Quackbusters Barrett, Baratz, SQUISHED(?) in Canadian Court…

De-licensed MD Stephen Barrett, and Robert S. Baratz MD, DDS, slithered into a Canadian Court last month with every intent of sinking their fangs into the top Public Relations company in North America in the anti-mercury amalgam movement. But now, Barrett and Baratz, must think they got run over by a fleet of cement trucks, as they slithered out of the courthouse (so to speak).

Opinion by Tim Bolen

Wayne Obie (communications@talkinternational.com) got on Stevie Barrett’s “hate list” almost as fast as I did – and Wayne never uttered a word about Barrett’s sleazy activities – he allegedly just repeated my words on his yahoogroups. Barrett, and Baratz, went together and sued Wayne, and his wife, in Toronto after Wayne told Barrett to “stuff it” (so to speak), in answer to Barrett’s (extortion?) demand for money. Wayne’s wife doesn’t even own a computer.

You can read all of the court documents, and Wayne’s writings on the lawsuit, by going to www.talkinternational.com, and clicking on “lawsuit.”

The case, looks very much like the one Barrett had filed against Ilena Rosenthal, AND LOST. A California Judge, in that case, decided that Barrett had NOT been defamed at all – that my comments about him were, in fact, legal, and that Barrett had filed a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) suit against Rosenthal, for which he is now obligated to pay her costs, and attorney fees.

Bobbie Baratz, on the other hand, has got to see Wayne Obie as the worst thing that ever happened in Baratz’s scummy little life. Although I’m the one that shined the light on Baratz’s resume, and found he’d MADE UP A LIFE so he could testify as an expert witness, Wayne is the one who has to frighten him FAR MORE. You see, Bobbie now seems to MAKE HIS LIVING testifying that “mercury in your mouth is OK.” Wayne’s website (www.talkinternational.com), has more hits than Barrett’s website www.quackwatch.com, smashes mercury amalgam with authoritative reports, and REAL expert testimony from REAL EXPERTS who have REAL RESUMES (http://www.talkinternational.com/issues_health_research.htm).

The Canadian Court System is different than the American System. Although both court systems are derived from English roots, they have developed differently. For Barrett, this means disaster – for Barrett has used trickery, and abuse of the system, in the US to harass his victims – a strategy which is frowned on in the Canadians courts. Barrett likes to inundate the courts with documents – I guess under the theory that “quantity will overide quality.” Frankly, to me, Barrett WHINES in courtroom documents (“look at the MEAN things Tim Bolen said about me, Judge, sniff, sniff”)…

The Canadian Court demands brevity – and an adherence to facts – which means Barrett, and Baratz are out of their element.

Of course, as we all recently observed, Barrett’s whining (so to speak) in court documents, did him no good at all, for the California Judge read it all, and issued a 27 page opinion which in street language could translate as a message to Barrett that says “GROW UP – you’re living in the real world.”

It looks to me like Barrett, et al, are living in fear of the health freedom movement. Frankly, the self-styled “quackbusters” have awoken a sleeping giant who just realized that his suffering, and dying, loved ones are being denied real health care.

COURT DOCUMENTS SHOW THAT “The Plaintiffs Barrett and Baratz are together and individually known to have a history of attempting to discredit integrative and alternative health therapies. Both Barrett and Baratz are listed as directors and members of groups and organizations whose sole mission is to attack and discredit alternative and integrative health therapies and practitioners.”

COURT DOCUMENTS ALSO SHOW THAT “The Plaintiffs are not unknown to litigation and have commenced and been involved in numerous legal actions in the United States against persons who hold opinions contrary to those of the Plaintiffs and or the interests whom the Plaintiffs represent. As such the Plaintiffs are professional litigants in that they routinely file lawsuits and are involved in lawsuits for the sole purpose of advancing their agendas and creating expense and thereby harassing person involved in integrative and alternative health therapies. This is another vexatious action brought by the Plaintiffs. The Plaintiff Barrett has stated publicly that “he is the media” and as such under U.S. Law, he has no claim for defamation. The Plaintiffs Barrett and Baratz are public figures in the United States, and have chosen Ontario to claim defamation for this article because they cannot do so in the U.S.”

The “Quackbusters” have been losing major battles all across North America recently, and it finally dawned on them, that that probably wasn’t happening by accident. So, they really want to shut Wayne up…

They’d really like to shut me up too…


NOTE: All those articles (Opinion by Tim Bolen) that Barrett, et all, are in a RAGE over, can now be found on the front page at www.savedrclark.org, by clicking on “Those opinion articles.” Go read them if you want. I can’t figure out why Barrett is in such a tizzy over them. For me, they’re pretty mild…

I’ve also put a copy of this piece on “Breaking News” at www.savedrclark.org.

Tim Bolen