The “Quackpot Menace” in the United States is floundering. Chief quackpot Stephen Barrett (www.quackwatch.com) has been lashing out in desperation, trying to save the remains of his internet business. Hate-mongering, in the new millenium, apparently, has a limited appeal. Barrett’s internet business consists primarily of painting American leading-edge health humanitarians with the brush of “quackery.” I believe him to be funded by some of the sleazier operators within the Medical-Industrial Complex.

Opinion by Tim Bolen

Florida, I believe, is one of the last strongholds of “quackpottery” in the United States. The battle in Florida over the “Florida Dental Board vs. America (Phillips)” case is an important one… Barrett, and his minions can’t afford to lose too many more battles in the US before their whole house of cards implodes. They are desperate to win Florida.

Florida could be their Waterloo. And, they are not winning…

The official Administrative Law Hearing in the case is over. All that’s left now is the final presentations and summations to the judge. Then, of course, the judge makes his recommended decision to the Board.

That’s where it’s going to get interesting…

I think that, under the current policy administration, no matter what the judge recommends, or what the facts are, the Florida Dental Board will vote to revoke world-renowned leading-edge Dentist Doug Phillips’ license. The people of Florida, at this time, have no control over Dental Board decisions.

I think so, because I believe that the decisions on whom to prosecute, and for what, by the Florida Dental Board, are being made by quackbuster king-pin; de-licensed MD Stephen Barrett, in his basement in Allentown, PA.

Phillips’ support network is ready for such an action. Such an action on the part of the board is just exactly what Health Freedom Fighters throughout the US want this board to do – so they can use the case to remove ALL trials of leading-edge health practitioners from the hands of the quackbuster manipulated licensing boards – permanently – and, perhaps, demonstrate a RICO conspiracy.

Duplicating what’s already happening, right now, in New York…


Establishing a legal precedent is an important social issue tool. And, this is the case to do it. Barrett’s dirty little fingerprints are all over the Phillips’ case. More so since the final prosecution “rebuttal” came to pass.

With the Prosecution floundering in the case, to the amazement (and amusement) of Phillips’ support team, Barrett sent one of his top guns (Robert S. Baratz – MD, DDS, PhD) to Florida as a last minute “Emergency” rebuttal witness.

Boy, was that a hoot…

Baratz was so inept, and made such a total ass out of himself during testimony, that the Prosecutor leaped to her feet, screaming “this deposition is over!!!” while slamming books and papers all over the courtroom. I think, too, she was trying to save the remains of her prosecutorial career.

If there was any doubt in anyone’s mind about a “quackbuster conspiracy” being behind the attack on Phillips, Robert S. Baratz, in a wild-eyed sweaty display, left no doubt in observer’s minds. I wish we’d videotaped it. We did, however, audio-tape it, and there will soon be a transcript of Bobbie Baratz’s demise on the witness stand.

What’s unbelievable to me, is that people like Baratz were EVER given any credence in a courtroom ANYWHERE in this country.

Phillips’ lawyer wiped up the floor with Baratz. So much so that Baratz, looking like he might be ready for a heart attack, shrieked to the courtroom “I’m not going to answer any more of your questions!”

Phillips’ supporters, seated in the courtroom, got a belly laugh out of that. So did I…

Phillips attorney is insisting that the judge listen to every word of Baratz’s deposition… Baratz, besides showing up as a fool, made Phillips’ case.


Here is a little bit of news you won’t find on www.quackwatch.com. Stevie Barrett definitely doesn’t want anyone to know this is happening.

In New York State, attorneys for leading-edge health professionals are targeting the relationship between New York quackpots and a notorious State Attorney General Prosecutor. Formal complaints have been filed, and the quackpot menace, in shock, is reeling under the assault.

We’ll keep you posted…


Douglas Phillips DDS holds a unique position in American society. He has been brought to trial on charges for something he did not do, and the prosecution knows he didn’t do it, but they’re prosecuting him anyway.

Not only that, but the prosecution knows who really did do the deed, and has no jurisdiction over the person that did do it. Even more, the person who did do what Phillips is accused of, did it legally in the State where it was actually done.

Confused? Don’t be. It’s just another “quackpot menace” persecution directed out of a basement in Allentown PA. It isn’t supposed to make sense…

Monday, January 22, 2001 was the continuation of a trial (Florida Dental Board vs. Douglas Phillips DDS) that can be considered a landmark for consumer choice issues in Dentistry. Phillips is accused of using unorthodox methods on his patients. Phillip’s worldwide patient support network replies, “It’s because of those unorthodox (specialized) methods we travel this far.” Phillips handles unusual dental problems.

The case against Phillips is in itself “unorthodox.” He was selected for prosecution by the Florida Dental board during a ten-minute Probable Cause Hearing, of which he was not aware of, and did not attend, on the basis of a description of “an unorthodox test” that Phillips was accused of doing. Phillips never did this test, and has no idea of how to perform it. Nor does he understand how the case ever got this far.

Neither Phillips, nor his attorney, were ever informed of the specifics of the complaint until a trial date to consider removal of Phillips’ license to practice Dentistry had been set. During the discovery phase of the case, Phillips found out that accusations had been brought against him for conducting a test ACTUALLY PERFORMED BY A NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR IN CALIFORNIA, on a patient; two years after the patient had left his care, and moved to California.

The Florida State Prosecutor came to court, last October, (1) unaware that Phillips had never conducted the test described in the Probable Cause Hearings, and (2) began her case against Phillips by claiming that a test that Phillips DOES DO (Autonomic Response Testing) was quackery – because an internet website says so.

The prosecutor’s case is apparently based on the dubious claims of one Stephen Barrett, a de-licensed MD who operates an Internet website called www.quackwatch.com out of his basement in Allentown, PA. Barrett claims that Autonomic Response Testing is “Quackery.” Other Internet sites, like the Mayo Clinic, and the University Hospitals of Cleveland, plus other world experts, laud the benefits of these tests as a diagnostic tool.

It is no surprise to me that de-licensed MD Stephen Barrett claims to know more than the Mayo Clinic, or the University Hospitals of Cleveland. His lies, misrepresentations, and distorted reality views are his source of income.

A Florida State Attorney, in the original Probable Cause Hearing (which Phillips was not invited to) had downloaded Barrett’s writings on Autonomic Response Testing, and submitted them as evidence. Barrett has no professional qualifications that would make him an expert on this subject. In fact, Barrett, who claims to be a retired Psychiatrist, in a recent a court case, was forced to admit under oath, that he had never completed the requirements to become Board Certified as a Psychiatrist.

Phillips support group is looking into the process to file formal complaints against the Florida State employees involved in this colossal blunder. Supporters are angry about the legal costs incurred, the damage the unwarranted accusations have caused against Phillips, and the use of www.quackwatch.com as an expert resource.

Quackwatch.com owner Barrett, deluged with lawsuits nationwide, is scrambling to protect his Internet business. He has already lost four cases in actions with well-known health leaders, and a social activist, who questioned his actions. Florida State employees, apparently, made no investigation of Barrett’s credibility before presenting downloads from his site as “evidence.”

 INTERESTING SIDENOTE: The test that Phillips did not do, that was actually done by a Naturopath in California, is also known worldwide, and has its basis in Oriental Medicine.


www.talkinternational.com -“What’s New”

www.altavista.com – Type in the words “Autonomic Response Testing.”

www.dentalpatientfreedom.com. – Phillips’ support group website

http://mediswww.cwru.edu/dept/neurology/autonomic/autonomic_test.html – The University Hospitals of Cleveland gives, I think, the simplest explanation of the science at the web address. It is written for the layman.

www.halcyon.com/www3/iasp/TC98NovDec.html – The Mayo Clinic article, written by Paola Sandroni, MD, PhD, at their website is much more detailed, and is written for the scientist.

www.quackwatch.com – Search this website to find Barrett’s claims at expertise in areas he has no training or qualifications to discuss. When Barrett’s writings were presented to the government of New Zealand in a discussion of Chiropractic, the Investigatory committee found Barrett’s writings to be “propaganda, and of no evidentiary value.”


Stay Tuned…

Tim Bolen