hypothesis” is fatally flawed, i.e., in normal speech, total nonsense.

The things which have been called “viruses”, it turns out, are actually an essential part of natural cell repair and replacement processes, i.e. your own body makes them as it needs them in order to clear out damaged cells and their residues. This, of course, also answers the puzzling fact that every so-called virus is genetically unique to the person, animal or plant from which it was removed. It also explains why “viruses” are not contagious; the genetic pattern doesn’t fit and so your own natural immunity will instantly identify any such particles as foreign and destroy it. The only way to prevent this happening is to bypass the first two “lines of defence” by injecting the foreign particles directly into your blood stream in combination with immune suppressants to prevent your natural immunity reacting to neutralise the “invader”.

This “cocktail” manufactured by the pharmaceutical industry shows very clearly that they are aware that “infection” in the manner in which we taught in school and is a dogma, i.e. a “required” belief in order to get a licence to practise medicine, does not happen. It is only by actively disabling our natural immunity that they are able to make us ill at all with their vaccines.

Presently, we see this in the Philippines where a Bill Gates sponsored mass-vaccination programme (paid for by American taxpayers) is crippling thousands of previously healthy children in a land which, previously, did not have a polio problem. In India, Gates has injured and killed so many that he has been expelled from the country and his vaccination programme closed down.

We Europeans, Americans and Australasians are, apparently, to be the next victims unless we decide to stop it.

To read more on this, get yourself a copy of “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” available exclusively from https://www.tprip.com

N.B. At present, postal services are refusing to accept packages for delivery outside Europe. Printed books can, therefore, not be sent to N. America or Australasia. The E-book editions of all books continue to be available.

Blessed be

Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

19 thoughts on “What do we actually know about “Viruses” like “Covid-19?””

  1. Hello Karma,

    I was wondering if you’d be so kind as to give a reference for this quote: “This is the core of the ruling in Germany’s highest court in December 2016:

    “The available evidence (i.e. that from electron microscopes) does not even prove that viruses exist let alone that they are harmful. The panel of judges ruled that the supposition, guesswork and presumptions which were offered to them do not constitute evidence proving the existence of viruses and ruled against the appellant.””

    I tried to fact check so I didn’t sound retarded anytime I used this as a reference for the nonexistence of viruses, but I couldn’t find any other references to this quote online. Thanks!

  2. Hi Caleb,
    I don’t think it’s ever been translated into English but you can read much more about it in my newsletter of the 17th May 2017 in the archive here:- http://www.hecrl.com/are2017
    The link to the court judgement is to that of the Oberlandesgericht, Stuttgart and not that of the Bundes Gerichtshof. The appeal to the BGH was rejected as groundless and so the active judgement is that from the OLG.
    OLG is roughly equivelent to the American Federal Appeals Court or the English Court of Appeal. The BGH is equivelent to the American Supreme Court or (formerly) the English House of Lords.

    Thank you most kindly Ralph.

    Blessed be

  3. So, Christianity and the Catholic Church built an empire based on fear of the unknown, and that’s the level of intelligence this site eventually comes down to? And everything related to vaccines, viruses, Kent Heckenlively, Judy Mikovits, etc. is related to this wacko kind of dismissal of western civilization? Too bad. I thought there was some value coming from this direction. Unsubscribing.

  4. Viruses exist, come on now. There are two papers, one an excellent Indian Lab did right away, but they got so much crap fron the self appointed BIG wig scientists, the withdrew it, but you can still read it, it is spot on. Also, Luc Montanier has one out. This novel virus has been CRISPR engineered, with the proteins from HTLV1 & 2 AND SIV, which in Humans we call HIV. These are the proteins which make it very successful at infection, and makes a long incubation period . The patients are not being ‘reinfected’ they are the ones that did not get sufficient treatment (they were still shedding virus, from the intestines, so it sheds and can be detected in stool. We may find some latency issues with this “virus.” It escaped the lab before it was scheduled to (You can look for a YouTube video with Doctor Fauci announcing at the end of the lecture he gave later January 2017 at Georgetown University 3 times, with emphasis, that there will be a “special”Epidemic during the Trump administration. Nice guy, huh? He made sure the virus projects had funding when they moved to China to get around the Gain of Function and CRISPR work bans put on in 2014 by DHS.

  5. Well, John, I’m sorry if reality is so upsetting to you but, at some point in time, everyone must make the leap from mere belief into knowledge.
    You see, belief does not have to be true; you can believe anything you like, at all, it doesn’t have to be real. This is why the Catholic Church put so much effort into schooling their subjects never to trust themselves but to always comport themselves from the beliefs inculcated into them.
    The instrinsic nature of knowledge is to be real, it has to be true; otherwise, it is merely another ephemeral belief.

    The Budhists have a saying: “The untrained mind thinks seven thousand thoughts each minute of which one and a half are true.”

    So, you now have an opportunity to test your beliefs against reality, to begin discarding the inculcated fantasies and to set your feet firmly upon the road to knowledge.
    Try reading “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. Volumes 1 – 3 give the basic reality: http://www.cwg.org/

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  6. Lois,
    circumstantial evidence is NOT proof!
    Ask Ralph about this.

    Let me lay it all out for you, although most of it is in the article itself:-
    When you look at a particle with an electron microscope, the most important things are those which it CANNOT tell you:-
    1) You don’t know what this particle is.
    2) You don’t know where it came from.
    3) You don’t know what it does.
    4) You don’t know what it is for.
    5) You don’t know where it is going to.
    An electron microscope cannot tell you any of this because it can only view dead, immobile material.

    You may find a bit of protein which contains this and this and this bits of other things but, until you can answer the five questions above, you actually know nothing at all. Very specifically, you don’t know whether this particle is the problem, the solution or irrelvant.
    Until you can answer these questions, you can never get beyond the phase of a postulate.

    Naessens answered these questions. Rife probably did also which is why the AMA destroyed him and all of his machines.

    The co-called “viruses” are a natural part of cell replacement processes and an integral part of the solution to many maladies.

    Blessed be

  7. Karma, I look at the science, did some of it myself with the molecular biologists, before law school. Scientists also do causation studies, and these things infect. The pictures are interesting, because they can show commonalities, and even the infective proteins on them to people who know what they’re looking at. Yes, they need to be careful they definitively have the right microbe, too, so some skepticism is deserved there…

  8. Yes, Lois,
    but a great chunk of necessary information has been simply left out: The Human Morpho-Genetic Field.
    Dr. Zach Bush explained his new hypothesis to Del Bigtree a few days ago:-
    An hour and 20 but well worth taking the time to watch it.

    Blessed be

  9. Excellent article, Karma, as always. I am aware of the controversy between the germ theory, exosome production (which is what I believe the particles produced by the body itself are referred to) and pleomorphism.
    I have not yet seen any evidence that the genome of each virus is substantially different in each individual and, in fact, believe that our ability to replicate and document the genetic sequence of a given organism (such as a virus) in different labs around the world would speak against this.
    For example, at http://www.TruthAboutCoronaVirus.com we have referenced papers from several different parts of the world characterizing the genome of the COVID-19 virus and showing that it has DNA from the HIV-I and SARS viruses as well as DNA from other non-viral organisms.
    If the particle were idiosyncratic to each person, how could these results be obtained?
    Please clarify this for me. Perhaps others are wondering the same thing.
    And do keep up the great work.

  10. Exactly so. I’ve been of the opinion for many years that the whole virus story is just that….a story. Look how it’s morphed by the medical mafia

  11. That is why mandatory vaccinations are unconstitutional in most countries. They are based on beliefs. The belief that they are safe. The belief that they are effective. The belief that there is scientific evidence that they are safe and effective. And the belief that doctors wouldn’t inject them if the first three weren’t true.
    It’s a belief system, a.k.a. religion and most constitutions forbid the government to establish a religion or force a religious practice.

    It’s a very simple argument, but (as far as I know) nobody has ever used it in court to stop the crimes against humanity. Because people don’t want to accept that they have been fooled and that germs don’t cause disease.

  12. Interesting that you should say that Rixta,
    many, many moons ago (October 2009), when a YouTube video was limited to 10 minutes, I put up two videos (parts 1 and 2) explaining precisely why vaccination is a religion.
    The last time that I looked, they were still there. Today I find that they’ve disappeared. I’m now trying to find the original film material amongst my collection of ancient hard drives salvaged from recycled computers. If I don’t succeed, I will re-record and put it up on bitchute.

    Getting on to your point itself, there is, in international law, a treaty which is very seldom invoked. It’s the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights from 1954 which incorporates rulings from the Nürnberg War Crimes Trials.
    Specifically, article seven forbids medical experimentation without informed consent. A great many countries have ratified this, thus making it superior law in those countries but I don’t know whether the US has done so. (Shucks, I don’t even know what country you’re in!)

    Blessed be

  13. I’m in Australia. Mandatory vaccinations are against a variety of laws and against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But personally I like the “religion angle”, as it covers a whole range of things. Most science is fiction, which means that believing that the fiction is science is a religious belief. Yes, it’s a creative interpretation, but true nevertheless.

    I’m onto something big for Australia anyway. For I found out that our parliament has been taking powers they aren’t entitled to for at least 100 years. I just need to find someone who is able and willing to dig into that to sort out that huge mess. Might not be easy, for who wants to open such a huge can of worms? But I won’t give up on this, as it’s extremely important.

  14. Hi Rixta,
    I hope this is helpful.
    A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon two videos on YouTube from a guy in Australia who began his journey of discovery by trying to import an old-timer car that he’d bought in America.
    His journey through the bureaucratic maze led him to the “two Australia” discovery: Apparently, there are two Australias – “The Commonwealth of Australia” and “The Australian Commonwealth”.
    One is the “real government” and the other is a business quoted on the US stock exchange; it is the latter which controls most of the bureaucracy and courts.

    Blessed be

  15. Hi Rima,
    where are you these days???
    For some weird technological reason, your comment only appeared in Europe today!

    The short answer is that I don’t know – yet!
    But you know how it is in laboratories, especially under financial or political pressure, when you’ve found what you’re looking for, you stop looking.

    The, to me, much more important questions are whether the “exosomes” are the same as Naessen’s “Somatids” and, if not, in what way do they relate to each other?

    Blessed be

  16. Hi, Karma,
    Love to hear from you.
    Please contact me at Dr.Rima@NaturalSolutionsFoundation.com.
    And, yes, the Right of Informed Consent has been ratified by nearly every country in the world when they ratified the Geneva Convention. More information at http://www.opensourcetruth.com/?s=FAQ on how to assert that Right. But it must be asserted correctly or it is deemed waived. For that reason, the Natural Solutions Foundation created the Advance Vaccine Directive card which, when properly signed and dated, does just that: it correctly asserts your Right of Informed Consent to refuse all vaccines.
    The more people who use this technique, the more powerful it becomes.
    While you are there, subscribe to our Health Freedom eNewsletter and visit http://www.TruthAboutCoronaVirus.com.

  17. Virologist, Stefan Lanka proved in a court of law that a contageous virus does NOT exist.

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