How Much Longer Must We Suffer The Liberal Media’s “Fake Pandemic?”

Fake Numbers, Fake Deaths, Fake Concerns, Fake Experts, Fake Polls, You-Name-it.  It NEVER Stops…

America is VERY Tired of it…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The liberal media in the US is on a collision course with its own self-destruction.  An experiment they tried failed – and now they cannot, and will not, extricate themselves from their mistakes.

The anger against it has been building.  It is coming to a crescendo, and it is about time.

For “the left” there will be severe consequences.  America has no intention of going to a thirty-seven gender, no fossil fuels, one-world, communist system.  We like the capitalist/innovative system we have, for it delivers a very good life..

Bill Gates is NOT going to be crowned “Emperor.”  Americans are not going to accept being “chipped.”  Vaccines are NOT going to be mandatory for everyone. Covid-19 or not.  Not going to happen.

The liberal media is in a total meltdown...

…a victim of their own self-destruction.  And, they are trying to take America with them.  Will it happen?

No – it won’t.  And, I am about to tell you why.

Understanding the liberal news media…

Years ago something happened to the media.  Something they thought, at the time, was a good thing, a good experiment.  Now, that experiment is coming to an end, and that same media does not know how to extract itself from its own failure, for they became way too involved in that production.  The experiment failed because, in the long view, their subject material, the people, and the attitudes dominating their offerings, are just never going to click with mainstream America.

Now, virtually all of the participants to that failed experiment see the end of their media days – and they are VERY resentful, and act accordingly.  Their goal is too punish mainstream America for rejecting THEM.

Their current story lines like Covid-19,  Race Wars, Impeachment of our president, the Russia Hoax, etc. are all products of that activity.

I am about to show you what I mean…

Let’s start with television.  CNN, for sure, is the “poster boy” for all liberal media.  By looking, critically, at what CNN offers we can summarize the WHOLE picture of liberal media.  We are going to be looking at a very toxic world made up of very toxic people interacting, almost competing, as it were, to generate the idea that the whole world is a bad place.  Why?  Because of their own activities the world has become a very bad place for THEM.

Judeo-Christian philosophy, the place where goodness and kindness live, is totally absent in the liberal media.

The liberal media holds up icons for us to worship.  Their message is clear – the people they present us with, those that tell us how to live, are the examples we are to follow.  They are what liberalism holds up, for instance, as a “father figure.”

But are they examples to live by?  Is their message worth listening to, at all?

By all means let’s start with CNN’s Don Lemon…  Look at the important Fox News photo just below.  The Fox News story is about a man named Dustin Hice who is suing Don Lemon for “sexual assault.”

From Fox News…

“It’s been almost a year since Hice filed an explosive lawsuit against Lemon – who is openly gay — accusing the “CNN Tonight” host of the lewd act. “[Lemon] put his hand down the front of his own shorts, and vigorously rubbed his genitalia, removed his hand and shoved his index and middle fingers into Plaintiff’s mustache and under Plaintiff’s nose,” according to the lawsuit, filed August 11, 2019 in Suffolk County Court.”

Martin Luther King said:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Let’s go ahead and judge Don Lemon on “the content of his character.”

It only gets better (worse?) when we take a look at CNN’s Chris Cuomo…

This guy just makes me laugh.  He acts, on air, like a wanna-be Italian thug from an old “B” movie..  To me, the “Fredo” description fits this guy perfectly.

Just below is an interesting video, by Dr Steve Turley, that sums up CNN, and the liberal media’s view of the world. 

In short the video makes several points about the liberal media:  (1) they justify violence on behalf of “Political Correctness,” a situation that they themselves created, and (2)  Their “Political Correctness” position has cost them their media popularity position, as CNN is 15th in its Time Slot during Prime Time.  No doubt that if they were forced out of airport waiting areas the only watchers they would have left would be prisoners in Maximum Security.

The liberal media lives in what I think could be best described as “redirected self-loathing,” coupled with the rage of disappointment that NO ONE CARES about their “Politically Correct” positions.

The video below, about Chris ‘I’ll F*cking Ruin Your Sh*t’ Cuomo” will make you laugh…

The failure of Rachel Maddow…

I never could figure out why any network would even carry an “Angry Lesbian” show at all.  But with Rachel Maddow that’s exactly what MSNBC got and delivered.

Now, of course, just like the rest of the toxic liberal media, Maddow’s ratings are in the pits.  The June 2020 story, published in Lifezette makes everything VERY clear.  Maddow is on the ropes.  She, and her media offering, has been completely rejected by mainstream America.

She, most definitely, is not a “mother figure.”

The article says:

“When you think of ultraliberal media stars a lot of names come to mind. But one who has stood out for a while has been Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. However, it seems that even her hard left viewers are growing tired of her, as her ratings are headed to the media equivalent of the Challenger Deep.

Maddow called the month of May quits at the tail end of five Fox News programs in total viewership, including non-primetime shows such as “The Five” and “Special Report with Bret Baier.” And remember, she’s tanking with her own type of viewers.  Her May numbers were even sadder with the key adult demo of 25-54. There she caught 455,000 viewers to end up tied for No. 7 in cable news, even behind a show at ratings bottom-feeder CNN.

Speaking of fake news, “Cuomo Prime Time” beat Maddow in the key demo in May. Even the non-by-the-sentient-watched “Anderson Cooper 360” almost beat Maddow among the vital viewer group last month.

Forget Anderson Cooper…

Everyone else has…

Fox News reported as far back as 2018 that gay Anderson Cooper was down for the count.  They said:

“CNN slashes Anderson Cooper’s program as network hopes to make room for anti-Trump Chris Cuomo

In an embarrassing setback for Vanderbilt family scion Anderson Cooper, CNN announced Thursday that Cooper’s in-house rival, Chris Cuomo, will be taking over its ratings-challenged 9 p.m. hour.

The shake up ‒ coming as CNN struggles badly in its ratings war with MSNBC ‒ cuts Cooper’s airtime in half. Cooper will now only host between 8 and 9 p.m. ET.”

The Ellen Degeneris Show situation explains the reality of liberal media all by itself…

In a New York Post article titled “Former Ellen DeGeneres staffers bash ‘toxic’ workplace culture on her talk show”…

“A black woman working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show said she repeatedly dealt with racist comments and microaggressions in yet another damning story relating to the comedian.

The former employee was among 11 mostly former staffers who detailed horror stories from the “toxic” work environment at the show in a Buzzfeed article Thursday, pulling the curtain back on the cheery comedic host.

The woman, who the outlet didn’t identify by name, said she dealt with racism throughout her year-and-a-half tenure on the show.

When she was hired, she said a senior-level producer told her and another black employee, “Oh wow, you both have box braids; I hope we don’t get you confused.”

And one of the main writers at a work party allegedly told her, “I’m sorry, I only know the names of the white people who work here,” while her coworkers “awkwardly laughed it off,” she said.

Another former employee said they had taken a monthlong medical leave to check into a care facility after they attempted suicide — only to be fired when they returned.

“You’d think that if someone just tried to kill themselves, you don’t want to add any more stress to their lives,” the employee told the outlet, which reportedly corroborated the account with four other employees and medical records.

There is a reason for all of this toxicity – a failed experiment…

Let’s look at an interesting BuzzFeed article called “Does LGBT Media Have A Future?”

The article, by Trish Bendix, says:

It’s a dark time for media — LGBT media, especially. What got us here? And how might we survive?

“I was just let go for the second time in three years.

The first time was two years ago, when I was editor-in-chief of, then the largest website dedicated to lesbian, bisexual, and queer women’s content. I’d been with the publication in some capacity since 2007, working my way up from a freelance contributor to blog editor to managing editor. I had become the sole employee before Evolve Media, self-professed “enthusiast publishers,” let me go based on the site’s “financial performance.

And last week, I was among the eight full-time editorial and social staffers (as well as an additional eight contractors) laid off by Grindr when the dating app decided to shutter 18 months into its digital publication for the LGBT community. “As with any growing business, we have to continually evaluate what is best for Grindr,” the company said in its statement. “After a thoughtful and collaborative process, Grindr’s leadership decided to modify Into’s content mix to rely more heavily on video.”

But this is not just about me, or even just about AfterEllen and Into. Unfortunately, this kind of maneuver isn’t anything new. Both major mainstream media companies and smaller, minority-focused independent entities have cut their staff in recent years, either shuttering entirely or making the dreaded “pivot to video.” In the past week alone, layoffs have been announced at BuzzFeed, Verizon’s media division (which includes brands like Yahoo, AOL, and HuffPost), and Gannett, which owns several newspapers across the country.

And just like that, digital’s on the downturn and legacy media is the hot new ticket again — that is, for now. Anyone who has paid any attention for the last two decades — and particularly for the last five, when it’s garnered the most mainstream attention — could attest to just how frequently the shiny new title (or the newly relaunched old one) seems poised to finally save, or at least sustain, LGBT media.

But is LGBT media really sustainable after all? Now, we can read about ourselves in the Sunday Times and find an online community anywhere from Gay Twitter to Instagram meme account pages. At this point, do we really need to keep prostrating ourselves — proving that LGBT stories are not only valuable, but “safe” — to straight and cis-led corporations and advertisers who want to appear inclusive but not too inclusive? Do we want to be another business’s cool new vanity project until they get tired of us and pull the plug? And perhaps most importantly, are we getting too far away from the reason LGBT media was created in the first place?”

There was a time when I used to wonder if EVERY story line coming out of the liberal media was thought up and designed in a gay bar in New York City.  Why?  The typical acidic hate message was always there.  Judeo/Christians don’t talk to each other like that.

Main Stream Media (MSM), itself, has abandoned the LGBT promo media experiment…

…finding out, the hard way, that mainstream America is a Judeo/Christian heterosexual, independent thinking, law-abiding community who has no intention of letting its children be turned into fruits and nuts.

Then there is the traditional “liberal print media…

It isn’t a whole lot different than television. Except that these people don’t need to be seen on camera.  Some of the articles I’ve seen in the lib print media look like they were written by a semi-stupid computer.  And the SAME article, slightly changed, goes from one publication to the next.  I suspect that that is EXACTLY what happens.  Just look, for instance at the anti-Judy Mikovits articles – they are ALL THE EXACT SAME WORDS.

Fortunately almost EVERY liberal print media is near financial death.  They were being held together by “Climate Change” money, and not surprising to the  “Anti-Vaxxer” world, grants from the Obama government.

Of course this Covid-19 crap is all an attack on Trump supporters…

Every day, in every way, the liberal media is conducting an anti-American attack construing, and misconstruing, the story to create chaos on Planet Earth.

Why?  Revenge for America’s rejection of them…

But, America is getting angrier, and angrier…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

5 thoughts on “How Much Longer Must We Suffer The Liberal Media’s “Fake Pandemic?””

  1. Its great to imagine , some day soon CNN should fall flat to the pit, it is ofensive to turn the tv on, and the fear causing mongolicks are making enemy’s around the planet as well. Thanks for this info on the “jurks”

  2. Hi Tim,
    two days ago we had the biggest march Berlin has ever seen: maybe 1.3 million people who passionately don’t believe the Covid fairy tale.
    They were joined by many police who disobeyed orders to disrupt the gathering and, instead, actively supported us.
    Only one ANTIFA turned up (so far as we could see), called everyone who doesn’t believe Covid, Nazis and then disappeared with his tail between his legs. There may have been more there but, as you know, such are basically cowards and 50 or so against a million……… The ANTIFA was the only one wearing a mask!

    Now we’ve started the ball rolling I have a bit more time to write articles although I think you have two of mine on the stocks at the moment.

    Blessed be

  3. Hey Tim, Thanks for taking up this topic (topics) . Actually Im so fed up with all the things you describe that I am preventing myself from writing too much here, because once started, I wont be able to stop. I do think there are many sensible Democrat- leaning families- who dont realize what is going on. No doubt they imagine that the Democratic party is made up mainly of people just like them !

  4. Karma, please report on the Freedom Rally in detail A quick Google search shows the propaganda machine is claiming that there were only a few thousand protesters and the police broke up the rally.

    “”We have a lot of opponents of vaccination, citizens of the Reich and people who don’t believe that there is Corona at all,” said Olaf Sundermeyer, who studies right-wing extremism. ‘Many people believe they are systematically lied to.’ According to The Guardian, demonstrators including ‘left to rightwing extremists, QAnon adherents, members of German dissident groups, ‘anti-vaxxers and self-declared esotericists.’ … ‘Of course there are always different opinions regarding infringements of basic rights and restrictions of freedom — first, it’s normal and, in my view, it’s not the majority,’ Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told Bavarian news outlet Passauer Neue Presse.”

    Note that they acknowledge the broad-base of the protest, but deny its significance.

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