Q-ANON Says It Is ALL OVER For Big Pharma…

We Live In Interesting Times…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Those of us who recognize Main Stream Media (MSM) as total elitist slime propagation know that there are places on the internet where you can get a glimpse of Planet Earth’s reality.  The biggest source, of course, is what is called alternative media.

However, over the years, there has developed a different level of information – one that requires an introduction to those on the internet that, because, of their knowledge, SCARE the powers-that-be – like the group called “Anonymous…”  It is there that websites like 4chan have developed.  4chan is completely anonymous.

On 4chan, there, hidden people talk, and it becomes quickly obvious that many of those hold VERY INSIDER positions of power in the United States government – and they speak of “what-is-really-going-on behind the scenes.  “Liberals” are VERY MUCH NOT liking what is being written there – for they talk of pedophiles, and arrests to be made.  They speak of what really happened in the Las Vegas shootings.

And it all has credibility…

In October of 2017 a new poster appeared simply calling himself/herself “Q,”  and the subject of “Q”‘s interest started when president Trump spoke the words  “Calm Before The Storm.”

Just below is a video that explains all this very clearly.  But, before we go there, I want to point out that one of “Q”‘s latest messages was about the coming downfall of Big Pharma – which I will explain after you watch the video…

The Q-ANON Messages About Big Pharma…

This is taken from the “Calm Before the Storm” 4chan page one day ago….

(692) Feb 7 2018 19:26:50Q!UW.yye1fxoID: 296675300885

How many top medical researchers found dead in past 5 years?Why is this topic relevant now? Why does the US taxpayer subsidize meds for the rest of the world?  

(691) Feb 7 2018 19:06:12Q!UW.yye1fxoID: ee33a6300473

What if cures already exist? What about the billions (public/private/govt) provided to fund cure dev? Sheep.  These people are sick!   Q

(690) Feb 7 2018 18:59:30Q!UW.yye1fxoID: ee33a6300345

Make sure the list of resignations remains updated. Important.

When does big pharma make money? Curing or containing?  Cancer/AIDS/etc.

Mind will be blown by chain of command.   Q

What does all this mean?

What Q-ANON is saying is that all of these things are a TOP SUBJECT RIGHT NOW in the Trump Administration…

Sell your pharmaceutical stock, and…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


24 thoughts on “Q-ANON Says It Is ALL OVER For Big Pharma…”

  1. There is a misunderstanding that ‘big pharma’ profits by deliberately containing rather than curing. This is a mistaken view. Conventional, allopathic medicine is incapable of curing anything. If you’re involved in a traffic accident or suchlike, conventional medicine can do a fairly good job of putting you back together, but if you have a chronic ailment, conventional medicine doesn’t have the means of curing anything.

    Far be it for me to wish to defend the allopaths, but they simply are incapable of curing anything. That is why they ‘maintain’ chronic diseases.

  2. All strokes can be easily traced back to mercury poisoning via natural mercury detox, recirculation and resultant magnesium depletion. Search magnesium depletion on medline for multi hundreds of other medical conditions treated by allopathic medicine profiteering .

  3. Lest people be reminded that allopath means “the other guys.” Pharmaceutical drugs are based on molecules of plants that are isolated and then created in the laboratory. Plants heal because the body utilized the whole entire plant not just a molecule in a plant. Conventional is an emergency based medicine. If you get in a car accident or you fall and break your arm you go to the doctor and get a cast. Allopathic medicine serves a purpose but it is not the do all be all medicine they want people to believe it is. It is killing people every single day. Drug interactions, mistakes in hospitals, vaccinations permanently injure, kill and mame thousands and thousands every year.

  4. The mercury secret corrupting all dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, politics, law, MSM, banking, economics and “charties”.
    see below
    A path to old age with minimum physical and mental disability against the economics of offing us.
    Here is the path showing how mercury as the main source of ALL chronic “diseases” and cancers
    Follow the money big pharma allopathic medicine hiding in the bottom of the global swamp and implementing agenda 21 globalism adgenda.
    Following up on the research below will lead to the primary catalyst leading to this suicide and mental and physical health epidemic. A simple experiment would be to be to supply two or three Brazil nuts per day to each member of the most effected reserves . Mercury compromises your bodies self healing and self repairing function as well as corroding your electrical control system.
    The Information below shows how every body in health (CMA, CDA AMA, ADA, CDC, FDA) , Politics, Pharma, Law, Media, Cable-Phone-Internet, Insurance, Seed and chemicals, workman’s compensation, as having a clear and obvious conflict of interest in regards to the continued financial, physical and mental health and productive lifespan of every one and especially the poor and aboriginal population.
    The info here could be easily used to set up a DIY healthcare system. No Pharma needed. Dec 17 2017.
    WakeUp. We are All Being Gamed. THIS SHOWS THE CONNECTION BETWEEN MERCURY AND MAGNESIUM SELENIUM ETC DEPLETIONS. Maiming and bankruptcy and finally death by mercury. The most likely source of all chronic illnesses.
    How pharma is shortening everyone’s productive life including the brain washed allopathic doctors instituting the Rockefeller business plan even against themselves and they do not even know it.
    References: Corbett Report No 310 Replacement of 4yr Diagnostic Training with pharma recipe treatments around 1923 US presidential election by Rockefeller agreeing to finance medical school “research”. This has made it financially impossible to research and publish any prevention or cure from the past that did not have the financial backing of a patent. This is treat forever never prevent or cure Allopathy.
    They are so stupid they do not look at or understand their role regarding their own and everyone they treat suicide and death rates. Wake up.
    EXPOSING THE MERCURY SECRET that is financing the Unhealthy Care System called allopathic health malpractice system.
    Mercury poisoning ( likely methyl or ethyl ) is directly related to high blood pressure, vaccine related polio, stroke, cancers and at least 222 medline abstracts showing medical conditions (physical, mental, electrical control and chemical) related to magnesium depletion. (see medline or greenmedinfo )
    Part of complaint of medical malpractice to be registered with CMA CDA and Manitoba Health

    Refusal of 5 MB doctors to Recognize tox screen and multiple symptom of mercury poisoning since birth in 1942. Prescribing BP meds (Coversil) known to cause strokes.
    Mercury buildup in ones soft tissues as one ages (often because of amalgams, inland fish, and vaccines) seeps into ones system via detox which depletes and/or binds magnesium, selenium, etc. In addition we have a double jeopardy from Glyphosate. Because of the effect of this on your immune system you are susceptible to EVERTHING treated but NEVER prevented or cured by the profiteering Allopathic medical system. A simple explanation to be fully investigated.
    ELABORATION. I have gathered 200+gig searchable database.
    The business model of the pharma run allopathic medical system is set up to lead you to extended disability, bankruptcy and early death by treating symptoms until death.
    This benefits banks and insurance companies (by keeping the death rate high and predictable and minimizing pension payouts) , politics (by minimizing CPP and OAP payouts and maximizing party contributions) , MSM (advertising support.) , medicine (continued stream of returning customers and income), dentistry (continued stream of returning customers and income by covering up danger of mercury amalgams and resultant cavitation’s producing methyl mercury) and pharma (Continued profiteering from sale of prescriptions ,vaccinations and chemotherapies.).
    This treat but never cure or prevent model operates by never looking for the basic cause or causes preventing your immune system from doing its self repairing function. Mercury buildup in ones soft tissues reaches a point of saturation and your body reacts by detoxing and recirculating. Which makes Mercury the prime disabler of ones immune system and catalyst for almost all medical costs and all disabilities and life shortening conditions.
    1) Deteriorates your selenium based nerve electrical connections (paralytic momentary collapse often misnamed as stroke or PSP)
    2) Depletes magnesium etc. required for muscle control and calcium removal (for muscle relaxation after calcium tightening ) as well as immune system function. Check Medline for multiple consequences of magnesium depletion. (I have 222 references to 222 different medical conditions and cancers).
    The resulting mass slow extermination of the older population (agenda 21) benefits pension funds especially OAP.
    Especially susceptible to early sickness and death before age 65 are the poor and my fellow aboriginal population. Example: Grassie Narrows
    The “death rates” for people in the U.S. older than 50 have “improved”(increased?) by one percent per year since 1950 on average. The long-term trend increased up to two percent in the years from 2000 to 2009 before stalling; the death rates only improved by about half a percent each year from 2010 to 2014. The life expectancy for 65-year-olds rose by a meager four months in the years from 2010 and 2015, which is half of the improvement noted in the years from 2005 to 2010. Moreover, the American death rate actually increased in 2015, and the death rate worsened for those over 65 in the first reversal for Americans of retirement age to be seen since 1999. Do you see the meaning is fudged by separating/mixing two death rate (one for birth to death and one for over 62). Presented to a math and English comprehension deficient population.
    . Let me add in the 2000 US Census 18% of the population didn’t make it to 50 and 40% never made it to 62 and the median age of death if you made it to 62 was 75. See line below to see how data selected to make thing appear less worse.
    In 2010 the median age of death was 62 13 years less than the 75 in 2000
    Where are the detailed Canadian figures (Or do the provinces even gather and publish them anymore? (Ref; Ontario -cost cutting after 3 mile island incident- laid off all statisticians collecting health care records (see Harrowsmith Magazine article) .
    I may be contacted at 204-981-3732 ll cell /text
    tharnden at mymts dot net
    And have almost all references in my research database available in digital form (docx or pdf) with links. Text me with email address I can send to.

  5. Well done Terry Harnden. Only if I may add to the list of the devastating to our health the Fluoride that is added to our drinking water in so many municipal water supplies. Oh and not to ignore the chemtrail pollution world wide application. Indeed we’ve been taken care perfectly! No question about this.

  6. Yes and we also Roundup and possibly Bromine attacking our immune system. Death maiming and bankruptcy from many directions.

  7. To Terry Harnden, You may like to read or , if possible, see the video of Dr. Narasimham Parinandi of Ohio State U. describing his discoveries of how mercury affects the lining of the arteries. I assure you it is fascinating and also totally unknown to mainstream cardiologists. I originally watched Dr. Parinandi speaking at the IAOMT convention , but when I last tried to find it on you tube, I failed. I very much agree with you and Kevin Morris. It is quite difficult to find disorders that do not have anything to do with mercury . There are a lot of smart doctors out there, but their training has been such that they think “If I have not heard of it, it must be bogus- probably some internet junk”. they are really beginning to look very stupid. Recently I watched some talks on “heavy metals” and it was wonderful to see speaker after speaker telling about the resulting health problems and ways of detoxifying- and then you stop to think- My God, which mainstream doctor even knows that Thimerosal, amalgams and fish are a problem. They are kept extremely busy and then they sit in their cafeterias and talk to the other doctors who think jus t the same as themselves. it does not end with mercury. There are so many irrational principles enforced by mainstream medicine., and reinforced in the cafeteria. Dont we need to find ways of challenging these people to debates ? On second thought, that would not work well. The mainstream docs just have no background to understand causes of disorders.
    Today, I am of the opinion that time is of essence. We need to inform people about the truth and wake people up to the loss of their medical freedom that is coming very very fast . Dr. Peter Breggins states that we should not fight to change the system. The system will never change. Its like asking Hitler or Stalin to change. but we must fight to protect our freedoms and with that our lives.

  8. Excellent article and comments afterwards. My mouth seems to have a mercury filling in every tooth from when I was young. I’ve read where when one can afford to replace those filling, one should do just that as it effects so much of our digestive system as well as it effects us with Asthma, allergies and skin conditions. I happen to be effected by all those and I’m tired of dealing with it.

    Thank you again for the article and comments !


  9. My research aim initially was to find the root cause of my Resistant Hypertension (since 2000) upon which multiple prescription and non prescription “solutions” had zero effect. I dumped all BP meds in Jan 2012 and started 200mcg selenium yeast. This resulted in the disappearance of minor allergies, winter flu’s, 30 pounds around waist and increased energy and stamina. After a minor stroke in Jan 2016 caused by 4mg Coversil and resultant magnesium depletion then a change in meds (up to 6 in increasing dosages) I had a momentary episode in May 2016. At the same time I receive a tox screen report indicating mercury poisoning. This connected me to allergies I had since birth (mothers milk) and after loss of photographic recall at 3yrs age(two years in Port Hope Ont nuclear refinery waste site), teens(inability to memorize poems), adult (trouble with names, numbers, faces), old age 60’s BP, 70’s (numbness in feet).
    I discontinued all prescription meds(which had never had any effect on my daily BP measurements) in May 2016 and my GP (whose meds had caused 2 strokes) refused to see me anymore.
    I had one large exposed amalgam removed June 2016 – no effect on my daily wrist BP measurements
    I had 2nd amalgam under cap removed Oct 2016 – no effect on my daily wrist BP measurements
    After Nov 25 my daily wrist BP measurements dropped to 80/130 or below
    Second GP May 2017 refused to take me when I refused to take his known stroke causing BP meds

  10. A big problem is that Big Pharma controls medical education and the standard of practice. Thus they make sure that doctors only learn to label complexes of symptoms and cause them to believe that by doing this they have uncovered the problem. But the problem is that these are only symptoms and they are deterred from looking beyond them to the real problem(s) which caused the symptoms to develop.
    It will require not just eliminating Big Pharma in its current form but also redesigning medical education and medical practice so that they focus on the real problems instead of just the symptoms.
    Of course, if you just bail the boat (take meds) without searching for and eliminating the hole through which the water is entering (the causes of the symptoms), you will never be able to stop bailing (taking meds).

  11. Many many cures already at hand, and suppressed. Plus disease-creating poisoned vaccines! Poisoned clouds, poisoned foods, you name it! Talk about Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, they were choir boys compared to the scope of those genocidal criminals.
    But: NOW, WE KNOW!
    Memorable times we are in right now, it is amazing!

  12. I had a “word” some time ago about the pharmaceutical companies. It was: “They will eat their own entrails.” I think this is happening. They are consuming what allowed them to grow in the first place: People. It is an ugly picture ending in death.

  13. The “mercury secret” exposes global mercury dentistry and allopathic medicine to Globally trillions of dollars of lawsuit and the global extermination (early death) of billions just over the last hundred years of course exacerbated by Roundup, insecticides, vaccinations, antifungals(polio) all of which attack the self repairing function of our immune system.

  14. “Cindy Griffin says: February 9, 2018 at 1:33 pm
    I just hope it’s done before FDA trashes homeopathy, supplements and anything else alternative. The clock is ticking.”


    Here is how you can PUSH BACK against the latest FDA attack on homeopathy. We need you and everyone to file formal comments to the FDA so we have “exhausted” our “administrative remedies” and can then sue to stop this madness.


  15. Actually most or all of this intel is old stuff. Icke has been exposing this for decades now. btw, Mossad was heavily involved with 9/11.

  16. Pharmaceutical interests seem to have inserted themselves with the lgbtq community to the extent that it is now infiltrating curriculum. Look into SOGI , sexual orientation gender identity. Young students are being taught that gender is fluid. Science anyone?

  17. “Study: Transgender Ideology Powered by 400
    Million from Business and Advicates.” Neil Munro

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