I Hope Trump is Still on Our Side…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

I admit this with the same passion I would admit to being an alcoholic or drug addict.  I have Q-Anon linked stress disorder.

Are any of you suffering from this as well?

If any of you are confused as to what I’m speaking about, let me explain.  On some internet chat boards a source claiming to have something called “Q” security clearance is posting cryptic messages about what is really going on behind the scenes with our government.  Q is joined by various “anons” (anonymous posters) who will ask him questions or bring up points which need further explaining.

Q and the Anons (sounds like a 1960s rock group) claim to be VERY close to Trump, if not Trump himself directing these revelations.

Yes, I know it sounds too delicious to be true, but like a bad science fiction movie I can’t look away.

Here is the set-up, and whether you consider the corruption in our government has come from the left or the right, you will find SOMETHING to justify your point of view.

According to Q and the Anons, the corrupt forces on the right and the left both have illegal sources of funding.

The corrupt forces on the right, namely through the Central Intelligence Agency, have been making themselves rich through the heroin trade, grown mostly in Afghanistan.  Trump has bombed these production facilities recently and “cut the strings” to the corrupt factions of the CIA.

The corrupt forces on the left, mainly the democratic party, have been receiving a LOT OF MONEY from the repressive regime in Saudi Arabia, and the left has also been using some of that money to fund anti-fracking groups in the United States, since that would help Saudi Arabia’s continued oil sales.  The recent anti-corruption purges in Saudi Arabia and moderating positions, are part of a pro-freedom coup orchestrated by Trump with the new Saudi crown prince.  The illegal Saudi money going to the left and environmental groups have also “had their strings cut.”

And just so we continue to link ALL EVENTS TOGETHER, that mass shooting in Las Vegas was actually an attempt to hide an assassination attempt on the new Saudi Crown Prince that Trump has been working with.  When the attempt failed, they set up Stephen Paddock as the fall guy, to make their escape.

While the mainstream media continues to play up the left-right divide in our country, Q and the Anons claim that the corrupt factions of the left and right, often referred to as “globalists”, the “Deep State,” or the “cabal” are only too happy to work together, not just on ruling the world, but also engaging in child abuse or devil worship.

Oh, and they also want to poison our air with chem-trails, the water with fluoride, and our vaccines with chemicals.  It’s a way to kill off the excess population they believe is destroying the planet.

I just wish it didn’t all sound so plausible to me.

If I didn’t know about how the government lied to us for thirty years about Vietnam, a story you can see dramatized in the recent film, The Post, starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep, I’d be less likely to believe.

If I hadn’t had some personal experience about how the Catholic Church protected members of the clergy who sexually abused underage boys, I’d be less likely to believe these stories.

If I hadn’t believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, because that’s what the papers told me, making me believe the Iraq War of George W. Bush was justified, I would be less likely to consider the claims of Q and the Anons.

If I hadn’t read the Simpsonwood transcripts from June of 2000, in which leading members of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), industry, and academia met secretly to discuss findings showing a link between increased vaccinations and neuro-developmental problems, I wouldn’t be as willing to consider the claims of Q and the Anons.

If I hadn’t received documents from the Office of Congressman William Posey regarding the claims of CDC whistle-blower, Dr. William Thompson, and his allegations that earlier administration of the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine was causing a dramatic increase in autism among African-American males (detailed in my book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism), I’m not sure I would have been such a ripe target for the claims of Q and the Anons.

If after publishing the explosive claims of Dr. William Thompson in my book, INOCULATED, I probably would have been less susceptible to the writings of Q and the Anons, if the mainstream media had covered these revelations with anything approaching the massive coverage they gave the claims of a former porn star that she had sex one time with the President of the United States, and he kept in touch with her for several months afterwards.

And so this last weekend, the media was leading me to believe that Trump’s strike on Syria might lead to war with Russia, up to and including a nuclear exchange.

But behind the scenes, Q and the Anons were much more reassuring.  Things have been worked out, they said.  Did Assad stage the chemical attack as Trump and the media claimed?

Doesn’t really matter.  Maybe it was the globalists, who want to get Russia and the United States at each other’s throats.  If so, then Trump was really bombing the members of the Deep State who were claiming to be part of Assad’s forces.

And if it was Assad, they were just reminding him of their secret deal for him to leave Syria after ISIS had been defeated.  (Maybe Assad is getting cold feet about really leaving?)

Which explains why the Russians seemed to be so dead-set against the strike, but inexplicably stood down so easily to let those planes and missiles through on the way to those three targets.  (Or were there more than three targets?)

Behind the scenes, we are supposedly working with the Russians, as well as the Chinese (well, maybe yes or no), as well as the good factions in Syria, Iran, and even North Korea.

In the view of the mainstream media, Trump is a dangerous, racist fool who is likely to bring down America.

In the view of Q and the Anons, Trump is a certified bad-ass, who is fulfilling his promise to “Make America Great Again,” as well as bringing down the evil cabal who has been making the world miserable for decades.

It is said that knowing you know nothing is the beginning of wisdom.

The beginning of wisdom really sucks.

STAY TUNED . . . I have no idea what happens next.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback.  Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com


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9 thoughts on “I Hope Trump is Still on Our Side…”

  1. I think “the fear of the Lord” is the beginning of wisdom! I thank you for this important post. You cannot fight evil (or specifically the devil) with guns and bombs. That said, I pray for Trump and his team (including Q anon) because the physical protection of the citizenry and the punishment of wickedness is the only legitimate role of human government, IMO. That some brave, likely godly, persons in what remains of our constitutional republic (or whatever this is) have decided to use their authority such as it is to protect Americans is commendable and valuable but is not a substitute for the protection and help that can only come from God and His Son, Jesus. Apart from Him I can do “nothing”, but “I can do all things through Him who gives me strength”. There is one “offensive” weapon in the spiritual armor given us (see Ephesians) and that is the “sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God”. I think that efforts to share the truth with people are a manifestation of using the “sword of the Spirit”. For example, I can oppose the lie that injections (vaccines) produce health by recalling the words of Jesus who said that the healthy don’t need physicians but only the sick. This utterly defies conventional “wisdom” that a person should inject poisons into a healthy individual under the guise of protecting them. I am so glad to see your willingness to discuss the Q anon posts. Our eyes are being opened to evil at the highest levels of society and we cannot handle these facts without the help and protection of God and the Biblical armor he gives us, provided through the saving work of Jesus. We will/would/could lose our minds without it. I know about this because, for a time, I did lose my mind (Just so you know that there is hope, even for those of us that “freak out”). That is another story!

  2. Came to the painful conclusion long ago that the people in power controlling our lives and destroying us for “the good of all” must be evil. I mean, why else would this world, everything in this world right now, be so wrong? Food, air, water, medicine, law, wars, news…

    The Q train was a total surprise! I thought we were all doomed. Very few had previously connected the pieces. So now I follow, checking the Q boards constantly.

    What I have found is the anons need help. There are major gaps in their understanding of health corruption. While I think their fresh eyes are good for discovering this stuff, their info is slim. Maybe the autists just aren’t interested in this stuff? They need some serious medicalfags to jump on board.

  3. Q honestly reenforces antivaccine views. He has mentioned them in his post. If you need confirmation that he is real refer to the tippy toppy request an anon requested someone to say “tippy toppy” in a speach and then Trump used the same words the very next day went out of his way to say them. If you want to keep going down that rabbit hole imagine people’s surprise when you find Q can’t stand Rod Roseinstein, and Roseinstein’s sister is in charge of the childhood vaccine schedule for the CDC, Nancy Messonier (maiden name Roseinstein). People need to familiarize themselves with Q it could be a larp, but it’s a damn good one, and helps awake the masses that seem to be living in an alternate world.

  4. I just started following Q. Interesting and encouraging to say the least. I pray everything they say is true.

  5. Great to see that you’re following Q, Kent. I trust God. I also trust that He put Donald Trump in our White House to take our country back. This is spiritual warfare and the forces of evil are so evil that we could not even conceive of the things they’re doing–and have been doing for centuries. What has been done so far COULD NOT HAVE BEEN DONE by just anyone. And the fact that DJT is still alive is a testament (in my eyes) to the grace of God in all of this. Every time I think that the president should not have done some particular thing, I stop myself and remember (1) Hildabeest is not the president (2) I trust God and fully support DJT. He appears to be playing 5-D chess and it’s delicious.

    His son, Barron, is a vaccine-damaged child and apparently they went to great lengths to get help for him. He’s aware of far more than we probably know but must tread carefully for a great many reasons. His presidency has been marked by total resistance, obstruction, hate from very ignorant people and the msm behind it brainwashing the masses 24/7. I am loving this as it plays out. I believe it will be some time before we are out of danger as a country but we can pray for this man and for our country. I do.

  6. All well said in this article and the comments are indicating that we the sleeping sheeples are waking up.Hopefully for the better.They fooled us for far too long and although is painful to see and to experience the reality there is no time left to waste any longer. We are dealt with like if just being mere beasts of no reasoning, whatsoever.
    Happy to see you Kent dared to touch the living wire(so to speak). Above all thank for God for His mercies to help us to open our eyes to see the reality of this world despite all the cunning, deceitful trick being played on us all. Truly as Jesus was saying “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. And remarkably the ruler of His time asking him”what is the truth?”. From THEM it’s all hidden.

  7. hmmm…. here I thought you Kent were upset by Trump’s accommodating remark after he’d been denigrating some drug industry situations, that ‘maybe they could come up with a VACCINE FOR HEROIN ADDICTION’….

    Say what??? I had to reread that suggestion, but it didn’t seem like one of the Donald’s acerbic witty slaps at a sacred cow… so what was it supposed to be if not a hand out to our enemies…

    Well, maybe he was recognizing that the pressure for safe vaxxes would put up so many roadblocks that such a challenge was a trap…….

    …or maybe his remark was a subtle jab that the industry is insanely ramping up the hundred things to vax against lately and this was equally as insane as some of those, since after all heroine addiction would require a cure not a ‘preventive’……. but the media didn’t get the joke and repeated it straight faced in the text..??

    What was Trump doing with that remark…… except terrifying us as we gain strength in the battles thanks to the bombshells from RFK, jr and everybody else… to see what he has up his sleeve…… whose bargaining struggle was he dealing next..

    This startling heroine vax comment seemed to me a reason to write about whether ‘Trump is still with us’…….. Wouldn’t you agree, and have any answers???

  8. Q is real. I’m so grateful for the hope that our POTUS is defeating the deep state. Pray for Trump! Pray for Q! Where we go one we go all!

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