It is Time To End the US Vaccine Program… This Dangerous “Vaccine Construction” Needs to be Disassembled…

We Need to Save Our Nation…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen 


A few days ago members of the Oregon State Vote No On SB-422 coalition discovered that the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had created and funded a subversive organization for the express purpose of removing rights of Americans.

The CDC has apparently been funding this anti-American hate group, calling itself NACCHO, for some time, to the tune of 25 million dollars ($25,000,000) per year.  NACCHO stands for National Association of County and City Health Officials.

NACCHO’s Mission Statement says: “the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) urges that personal belief exemptions be removed from state immunization laws and regulations.”

Of course it is completely illegal for groups funded by government money to lobby legislators – but that fact, apparently, has no importance to a group that ignores vaccine damage to children when all that money is coming their way.

As I said before “the most insidious United States health project out there is what’s called the CDC Vaccines For Children Program.” It is the basis for making our local Public Health Agencies the street-corner drug pusher – whose activities are aimed at our children.”

Just yesterday it was announced that the Oregon Senator that initiated the “Jam needles in every child” bill, called SB-422, has withdrawn the bill.  Smile here.

The war is on….

What caused, you may ask, the sudden shift by the Big Pharma controlled CDC, and their constituent State/County Health Departments, to attempt to create a national MANDATORY vaccine program, for not only children, but adults?  Within weeks Democratic Party legislators all across the nation were jumping to do Big Pharma’s bidding.  Why was that?

Here is what happened – The first Half-Billion impressions on Twitter, and a short time later, a full billion impressions called #CDCWhistleblower.  In short – a billion little billboards in social media pointing out that vaccines are total crap, the whole vaccine program is a fraud, and the participants in that vaccine fraud are, literally, the scum of the earth.

You can read the simple explanation of what actually happened, how it came about, and of how that all works, by clicking here.

Five to seven million new little billboards (impressions) are being created, and delivered, EVERY DAY NOW.

Pretty good campaign – and right on target.  Everyone saw where the “vaccine construction,” a money grubbing group made up of Big Pharma, State/Local Health Departments, and the kiss-up-to-Big-Pharma Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) SCREAMED OUT to DEMAND that Facebook and Twitter ban anti-vaxxers from their pages. (snort).

Of course this conspiring bag of wanna-be tyrants went to the Democratic Party for assistance in their ploy to remove basic rights of Americans.  California’s Senators Feinstein and Boxer couldn’t get their political panties off fast enough, once Merck walked into the room dragging bags of upcoming presidential election cash.  Empress Hillary beckons.  The Democratic Party, in the mid-term elections were not just defeated, but the American electorate threw them from the boat.  And, as we can see, that American electorate was right to do so.

Usually, I am an activist, and you can’t shut me up.  But, for now, I am just, more or less, sitting here watching the rage build in the American community.  The proverbial sleeping giant has awakened – and is hungry for Big Pharma/Health Department/CDC blood.  I AM VERY PLEASED.  Why?

The US Vaccine Program is going to be an issue in the upcoming national presidential election.  And, that is just what we want – the end of Big Pharma’s stranglehold on the US citizenry.

There is NO Question – Vaccines are Unsafe and Ineffective.

The whole US Vaccine Program is a Scam.

A murderous filth-encrusted Scam designed to damage America as a nation.

I will say this again – “Here, within the US, basically five corporations are attempting to force Unquestionable Mandatory Vaccines on an unsuspecting population – Merck, Sanofi-Pasteur, Glaxo Smith Kline, Novartis, and Pfizer.  NONE OF THESE ARE US-BASED CORPORATIONS.  THEY ARE ALL FOREIGN-OWNED – kept beyond US watchdog scrutiny.  You never see their leadership, ever.  Certainly not during the light of day.

Now, one in six US children are neurologically damaged.  One in sixty-eight children have autism,  ADD/ADHD children rage though public places. Brain damage is hidden in obscure reporting systems.  Asthma is prevalent everywhere.  54% of all US children are badly sick – all of the time.  In a few more years, despite advances in technology, there won’t be ANY US children available to serve in our military forces.  One MIT scientist, who knows what she is talking about, says that one in two children will be autistic by 2025, if the current trend keeps up.But, you can see their minions.  They are busy, in twenty States, trying to create panic over a hundred and two measles cases, and use that panic to get the public to create a Mandatory Vaccine program for all children, and then us. Their Mandatory Vaccines proposal is not about protecting against measles.  It is about the drug lords taking control of you, your body, and your children’s bodies..

This isn’t by accident.

This is a plan of attack on America by foreign interests.  And, it’s working…

We need, at this point, to not only stop the current Mandatory Vaccine attack, but to completely destroy Big Pharma’s ability to do anything like this again. In short. it is time to destroy the pharmaceutical industry entirely – and without question, remove the US Vaccine Program from the American Scene.”

Activists – DO NOT STOP with just removing the Mandatory Vaccine Requirements.

The entire US Vaccine Program has to go.

While we are at it – let’s remove Big Pharma’s ability to advertise their products in the US media.  The US is one of only two nations that allows Big Pharma advertising…  The other is New Zealand.  No where else on Planet Earth allows Big Pharma that much influence.

What the hell are we waiting for?  How many more Americans need to be damaged, and killed, before we act?

The Rage?

Oh yes.  I seem to be on everyone’s e-mailing list.  I took a few days off for a trip to the mountains, came back, and my Inbox erupted like popcorn.  I was absolutely thrilled with the activity.

As my readers remember, I have been VERY critical of Autism Leadership’s inability to focus on their problems, come up with a Plan, and activate that Plan.  Looking out from my window on the Internet, now, gives me the impression that Attila The Hun and his Mongolian Horde, are riding over the hill, heading towards the State legislatures, the White House, and State Health Departments.

Thank God for the Republican Party.

In virtually every instance, nationwide, it was a Democrat that initiated these “remove rights of Americans” bills.  In Oregon, for instance, the controversial SB-422 was introduced by a Democratic Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, who, very clearly, did no research on any of the issues.  But, a Republican Senator, Tim Knopp, did, and he said, about the bill:

“Sen. Tim Knopp, R-Bend, who led the opposition at the Legislature against SB 442, said letting the bill die is the “right thing to do.”

He said while the debate was focused on Oregon’s nonmedical exemption rate, he wanted to distinguish that figure from the vaccination rate. He said because exemptions don’t necessarily mean children included in that statistic are completely unvaccinated, there doesn’t seem to be an emergency.

“Ultimately, we probably need to review whether or not Oregon needs a constitutional amendment to make sure parents are in control of their kids’ health care,” Knopp said.

Yup.  An issue for the general presidential election. Let’s get going.

Stay tuned.

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate