Health Care in North America – The Real Issue is “Suppression.”

Let’s talk about my friend, and health activist, Ed McCabe…  A man with answers.

Every day we read articles about how bad the health care system is in the United States.  Those articles are all frighteningly true.  It’s an American scandal.  Things are so bad, Americans are learning to take care of themselves rather than risk seeing a doctor, or going to a hospital.

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

We talk about how the costs of health care are rising.  We talk about how insurance costs are going up.  We talk about malpractice suits.  We talk about the fact that “the system” is the third largest killer of Americans.  We talk about how our population is overloaded with prescription drugs –  Seniors are spending their food money at the pharmacy, and they’re spending their liver and their kidneys in dealing with the combined drugs.  We talk about how bad the scientific community is being manipulated by those holding the research purse-strings.

Although each issue is important in itself,  they’re all just symptoms.  They’re not the problem.

The problem is that the current accepted system is junk.  It represents junk medicine.  Medicare only pays for 15 year old “approved” treatments.  Insurance pays for ten year old things.  Both only pay for TREATMENTS, and don’t even mention the word CURE.  They don’t recognize that there are other ways of dealing with disease.

Where our research dollars should be spent is on projects that look for CAUSES of diseases, and how to eliminate those causes.   For instance: when I was a kid I used to watch Cowboy and Indian movies. Inevitably the hero would get shot in the shoulder with an arrow.  Then somebody would remove the arrow, so that healing could begin.  In our modern day medical paradigm nobody removes the arrow anymore.  They “treat” for blood poisoning, give antibiotics, run you through an MRI, and send you for physical therapy – then bill the insurance company.  But the arrow stays in the shoulder – so to speak..

Nobody (conventional) looks for the arrow in Cancer.  Nobody (conventional) looks for the arrow in AIDS.  Nobody (conventional) looks for the arrow in Heart problems, or strokes.  And so on…  Conventionalists only TREAT these diseases.

Well, the fact is that there ARE Unconventional people out here that DO remove the arrow in Cancer, AIDS, heart and stroke issues… and more.  The whole basic argument surrounding what’s been wrongfully labeled “alternative medicine” is the removal of toxins from the body – so that the body’s own immune system can act properly.  Almost every one of these people,  these methods and theories are under fire.  They’re suppressed by the system.  Not only do the arrow removers not get paid by Medicare and insurance, but there’s probably a government agency peering at them through the keyhole.

Frankly, the arrow removers are the answer to the American health care dilemma.  We need to encourage them – not discourage them.

Enter Ed McCabe…

There are, actually, quite a few people writing about the problem I described above.  One of them, a leader on the issues is Ed McCabe.  He has been dealing with the issue for longer then most anyone I know.  He’s compiled more research material on his subject than anyone I’ve ever met – and I’m a researcher – and I know other researchers.

Ed McCabe is a walking, talking, expert on everything about Oxygen Therapies.  If it’s Oxygen – he knows it.  He’s got a new book out called “Flood Your Body With Oxygen.”  He sent me a signed copy.  It’s already dog-eared from reading in my household.  So if we were saving it as a collector’s item, we already blew it – it’s bent.  Page corners have been folded.

Oxygen is one of natures tools.  Ed tells the whole story clearly and concisely – with advice on how to use oxygen in your own life to become, and stay, healthy.  In his book, he’s laid out the oxygen story.  Everything you ever wanted to know.  He tells you how he got to the point of writing this book.  He talks about what problems oxygen, or lack of oxygen, cause in humans and animals.  He describes how solutions have been found with oxygen worldwide (except for North America).  Then he provides the evidence.  He talks about the politics. Then he finishes off by reciting other resources.  This is a GREAT book.  It’s a primer on  a lot of issues..

If you’re a health activist, or a health professional, then it’s 640 pages of valuable information.  If you’re a health consumer that’s having doubts about conventional care, and you want to know about options, this is the starting place.

There are other issues related both to health and the environment.  For example, we need ways of purifying water without adding more chemicals, air conditioning systems that don’t carry things like Legionnaire’s disease, ways of sanitizing and keeping food from spoiling. Ed talks about them.

Ed says “If you are not familiar with Oxygen Therapies, the approach for you to take is to remain open-minded and carefully conduct your own research.” Go look at Ed’s research.  It’ll change things for you…

His book is a breath of VERY fresh air. You can find it at Ed’s website


Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate