“We Interrupt This Broadcast…”  Total Victory in Texas – Austin Autism Care Clinics’ Jesus Caquias MD Totally Exonerated…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


The empire that, for years, was constructed around Failed MD Stephen Barrett of Quackwatch infamy is crumbling rapidly.  Barrett, himself, is being sued into oblivion in the Doctor’s Data v Barrett, et al, federal court case in Chicago.  As we sit here reading Barrett’s life is being torn to bits – as well it should be.  And his minions are not far behind.

It’s happening.

Now, I’m going to tell you about one of the MOST important cases involved in the destruction of Barrett and his minions and paymasters – The Texas Medical Board v. Jesus Caquias MD case, and its finale.  Barrett, and company, desperately needed a win here – and they didn’t get it – not even close.

How it started…

On February 13th, 2012 I was assisting Texas attorney Ronald Armstrong in a hearing before the Texas Medical Board cross-examining the testimony of Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, PhD (bobbie baratz).  Baratz was there as a so-called “expert witness” testifying against Autism doctor Jesus Caquias MD, formerly of Care Clinics in Austin.

Five Complaints to the Texas Medical Board (that we know of) had been filed against Caquias by Stephen Barrett.   You can view one of those poorly written, stumbling, poor logic rants by clicking here.

In the complaint it was clear that Stephen Barrett was attacking Caquias as just one more prop in his assault against Doctor’s Data and health professionals that use their laboratory services.  Just below is an excerpt from Barrett’s Complaint.

Even the least examination of the Texas Prosecutor Lee Bukstein’s case shows that Bukstein did virtually NO research, or case preparation of his own, but relied solely on the statements of Stephen Barrett and his chief witness bobbie baratz.  And that, quite justifiably, ended in disaster for Bukstein.

It was clear right from the start that this case should never have been filed against Jesus Caquias MD.  There was simply nothing there.  But, Lee Bukstein, prior to the February hearing had insisted that Caquias admit to some wrongdoing (that would bolster Barrett’s Defense against the Doctor’s Data lawsuit) or Bukstein would proceed with the hearing.

Caquais’s Defensive strategy was simple.  he said:

Jesus Caquias didn’t give an inch.  He went to trial, and, as we now see from the Administrative Law Judges (ALJ)’s ruling, wiped the floor with Lee Bukstein, Stephen Barrett and bobbie baratz.

Yup.  There is an eighty-six (86) page Decision.  And, I have a copy on my website so you can read every word.  Click here.

Why is this case SO important?

CARE Clinics, in Austin, Texas was one of the new breed of health care providers that decided, rightfully so, that what is called Autism is actually a group of symptoms, and separate health problems, that if tested for, and treated on their own, can radically change outcomes for those so-called Autistic children.  In some cases, perhaps most, children’s “autistic” symptoms simply disappear.

CARE Clinics was using a “Test and Treat” Protocol (see below) that, because of its design, was being paid for by health insurance.  They, like other forward thinkers, were looking at “Autism” as a “conglomeration of impairments.”



Well, this apparently did not sit well with Stephen Barrett’s paymasters.  Why?  Obviously, for two reasons:  (1)  Health Insurance companies were getting stuck with paying for Autistic children’s treatments that worked.  (2)  What was being discovered showed a clear path towards one of the major causes of Autism – vaccine damage.


From the Decision:

It has been clear, right from the start, that this case should never have been brought to a trial, and that what the prosecutor, Lee Buckstein did was ludicrous.  See, just below, what the judges said about the state’s case.

There is more coming.  Much more.  Barrett, and those funding him, desperately needed a win here to bolster their losing situation where Doctor’s Data laboratory is suing them.  They didn’t get it.

Go ahead and laugh.  I certainly am.


Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate