Well, Shut My Mouth… The Autism Community is VERY, VERY Awake, and On the Move….

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 

What I have to tell you, below, about the sea-change in the Autism Leadership world is way more than startling.  For awhile I have been seeing measured changes happening – an awakening, and an encouragement, of organization primarily centered around AutismOne, the biggest annual event of what I call the REAL Autism movement.

But what just happened came out of nowhere, so to speak, and represents a take-over of the autism dialogue, and, as I see it coming, the beginnings of a winning strategy team that works together.  What was just accomplished was astounding.  A reorganization, and a victory, of monumental proportions.  Let me tell you about it.  For sure read the paragraph below about WHY they did what they did more than once.

The “skeptics,” and their paymasters, are NOT going to like this…

A Little History…

I didn’t make a whole lot of new friends in the existing Autism Leadership structure with my article series on “why the Autism issue has NOT been solved” where I put the blame for the non-solution squarely on the shoulders of that then existing Autism Leadership structure.  You can review those earlier articles in the column on the right.

In those articles, I made it very clear that in the Health Freedom world, unlike Autism Leadership, we actually DID things; set goals and objectives, devised action plans, activated those plans, and accomplished stuff – something Autism Leadership had little, or no, concept of.

With Autism Leadership it was ALWAYS, about having their picture taken APPEARING to get something done.  The so-called Canary Party Facebook page was a hoot, a compendium of EVERYONE else’s accomplishments made to appear that they, the bird-brained Canary Party (snort) was some big deal involved in problem solution.  But let me be clear -The Emperor had no clothes.  And, because of that, they got nowhere.  And I think that was then, and is now, just fine with them.  They, I think, DO NOT want to get anywhere.

Then, to add belly laughing to the hooting, I guess, the Canary Party formed itself into “Health Choice” advertising itself as “The Leader in Health Freedom,” donating some bucks to the “Health Freedom Congress,” and demanding in the background, that I, Tim Bolen, be “banned” from Health Freedom.  Uhmmm…  Stop laughing there is more to read.

You can see how far THAT went.  These people’s disconnect from reality was, at that point, complete.  The Canary Party/Health Choice checkbook might as well of stayed in the purse.  Except, of course, they paid dearly for the lesson they got.  Dearly.

To refresh your memory, and get a laugh, read “Health Freedom Congress Flies… Doldrums Disappear at 2014 Event…”

Then Two More Things Happened…

(1)  A few of my REAL friends suggested to me that I ought to let “Health Choice” run with an actual project, with me not kicking them in the ass repeatedly, nor smacking them with a literary baseball-bat every week.  So, I smiled and said “Sure, why not?…” So, Health Choice went off to convince the US Congress to listen to them about Autism and vaccines, and the subject of the CDC Whistleblower.  Their efforts fell flat.  They got NO response from Congress.  Even Darrell Issa’s office (remember they gave him $40,000?) stopped returning their phone calls.   I didn’t laugh over that.  There’s that old adage “don’t send a boy to do a man’s job…”  Another lesson dearly learned.

(2)  And then, it got even funnier.  My readers will remember how. last year, I wrote an article about major changes happening at Autism One, the biggest, most influential Autism Event in the US –  it was called “Big Shakeup… The Autism Community is Re-Forming?… ” and it talked about how the organizers of Autism One had tossed out the “posers, pretenders, partiers,” and the useless.  Here is an excerpt from that:

There is a disturbance in the fabric…

For sure, things changed at AutismOne this year.  There was no “Ken and Barbie Show” (Mark Blaxill and Jennifer Larson) for certain.  In fact, I’m told, none of those people were even invited.

Generation Rescue wasn’t there in the form of Jenny McCarthy either, smoking an E-cigarette, or not.  No one seemed to care.  McCarthy, I’m told, has come out, recently, in favor of vaccines.

Generation Rescue, I suspect, is dead in the water.  For as long as I can remember it has been not an Autism issue proponent, but just a promoter of Jenny McCarthy.  Bye, bye Jenny…

Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) seems to be totally dead also.  They do have coffee gatherings here and there, but each of them has the ring of promotion of expensive therapies and therapists.  Yeah, every family with an autistic child needs a $25,054.54 Hyperbaric Chamber for their living room, right?  With that you can outfit it with Hyperbaric Blankets ($250.37), Contoured mattress ($300), a chamber frame for the hyperbaric chamber ($300), and, of course, a set of hyperbaric sheets and pillowcases ($414.75).

Oh yeah, the hyperbaric people weren’t invited back to AutismOne either, I guess. Thank you Autism One for doing that.  You saved me the effort.”

So, of course, “the posers, pretenders, and partiers,” pulled out their checkbooks, and held their own Event last October in Dallas, Texas billing themselves as “The Autism Education Summit.”  My sources tell me that less than 300 people attended, including the organizers, speakers, exhibitors, hotel employees, parking lot persons, and, of course, Jenny McCarthy’s limo driver and her “entourage.”  I guess seeing Jenny McCarthy in a “see-through” dress wasn’t as big a draw as Generation Rescue thought it would be.  And their “auction” of framed Football Jerseys for $6,000 each didn’t have the appeal they thought it would, either, in the suffering autism community…

Of course, with this group, at center stage, were those $18,000 to $25,000 (non-oxygen) Hyperbaric Chambers that struggling Autism families could buy for their Living Rooms, made out of $12.37 worth of mainland Chinese crap-cloth.  Whoop-de-doo.  Just what I expected would happen.

After a Year of All That One Would Almost Give Up – But There Was a Surprise…

Oh my…


Phoenix from the ashes.

people using mobile phonesThe Autism Community has done something incredible NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER DONE.  And, it is VERY important.  I am about to tell you about it, and it will take some explaining.

For us OLD PEOPLE (curmudgeons) who snicker at others all engaged, in public places, with their cell phone screens, like in the photo to the left, it is time for us to understand something new.. There has developed in the world, a whole new communications system – one that fits into the palm of your hand – it is called “texting,” and, for the most part, is done on a mobile device, like a cell phone.

The new communications system is extensive. So extensive, in fact, that we have had to pass laws outlawing its use while you are driving a vehicle of any kind.  You (maybe) will have heard of it, depending on how curmudgeonal you actually are.  Involved in it are things called FaceBook and Twitter.  Am I going to fast?

More, if you are under twenty-five, an even NEWER communications system is in your hands – with things called Instagram, SnapChat, and Vine. Ask your great-grandchildren.

It is Twitter we are going to talk about today – that area of cyberspace that, crazy as it sounds, allocates you a FULL 140 characters for your message (sarcasm intended), not even hardly enough to write a decent Haiku in.  It is EXTREMELY popular – and, in fact, it could be, certainly with the way the Autism Community is using it,  the new Haiku.

It took a while, and several different, and, I admit, YOUNGER people to explain the whole Twitter thing to me.  Twitter is not about being a “twit.”  It is about communicating, in short messages, links to much longer, more important, communications.  And, certain members of the Autism Community have mastered the game.

I mean MASTERED the game….

Twitter – The New Haiku?…

Let me explain Twitter in writer’s terms – Haiku originated as Japanese poetry – it was to be written, read, and understood as an independent poem, complete in itself, rather than part of a longer chain.  The primary traditional element of Haiku is the division of 17 syllables into three groups of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.  For instance, from Dave McCroskey comes:

the morning paper
harbinger of good and ill
– – I step over it 

Take a look, once more, at the Haiku above.  See the power in it?   A piece of art.  A powerful statement in five, seven, and five syllables, representative of the ultimate, at the time (1892), of concise  communication.  Is that what Twitter is in 2014?  Yes, I think it is.

Before I Explain How Twitter Works, Let Me Tell You the Incredible Thing the Autism Community Has Accomplished…

Tim Welsh, the father of an autistic son, Tweets a lot.  He is, in fact, a Social Media expert.  He tweets under the name @Tannersdad Tim.  He talks about autism.  Tim, and a few (four) smart friends, right now, are steering the propelling of what’s called a hashtag (#) named #CDCwhistleblower through the Twitter roof, hitting, this morning, a record 500 million impressions, on the way to a billion impressions, which they will get, they think, before the first of the year 2015.  Why is this important?  Because an impression (a location) means that the sum total of all of the Tweets put onto the #CDCwhistleblower space have been repeated, and sit on Twitter, in 500 million (so far) separate locations waiting to be read.  Their Tweets are breeding faster than rabbits.  They are becoming popular just because they are popular.

Why is this important?  Think of their cleverly designed Tweets like little billboards scattered around the US countryside.  Who reads them?  Well, if YOU were on Twitter maybe one, or ten, or a hundred might appear in your Twitter world just like if you were driving down the roads of your life.

500 million – 500,000,000 of these for the English speaking world to contemplate.  It won’t take you long to see how afraid the vaccine industry is in their corporate boardrooms today.  And, it is about to get worse.  Much worse.  Besides the leadership, about 33,000 people are involved in this project.

Just below are twelve out of the 500,000,000 Twitter billboards (so far) they put out for people to read.  These are called “memes.”




Why are they doing this?  Smile here – for they are on this road because they got blown off (of course) by mainstream media, trying to get the CDC Whistleblower story in that mainstream media news, and they decided to do something about it.  And they are doing something about it.

But, What I really Like About All This…

Is the anger, the determination, and the change in the autism message.  Not that long ago self-styled Autism Leadership spent a big bag of money to remove Brian Hooker PhD from testifying in front of Congress,  believing that THEY, being superior human beings and all, and real-live book authors, should be the ones to testify.  They substituted pablum delivering Mark Blaxill, who refused to use the “V” word (Vaccines) in front of the Congressional Committee.  So, the entire hearing process, and all of the preparation for it, was a waste of Autism’s time. This new, taking charge, HUGE group, has pushed aside the “superior human beings” and is ignoring old rules.  They are attacking the vaccine industry DIRECTLY, and it really is time for that.

It REALLY IS time for that.  Why?  Because, I think, THAT method will get everyone’s attention the quickest.  It REALLY IS time to shut down the vaccine industry, and their public employee sales force, before they damage and kill more of us.

What is the NEW MESSAGE?  It is just below…

The New Autism Leadership Message?

There’s more…

There was a professional attempt to stop them.  It failed.  The attempt was made, it appears, by members of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the University of Washington “Digital Activism Research Project.” There are some short YouTube videos that explain what happened, and how the autism group beat them off.  The first video is twenty-five minutes long and has two members of the tactical team explaining, with displays, of how the attempt to destroy their message was set up, managed, and operated using a device called a “Twitter Bot.”

A “Twitter Bot” is a computer program set up to disrupt activist internet campaigns.  As Tim Welsh says, in the video, the process of using a computer program to send out junk Tweets, that flood a Twitter stream, in essence, “making the stream irrelevant.”  Up to the point where the “Twitter Bots” entered the picture, all of the Tweets were from real people expressing their concerns.  The first video was used to educate their whole #CDCwhistleblower Twitter Team, and show them, specifically, how to deal with the intruders – and THAT worked very well. Although the video is twenty-five (25) minutes long, the first five minutes are VERY interesting.

After a VERY short time, the “Twitter Bot” people ran for the hills.

A Comparison

Recently, a hashtag (#) created for Autism Squeaks (Autism Speaks), along with Google, called #mssng carried the old, tired, bullshit message that autism is a genetic problem, blah, blah, blah.  It was HIGHLY promoted by mainstream media.  How well did it do?  After all that – only sixty-seven million impressions.

Autism Squeaks, we know has a significant secret donor budget.

So, What Is Twitter, Exactly?

Twitter works like this:   You log onto Twitter.  if you don’t have a Twitter Account you can open one by going to the Twitter website and follow the directions.  Uncheck (or not) all of those people they want you to follow, and skip, or not, all of the pages.

In the upper right corner of the page you arrived at is a Search box.  There, type in the phrase #CDCwhistleblower, or, if you want to observe the process just click on the blue words #CDCwhistleblower, and you’ll go right to it.  There are so many people working on it, it will change right in front of you.

If you want to participate you have to have a Twitter Account.

Think of This…

Five Hundred Million billboards across the US telling Big Pharma to take their vaccine program and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine…

I’m going to have a Merry Christmas…

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate