The Deep State’s “Dr. Death” and the Death Vaccine…

Whilst I had been aware of Tony Fauci’s decades-long involvement in predicting deadly diseases that “magically” happened just when he said they would…

…I had not, until yesterday, seen him “performing” live on video.

From Europe – Opinion By Karma Singh

I had been aware, of course, of his deep involvement in the AIDS fraud through which he pocketed millions of dollars and killed thousands with his patented AZT “vaccine”. This is far from his only criminal act perpetrated in the same manner, i.e. “predict” the disease, use the controlled press owned by his “friends” in the pharmaceutical industry to declare that the disease has started and is spreading, invent a “cure” (which just happened to have already been patented before the “outbreak”) and pocket millions by licensing his “vaccine” to the manufacturer who pays him the most.

AIDS is, perhaps, the best known of his frauds but SARS, MERS, Zika and other frauds are all of his invention; as is, of course, Covid-19.

He can get away with this in America because of a peculiar law which absolves vaccine manufacturers from civil and criminal liability for any and all harm caused by their vaccines.

I hope that you have not, in the intervening weeks, forgotten how it was Tony Fauci who was instrumental in transferring the research to create a deadly “virus” from America to Wuhan in China when the research into combining viruses was banned in the USA.

He also, illegally, diverted hundreds of millions of dollars of US taxpayers’ money to China to fund the research.

As you, dear reader, already know, I have, through many years of constant practice, learned how to use that natural ability born into every one of us to see through the masks and to perceive what is truly going on. I have also developed the messiah series and New Moon Seminars aimed at helping you to do the same and more.

It is not at all pleasant to watch this entity performing for the camera (I would be lying if I were to call it a man or any other term implying humanity). This entity’s sole pleasure lies in killing people and the more the better. The projected “Covid-19 vaccine” in which he is heavily involved has recently been subjected to its first human trials. The volunteers were all selected because they were exceptionally healthy. Twenty percent of them had to be hospitalised immediately following “vaccination”.   Dr. Fauci declared the results of these tests to be “encouraging” and “satisfactory”!

Let us take a brief look at the scenario which Dr. Fauci espouses, i.e. everyone in the world must be vaccinated against Covid-19.

A large proportion of the world’s population could not be described as completely healthy. The effect of such a vaccination programme would be to cause between one and two Billion deaths! (Not a typing error; that is a B and not an M as in a 2 followed by nine zeros.) This creates so much chaos that the bankers and their friends could implement Agenda 21 (now re-named Agenda 30) by which a very large proportion of the world’s population is to be killed off and the rest herded into ghetto cities as slave workers for the self-proclaimed “elite”.

Bill Gates, it is well known, is a close confidant and business partner of Dr. Death.

It is he who has repeatedly stated that the world population must be drastically reduced and that vaccination is the “right” tool to achieve this. Could it be that Germany’s refusal to accept reality and return to the rule of law is because Mr. Gates – a frequent and welcome guest in the Kanzleramt** – has promised her the spectacle of watching twenty million Germans die?

Although I have covered this in great detail in my book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” (, it is certainly of use to take a quick look at what vaccination actually entails:

Extract sick material from someone who is ill, multiply it in the tissues of monkeys, spaniel puppies, aborted foetuses, etc., and then inject it into healthy people.

Now, if someone were to inject you with a sickness, what do you think would happen?

Bingo: Right first time; you would probably get ill. And this is exactly what does happen! The sole known effect of vaccination is to spread disease as you will read in my book mentioned above.

Some, such as Gardasil, even create new diseases which had not previously existed.

Dr. Death’s new vaccine claims to make irreversible changes in human DNA.

If 20% of very healthy people immediately get very sick from this, you can guess what sort of mayhem it would cause in a normal population – it would certainly cause the complete collapse of society:

As tens of millions of people are incapacitated or die, essential services will break down, deliveries of foodstuffs may well fail, law and order will disappear; all of which will result in millions of more deaths.

This is the declared aim of Bill Gates and those for whom he is acting as “front man”.

Fauci not only gets to be a billionaire but, for him, much more important, he gets the joy of watching billions die at his hand.

Dr. Death and friends can make and manufacture this deadly cocktail but it has to be approved for use by the US National Institute of Health which grants exemptions to vaccine safety rules in “an emergency”. They’ve even got this covered; the person who would be responsible for giving the exemptions just happens, by “pure co-incidence” of course to be married to Dr. Death himself!

I am amazed that Google hasn’t already deleted this video. I have downloaded it and would recommend that you do the same.

So, now you know a lot about Dr. Death and his intentions towards you.

What are you going to do about it?

Blessed be

Karma Singh

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** The Kanzleramt is the German equivalent of The White House in the USA and 10 Downing Street in the UK.

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

8 thoughts on “The Deep State’s “Dr. Death” and the Death Vaccine…”

  1. Karma, there may be no civil or criminal liability for vaccine damage, but there is still criminal liability for malpractice, murder, fraud, genocide, and a whole host of other crimes that ought to be covered by this. The ‘weapon’ may be exempt but the action – harming the public with intent – is not. If nothing else, such an attack on society is an act of war, sedition, treason, terrorism or something else, and requires a much lower legal standard in order to be punished. Fauci and others are risking that instead of facing court, fines or prison, their actions may simply be stopped with deadly force and no warning.

  2. Thanks for that clarification, Larry.
    It’s the same over this side of The Pond which is why Merkel & Co. now face criminal charges of intended genocide and Prof. Drosten – the man who “discovered” Sars-Cov-2 before the first cases were reported in China has been charged with fraud.
    Whether the Staatsanwaltschaft (German DA) will allow the prosecutions to proceed is something that we’re all waiting to see.

    Blessed be

  3. There have been several ‘Dr Deaths during my lifetime and thankfully I remain reasonably well. I fear that reports such as the above will simply drive away many who might otherwise be seeking support, perhaps following their own personal adverse vaccination experiences.

    Many of us are concerned at the way things are running at the moment, but hysterical speculation should have no place in a ‘science based analysis of the North American health care system’.

  4. Kevin – There is no “hysterical speculation” here. We work from the simple premise that vaccines are total crap, and that they, in EVERY instance, harm people, especially children.

    We also work from the simple premise that vaccines are made by drug companies. As we all know, and have had the reality proven to us all time after time, that drugs companies ALWAYS lie. So how could anyone trust anything they say or do? How could anyone allow their products to be INJECTED into our population?

    Scientifically, we just break down problems into their basic parts. That process is called analysis.

  5. Dear Karma Singh,

    Thanks for your information, interpretation and assumption about what is going on right now, and could happen in the near future.

    There is just one practical question that comes into my mind immediately.

    If this so called ‘vaccine’ would make people sick or create heavy side effects within a certain group of people within 43 days, then a planetary vaccination has to be done within this time-span of 43 days.

    If problems arise after a vaccination campaign somewhere in a part of the world, the willingness to comply will be gone in the other, not yet vaccinated parts.

    How would, and could, they organize this in such a short time-span?

    Very curious for your thoughts and assumptions on this.


  6. Easy peasy Rick,
    you control 92% of the World’s press.
    You just give orders to suppress all information about the death numbers until the stench of the rotting bodies everywhere makes this superfluous.

    Blessed be

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