Quackpot Menace “Left Their Heart In San Francisco…”

The “quackbuster conspiracy” is having a “bad day” in America – EVERY day. Anyone, and everybody, that takes them on seems to beat them EASILY. This time the victory was in San Francisco – and a SWEET one it was…

The bottom line – the quackbusters are a paper tiger – all sound and fury – and absolutely NO bite.

Opinion by Tim Bolen

De-licensed MD Stephen Barrett’s (www.quackwatch.com) personal attorney Christopher Grell had filed, in 1999, an action on behalf of Jose and Esther Figueroa against Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, ND and 21 other defendants making allegations of fraud, and all sorts of other nasty things. The case had no substance, and fell apart after California Attorney Carlos Negrete (www.healthfreedomlaw.com) took over.

The “quackbusters” had touted the case all over the internet.

But, on Tuesday, August 7, 2001, the Clark team received the word that the San Francisco Judge DISMISSED the case against Hulda Clark, and others. The“Figueroa vs. Clark” case is DEAD and its time to flip the coin over.

On Monday, July 23, 2001, a lawsuit was filed in Alameda Superior Court in California, among other things, charging Christopher Grell, and others, with “Malicious Prosecution,” for their activities in the Figueroa vs. Clark Case. Now we see the other side of that coin.

Details of the Alameda case can be found at “Breaking News” at www.savedrclark.org, and www.healthfreedomlaw.com.

The July 23, 2001 lawsuit is the FIRST OF A SERIES to be filed against sleazy “quackbuster ” activities.

NOTE (1): Those of you that contacted Carlos Negrete, or myself, with offers of help are GREATLY APPRECIATED. The information we are getting from all of you is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. If we haven’t had the time to respond personally to each of you yet, don’t feel slighted – we’ve had a HUGE response. All of you are welcome.

ALL OF THE INFORMATION WE GET WILL BE USED. We have no intention of stopping, or slowing, our counter-assault against the “quackbuster” slime.

NOTE (2): Those of you that have “questions” to be added to the upcoming deposition(s) of Stephen Barrett, need to get them to us, as soon as possible. We will have two (and possible three) opportunities to depose him within the next few months. We intend to video-tape him. Besides California, Wayne Obie in Canada has the right to depose Barrett under Canadian law. We have transcripts from earlier Barrett depositions to start from.

The reference in the title of this opinion piece to “left their heart in San Francisco,” wasn’t about romance. I believe that the quackbuster’s failed attack against Clark in that court gives the health freedom movement the opportunity to (figuratively speaking) surgically remove their heart, and drop it on the street for the trolley cars to run over…

I’m for that…


Tim Bolen

JuriMed – Public Relations and Research Group