The Main Stream Media (MSM) Hype of Hurricane “IRMA…”

By Sharon Anshaw

While most of the country is going to be enjoying their weekend, possibly going out to a movie, or maybe ordering in a pizza and having friends over, we here in Florida are preparing – as best we can – for a monster to appear. Hurricane Irma is a major storm.

Hurricane Irma is larger than the entire state is wide…

This means that no matter where you are in Florida, you will feel the effects. Some will be devastated, some will have just some winds. Either way all Floridians will feel this one.

At the Beginning…

At the beginning of the tracking, when it was realized that Irma could possibly hit Florida, we started gathering the necessary supplies to survive AFTER the storm.

The very first thing MSM (Main stream Media) starts reporting is “Floridians are in a panic”. “Gas shortages are everywhere”. “Food is flying off the shelves”.  Well, yes it did…but was it because Florida was in a panic? Not really, that is, not until the media convinced everyone they should be in a panic.

Any seasoned Floridian knows there are basic items needed to survive after the storm. Yes, I keep saying “after.” That is because it is not only surviving the onslaught and fury of the storm, it is being able to survive while waiting for everything to be made right – getting the roads cleared, the power lines back up, the water lines repaired and flushed and the water to recede. That is the time you need to have supplies to take care of you and your family.

We know this, have seen it repeatedly.

But the media is more concerned with their ratings and causing widespread panic than actually providing helpful information.

I didn’t see any media saying “stay calm, and follow your storm procedures”. Or “these stores are open at these hours and have needed supplies”. Or “here’s where you can still find water, gas, plywood, etc.”


They are here with their cameras and microphones in people’s faces twisting their words to satisfy their ultimate goal – To Cause a panic they can film so they can get it on the 6 o’clock news. They are on the beaches letting the wind blow through their hair and saying how bad it is getting.

Give me a break. You know what?

If I’m “deplorable,” then they are “despicable!”

They are no more interested in the public’s welfare than they are in telling the truth.

Look at Harvey, look at the human suffering. What did the media do? Go out for live shots and pretend to help “save people”. HA!  Then they go back to their cushy air-conditioned hotel and eat a nice hot meal. Then play for the next day’s onslaught to impress themselves and their peers. None roll up their sleeves, put the cameras down and really help like so many kind volunteering souls who helped, sometimes putting their lives in jeopardy to help their fellow man.

MSM;  It is called COMPASSION. Something you claim Americans have lost while you demonstrate how you have.

Their arrogance shows they feel so above the average person they cannot even comprehend what a storm means to the average American.

So Media people, you want to see how bad it gets?

Go sit in a shelter, on the floor, with strangers and pets all frightened and worried if they will survive or if what they will see when it stops. Most shelters aren’t as cozy as shown on TV. Shelters are mostly local schools, where people are sitting in the hallways, on the concrete floors with their loved ones and clinging to their caged pets as the storm rages outside. Most have whatever valuables they could gather locked up in their car. The rest of us are in our homes, if sturdy enough, listening….

You want to see how bad it gets? Sit in a neighborhood house throughout the storm, listening to the wind rage, the rains beating against your house, trees breaking and falling and glass breaking. And God forbid, screaming and crying.

If the media was truly caring, they would use their immense audience to set up “comfortable areas” where there is safe haven. A place where there are chairs, cushions, some cots, socializing areas to be able to talk and release some anxiety. A place where there is a doctor and nurse to alleviate fears if something happens. To bring in food and supplies beforehand so things don’t run out.

Our best sources of information is our local stations – who don’t hype – and weather radios.

Am I angry? You’re darn right I am.

Because MSM will use Irma as a photo op to “report” the devastation and human suffering. Then within a couple days, will disappear and desert the public when it actually needs help the most.

You watch.  By the middle of next week it will all be  “Russia, Russia, Russia.”  “Confederate Statues”  “This group or that group is being picked on or discriminated against.”

And hopefully, here in the wrath of real disaster, we won’t have to bury our dead.

America has their values in the right places.

MSM needs to reflect on their priorities.

Pray for us in Florida!

By Sharon Anshaw


7 thoughts on “The Main Stream Media (MSM) Hype of Hurricane “IRMA…””

  1. Sharon: right on point! The MSM is, if nothing else , but a news whore. But also if you read carefully you will see they also have a very definite agenda: creating fear and inciting anger: after any crisis, be men or nature made; they will pick at any detail to further their agenda. And to recognize their agenda we must accept that the MSN is owned and manned by communist individuals who are like rabid dogs after OUR PRESIDENT and the destruction of this our beloved democratic Republic by any means to make our Nation a totally communist Nation The compasión, resilience and endurance of our citizens is GREATER than any nature event. We will lose lives, yes, will morn our lost loved ones, among ourselves, while this monster that called itself the Press report material losses, both physical and in dollars, that will be the thrust of the “morning after” the hurricane abates. Because the lives of our citizens are not important or worthy of themselves, onlyb to serve their agenda , and it will find anything to blame in any way posible OUR PRESIDENT. Sharon, I will be praying for the your safety and of all Floridians, and you will persevere! What woul happen if American patriots in a concerted thrust boycott, cancel subscriptions and quit buying their newspapers and watching their news? We know who they are, there are plenty of alternative news to keep abreast of news, keep updated by reading the White House site. Right now the thrust of Florida must be in preparation, value your lives over your material possessions and then focus our anger into organizing against the MSM. God be with you and all who will be affected by Irma. My last observation: it’s seems that the more anger humanity feels the more Nature responds with ever increasing violent manifestations…

  2. This is ‘weather’; it happens. Hopefully, people survive.

    It distresses me to see there are actually people who really think that today’s weather is somehow proof of man-made global warming.
    Completely block-headed idiocy to think that this week’s weather reflects a 200,000 year pattern.

  3. Here in Houston, we’ve just seen precisely what you are portraying happen. Some of our neighborhoods remain under inches to feet of water, though most who were flooded are now under sewage and silt muck. I’ve seen even our local reporters standing on a bridge, looking “stunned” at the lights flashing from a home where they reported that “people appear to be trapped” but they called for help for them. And yes, that help finally came in the form of a redneck with a boat! YES a good old boy – the good-old-boys like the “Cajun navy,” bass boats and inflatable dinghies and even one inflatable child’s pool – all being used by (not reporters who stood there with their fake expressions of concern clinging to their microphone from a safe distance) friends, neighbors, strangers. Compassion has no limits. And we saw it in all of Texas.

    And because of what happened here, we are praying fervently for our Southeastern state neighbors – as well as those in the Virgin Islands, Haiti, Cuba, all of the affected islands of the Irma devastation area.

    Human resilience is amazing. But with the media’s logistics and equipment and abilities, they could be a boon to communications within the areas affected. But no, that’s not what MSM exists for. It exists to create panic, anxiety, and then sell the drugs that its sponsors believe are the answers.

    No, they’re not. Picking oneself up by the bootstraps is what fixes it. And reaching out to those who cannot, for whatever reason.

    Great piece. And my prayers are with all of you!

  4. MSM is the whore with a heart of gold: they open their legs for whoever has the gold.

    Prayers for Florida!

    Stay safe, be smart, let us know what you need after it’s over.

  5. What a fuss the media make! Standing outside when everyone sensible stays inside getting wet and overstating as much as they could! Oooo look I’ve found one broken tile, wow! A few trees down, oh my! Nothing unexpected then! Put efforts into clear up and film people’s courage in helping out things right.

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