The Las Vegas Shooting – WHO REALLY DID IT? WHO GAINS?

The Whole Scenario Sounds Like Something  Hillary Clinton Would Make Up…

And, I Think, It Is ALL About Stopping Trump’s Team From Making Needed Changes – Especially, for instance, in US Health Care…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The Investigators in the Las Vegas Shooting Incident keep pointing out that the suspected shooter Steven Paddock had NO MOTIVE they can find.  Is that because he didn’t actually do it?  Was the whole scene “staged by some Hollywood Producer?

Let’s look at that possibility…

First let’s look at real “Motive”…

The MOST TERRIFYING THING President Trump is doing to “The Establishment” is the changes he is trying to enforce in US Health Care on behalf of the American people.  Already the Vaccine Division of Big Pharma is terrified of its future – and it should be.

“What future?” Anti-Vaxxers say…  We are, after all, intending to destroy the vaccine industry COMPLETELY.  And we are taking a HARD look at Big Pharma.

“The Establishment” Has NOT Been Able to Damage Trump’s Political Base…

Importantly, and FAR MORE TERRIFYING to them, is the fact that “The Establishment” is NOT able to sway Trump’s political base.

In fact that base gets stronger.  Responding to a threatened “Civil War” on November 4th, 2017 Patriot Groups said:

The Populist political base wants what it elected Trump to do – and it is NOT taking “NO” for an answer.  One of the most important things, we all remember, is a serious revision in US Health Care.

Want a REAL Suspect in the Las Vegas Shooting?

Look no further than Big Pharma.

The Main Stream Media’s (MSM) Las Vegas Shooting scenario REEKS of anti-gun, anti-Trump-supporter, anti-Judeo/Christian, globalist ideology promotion.  It absolutely makes no sense at all…

Then you draw back the curtain…

Let’s look at what we find – a Direct Attack on Trump Supporters in more ways than one.  And THAT makes the story more interesting.


Remember the “Trump Rallies” before the election – where the paid agitators were physically attacking Trump people trying to scare them into NOT coming to a Trump Event?  Remember how well that DID NOT work?

Let’s Be Blunt.

I am NOT buying the media story about what happened in Las Vegas.  Let’s look at a far more realistic scenario.

The so-called killer, a 64 year-old man was NOT a SuperMan.  I think this shooting was a completely professional job using shooters who knew what to do.  My guess is that upward of fifteen people were involved, with a minimum of four shooters in the room, trading off firing.

I think it entirely possible that Steven Paddock was shot and killed before the windows were broken out and the crowd-shooting began.  The professionals had 75 minutes to shoot and escape before law enforcement breached the room.

Casino Security is FOCUSED on the Cashier Cages, the gaming tables, and the money storage rooms.  I doubt that there was anyone in the Casino/Hotel who ever even looked at security footage of the 32nd floor prior to this shooting event.

And how does the MSM portray it all?  They were certain that the crowd deserved to be shot because they were probably all Trump supporters.  Remember that?

Then comes the latest MSM nonsense…

Bump Stocks? 

The latest MSM focus in the Las Vegas Shooting scenario is a thing called “bump-stocks,” supposedly a device to make a semi-automatic weapon fully automatic.  Supposedly, according to “the breathless” reporting, a senior citizen used these devices to make automatic weapons.

Sounds good, but… Bump Stocks are a novelty toy.  No real shooter would use one.  Why?  As soon as you pull the trigger you lose ALL accuracy.  They are just an ammunition user-upper.  You can’t hit a target a mere twenty-five yards away the gun is jumping around so much.  Below, I have a video of a man shooting a semi-automatic AR15 equipped with one.

When you watch the video below look at the details.

(1)  Notice how much the gun jumps around?  Supposedly a 64 year-old man fired several of these and was hitting targets 400 yards away – and he supposedly hit 600 people or more.  In reality there would be bullet holes in buildings MILES around – because that’s how far bullets travel.  The “sight picture” at 400 yards would be about the size of your thumb to the first joint.

No amateur is going to hold on target at 400 yards on full-automatic – especially with a “bump stock.

(2)  Notice how much muzzle flash there is coming out of the end of the gun during the daytime?   At night the shooter would be BLIND within seconds from the muzzle flash alone.

(3)  Notice that an EXPERIENCED shooter cannot hit a target at a mere 25 yards (seventy-five feet) using the bump-stock.  Not much better at 15 yards (45 feet).  The media would have us believe that one senor citizen was able to shoot into a crowd 400 yards (1200 feet) away for eleven minutes.

(4)  Shooting at 400 yards is done with a scope mounted rifle not over open sights.  Rifles are normally “sighted-in” for accuracy at either 100 to 200 yards.  Specially equipped Sniper Rifles can be sighted in, depending on the gun, over much longer distance.  BUT, “Snipers” are highly trained.  Shooting at a distance is NOT something an amateur can do well – period.

So, What is the MSM Up To?

Everyone knows that, generally speaking, Big Pharma controlled globalist MSM HATES America.  Anything they can do to damage America, or Americans, in ANY way is their TOP PRIORITY.  Every Nightly Newscast, after several drug ads, starts out with gory murder stories, drive-by-shootings, monstrous threats to citizens  – ALL designed to demoralize America.  It NEVER stops.

Why do they do this? For a number of reasons.  Let’s break them down:

(1)  Because they are part of the Agenda 21 globalist activity.  The UN Plan calls for America to be reduced to a third-world economy, and have 95% of its population killed.  The remaining population is to be moved into the cities to act as house cleaners, and gardeners, for the elite.

(2)  They need to sell anxiety drugs.  That’s the payday.  And, remember the twenty-one problems described in “Part One – EVERYONE KNOWS that Big Pharma completely controls the liberal Main Stream Media…?”

(3)  Because Donald Trump and his Populist Movement is their number one enemy.  Why?  Because WE want real health care, and for the first time, in a long time in US history “We the people” are not taking “NO” for an answer.

I SMELL Hillary in all this…

Ask yourself “Who Gains” from this ridiculous MSM presentation?

I can’t help remembering all those scummy election tactics the Hillary Team pulled using the media as her assault squad..  This Las Vegas thing looks very much like an escalation of the violence we saw outside of Trump rallies, and the ANTIFA (gay KKK) activities – including the way the MSM covered that activity.

Remember how the MSM BLAMED Trump supporters for ANTIFA (the gay KKK) attacking them?

Should President Donald Trump appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Las Vegas incident and the media?

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

9 thoughts on “The Las Vegas Shooting – WHO REALLY DID IT? WHO GAINS?”

  1. I’m sharing this Tim. Make a few tweeks and, it’s reminiscent of other incidents.

    For the victims and their family and friends, as well as to what remains of our collective humanity, I hope the truth reaches everyone.

  2. This article sounds exactly like a comment I did on Jon Rappaport’s blog the other day, but with out the drugs. But then drugs are behind everything.

    This whole thing reminds me of Benghazi.

    I listened to the police scanner. A cop reported shots fired from gate #7. Although it’s not marked, gate #7 is stage right. Check it out on google earth. That sliding cattle gate has a big gap in the corner where some one could shoot and if he was back even a few inches would conceal most of his muzzle flash. Vehicles parked in the dirt would conceal him from Mandalay Bay Road.

    I didn’t believe that 32nd floor bit off the bat. I never seen any flashes from that corner of the building. The picture of the hammer the guy used to break the 2 windows was a joke. All the 2 broken windows on the 32nd floor proves is there’s 2 broken windows on the 32nd floor. If they were even broken before the event. From the videos the jagged glass would refract something different than the rest of the building. I think they were broken later. Plus he should of been up to his ankles in brass. The picture looked like a couple dozen.

    The receipt going around looks like it was billed to Paddock in room 12135. Yet were “told” He used Marilou’s Platinum credit card on the double room on the 32nd floor. One guy, 3 rooms, Ja shore you betcha! Maybe he had a bunch of hookers over. Johnny Wad he aint!

    I think Obama, Hillary and Soros put Antifa and Black lives Matter up to this. I seen a few with black hoodies on! Wasn’t paddock a member of the “Weathermen”? But Hillary will blame, “The RUSSIANS”.

    If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.
    Joey Gerbils

    This is definitely a “DEEP STATE” OPERATION.

    BTW I got a notice that Judicial Watch is going after the “DEEP STATE” last Monday

  3. Someone found Paddock’s plane’s tail# at CIA airport in VA sometimes. Which would fit with his big money gambling if he was a gun runner for the CIA and took highstakes poker as a way to legitimately launder ill-gotten gain for the price of casino’s odds on losing.

    Plus the idea of this horrific designed payoff for Trump to feel the fear of carnage at luxury gambling hotels as the CIA et al are seriously annoyed that Trump cut off funds they wanted for ISIS in Syria so now Russia is thoroughly cleaning out Syria…. This gun running for the CIA is tiring when you’re 64 and know too much to the extent that you now need some Valium, well… Hence the CIA’s opportunity to convert the gun runner into a patsy, to add to the fear factor materializes.

    Meanwhile such fear mongering is making big money for the backscanners (metal detectors added since youtube has broadcast too many documented cases showing the nude backscanners are easily fooled). But now all big hotels and such public places will be installing them and Chertoff and Adelson, etc will surely appropriately (?) and generously donate their windfall profits from new scanner sales they did not genuinely expect since the airports were easily about to dump them…

    There’s even a few extra gems on the timing, as Paddock had originally set up his stupidly believed gun sale suite a week ago, but the CIA plane that left the USAF base in Israel’s Negev (new construction) was delayed and diverted from its original flight plan for ‘maintenance issues’. And the golden idea that the Israelis were ‘missing’ some high powered automatics of the appropriate calibers etc after that plane took off was another gem to be dug up.

    So Trump’s working on getting better results in the middle east maybe, and now faces the congress’ coincidentally timed work on making the Patriot Act permanent — per Ron Paul… so you can face the TSA at both airport and hotel and bank and all the other lost 1st amendment rights and 4th and 2nd and….. oh well, at least that’s the scoop as i’ve seen the pieces…. most of them……

    Better get that VAX MORATORIUM in place before all the American rights are gone….. PUSH and RUN….. ttyl

  4. I agree with most of what you are saying. MSM is so obvious now, I can’t even watch it.

  5. The best news coming out of this event is the number of people who instantly doubted the official narrative. American society is waking up at a faster pace – how many of us were just waiting for the next false flag and poised to pounce upon the spoon fed narrative we knew would be offered? I pray there are enough people on the inside of this tragedy who are willing to finally blow the lid off this crap…

  6. Bolen never disappoints !

    I’ll post the link to Twitter. There is something VERY wrong with the official “explanations” so far. I’m not saying I agree with Tim, but it is clear that a huge host of questions and inconsistencies have not been dealt with while absurd diversions about non-essentials are given all the attention.

    We owe it to those killed and injured to EXPOSE exactly what did, or did not happen – how, when, why AND WHO.

    We should start with a detailed description of how a former postal worker became a multi-millionaire via real-estate “investments”.
    It takes work, interviewing people who worked with him. Tracing where he went, interviewing hotel employees and random contacts for that essential piece of information that gives the clue to solve the puzzle.

    We should also denounce any idiot who uses this tragedy to start talking about gun “control”. Whatever this was, it wasn’t about guns. This guy, or whoever did it, would have been determined enough to learn to use nerve gas, or bombs, or a truck to accomplish the same thing.

    Maybe some REAL journalist will take this up and do a REAL report on it. That would be so great. Please, someone out there, DO IT !!

  7. RE: “Anxiety” Drugs:

    Tim, regarding this topic, a report by you on the famed Dr. Anna Aslan MD of Romania and her Gerovital GH3 formula might be of wide interest.

  8. tim, Please put a link in an article to youtube, to view ” James E. Files 2003″ – James Files is the real person who killed Kennedy. but my point is this- Anyone who watches this video will know that you dont just get to kill a whole lot of people or even one on a whim and out of insanity. And anyone who sees this video will know how easy it has been for the U.S. govt to fool people.

  9. This is all circus, beyond belief. I’m an European, immigrated here to Australia. In the ‘good old days we really believed that America is something really special. Democracy and all that goes with it. We ‘ve been so saturated with their propaganda, the movies entertainment, art, media etc… How they pulled the wool over our eyes, oh how naïve we were. They fooled us completely…and yet they still working so hard on it, but slowly it all downed on us how inhuman demonic role they are playing. It’s all out to see for all that want to see just what is going on. We all of us are in their ways even they themselves are admitting, they think that they OWN this planet and thereby free to do what ever they pleased to do. Well, not so fast! There is justice in the Universe regardless the lawlessness here on earth.

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