The Forces are Gathering…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen 

(1)  Every time I do an Exposé piece I get people telling me, or sending me, more information.  After I wrote “Mike Adams (Natural News) Attacks Skeptics’ Center Point…,”  was no exception.

And, the stuff I got was terrific.

Robin Aris, up in Northern California, pointed out that, in my article about Mike Adam’s attack on the “skeptics”  I didn’t go far enough explaining who Loren Pankratz’s “False Memory Syndrome” buddy Ralph Underwager was.

Robin said:

“According to several sources, Ralph Underwager, is also a former official of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). His interview with Paidika in 1993 is truly disturbing. Are any of the ‘skeptics’ not perverts defending perverts?”

Robin also sent me this video interview of Underwager from 60 Minutes – Australia.  And it’s an “Oh my!” video.

(2)  Another interesting “connection” came, inadvertently, from one of Mike Adams articles about the skeptics “‘Science skeptics’ use guerilla warfare tactics and racketeering behavior to infiltrate Wikipedia and spread corporate propaganda”

Susan Gerbic at an Australian Skeptics Event
Susan Gerbic at an Australian Skeptics Event

It was in a photo of Susan Gerbic  – The one who organizes the skeptic control of Wikipedia.

Susan Gerbic was at the Australian Skeptics Event.  See the ID badge in the photo?

You will remember the Australian skeptics for their “Rape, Mutilation, and Death” threats against Meryl Dorey, the head of the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN).  Dan Rafaelle, the skeptic that was caught making the threats, was given the Australian skeptics top award for his efforts against Dorey.

It may well have been Susan Gerbic who presented that award.  You can read about that here.

(3)  The Skeptical Raptor – has never identified himself/herself/themselves.  Sources point out that the website is hosted in the Chicago area, but owned by a Canadian who, apparently, sells odd drugs on the internet.

James Randi's lover arrested for identify theft
James Randi’s lover arrested for identify theft

(4) James Randi‘s “Lover” Arrested –  This happened several years ago, but it is definitely worth looking at.  Feel free to laugh when you read this.  I certainly did.

On September 8th, 2011, Federal Agents working for the US State Department, knocked on James Randi’s door, not particularly looking for Randi, but for Randi’s live-in-lover, a  person who calls himself “Jose Luis Alvarez,” a name stolen years ago, say the Feds, from a New York man.  In their newspaper article, “Celebrated South Florida artist Jose Alvarez accused of identity theft” the Broward County Sun Sentinel says:

“Celebrated Plantation artist Jose Luis Alvarez has earned an international reputation with colorful, modernist paintings that have been showcased in South Florida museums and galleries.

He’s always dabbled in abstract concepts involving personal and artistic identity, an exploration that began as a young man when he teamed with famed magician James “The Amazing” Randi on the world stage.

Now, there are deeper questions surrounding Alvarez and who he actually is — a mystery about the man himself, beyond his creative persona.

To federal authorities the 43-year-old Alvarez is a cipher, a man truly without any identity. They refer to him as “FNU LNU” — law enforcement acronyms for first and last names unknown.

Alvarez is now in federal custody, accused of stealing the identity of a New York man and misusing it for more than 20 years. Goateed and scholarly looking in hip eyeglasses, Alvarez — if that indeed is his name — had his first appearance Friday morning in federal court in Fort Lauderdale.

“We don’t know who this person is,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Bertha Mitrani told a magistrate, while explaining that authorities would seek to hold Alvarez without bail at a hearing next week.

Alvarez first began performing to international audiences, with Randi, in the late 1980s as “Carlos,” channeling the spirit of an ancient seer in contact with other worlds.

It was an elaborate hoax carried out as performance art.”

Elaborate hoax?  That kind of describes the entire skeptic organization.

3 thoughts on “The Forces are Gathering…”

  1. Are any of the ‘skeptics’ not perverts defending perverts?”

    After reading this I chuckled th whole time it took to read this article. Hey, when is someone going to do a expose on Dorit Reiss? She’s pharma top gun on vaccine comment boards.

  2. The Dtap or Tdap anyway the acellular pertussis vaccine at full vaccination “”works”” we will just say works so as not to confuse here, works in 8 out of 10. At five years it still is “”working”” in only 3 out of 10. Then by 10 years it fails in all. So as in Australia, who were first to embrace the ap vaccine in 1995, by 2010, true colours were showing. We had 450 cases whole of australia pre Dtap. Well around 1991 anyway. By 2012 we had 1800 per 100,000 kids all aged under 12. No one over that age caught whooping cough, just ALL DTAP VACCINE FAILURES ie 1995 + 5 jabs 5 yrs + 10 years (100% failure)………………. first huge outbreaks, and it isnt stopping. Just an annyouing cough, and the kids get real immunity, when their vaccine fails. However, the facts are, now that whooping cough is out and about, EVERY AP VACCINATED CHILD, still with vaccine that “”works”” actually catches, carries and spreads it. Not just ONCE< but every time they get re exposed. So now the CDC, are trying to hide this fact, by prevaccinating babies (in utero), with a vaccine that kills them if given at birth. Outcome of this insanity, this insanity used in an attempt to stop newborn babies being infected by their own fully vaccinated symptomless siblings etc? To stop maybe 1 in 10,000 babies catching whooping cough, they vaccinate now the pregnant women, resulting in near doubling of deaths in utero (late term miscarriage), and near 1 in 50 of these babies being born microcephalic. USA started this absurdity, or lets say baby murder in 2013, and a 500% sudden rise in microcephalic newborn rates. Brazil started Tdap in May, in even 20 week pregnant women, and the microcephalic babies began being born yep 20 weeks later, in October. Please feel free to publish my email address and my facebook address. I am over the trolls, they cant hurt me. I happily send references to anyone who asks.

  3. And these people are not prosecuted? They continue to lie for the corporate world? The government powers that be cannot possibly be so stupid as to actually give these people credibility? They all seem to belong in a mental ward.

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