“Quackbuster” Barrett LOSES in California Court…

I beat delicensed MD Stephen Barrett in Court last week. It was ridiculously EASY… (yawn).

Barrett, who operates www.quackwatch.com out of his Allentown, PA basement, is apparently trying to silence me through intimidation, by sort of suing me.

Sort of? Yeah, sort of… Keep reading.

Opinion by Tim Bolen

Barrett, his minions, and his antics, give me a good laugh. The word INEPT comes strongly to mind…

Battered all over North America in the court system, Barrett doesn’t seem to know when to quit. I can’t find an instance where he has EVER WON a case. The closest he’s come to a win is a tawdry little settlement someone gave him to avoid the NUISANCE of Barrett’s persistence – and that from the estate of a DEAD MAN Barrett sued. Some victory…

Barrett’s dubious website attacks America’s health heroes – leading-edge practitioners, and practices, that spurn the use of “Standard of Care,” in favor of remedies that actually work. Barrett has become the subject of RIDICULE, and a focal-point for what’s wrong with the health care system in America. Barrett operates his questionable website, and his positions on issues, as a business.

His outright abuse of the American legal system is a simple ploy to deter criticism, and hence stop EXPOSURE, of his activities.


The court case in California I’m referring to is the one Barrett prominently displays on his website at http://www.quackwatch.com/11Ind/bolensuit.html. Barrett failed to serve most of the defendants properly. We simply filed a “Motion to Quash Service” with the court – and OF COURSE – we won.

Why did we win so easily? Because Barrett, and his attorney, used wanna-be top quackbuster Bobbie Baratz to “serve” me in Florida. Incompetent Baratz blew the service. It was hilarious.

Baratz, you may remember, is the one who made up a life (on his resume) to testify against Doug Phillips DDS in Florida. Phillips’ s attorney wiped up the floor with Baratz (with the help of the files we had built up on Baratz). Baratz was so upset during the deposition he refused to answer more questions – and the judge had to ORDER his return. Baratz had made FANTASTIC claims about his qualifications to testify – and they simply were not true. The case is not over in Florida, and the disposition of Baratz’s actions is not yet ongoing.

Baratz turned out to be as equally qualified as a process server as he was as a witness. He showed up in the courthouse on Monday, January 22, 2001, handing me three bags of TRASH, which then Stephen Barrett, and his attorney, tried to represent to the court as “a proper service.” The bags of TRASH contained a downloaded version of Barrett’s website’s FATUOUS MUMBLINGS, not the required court documents. The California Judge was not impressed – and ruled easily, quickly, and forcefully, in our favor.

Barrett, et al, got a lesson in litigation REALITY…

There is more to come.

Tim Bolen