“Most Dangerous Woman in America” Feted in Toronto…

Chemotherapy and radiation industry CEOs can’t sleep at night worrying about the research of Doctor Hulda Regher Clark, Phd, N.D.. North American Oncologists hesitate to buy that new yacht. Cancer hospital administrators are counting the number of cars in the parking lot, and wondering if they’re going to be able to make the lease payments on the Mercedes, next month…

Opinion by Tim Bolen

Their so-called “conventional medicine” has  lost the War on Cancer, and the American public is turning away from them in droves. That public is  going where they get results, and they don’t give a damn about industry protective “scientific study” procedures, that take eleven years to get a new  protocol through the pharmaceutical industry controlled U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Frankly, It’s over for the conventional, and  blatantly  ineffectual, mega-billion dollar, 55 year old cancer  industry – and industry critics say that one of the big reasons is 71 year old medical researcher Hulda  Clark, the author of four blockbuster books, The “Cure For All Cancers,” The Cure For HIV/AIDS,” The Cure For All Diseases,” and “The Cure For Advanced Cancer.”

Hulda Clark, “The Most Dangerous Woman in America – to the medical establishment,” is the featured speaker at “Total Health 2000” at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building Upper Level, Saturday and Sunday, March 18th, and 19th, 2000. Clark’s speech will begin at 3:00pm on Saturday. She will conduct a seminar on Sunday. Forty-one other top North American health humanitarians join her there.

Don’t miss this event.

Clark’s basic theories embrace the simple common sense idea that the human body heals itself if it is kept  in good condition. She believes, and proves in her books, that virtually all diseases rampant in our society today can be beaten one-on-one, and prevented, by removing viruses, bacteria, toxins and parasites from our bodies – and keeping them out. Thousands of supporters, and success stories, world-wide, bear out her theories.

Clark has been a researcher for over fifty years, most in the United States University system. She retired in 1979 from the University of Indiana, and began her own research projects. She now operates a research facility in Tijuana, Mexico directly across  the border from San Diego, CA. Her books are best sellers in the health world – in the top 3% of books sold on amazon.com.

Clark’s worldwide popularity accelerated since she  was arrested September 20, 1999 in San Diego, CA by the FBI on a fugitive warrant from Brown County, Indiana. The arrest has become an amusing scandal in Indiana after it was discovered that the prosecutor,  James Oliver, who issued the 1999 warrant, had  recently married the woman who investigated the case  seven years earlier, – and had failed to get earlier elected prosecutors to pursue Clark. Oliver has since  been removed from the case – and the judge has resigned. The investigator, Amy Hoffman Oliver, has not yet been disciplined.  A dubious self-proclaimed consumer organization, billing itself as The National Council Against Health  Fraud (NCAHF), and egotistically nick-naming itself  “The Quackbusters,” is believed to have a major influence in the harassment of health humanitarian Clark, and others. The NCAHF, current operation seems to be run by one Stephan Barrett, a de-licensed M.D., out of his basement in Allentown, PA. The “quackbusters” have long positioned itself as an authority, without substantiation, on “health fraud.”

They are known to accuse, virtually, every well known non-drug leading-edge health practitioner in America,  including two-time Nobel prize winning Linus Pauling,> of “quackery.”

Although leading-edge health professionals scoff at

the opinions of the NCAHF, Barrett, and his minions,  falsely give the impression to law-enforcement agencies that they have some standing in the medical  community. They neglect to mention, for instance, that they, as an organization, were evicted from Loma Linda University in California, and ordered to no longer use Loma Linda’s name connected with their  bizarre operation. Critics, who helped get the NCAHF  removed from the campus, say that the quackbusters used the address to give themselves an unwarranted academic credibility.

The NCAHF, and its companion organizations, are exposed in Doctor James Carter, MD, Dr Ph,’s  exciting, well-written, and informative book, “Racketeering in Medicine.” The only thing Carter didn’t tell us is “who’s funding these people?”

Personally, I think its going to take a series of search warrants, and a grand jury investigation to find out.

If you can’t catch Hulda Clark in Toronto, don’t fret. Her Team1 coordinators are booking her everywhere  in North America. They, as well as Clark, are determined that the woman who has found a cure for cancer, not be blocked, and that North America goes into the new millenium without cancer…

Clark Team1 is also looking for other cases where the  NCAHF, its minions and fellow travelers, may have attacked, or discouraged other non-drug protocols – particularly where it can be shown that the NCAHF’s activities caused the suffering and deaths of Americans.