The Study Which Will END Autism!

And probably Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ME/CFS as well…

I always tell my students that when a scientific concept is finally understood the answer should be simple, elegant, and yes, even beautiful in its own way.  That moment has NOW been reached in autism and the results published for the entire world to see.

I know there are FACTIONS in the autism community, as well as in the chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) community.  But it is time to put those differences aside and unite to support this research.  The FATE OF ALL OF US depends on joining together in common cause to end these epidemics.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

At 6:33 a.m. on Friday, May 26, 2017 I received the following email from Dr. Robert Naviaux, Professor of Genetics, Biochemical Genetics and Metabolism, and co-director of The Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disease Center at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine:

Hi Kent,

The results of the suramin autism treatment clinical trial were published today in Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.  I’ve attached a pdf copy and a question and answer sheet that we prepared to help discuss some of the results.

I’m very grateful to you for helping us to get out the word.  The moon rock and card with the Dali Lama that you sent me in 2013 were an inspiration.  I still have them on my desk.

There will be more material posted on our website at:, later this day.  This will include a poem written by a teenage boy with ASD who was in the study.  UCSD will also be launching a website with extra content about the study later today.  I will let you know when the link goes live.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Sincerely, Bob.

As I always do with my science students, I want to start with the problem.  

Defining the problem is usually KEY to finding the answer.  One of Naviaux’s most important contributions to understanding these conditions is his analysis of something called the CELL DANGER RESPONSE (CDR).  I will let Dr. Naviaux speak about it in his own words.

CELL DANGER RESPONSE: The CDR is a natural and universal cellular response to any injury or stress.  Its purpose is to help protect the cell and to jump-start the healing process.  But sometimes the CDR gets stuck.  This prevents completion of the natural healing cycle and can permanently alter the way the cell responds to the world.  When this happens, cells behave as if they are still injured or in imminent danger, even though the original cause of the injury or threat has passed.  On a molecular level, the defended set points for homeostasis are altered.  This creates a pathological metabolic memory – an abnormal cellular response – that leads to chronic disease.  When this happens during early childhood development, it causes autism and many other chronic childhood disorders.  When it happens later in life, a persistent CDR can lead to immune exhaustion and it can lower the resistance to chronic infections.  When it swings in the other direction, the immune system takes on a hair trigger and it leads to inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.  In both cases, it increases the prevalence of chronic disease.

Tp put it in simple terms, when the cell thinks there is a danger in the body, it shuts down communication with other cells.  This affects development, as well as proper functioning of all your biological systems.  Got it?  It’s pretty simple.

I bet you can even figure out the answer. Find a medication that tells the cells that it’s safe to communicate.  

The same thought occurred to Dr. Naviaux.  And he found a medication that does exactly that, suramin.

SURAMIN:  Suramin . . . sends the cellular equivalent of the “all clear” or safety signal.  In this capacity, suramin and other antipurinergic drugs, are a kind of molecular armistice therapy (MAT), signaling the ceullar war is over, the danger has passed, and cells can return to “peacetime” jobs like neurodevelopment, growth and healing.

Some kind of chemical, toxin, or infection is LIKELY to be the cause of the cell danger response being activated.  But we do not even need to fight over WHAT might be the trigger, if we can fix it.  Let that be a conversation for another day.

Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity you probably want to know how it worked.  Again, I use Dr. Naviaux’s own words.

THE CLINICAL EFFECTS:  Suramin works by removing negative signals that block or slow natural child development.  It is more like removing the brakes then pressing the accelerator.  Accelerated catch-up development occurs in the first few weeks when the brakes are removed because the child is ready to develop, but was otherwise blocked by their illness.  This reminds me of giving a child who has an inborn error of metabolism a vitamin or nutrient that they can’t make, or taking away a toxin, the children begin to blossom.  Children with severe oral motor dyspraxia in the SAT-1 study started humming and singing nonsense tunes around the house in the first few days after suramin.  Like a baby learning to talk for the first time, they began making sounds with their mouth, lips, and tongue that they had never made before.  We had four non-verbal children in the study, two 6 year olds and the two 14 year olds.  The 6 and 14 year old who received suramin said their first sentence of their lives about 1 week after the single suramin infusion.  This did not happen in any of the children given placebo.

For those of us who have non-verbal children, it is difficult to fully describe the excitement I feel when I read this account.  

I have NEVER had a conversation with my 19 year old daughter.

But I KNOW there is a wonderful person inside who has so much to tell me.

I will perhaps break a confidence by telling you I have talked privately in the past to Dr. Naviaux about what he thinks might happen in the future.  

IF suramin works out as a treatment protocol, he thinks it might end up being something that is infused every 6-8 weeks until the results are sustained and the child has caught up to their peers in development.  For younger children, that might mean a year of infusions.  For those older, it might mean two years.  We genuinely do not know.  It was a small study, limited to five boys because of financial constraints, so this is something which needs to be studied in great detail.

But these are such exciting possibilities for rescuing our lost children.  

I do not know of a single intervention which has filled me with such hope.  I know that some have expressed concerns about safety issues with suramin, but I believe those were limited to HIGH-DOSES of suramin used in experimental CANCER treatments.

Again, I will not use my own words, but those of Dr. Naviaux.

SIDE-EFFECTS OF SURAMIN: We did not find any serious side effects or safety concerns in this first study of a single, low-dose of suramin.  The low-dose that we used produced blood levels of 5-15 uM and has never been tested for any disease in the nearly 100 years that suramin has been used in medicine.  All previous uses of suramin have been at medium doses for sleeping sickness that produced blood levels of 50-100 uM for 1-3 months, or high doses for cancer chemotherapy that produced blood levels of 150-270 uM for 3-6 months.

Just so you understand, suramin was used SAFELY for more than 75 years when it produced blood levels of 50-100 uM.  The levels we would likely need in autism are from 5-15% of that level.  I understand that there is still so much we do not know, but the POTENTIAL OF THESE FINDINGS IS ENORMOUS.

Let me be the first to write that this is the kind of discovery of which NOBEL PRIZES are made, and history is made.

I am but a single, humble writer and the parent of a daughter with severe autism.  I am not a scientist.  I am not a political leader.  I am not a billionaire with vast sums of money at my disposal.  But what I share with all of you is a common humanity.

Whether you have been a friend or foe of mine, I know that every human being responds with sympathy to the suffering of children and their families.  Alone, I am but a single voice.  Alone, scientists like Dr. Naviaux find themselves lost in a sea of competing voices.

I am asking everybody, friend and foe, to raise your voice and DO WHATEVER YOU CAN to support this research.  The past is but prologue to the future.

You can read the actual study by clicking here

You can read the Question and Answer page by clicking here

Just below is an excerpt from the Q & A:

Q1: What is the main point of your paper?

A1: The first thing you need to know about our paper is that it is not about suramin. Our research is aimed at finding a unifying cause for autism and an explanation for why it, and nearly 20 other chronic diseases have been increasing over the past 30 years.

Our research is leading us to the conclusion that autism is caused by a treatable metabolic syndrome in many children. The exact percentage is currently unknown. Metabolism is the language the brain, gut, and immune system use to communicate. These three systems are linked. You can’t change one without changing the other. Each of these systems works differently in autism, but more specifically, the communication between these systems is changed in autism. Such changes occur both during and after the pregnancy. Suramin can only improve metabolic functions once a child is treated. While antipurinergic therapy (APT) with suramin may not directly change some aspects of abnormal brain development that were present before treatment, APT may improve the function of many brain systems, even if brain structure does not change. And in children and teens whose brain is still developing, the course or trajectory of brain development might also be changed by treatment.  The metabolic syndrome that underlies the dysfunction is caused by the abnormal persistence of the cell danger response (CDR). Aspects of the CDR are also known to scientists as the  “integrated stress response”. Both genes and environment contribute to the CDR, so even genetic causes of autism lower the threshold for CDR activation and produce the metabolic syndrome. Ultimately, if the symptoms of autism are caused by a metabolic syndrome, the
hopeful message is that the symptoms can be treated, even though we can’t change the genes.

There seventeen (17) Questions and Answers.

Help us recover our lost children.


By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Kent Heckenlively is the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



18 thoughts on “The Study Which Will END Autism!”

  1. Kent,
    Bought,read your book plague,spoke with Dr.Judy Mikovits,
    Would like to talk about my story of research and discovery.

  2. One wonders just how many endocrine glands could be part of this ASD shared ‘cell danger’ response. B/c the suramin stuff is chosen in order to interfere with the body’s purinergic signalling (according to the research article) but a quick look at a question like ‘what nutrients are involved in purinergic signalling’ shows that lots of organs have this type of signalling — from liver, thymus, pancreas, pineal, etc. So this little dose is still going to affect quite a few organs’ functioning… One would prefer to find some nutrient or enzyme produced by the body itself that would relate to some better target control…

    With this ‘hope’ induced by the results, it’s disappointing already at the end to see how long it will be before they are satisfied with the safety trials, and the interaction concerns so it is expected to be YEARS before any sort of approval opens doors to find children…. hopefully sound and unharmed.

    Since the body doesn’t have a simple deficiency of suramin as its clue, then finding other do-no-harm pathways is still the order of the day. Suramin is not harmless.

  3. Kent, and all, instead of shelving that hope for pie-in-the-sky time, the fact that this suramin was used for some cancer treatment has prompted me to realize there could be another more-immediate route if the homeopaths can come to the rescue… Exciting stuff!

    A couple years back, Mercola had an article on some oncology doctors who had awakened to the horrible realization that they could not push that poisoning on their patients any more BUT if they didn’t push them, they risked losing their license. So they creatively had summoned the homeopaths to do their homeo-magic on the oncology-poison which then allowed them to use the standard ‘medication’, sort of, while focussing on lifestyle causes. At least nobody was poisoned.

    Similarly, how difficult would it be for the homeopaths to convert that suramin to homeopathic form??? No safety testing for 3 years, don’t know about interactions but I’d hope at least the orthomolecular and naturopathic stuff you hear about from people on our HBOT list would not cause unpleasant interactions.. so you could be off to the races to see if you can find some children, long before the FDA torture is even off the ground. Right?

    Where are those homeopaths …. front and center please and tell us about such a plan not working , eh?

  4. The answer is not in more drugs with unknown long term effect. Just stop vaccinating! There is alternative for every human on this planet! I spell it for you HOMEOPROPHYLAXIS !!
    No, needles, no deadly ingredients and it works!

  5. We here at Harmony United have known about this “Cell Damage Response” effect for some years and have had many, many cases of wounds, even after many decades, healing within weeks. This was my own initial contact with the technology in 2001 in which, to prove to a student that such things don’t work, I applied the forerunner of the Harmony Evolution to a point on my spine where I had had surgery and which, since then, had been a constant weak point. In a matter of days, the problems which had remained from the surgery trauma for twenty years and three months completely disappeared and are, to this day, still disappeared!

    Whilst we know about this and it is obvious that the informational re-ordering of the elementary particles has resulted in the trauma which had been preventing healing being completely dissolved, we have never even thought about applying it in Autism cases. I see potential but, without removing the causational heavy metal poisoning I don’t see how we’re going to get a permanent effect.

    Getting the mercury etc. out of the brain when two of the necessary ingredients to do it biochemically are, for doctrinaire reasons, banned in N. America is a problem we’ve been working on this for some time. We think that we now have a solution through a method of completely removing the causational information for mercury etc. which then results in it being re-absorbed into the field of unformed energy. i.e. it is no longer present. In point of fact, we’re making the first of such available to the public in about 12 days’ time. They’re not specifically aimed at mercury but should remove it all the same. Then a little homeopathic suramin and things should begin to change.

    If it’s going to take years for suramin to be made available, we should perhaps consider looking into possibilities to use the Harmony Technology to remove the trauma and release the Cell Damage Response which has been preventing the healing. This would be a matter of working out which devices and where to place them – a matter of a few weeks at most.

    I look forward to hearing from you on this matter, Kent.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  6. I like the idea of helping people ascend from autism, however I fear pharma will interpret this to mean they have the green light to continue to poison our population so long as they have a cure for the damages done. Glad the study has been sucessful thus far.

  7. Addendum… in the comment above that referred to the nutrient research on orthomolecular medicine and autism, specifically about nutrient therapies that would likely be already in consideration for a complete homeopathic suramin combination, it occurred to me that i should have been more helpful for those just looking for safe and effective DOSING — since the EFFECTIVE doses are SOMETIMES AS MUCH as 150 TIMES THE RDA…. SOMETIMES JUST 40 TIMES, as you may agree will NEVER be found in foods… so I began searching for RDA data.. then….

    So lo and behold, the Orthomolecular Medical Newsletter just arrived with a feature on such extreme medical doses for autism… so here’s the link

    …for mostly B1, B2, B3, B6, E, and C… all of them, as well as researchers to read up on…..

    Definitely resisting vehemently the vaxxers, is crucial as we do with NVIC as well, but we are NOW focusing on helping those who had been damaged in the past…

  8. Surely, all commentators above are aware of new Redox Signalling biotech, a patented supplement called ASEA. Redox SM are written extensively about in Pub Med and their relevance to ccellular communication elucidated there. They are made in mitochondria from atoms present in salt and water. Please research. Potential benefits are enormous!

  9. I’m with Health Freedom. Let’s not rely on these ” miracle cures ” before we know they actually work. Instead let’s stop pumping babies and children with these ” toxic time bombs ” that are called vaccinations.

  10. Homeopathy can also help and it is non-toxic.

    My question to the science-medical industry is how on earth could anyone imagine that tricking, deceiving, manipulating, confusing natural immune response as vaccines do, could be positive in any way?

    Not even taking into account the toxic chemicals, artificial disease, and animal, human and bird material introduced to the body experimentally, in ways artificial and process unnatural, and for which no human body could or has ever evolved.

    This is mad science of the worst kind. And worst of all, our babies and children are the major labrats.

  11. I’d just like to add that this study is actually the fourth study Naviaux has published along this line. The three other ones were animal studies, first with mice who had autism induced (maternal immune activation), the second, mice who had autism induced who were the human age equivalent of 30 years old, and genetic knockout mice with Fragile X syndrome (often called ‘genetic autism.)

    I’ve mentioned in the article the extremely low dosages of medication, the theory which underlies the activation of the cell danger response, and while I am 100% in favor of slowing or even stopping the insane vaccination schedule and preventing further damage, one cannot in good conscience abandon those who are currently suffering, such as my daughter, who if no treatments are found, will be dependent on my wife and I until the day we die.

  12. What both amazes, puzzles and troubles me is when I write that we have solutions available here in Europe, comments continue as though that which I had written did not exist.

    Why is this so?
    What’s the payoff for ignoring a solution?
    Can you, Kent, especially explain this to me?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  13. Kent,

    Thank you for all you do for our autism community. You have made such a difference and are an incredible source of information. As you know my son is now recovered and an aerospace engineer because we treated his autism medically, behaviorally and educationally. Your review of my book “I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE – Winning Our War Against Autism” ( for Age of Autism the also helped me spread the word that autism is medical and TREATABLE! We are getting closer, Kent, and you have had a big part in making that happen.

  14. Karma and Maria,

    Please… let me know about the treatment. I have a 20 year old son in the ASD spectrum. Very hot tempered, impulsive (breaks things like game consoles, his glasses, phone etc, deletes important mails and documents, throws things to the garbage and rips clothes) very sensitive to weather changes, super sensitive to criticism and advises, perfectionist, obsessive-compulsive about clothes (rips and cuts clothes, always looking for flaws and takes out the stitches, will not wear that cloth again if it has has any stains or any slight imperfections/flaws, always keep checking the clothes for hours even in the store before buying, will not wear the dress even after the stitches are fixed, sometimes rips dozens of underwear, shirts, shorts etc, always relate his feelings with clothes and calendar).
    He is a calendar savant (can tell a day, if someone tells the date or vice versa, and remembers all the respective events/dates), always stimming (talking to himself, repeating TV serial or movie dialogues very loudly), lethargic (not willing to do any kind of school work or house chores). I have tried many regular medications and homeopathic medicines, so far no help. I would really appreciate, if you could please… give me some directions. Thank you!!!!

  15. Hi Victory Pal and Eric,
    somehow I missed your request, Eric so it is good that Victory Pal has made the same one.

    At this stage I am somewhat chary of recommending potential solutions with such vague information about the sufferer – the worst that I could do would be to recommend a solution which didn’t work because it was the wrong one.

    Please contact me diectly via this form so that I can take it a bit further.

    This applies, of course, to anyone else seeking help.

    Blessed be


  16. Addendum to the above:
    there is avery little cost involved in the above.
    One of the tools which is proving itself very useful here in Germany is delivered without payment and a donation will be expected only when results are achieved. This is actually the main tool to start the process.

    Blessed be


  17. It’s pretty simple, Karma – “IT’s AN ECONOMIC WAR!”
    I coined this term in one of my two in person Testimonies to the HHS CFSCC back in October 2000, in DC. Then a couple of months ago on the Conference Call for the now HHS CFSAC, I reiterated that I’d done so ~ 17 years ago, and little did I know then HOW even more devastating so it would still be 17 years later! Not a pin was heard to drop in response! Plus they did NOT include my comments (or questions) it in the ‘Transcript’ of this Public Meeting! The truth is – it IS MEDICAL & they’ve known for decades! If you can find courageous Dr. Wm. Baumzweiger’s (former VA Doc who got fired for TREATING GWS Vets & their families!) identification of WHAT IT IS & WHY, it will be entirely enlightening! Recommend, as a Person with CFS/FM – which I view as an ‘Adult version of Autism’ – in step with wonderful Kent, following Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum’s Protocol (see 2nd Ed or newer “From Fatigued to Fantastic”). I also am the only PWC I’m aware of that has had over 50 Treatments of Rituximab! It may, for those with similar challenges as I, provide Temporary Remission from some symptoms (check out Dr. Fluge’s Norwegian Studies) – but NOT a CURE, but perhaps a more human quality of life. Just to share hope!

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