Richard Pan To Replace Anthony Fauci…

Democrats To “Get Tough” On “Anti-Vaxxers”

Opinion by “Deplorable, Super-Spreader” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The Democratic Party has made it very clear that five minutes after Joe Biden takes office there will be an “Executive Order” issued mandating ALL “CDC recommended” vaccines for ALL American children and adults.  By the end of the first year there will be six to seven hundred “CDC recommended” vaccines for each category.  There will be at least that many added for pets.  Probably more.

The Dems will be paying back their campaign contributions…

It gets worse – If Biden wins, then resigns – in favor of Kamala “Cruella” Harris prosecutions of “Anti-Vaxxers” will begin in earnest.  “Cruella,” we all remember, had, during the Democratic Party presidential debates, declared herself to be “The Prosecutor President.” 

California Senator Richard Pan is/was part of Cruella’s California totalitarian network.  All of Cruella’s California network will end up in the West Wing of the White House.  In the Democratic Party hive mind Richard Pan would be perfect to be the “Health Care Czar,” new head of the CDC.

The Big Pharma toady standing next to Pan, in the photo, is Charity Dean, the person(?) in charge of California’s FORCED Childhood Vaccination Program.

Under Cruella’s reign –  I predict that California Governor Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom will resign as California Governor and take over as Cruella’s Chief of Staff so that ALL of the United States can be suitably Californicated.

All of US to be “Californicated?”

Yup – that’s the plan.  California is to be the model for the new Democratic Party reign.  Those of you, concerned about your children in California,  that moved out of California to another State, have only delayed the inevitability of the Social Justice Movement.  Democrats want ALL children of heterosexual parents vaccinated into gender oblivion.

Is that a strong enough last minute election message?…

This really is the most important presidential election in America’s history.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable, Super-Spreader” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

8 thoughts on “Richard Pan To Replace Anthony Fauci…”

  1. Defund CDC, FBI, FDA, CIA, anything to do with teachers/education, IRS….pretty much anything alphabet that infests our government.

  2. As it is, I’d happily make a donation to anybody able to sue/prosecute Pan for medical malpractice, corruption, conflicts of interest etc. I’m not rich but I’ll send what I can. And the same goes for career politicians who think it’s okay to practice medicine without a licence, something that would get anybody else locked away.

    Pan thinks the loophole is for a politician to be a doctor as well. But it isn’t. It gets him into more trouble not less, since he is then engaged in malpractice as well, by prescribing randomly to persons unknown etc. Can’t be beyond the brains of a good lawyer to make the case. It is time a signal was sent that politicians are working for us, not the other way around.

  3. The U.S. has not conducted elections in many decades. Votes are reported by a Media organisation, and are generally predetermined. Yes, that means The Swamp put Trump in office, and what the Swamp gives the Swamp can take away.

  4. During the Declared Pandemic first lockdown children stopped having their “well baby” visits to pediatricians. The number of children in America dying each week, primarily diagnosed as “SIDS” dropped dramatically from 700 to 500 — 200 children each week saved from adverse reactions. What will it take for these monsters to stop sacrificing children to their god Mammon?

  5. Anyone attempting to inject a foreign substance into my body will be met with an equal injection of nine millimetres of lead.

  6. if you research bioweapons, you will learn of Dark Winter, which was a CIA operation. Hmm, could it be that FauXi is CIA and Pan is, too?

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