The Mercury-Free Dentistry Movement…  Saving North America…

Come out and play with the big kids on July 11, 2003…  another victory in sight. You’re invited. 

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I like working with the Dental Division of the North American Health Freedom Movement.  Attend one of their high-energy meetings, and you’ll see why.  They’re like the Eveready Bunny, in a bunch… Nice people, too. Hard-charging, these are the people who make American Dental Association leadership, and attorneys, take Valium, so they can sleep at night.

These are the people who, a few years ago, when the California Dental Board, acting like arrogant quackbusters, refused to issue a Dental Fact Sheet, to their patients, that complied with California’s toxic substances law (the Watson Law), simply went to the legislature, and got the WHOLE DENTAL BOARD tossed out on the street.

I’m impressed.

Now that there is a new Dental Board in place, they have forced the NEW Board to, once again, examine a Dental Fact Sheet.  This time, unlike with the first Board (the one that got tossed), the new Board will vote for the first time on a fact sheet that complies with the law.  State “Consumers for Dental Choice” leaders say “We expect a battle. Having thwarted the Watson law for a decade and with two dental boards, the Calif. Dental Assoc. continues to fight disclosure of risks.”

Below, I’ve included the note I got from Freya Koss, detailing their next assault on the insanity of mercury fillings.  Freya has extended an open invitation to other Health Freedom Divisions to meet with them at this confrontation with the California Dental Association.  It should be interesting to see how the CDA tries to spin, sleaze, and slime, their way out of this one.

Here’s what Freya says:

Friday, July 11 -9 a.m. – Embassy Suites Hot
el, Burlingame, SF

MAKE SURE THAT YOUR VOTE IS COUNTED: Consumers, healthcare professionals and concerned organizations are urged to attend this meeting – For the FIRST TIME the Board will vote on Fact Sheet that complies with the law.

To Consumer activists, healthcare professionals and Representatives of good guy groups: The CA Dental Board meets in San Francisco on Friday, July 11, for a (very) long-awaited vote. In compliance with the Watson/Figueroa law, Board member Chet Yokoyama will present an excellent proposed Fact Sheet that actually tells consumers about the risks of mercury fillings. The (Diane) Watson law, passed in 1992, requires the Dental Board to list the risks of mercury and other dental fillings.

The previous Dental Board ducked its responsibilities under the Watson law so blatantly that the Legislature shut it down. The (Liz) Figueroa amendment, passed in 2001, requires dentists to distribute a consumer-friendly fact sheet to consumers. Now, 11 years after the Watson law and 2 years after the Figueroa amendment, the Board will vote for the first time on a fact sheet that complies with the law. We expect a battle. Having thwarted the Watson law for a decade and with two dental boards, the Calif. Dental Assoc. continues to fight disclosure of risks.

This new board was supposed to end the CDA’s dominance of what should be a consumer protection agency. We shall see if it has turned out that way. The importance of this meeting cannot be overstated. In our largest state, our trendsetter state, we have the chance to pass a statement that will actually advise consumers that those fillings are mercury, not silver; that they pose significant health risks, and that pregnant women and parents of young children should especially beware.

Many of you have helped us in the past. On July 11 our opportunity may be at hand. Hope to see you, or a rep. of your group, there. *** WE NEED A REAL CROWD!

Three questions, please!
** 1) Will you attend?
** 2) Will you invite others?
** 3) Would your group write a letter for you or us to present?

DIRECTIONS: The meeting is at the Embassy Suites Hotel, 150 Anza Blvd., Burlingame (ph 650.342-4600). BART: get off at Millbrae stop. Get cab to go 2 miles ($5). SFO: Take the “Embassy Suites / Doubletree” shuttle (the Embassy Suites shuttle going to Burlingame, not the one to South S.F.); leaves every 20 minutes. Charlie Brown, counsel,

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Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate