Maryland Board Fails – They Could Not Stop the Geiers…  The Counter Attack Begins…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


Wednesday, July 25th, 2012, the Maryland Board of Physicians played its last card in its organized assault against Mark and David Geier.  They had their last meeting to decide the Geiers’ fate, so to speak.

But no matter what their decision is about the Geiers, it is of no importance whatsoever.  For this last act, this meeting, is the finale of the situation controlled by the Maryland Board of Physicians.  To this point members, and employees, of the Board controlled the process, and the information flow, using what is known as an Administrative Procedure.

Everything from this point on will be decided in a REAL courtroom in full view of the public – a situation that will not work well for the Board – something they have carefully, and stridently in non-public hearings, avoided.  They are, after all, under investigation themselves.

The information about the activities they have been keeping from the public, including the Maryland Legislature who is investigating them for serious wrongdoing, is exemplified in the Geier case.  Now, it will all come out.

I will explain…

According to the Rules set down in Maryland the Board may publicly make any statements or accusations it wants to make, without any proof or evidence being offered.  But the Defendant is NOT allowed to publicly even suggest that the accusations are false.  The Maryland Board did just that continuously.  They did it, not just publicly, but in every venue they could find where such accusations might damage the Geiers.

More, Maryland law says that a Physician Defendant MUST use up all of the Administrative Procedure remedies BEFORE going to a REAL court.  So, the Board delayed, and delayed, and delayed, and delayed.  It dragged out the procedure for fifteen months – and no doubt, will wait the maximum amount of time, another month, before issuing their Final Decision.

But Wednesday was the end of all that.  It was the Board’s final sally forth – the end of the Administrative Procedures.  And it wasn’t enough.  The Geiers are alive and quite well, and are gassing up the B-52s for the counter attack – the one in the REAL court system.

Now it will start to be fun, and I am about to tell you why…

To jog your memory…

Here is what I said before way back in May of 2011:

“The Attack…

On April 27th, 2011, Mark Geier MD got a post-office delivered letter telling him that a secret hearing had been held by the Maryland Board of Physicians, and they had decided in that secret meeting (no records kept) that, suddenly, he was “a danger to the public,” and that “because of that his license was being immediately suspended.”  A further, one hour, hearing was scheduled for May 11th, 2011 where neither Mark Geier MD, nor his attorney, would be able to examine any of the State’s so-called witnesses (the State refuses to release the names), nor would they be allowed to produce any witnesses, nor testimony, of their own.  More, at no time before either of the hearings, would the  Maryland Board of Physicians tell Mark Geier MD what he was supposedly accused of.”

And, it went on from there.

Why did the Board do that?  Once again, to refresh your memory, I offer what I said earlier:

“Who are these Geier guys?

In short, they are the nemesis of the world-wide vaccine industry.

(1)  Last January 27th, 28th, 29th, 2011 the Geiers, along with their colleague Lisa Sykes attended, by invitation as an official NGO, the United Nations Environment Programme – Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to prepare a global legally binding instrument on Mercury (INC2)There, they officially presented, to the shocked international delegates, convincing evidence that mercury in vaccines, HAS NOT actually been removed, and represents a serious threat to the people of Planet Earth.  The Geiers have since been invited to present again at the next conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in October, 2011.

(2)  The Geiers have been a mainstay in the State legislative actions banning Thimerosal in vaccines across the US, and the world. More than half of the States are involved in Thimerosal ban legislation.  Already, New York, Delaware, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, California, and Washington state have legislated those bans.

(3)  The Geiers, through their non-profit corporation CoMeD recently sued the FDA for, as attorney Bob Reeves say “The failure of the FDA to follow their own regulations and require testing for the safety of vaccines.”

(4)  Press Releases – the Geiers, through their organizations, have issued Press Releases documenting mercury in vaccine issues.  There are five of them.  You can read them by clicking on each one:  One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

(5)  Their peer reviewed studies, over a hundred, cover a broad range of Thimerosal caused issues including two extremely shocking revelations:  (a)  Thimerosal in vaccines is 300 times more toxic to the human brain than the bacteria in the vaccines it is designed to destroy, (b)  there is a Thimerosal substitute that is twenty times more destructive to bacteria and it has NO affect on the human brain.  You can find many of these published papers here.

(6)  Mark Geier MD testifies in Vaccine Court on behalf of brain damaged children. Article.

(7)  Both Geiers testified to the IOM on the problems of Thimerosal in vaccines.  Testimony.

(8)  Both Geiers have been active attempting to force the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) to make vaccine adverse reaction data available to the public.  The CDC will NOT let anyone see that data.  Do you wonder why? Link.

(9)   David Geier was appointed by the Governor of Maryland to the Maryland Commission on Autism, and as such, has significantly effected the quality of treatment recommendations offered to Autistic children in the State of Maryland.

(10)   Mark and David Geier, because of their research into the question “Why do boys get Autism at a rate higher than girls,” found that Thimerosal interacts with testosterone, increasing it in children, causing “precocious puberty.”  They then found that the use of the drug Lupron reduces those effects, and significantly reduces incidents of violence, and acting-out, in Autistic children, sometimes almost removing Autistic behavior.

(11)  The Geiers set up, with every health insurance company in the US, pre-approved protocols, using Labcorp testing, for the use of Lupron, and the payment for that testing and that drug, directly to the lab and pharmacies on a case-by-case basis.

The Geiers, because of their activities, are a MAJOR thorn in the side of the vaccine industry.


Now what happens?

Now, the Geiers, and their legal counsel, get to go to a REAL court where things will start to happen.  Things the Maryland Board of Physicians are, very publicly, not going to like.

I know what the legal arguments are because I am a consultant to one of the attorneys involved in the case.  But until we see the Final Decision itself the secrecy is still in effect.

But, the legal documents are pretty much ready to go, as are the Press Releases.  I am astounded at the actions of the Maryland Board.  It’s almost like they make up laws as they go along – or they think they do.  Then, there are major disagreements between the Board and the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) about the case.

You are going to love reading the details.  Unless, of course, you are member of the Maryland Board of Physicians, their nitwit attorney, or one of the pseudo-skeptics.  I think, too, that the committee of the Maryland Legislature investigating the Maryland Board of Physicians is going to have a field day.


So, stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate