Is the “Green Party” the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse?

Let’s Look At What Is REALLY Going On With So-Called Worldwide “Sustainable Development…”

From Germany by Karma Singh…

To save you looking up Revelation in the Bible it’s verses 6: 5-6, the Third of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is “Famine” mounted upon a black horse.

(Just for for a point of discussion let’s say that the First Horseman – the great dictator – is the international bankers, the Second Horseman – the war bringer – is the military-industrial complex and the Fourth Horseman – pestilence – is the pharmaceutical cartel.)

Farmers in the participating states of the Federal Republic of Germany…

…where “the Greens” hold the balance of power and have, thereby, managed to impose some of their dogmas – know that it is, in those states, forbidden for a farmer to improve his land resulting in reductions in fertility and harvests. The Greens wish to impose more of their dogmas leading to “Agenda 21,” the so-called “Sustainable Development” whereby, for “environmental reasons”, most of humanity is to be slaughtered and the remaining 500 Millions (5.5% of the present population) are to be pushed into ghetto cities and ruled over by a “Green” elite.

In re-writing one of my books…

…(I have never published it in English and the new German edition may well get a new name) one of the introductory chapters concerns the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

When writing about the Famine Horseman, I found that I had written the following:

(Although, in Germany, this represents Green Party dogma, the self-same movement and agenda has many names around the world:

In the USA it is the extreme left Democrats epitomised by “Occasional Cortex,” in many countries, “Extinction Rebellion”, the abuse of Greta Thunberg – a mentally retarded (vaccine damaged) juvenile from Sweden – to make her parents very rich by letting her be used for “Green Party” propaganda any many similar all with the aim of bringing about the de-industrialisation of the Western world which would result in the deaths of many, many billions of people and a return to an agricultural feudal-like society ruled over by the bankers.)

Just a few days ago, an event happened in the US State of  Pennsylvania…

…a group of “Eco-Terrorists” calling themselves “The Sunrise Movement” decided to storm the local Democratic Party headquarters. Their “research abilities” did not even extend to finding the correct address and police had to forcibly remove them because they refused to believe that the Democratic Party wasn’t housed there.

One wonders, of course, how much research effort they devoted to finding out whether the Greens “Global Warming” is actually happening (definitely not is the scientific answer). Such are the Greens – and it gets worse!

From the new book:

The third horseman in Revelations is “famine.”  There can be no doubt that, in some parts of the world, this has been a chronic condition for many years. The question is “why, and who is doing it,” for it is NOT a natural condition.

We are accustomed, in Europe and N. America to massive over-production of all foodstuffs.

A group of farmers in Austria published, in a video in 2018, a detailed explanation of how and why 40% of what they produce is simply thrown away to maximise bankers’ profits.

They declare that, without this deliberate wastage, farmers could easily feed twelve billion people (the population of Planet Earth NOW is less than 9 billion). And yet the production is almost hopelessly inefficient. Were, for example,  Bavaria alone could get rid of all farm animals and concentrate on just producing food for people then none of the other farmers in Germany would be needed!

The other great danger here is the Green Party and their demand that we switch from coal, oil, gas and nuclear generation to “renewable” (solar and wind power which, it turns out isn’t renewable at all and creates large amounts of radioactive waste!) The greatest problem is, however, the extreme instability of these methods of electrical generation.

A national electrical grid, in any country, is built upon the premise that electricity production is constant.

With coal, oil, gas and nuclear this is, in fact, the case. There are a few minor fluctuations which can be readily ironed out. The so-called “renewables”, however, are, by nature, extremely unstable.

Neither wind nor sunlight are constants but vary enormously. Even a cloud passing between the sun and a photo-voltaic accumulator will cause a large swing in electricity production. The electrical grids cannot cope with either the frequency or the intensity of these natural swings.

It is inevitable that, once all reliable generators have been switched off…

…the grid will collapse. It is estimated that it would take at least 3 months for Germany to get the grid working again and the USA possibly 6 months. Take a look at what this means:

No street lighting. No telephones. No heating (even your oil heating won’t work without electricity to run the pumps and provide the spark to ignite the burners).

No computers. No internet. No television. No radio. No newspapers. No petrol (Am. Gasoline) or diesel as the pumps are worked electrically and so no cars, no busses and no trucks; this means no foodstuffs being delivered to shops and stores which, themselves, are in total darkness. Gas cookers will work (if you have some matches) but electric cookers won’t and neither will your kettle. No trains.

No aeroplanes because no electricity to pump the fuel and no radar or radio for traffic control.

Result: Mass starvation. It is estimated that at least 24 million Germans would die and over 100 million Americans.

This is very obviously a carefully planned and co-ordinated part of Agenda 21 and the mass-genocide which is an integral part of it. The Greens have, of course, been repeatedly told of this both by the electricity generators, the grid managers and private researchers. They cannot claim to be in ignorance of this and yet continues as though it were of no importance at all.

Just to make very clear how real this is…

…look who is Greta Thunberg’s handler: A green party senior member with direct personal links to satanic organisations. So let there be no doubt in your mind just what is going on here.

“Vaccine-Damaged” Greta Thunberg – The Sixteen-Year-Old “Alexandria Ocasio Cortez” of Europe…

Are these the End Times, the forewarned Apocalypse? Only a fool could maintain otherwise. Many have taken heed of the warning in Revelations and elsewhere and have been acting to neutralise them for years.

The real problem is the passive who will “take action if and when” because that will be too late. You can’t stop Armageddon and the Apocalypse when they have happened but you CAN prevent them by acting to disempower those who are doing their utmost to engender them.

It IS up to you, NOW!

Blessed be

From Germany by Karma Singh…

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

5 thoughts on “Is the “Green Party” the Third Horseman of the Apocalypse?”

  1. A note on the Bavaria example: farm animals (pastured) are actually integral to a healthy food system. When they are rotated on pasture they will fertilize and aerate and improve the soil. Growing crops will make a withdrawal from the soil and animals will make deposits.
    Additionally animal fats are crucial for health and removing them from an entire foodsystem will have adverse effects on both the land and the population. Consider why veganism is being pushed by the green agenda as well.

  2. Not so, Elizabeth,
    firstly, most of the animals reared for slaughter (or for milk) never see a meadow but live in cages from birth to murder.
    They are so full of toxic stress hormones that they are diretly poisonous to humans.
    Fertilising and “ploughing” the fields is, therefore, seen to be a fairy tale describing some sort of medeaeval farming.

    Quite a large part of the farming activity goes to produce feed for these caged animals. Were these grains and pulses made available for direct human consumption instead of pre-digested by a cow then everyone would be fitter.

    The belief that animal fats are necessary for humans rests solely upon propaganda from meat producers and has no basis in biological fact.
    In point of fact, meat is only about 40% digestible for humans and the toxic residues create an enormous number of health problems.
    Vegetarians not only live much longer they live HEALTHY much longer! See also

    Those who live vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, chinese 5 element or ayurvedic life styles are the healthiest on the planet. Those who subject their bodies to animal produce are the main customers of the medico-pharmaceutical sickness industry.

    I have now lived 61 years vegetarian (no dairy produce either) and, presently, have the same physical and mental condition as those 20 – 25 years younger.

    Blessed be


  3. I agree with Elizabeth. Just because keeping animals in cages is a bad system for the environment, the animals, and the people who finally eat them, doesn’t mean that sustainable meat production is also bad. Indeed the two methods are diametrically opposed. I am an extremely Green person, though I have to say that politically the Green Party, certainly in The UK, have lost their way. They are more concerned with Brexit (specifically, stopping it) than with the environment. On the population, even if we could manage to feed 12 billion people, what about all the species which have gone and will go extinct? Reducing the population is something which everyone has an equal ability to influence, by not having more than two children. How could that be a bad thing? I have read your article and typed this comment, after having a nice cup of tea, all from the power of four solar panels. The technology will improve. We need to think positive.

  4. Hi Grace,
    meat production is triply bad;-
    A) it is extremely resource inefficient – 12 kilos of grains and beans to produce 1 kilo of dead animal.
    B) Putrefaction processes begin at the instant of death, i.e. the meat you get has been putrid for many days (sometimes weeks) before you even get your hands on it. This stuff is directly poisonous to humans.
    C) As I already mentioned, meat, for humans, is an emergency nutrient from which no more than 40% can be digested and the undigestible residues stick in the intestine and cause all sorts of health issues.

    The Greens are owned by the bankers and the bankers are now truly in panic because of the inevitability of Brexit. See here for a more detailed explanation:-

    Why would you want to reduce the population; i.e. other than in the natural cycles? There are many here now because we all want to experience The Change. Afterwards there will be fewer of us. The World isn’t crowded, it’s just (deliberately) mis-managed.

    Species come and go as the consciousness conditions change. This is nothing new and is not going to be stopped by any amout of wishing.

    4 solar panels to make a cup of tea is rediculous. These and wind power are the sops to divert us from the free energy devices available because they would decentralise energy production and help end the centuries old exploitation system which the bankers wish to maintain.

    “Positive thinking” is just papering over the cracks. You need to change the basic structure of your presence consciousness and to then ACT! Wishful thinking never achieved anything. for example.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  5. Hi Karma,
    A) There is a great deal of land, especially in Scotland, which is only suitable for grazing animals. This is also good for the land if it’s properly managed. More grassland has been destroyed worldwide than forestry.
    B) The longer it’s hung after slaughter the better it tastes!

    You have your philosophy about life and the planet, but some of us think we should not be selfish about exploiting it’s resources to the detriment of other species. I sincerely hope you’re right that it will all come right in the end, but I’m not going to behave irresponsibly in the meantime.

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