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The World Health Organization (WHO) Doesn’t Like Us…

Uh-Oh – At The BolenReport we tell it like it is.  Sometimes we are WAY AHEAD of other news media breaking a story, explaining the reality of a situation, in our usual non-PC way.  Our Writer Kent Heckenlively (the world’s #1 anti-vaxxer) got us banned in Australia, and frowned on in China.  Now Karma Singh in Europe has shown the self-illustrious World Health Organization (WHO) what they can expect from honest media…

Read this below… (and laugh)… – Tim Bolen

From Europe by Karma Singh

At 10.00 a.m., London time, Thursday 16th April, a press conference was given by the World Health Organization (WHO Europe) to which ExtremNews, Germany was invited. As the conference was held in English, they asked me to participate on their behalf.

This is my report:

In general I must “congratulate” the WHO for, other than when “answering” my question, studiously avoiding giving misleading information. This they achieved by avoiding giving any information at all: Instead they confined themselves to vague platitudes.

“We will continue to monitor the situation.” “Our sympathies go out to those hurt by this necessary action.” “We cannot give any answers until we’ve tested the data.” Etc., etc..

Two of the speakers, Dr. Hans Kluge and Natasha Azzopardi Muscat actually managed to say nothing. They spoke at some length with high-sounding words devoid of context and meaning. When this “noise” was filtered out, neither of them had said anything at all!

The other, Catherine Smallwood, was not quite so well-schooled as the others and almost attempted to answer my question with a bare faced lie before she continued with the platitudes.

It did seem to me very obvious that the invited journalists had been carefully selected, almost all of them coming from the pharmaceutical owned press. They were not expecting my question which almost flummoxed Mistress Smallwood into saying something. I suspect that ExtremNews will not be invited again.

(Instead, something quite unexpected happened – see the note at the end of this article)

There were my questions:-

1: In view of the fact that you have many times called a pandemic when none existed and you have never shown a causational connection between a putative ‘flu Virus (which you have twice renamed and now call Sars-CoV-2) but only a circumstantial connection combined with the fact that the death figures in total are well within the normal range; when are you going to abandon this farce and call off the fraudulent pandemic?

2: Who has given orders to health authorities in Italy and New York especially to artificially inflate death numbers and why?

3: Who has given orders to claim that empty hospitals around the world are filled to overflowing and why?

In points 2 & 3, I am asking for the names to facilitate criminal prosecutions.

Of course, numbers 2 and 3 were completely ignored as was most of question 1. The only “answer” given hereto was the completely false claim that corona viruses are not ‘flu viruses but something completely different! Even that bastion of evil, the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, states incontrovertibly that the corona viruses have been known to be a mild form of ‘flu for more than 50 years.

One question, posed by Tom Manger, was mildly amusing. It concerns Bonfire Night which is celebrated on the 5th November in Britain each year. Now, I do think that I am correct when I claim that Britain is the only country in the world which, as its greatest national festival, celebrates a failure: The failure, in 1605 to get rid of a great number of politicians.

This year we have been “asked” not to celebrate this festival!
The “answer” which Tom got was, of course, further vague and meaningless platitudes.

Just before I woke up that morning I had an interesting dream:-

For reasons which I no longer remember, my car wouldn’t start and so I had to walk across town to a whole food shop which, in the dream, was owned by a long-time friend (who was an accountant but has now been retired for 2 years).
When I got there, the naughty people had just been there and, “as an infection prevention measure” had confiscated all of his beer.

He lent me a vehicle to get back home.

It was some weird Heath-Robinson affair with aspects of a Renault Espace, Toyota Hilux and Saracen armoured car plus a few other bits. Muy friend also gave me a bodyguard who was so big that I had to ask him to move his seat back, otherwise I couldn’t see out of the left window. (British cars, for our former “colonials” across The Pond, have their steering wheels on the other side, as is right.)

I drove down to the main road and turned right to get to the Shell petrol (Am: Gas) station.

When we got there, as an “infection prevention measure” they had dug up the forecourt and were in the process of removing all cables and pipework whilst primary school children were playing in the rubble.

Then I woke up.

The content of the dream is an example of what happens when you give a bureaucrat authority with no personal responsibility. He/she will use it just to prove that they should have such authority. Thus were most of the world’s cruellest dictatorships created.

At 10.59, London time, Zoom failed and a re-connection could not be made.

On the following morning, greatly to our surprise…

…we received an email from the WHO asking us to submit our unexpected questions in writing so that a comprehensive answer to them could be given.

I took the opportunity of providing the background information upon which the questions are based. This is a seven page document – too long to reproduce here.
You can download it as a .pdf from this link. You will find it there both in English and in German. You are heartily invited to distribute to all and sundry.

Blessed be

Karma Singh


Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

4 thoughts on “Twit-Two; Who’s WHO…”

  1. I REALLY have to laugh at what Karma did.

    If you think about it one of the last media sources on Planet Earth that “Public Health” would want to invite to a Press Conference would be ANYONE from the BolenReport.

    Karma took advantage of their mistake.

    Hmmmm. Maybe we should apply, officially, for Press Credentials….

  2. Oh my! “Now, I do think that I am correct when I claim that Britain is the only country in the world which, as its greatest national festival, celebrates a failure: The failure, in 1605 to get rid of a great number of politicians.” — you gave me a great belly laugh. I needed that. Thank you Karma!

  3. I reffer my comment on the sentence: “In points 2 & 3, I am asking for the names to facilitate criminal prosecutions.” I would like to know who will initiate such penal prosecution and where it will be conducted? I have 1520 friends in Italy with whom I am connected every day , who follow corona flu matter, and who can for sure give very useful informations, but to push such question among my italian friends I need more precise informations. If such information is very discret for readers , it can be sent on my e mail of my Facebook profile in inbox..

  4. As I understand it, Jagoda,
    any citizen of any country which has signed and ratified the UN Charter on Human Rights can launch a prosecution under Article 7 thereof – the right to informed consent.
    As they are demanding that you undergo a medical experiment whilst deliberately lying to you about it, this contravenes article 7.
    Any bureaucrat in any country which has ratified the charter can also be prosecuted in that country under article 7.

    The brief history of article 7:-
    It stems from the Nürnberg War Crimes Tribunal at which the right to informed consent became “enschrined” as an international principle. Very few countries and notably neither of the Germanies, actually adopted it as law.

    When the Charter of Human Rights was created, this principle was incorporated into it as article 7. The Charter received sufficient signatures to pass it into international law. Several hundred countries have both signed and ratified it thus making it the highest law of the land in those countries. (Wikipedia contains much more detail).

    The present circumstances are in direct contravention of the Charter and prosecutions could follow if sufficient courageous people push it.

    Blessed be


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