I Own the FDA…

I’ll bet you didn’t know that I own the FDA. It’s mine.

It belongs to me because several years ago American citizens, just like you and me, figured out that we, as Americans, needed a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to deal with some issues. We felt we needed an ongoing agency, under our control, to keep an eye on some particular things. So we created the FDA to do our bidding. We gave it a mission.

I’m sure you’ve already figured out, that it’s YOURS too, if you’re a US citizen.


Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

SO, if the FDA is MINE, and YOURS, how come, in some areas, it’s not doing what WE want?

For instance, in the war between health and medicine, how is it that the FDA, an agency we own, and control, seems to working for big pharma?

There’s an easy answer. It involves a simple theory of law, and the people who practice this theory of law. There’s no real name for this legal movement that I know of. But, it’s sort of called…

“Don’t Sue Yourself…”

The first people that introduced me to this simple legal philosophy meant that it was a mistake to sue a government agency that we, the people, own. It’s like your right hand suing your left hand. That agency, no matter what it is, and has become, belongs to us. We set it up. We gave it it’s mission. We monitor it. Or do we?

So the theory is, if an agency isn’t doing what we want it to do, what we set it up to do, what we expect from it, then what’s the problem? It can’t be the agency – because that’s us, “we the people.” We own it. So what’s wrong?

It must be rogue employees. Rogue employees within the agency we set up, abusing the power we gave them – to promote their own agenda.

Go After the “Rogue Employees,” Not the Agency…

Got the idea?

If you owned your own company, and one of your employees was doing something wrong, would you write yourself a disciplinary letter? Would you sue yourself? Would you fire yourself? Of course not…

So, if the FDA belongs to you and I, then why would we sue ourselves? Why don’t we go right to the problem? The employees who are doing wrong. Those who are abusing their power – using it for their own agenda.

So, in the war between health and medicine, who is it, exactly, at FDA that’s in our way? What are their names? What is their connection to big pharma?

The Point?

The point is that the FDA is a huge agency, with a huge responsibility, that for the most part, grinds out it’s function, quite well, day-after-day, year-after-year, doing exactly what “we the people” asked it to do.

If there is something wrong at FDA, like their rules about health claims on supplements, or their stand on new health treatments, let’s deal with the employees who make up those rules. Let’s deal with them harshly. Let’s remind them who they work for.


Let’s find out who it is, exactly, that is making rules we don’t approve of at FDA. What person, what committee, what consultant, is making policy that we find repulsive. Names, dates, addresses, phone numbers, date of birth, financial interest in which big pharma…

We have Federal laws against Federal employees abusing their power for their own agenda. We have Federal agencies that deal with this type of crime, already in place. We have a complete check-and-balance system of government. Let’s activate it.

I have a friend who went after the employees of a Federal agency he figured were doing wrong. He got sixty million bucks…

Stay tuned…

Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate