“Vaccine-Damaged” Greta Thunberg – The Sixteen-Year-Old “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez” of Europe…

Globalists Exploit “Asperger’s” Child…

From Germany – Opinion by Karma Singh

Greta Thunberg, in case you’ve not yet heard of her, is a sixteen year old Swedish school girl. She is a typical vaccine damaged child diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome which is one of the very many effects of the heavy metals and other toxins included in vaccines.

What is Greta famous for? Her appearance at the Climate Summit in Katowice, Poland in December 2018 – where she mouthed almost EXACTLY the same story Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was belching out on US liberal TV – right out of the Democratic Socialist Cultural Marxist playbook.

There is no straight forward definition of Asperger’s and, even on that bastion of pharmaceutical medicine, Wikipedia, you will find vague, ambiguous, and contradictory descriptions.

One of the many ways in which this syndrome can express itself is a sort of “Idiot-Savant” condition in which the sufferer can perform seemingly amazing mental feats whilst being generally incompetent in everyday matters. It is not unknown for this syndrome to be misdiagnosed as Borderline Syndrome which, itself, is often accompanied by heavy metal poisoning both from vaccines as well as from amalgam tooth fillings.

In this particular case, the “savant” expresses itself as an ability to be totally convincing whilst not understanding anything of what she says! (Borderliners can often do this as well as can, of course, great actresses.)

In Greta, the brain damage is quite extensive and her skewed facial expression leads one to believe that a stroke may well soon occur or a relatively mild stroke has already taken place.

Her mother, in an attempt to revive her own flagging stage career, has taken to refusing to fly “for environmental reasons” and has trained her daughter to also believe that this is a good idea. Greta has no critical faculty!  She will believe, totally, whatever a trusted person tells her. The poisoning of her brain has rendered her incapable of critical thinking and, should facts come her way which are in conflict with the beliefs indoctrinated into her, they will simply be mentally deleted.

The effect of this is that she has never gone through an essential phase of development whereby a child, between seven and puberty, establishes its own identity separate from the parents. Greta still functions as a small child, completely controlled by her parents because the brain damage has made it impossible for her to grow into independence.

Her father has connections which enabled him to stage manage…

…his daughter’s appearance at the Climate Summit in Katowice, Poland in December 2018; very obviously a show piece including the “environmental stunt” of his driving her the whole distance from their home in Sweden to Katowice in an electric car. A “stunt” because, of course, the environmental cost of producing the electricity for the trip, several hotel stays along the road and everything else necessary is several times the “cost” of two seats in a plane for the trip.

Does any of this sound like Alexandria Ocosio Cortez?  Yes, of course it does.  It is the SAME story.

So Greta did as she was told in Katowice (her brain damage renders her incapable of any other choice) and she became an international figure. Her “message” to the conference participants was pure Soros propaganda with no reference to scientific facts.

In short, a child so severely brain damaged by the pharmaceutical cartel…

…that she is incapable of critical thought, being used to promote a programme of de-industrialisation leading to mediaeval type of subsistence life and massive depopulation.

Greta has been instructed to take Fridays off school to “protest” climate change, blissfully unaware that the hard scientific data (as opposed to computer models) shows that no such thing is happening. Her “example” is now being used by Soros minions in the main stream press to abuse children in Germany in that they also are encouraged to, illegally, take Fridays off school in order to protest the non-existent “human induced climate change”.

In a series of articles currently being prepared…

the whole “Global Warming / Climate Change / Extreme Weather” fraud is taken to pieces bit by bit leaving nothing other than the plan of the banking cartel to hold Africa and Central America in poverty so as to create a pool of unemployed migrants willing to trek North to destabilise the European and American cultures and economies.

Stay tuned…

From Germany – Opinion by Karma Singh



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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

4 thoughts on ““Vaccine-Damaged” Greta Thunberg – The Sixteen-Year-Old “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez” of Europe…”

  1. I don’t have the time to research Global Warming but I believe it to be a hoax. Can you explain simply what “their” (the ones promoting it) motive is?

  2. Elle –

    The answer is easy – “Agenda 21” population reduction justification, move everyone left into the “stack and packs” in the liberal controlled cities where they can then ride their bicycles to work mowing the liberal elite’s lawns, washing their dishes and cleaning their toilet bowls.

    And, of course, Nancy Pelosi can use some seasonal help in her winery…

  3. It’s pretty absurd to think that human activity is stronger than the sun. Reality is that the earth is cooling down rapidly, as seen by the growing polar ice and the winter the northern hemisphere is experiencing. Reason for that is the lack of sunspots. The sun is going into a Grand Solar Minimum, which will probably lead to a new mini ice age.

    I feel like not a lot of people believe anymore that all the ice and snow records were caused by global warming. That’s why politicians and other interest groups push the human caused climate change agenda so agressively. So nice for them that Australia still had a very hot summer. Absolutely perfect for the cherry picking “climate scientists”.

    And while many people demonstrate against climate change I’m preparing for the food shortages that are already happening and which will get a lot worse over the next years. And I might invest in some extra woolen sweaters and blankets.

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