Taking Back Health Freedom in California, One Candidate at a Time…

OK, in the interest that Tim Bolen doesn’t tell anymore “Trophy Wife” stories, even though that story was completely adorable and Jan has to put up with so much; I decided that I needed to write another article that is pertinent to defeating forced vaccination mandates.

Opinion by: Karri Lewis AWAKE California


In local California political races, there are two great candidates that need our support.

I first met Fullerton City Council candidate, Joe Imbriano, when we connected through the AWAKE California facebook page. In the very early stages of senate bill 277, we spoke on the phone a few times. Our discussions were about stopping this terrible infringement on parental rights and the horrible consequences of forced vaccinations.

I met Joe in person at the health committee hearing (SB277) in Sacramento. Joe happened to be sitting right in front of me.


I got the privilege of hearing Joe and so many others voice their opposition to senate bill 277. The streams of people, many with vaccine injured children, took hours to wind through the capitol to voice their opposition.

You can learn more about Joe Imbriano here.

You can donate to Joe Imbriano’s campaign here.

Joe Imbriano’s blog, The Fullerton Informer, can be found here.

The second candidate, Baron Bruno, is running for California Assembly in the 62nd district. It’s a going to be a tight race between Incumbent Autumn Burke, Marco Leal and Baron Bruno.


This is what Bruno had to say about his candidacy on the Libertarian Party of California facebook page:

“Please VOTE for Libertarian, Baron Bruno, only one of 5 Libertarian Candidates in CA, and the only 3 party race in CA history since they enacted “top two” laws.”

Bruno is referring to Proposition 14, Top Two Primaries Act that was voter approved in California in June 2010.

See more about Proposition 14 here.

When I asked Bruno what his stance on mandatory vaccines and health freedom was, this was his answer, as recorded on the Libertarian Party of California facebook page:

“Vaccines should be voluntary. More studies should be done t9 make sure there are no unintentional or hazardous side effects. I don’t trust the government. They mandated putting fluoride in our water supply without our approval, and without effective testing. The major research project behind putting fluoride in our water came from Aluminum Co. Of America (Alcoa). Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of aluminum manufacturing. Look it up. Scary how our government tries controlling our lives!”

You can find out more about Baron Bruno here.

You can donate to Baron Bruno’s campaign here.

You can volunteer for Baron Bruno’s campaign here.

Both of these wonderful health freedom loving candidates could use volunteers and donations. Please help, if you can.

The health freedom movement needs key people like these in office to help retain and regain our health freedom rights in California. Please consider running for public office in your community to help further the cause!

Opinion by: Karri Lewis AWAKE California

4 thoughts on “Taking Back Health Freedom in California, One Candidate at a Time…”

  1. This is very helpful Tim! If you have time, I would really love to see a Bolen Report voting guide for candidates in the Senate and House. Although, most people who are against mandated vaccines should know by now that Democrats are not our friends!

  2. RE: Voting Guide for California

    I believe the California Democratic Party’s Resolution “In Support Of Repealing California’s Personal Beliefs Exemption To Mandatory Vaccinations”, ratified while some 500 of us were protesting outside the Anaheim Convention Center last year, is all the voting guide anyone needs. Unless the Democrat you are considering is a Maverick who is willing to fund their campaign without any funding from the CADEM pool, you can be assured they have their toes to the line on this issue.


  3. I agree with you, Alan. Thank you so much for the comment. The California Democratic Party did vote in favor of a blanket, statewide resolution removing all personal belief exemptions. Any Democrat taking money from the general fund will be pressured into this stance.

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