Vaccines – Are They the New “Crimes Against Humanity?”

Part 1…

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

The Nuremberg IG Farben “Crimes Against Humanity” War Crimes Trial Began 27 August 1947….

The text below was part of the opening statement of General Telford Taylor, Chief Prosecutor of the Nazi War Crimes Trial of IG Farben where 23 top executives were put on trial for their leadership in Hitler’s war effort.  To believe these men, among the most respected businessmen and scientists in their industry, knowingly, willingly, and with purpose, put their companies at the disposal of Adolf Hitler seems beyond comprehension.

The Trial started with this statement below:

“God gave us this earth to be cultivated as a garden, not to be turned into a stinking pit of rubble and refuse.  If the times be out of joint, that is not accepted as a divine scourge, or the working of an inscrutable fate which men are powerless to effect.  At the root of these troubles are human failings and they are only to be overcome by purifying the soul and exerting the mind and body….

The crimes with which these men are charged were not committed in rage or under the stress of sudden temptation; they were not the slips or lapses of otherwise well-ordered men….What these men did was done with the utmost deliberation and would, I venture to surmise, be repeated should the opportunity to recur.  There will be no mistaking the ruthless purposefulness with which the defendants embarked upon their course of conduct.”   

Before the war…

Otto Ambros (standing) during the pronouncement of the judgement in the I.G. Farben Trial… June 30 1948

IG Farben, a community of companies that banded together for common purpose, dominated the chemical industry with relationships reaching into every major country on the globe.  IG Farben was the fourth largest industrial organization in the world.  Some of Farben’s scientists were Nobel Prize winners and world famous for their contributions to the advancement of medicine.

So the question we must all ask is, how did this happen, and is it happening again?

Is this happening again in yet another constellation of corporations for common purpose, in league with our federal government, in the name of public health to prevent infectious diseases?

Let’s examine that…

In a book by Diarmuid Jeffreys, entitled Hell’s Cartel: IG Farben and the Making of Hitler’s War Machine, the author provides a clear warning about what happens where there is a close relationship between business and government.

More importantly, the book details how such a relationship can go terribly wrong when political objectives and the seeking of profits converge.  This parallel cannot be ignored.  Here in America, it is Big Pharma and the American government that act as one in the manufacturing and mandating of vaccines.

Faust’s Deal With The Devil Is Struck at Simpsonwood…

There is ample evidence within the world of vaccines to show how good men (and women) can lose their souls in pursuit of fame and profit, or, act under the cloak of “just following orders”.

In June of 2000, a clandestine meeting was held in Simpsonwood, GA, at a remote Methodist retreat for the purpose of gathering authors of a scientific study to discuss its findings.  High ranking officials of the Centers for Disease Control, the Food and Drug Administration, the World Health Organization and corporate members of the vaccine manufacturing industry – GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth, and Avantis/Pasteur were in attendance.  The topic of the study was to determine if Thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines caused autism.

A summary of comments made by some of those in attendance was included in a 2003 letter to Dr. Julie Gerberding, head of the CDC, from a member of Congress, in an attempt to get to the bottom of what was clearly a cover up:

“We could exclude the lowest exposure of children from our database. Also suggested was removing the children that got the highest exposure levels since they represented an unusually high percentage of the outcomes;

The significant association with language delay is quite large;

This information should be kept confidential and considered embargoed;

We can push and pull this data any way we want to get the results we want;

We can alter the exclusion criteria any way we want, give reasonable justifications for doing so, and get any result we want;

There was really no need to do this study. We could have predicted the outcomes.”

The study clearly showed there was a link between the Thimerosal in vaccines and autism.  Such a finding would be devastating to the U.S. childhood vaccination program, not to mention the millions of dollars Big Pharma reaps every year from the sale of these products.

A  point to note, unlike all other products made in America, these manufacturers have no liability should their products maim and kill.  So, in what may be widespread manipulating of scientific data in our government-sponsored vaccine research industry, respected men and women, scientists of note, trusted public servants and successful corporate managers, decided to alter the evidence to provide a clean bill of health for vaccines.

Enter Bobby Kennedy…

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., wrote an article about this event called Deadly Immunity simultaneously publishing it in both Rolling Stone and Salon.  It was later removed from Salons website in a flurry of controversy.

Meanwhile, Gerberding left the CDC to become President of Merck’s Vaccine Division.

Kennedy went on to put together a video report of his findings and produced a documentary called Trace Amounts to further educate the public.

Upon the news that President Trump thinks vaccines cause autism, he’s asked Kennedy to get a commission together to get to the truth of the science.  Like clockwork,  The press still attacks Kennedy as an “anti-vaxxer” (as though that were a bad thing) as part of an ongoing attack on his desire to bring the truth to light.

Kennedy hosted a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. and issued a $100,000 challenge for anyone who could provide a study proving vaccines were safe.  He also issued a letter specifically to the press to provide them with a roadmap on how to cover the story.  There have been no takers.

In yet another example of the thorough corruption of vaccine research was depicted in the movie VAXXED:From Coverup to Catastrophe.  This time the cover up was about the findings of the CDC’s own scientists regarding the risks related to the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.  As Kent Heckenlively, in his book, “Inoculated:  How Science Lost its Soul in Autism” explained,

What they found was that African-American boys had an increased autism risk of 3.36 from earlier administration of the MMR shot.  The rest of the population had an increased autism risk of 2.45 from earlier administration of the MMR shot…….Just to remind the reader, any finding of an increased risk above. 2.0 is generally considered to be strong evidence of causation in a legal proceeding.”

One Honest Man….

Kent’s “Innoculated” book is rich with vignettes of how the findings in this study were handled.  The only problem for the CDC was that the chief researcher, William Thompson had a conscience.   When the phony results of the study were to be presented to the Institute of Medicine, the official group that Congress depends on to provide technical information about medical matters, Thompson refused to lie about it.  Both the CDC and the IOM were looking to claim that the safety of vaccines had been proven by this study so they could say the science was settled.  No more studies would be needed.

Kent took a moment in his book to ponder the implications of the decision that Frank DeStefano, head of the CDC’s Vaccine Division, made when he stepped in to present false information in place of Thompson. It is a perfect example of the kind of decisions made every day in both IG Farben, during its slide into infamy, and those being made every day these days in our American vaccine industry. For me, it is at the heart of why we, as ordinary citizens, must aggressively challenge our current vaccination policy or become part of the conspiracy:

“I think I’m like most people in that I look to science for the majority of my answers, but for a few critical issues I look to the human heart for the most important answers.  I try to imagine Frank DeStefano in those moments before he took the stage at the Institute of Medicine conference of February 9, 2004. Who is he as a human being?……I imagine a distinguished looking man, a family who loves him, and many friends and colleagues.  I imagine if we were to meet and have a conversation I’d probably have a favorable impression of him….And yet I can’t help thinking of him in the moments before he took the stage at the Institute of Medicine conference…to conceal from the world the truth about the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.  Did he dramatically close his eyes and take a deep breath as he prepared to tell his monstrous lies?  Or was he talking and joking with his colleagues, the way athletes do before they are introduced to the crowd at a sporting event?  How did he intellectually justify his actions?  How does he justify them tonight, when he lays his head on the pillow, and tries to fall asleep?  DeStefano knew that Thompson found strong associations between earlier administration of the MMR vaccine and autism.  These findings caused Thompson a great psychological anguish.  Did DeStefano tell himself that he would have greater emotional strength than Thompson:  That he would not break?  Was this the great noble lie he had to tell because the ordinary citizens of the United States were incapable of making the decision?  At what point does a believer cross the line into zealotry and become capable of terrible atrocities? Science has no provision for falsehood.”

In an effort to flush out Frank DeStefano, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., publicly accused him of being a criminal for having committed criminal research fraud and injuring all the children.  DeStefano has remained silent.

The Slide Deeper Into Hell With Other Vaccine Studies…..

But this cabal goes much further.  One of the other scientists on the MMR study, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp,  was involved with parallel studies with Poul Thorsen, a Danish researcher who was later charged with thirteen counts of wire fraud and nine for money laundering.  He remains in Denmark and there has  been no attempt to extradite him or to review the validity of at least 21 other studies he coordinated between the CDC and Aarhus University/Staaten Serum Institut in Denmark. 

Worse yet, Coleen Boyle, another co-author on the study Thompson refused to lie about, failed to give straight answers to Congressman Bill Posey during a hearing regarding the number of studies Thorsen had been involved with.

This conspiracy of concealment and double talk goes far beyond the walls of the CDC.  

It becomes a wall of fake news and blatant misrepresentations that infects the entire media industry.   Trusted websites like WebMeD profess to this day that the Simpsonwood “conspiracy” is a myth.

Paul Offit claims that a baby can handle 10,000 vaccines at once..

Cosmopolitan  magazine just published an article by lawyer and lobbyist Jinny Suh representing herself as just a mom who started a pro-vaccine grassroots group she calls “Immunize Texas”.  This “group” is actually a branch of Immunize USA which is funded by vaccine manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, and vaccine inventor and industry spokesman Paul Offit, among others.

Suh is peddling the standard pro-vax propaganda, carefully-worded misrepresentations of the facts and clever falsehoods appealing to the quandary of concerned parents who are starting to ask questions about the safety of vaccines or just wanting to stretch out the vaccine schedule.

Offit, chief spokesman for the industry, has lots of baggage of his own. 

Like so many other industry insiders with conflicts of interest, his ownership of a patent makes you wonder just how “unbiased” he can be when he advocates the CDC add yet another vaccine to the mandated childhood list.  In one of the rare straightforward stories that used to be covered in the media years ago about Offit and his colleagues, Sheryl Attkisson, covers the tidal wave of money that washes over industry insiders from Big Pharma to promote more and more vaccines.  Even the CDC owns 54 patents!

The Nuremburg Code

After the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials were over, the Nuremburg code was developed to make sure that, NEVER AGAIN, would people be subjected to medical experiments against their will.  A brief history of what led up to the creation of the Nuremburg Code is described here in Wikipedia.  It is worth your time to check it out.

In Part 2 of “Are Vaccines The New Crimes Against Humanity?”

You’ll see  what Dr. Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), testified to Congress regarding the severe health dangers associated with the hepatitis B inoculation.   You’ll be shocked to see how members of a major medical group think about vaccines when their minds and wallets are not clouded by largesse from Big Pharma.

Stay tuned…

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

4 thoughts on “Vaccines – Are They the New “Crimes Against Humanity?””

  1. Australia, latest scandal, pharma “”the sponsor”” is paying 60,000 high school kids a $40 iTunes voucher, if they test the meningitis B vaccine. The University of SA is getting a huge grant, started last month, for two years. Western Australia, already declined doing this vaccine trial. So they went to SA. The interwoven webs, they weave? ie I would say GSK or Sanofi (?) are willing to pay over 2 billion, (they paying for the lot, the B in it campaign, marketing materials, schools publicity materials) all to be pushed through the schools vaccination system, high schools. Vaccine already available, but the big, big money ??$$$ to get it on the “”schedule”” so every child in Australia has to have it, in a unabashed fraud, money grabbing exercise, to what save at the most, 1 life a year. Pharmageddon is here.

  2. Elisa:

    Great article! You knocked it out of the park! And I thought that even before I saw my name in it!

    All the best,
    Kent Heckenlively

  3. Another great and thoroughly researched expose! Glad we’re on the same team!

  4. Good morning Elissa,
    there are three very important historical point that you missed.

    IG Farbenindustrie began their programme in the 1920’s (some say as early at the late 19th century). One of the things which they needed to complete their plans was a political figurehead who would see their plans through the political process. Their first such was Adolf Hitler who took their money and then did a tremendous amount of good for the German people.
    Auschwitz and similar were built and controlled by IG Farbenindustrie and friends, not by the German government!
    At this time, the board of directors of IGF called themselves “The Council of the Gods” because they had total immunity from being called to answer for any of their actions and their commands were above the law.

    After Hitler removed the German people from the exploitation of the banking cartel by creating a German national bank, the cartel set about embroiling Germany in a new war of destruction just as they have been trying for some time with Russia following Putin’s expulsion of the bankers from that land.

    IGF used this “sea change” to rid themselves of one of the three jewish banking families with whom they did not see “eye to eye”. The best estimates, i.e. the numbers before the war minus the numbers accounted for after the war, show a difference of approximately 745,000, most of whom were Khazaki Jews and not of jewish ancestry. The figure of “six million” first appeared in 1908 as a fund raising scare for the Khazaki “Jews” whom, it was alleged, were being disadvantaged by the Tsar. In 1913, 1916, 1917, 1918 and 1921 the self-same tactic was used just changing the name of the “aggressor”. Always it was “six million Jews” who were in danger of annihilation. Nobody had ever seriously questioned this number so it was just applied again after WWII. In present day Germany it is actually illegal to question this number or even to ask for access to government files to investigate it!

    Following Nürnberg, the directors of IGF were quickly and quietly set free following pressure upon the US government from Rockefeller – a major player in the pharmaceutical industry. Some set about the task of quietly re-building IG Farbenindustrie “under the table” whereas others, such as Fritz te Meer were brought to the US to re-make the IGF world-dominations plans by forming the United Nations and the CIA .

    In the 1970’s, IGF found another political protégé willing to take their money and do their bidding and, for 13 years, Helmuth Kohl carried out their orders faithfully which is why Germany has so many special laws to enhance and to protect the interests of the pharmaceutical conglomerate. It was probably Kohl who helped the pharmaceutical conglomerate to forge special links into the US government leading to the notorious Eli-Lily law removing the Pharmaceutical cartel from any responsibility at law for their actions.

    After WWII, when many countries adopted nation health systems (mostly following the German model) the political machinations made possible by this world-wide conglomerate ensured that the only modus which would be considered would be pharmaceutical medicine for which there has never, ever been any serious study carried out to determine whether it even works let alone the best option.

    So now you know. The present state of affairs is just IG Farbenindustrie continuing their plans to rule the world.

    Blessed be


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